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The Florida State University Health Literacy in Diverse Populations Advisory Committee Rhonda Cooper, Executive Director Literacy Volunteers of Leon County Guillermo Gonzalez, Instructor Panhandle Area Educational Consortium Literacy Program Jerry Lang, Consultant Florida Department of Health Alma Littles, M.D. Senior Associate Dean FSU College of Medicine Juliette L. McDonald, Ph.D Program Director and Instructor FSU Career Center Maria Pouncey, M.S. Migrant Coordinator Panhandle Area Educational Consortium Kalinda Pyles, Contract Manager Florida Department of Health

Author: Tammye Farmer, FSU Graduate Student Illustrator: Chuck McCann

Acknowledgments This endeavor would not have been feasible without the continuous assistance and support of Dr. Gail Bellamy, Director of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Center for Rural Health Research and Policy, Dr. Penny A. Ralston, Director of the Center for Better Health & Life for Underserved Populations, and Mrs. AndrĂŠe Aubrey, Director of the Florida State University Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program. Thanks to the remaining members of our Product Development and Research Team: Catherine Coccia, Javier Vasquez and Iris YoungClark. Thanks to the members of the Florida State University Health Literacy in Diverse Populations Advisory Committee. Finally, a very special thanks to the instructor of Adult Basic Education, Shukree Cha-Jua; and the instructor of Adult and Community Education (ACE), Martha Del Moral; and to all their students who participated in this project. This project was funded by the Florida Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sharon Ross-Donaldson, MSW Professor FSU College of Social Work



Name: Curtis (Shakey) Relationship: Best Friend of Reggie Status: Smoker and Diabetic Name: Reggie Relationship: Grandson of Ella Mae Status: Smoker

Name: Ella Mae Relationship: Grandmother of Reggie

Name: Doctor Relationship: Doctor of Shakey



Man, I don’t feel good, I haven’t eaten all day!


Don’t worry about it. I’ll drive.




Grandma, Shakey and I were in a car accident!

Ella Mae:

Oh my Lord, is everybody ok?


I’m fine, but Shakey hurt his leg. The doctor is saying his diabetes is out of control. I can’t believe it. They are talking about amputating his leg!

Ella Mae:

I’ll be right there.


: Curtis Lenard Clemens Junior, you put that cigarette out, NOW!

Later that week outside the hospital ‌

Ella Mae:

Curtis Lenard Clemons, put that cigarette down! You are a diabetic, son. You’ve lost a leg. What are you thinking?


Ella Mae: Doctor, I found Curtis outside smoking. Is that okay? Doctor:

No, it is not okay for Curtis to smoke. His diabetes plus his smoking makes it hard for his blood to flow. He should stop smoking now before he has other medical problems. Now there is better help for people who want to quit than in the past.

Ella Mae: Will you talk to Curtis? Doctor:

Yes, I’ll talk to him right now.


There is an epidemic of diabetes in the United States. Next on Hope-rah!


Shoot! I’ve got to start taking care of my diabetes! Maybe I would have kept my leg if I was taking better care of myself. Man, I’m through with cigarettes!



What’s up, Shakey? It’s good to see you home.


Man, I’ve been thinking. I need to make some changes. The doctor said smoking was bad for my diabetes. I quit smoking. I think you should too.


Really? What did he say?


Well, he said that because I am a diabetic, smoking makes it difficult for my blood to flow.


Man, that doesn’t sound too good.


I know. I quit because it also makes it hard to control my diabetes. 9


Shakey’s my best friend. Maybe I should quit smoking, too.



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