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Division of Student Affairs

November 2010

Mary B. Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs

Focus on Campus Recreation The Rec SportsPlex, completed in 2007, won the NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facilities national award in 2010.

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) at Florida State University (FSU) is comprised of

12 departments that collaborate to support and provide opportunities for student learning outside of the classroom. Campus Recreation offers recreational sports and activities through its intramural, extramural, aquatic, fitness, outdoor pursuits, and challenge ropes programs. Through high quality recreational programs, services and facilities, students can maximize opportunities for lifelong learning, personal development, and leadership through varied recreational endeavors and extensive employment opportunities. According to a 2004 National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) study, heavy users of campus recreation programs and services were happier, more socially oriented, and equally academically focused in comparison to their non-user peers.

Highlights Students participated in Campus Recreation programs or services in over 1.1 million occasions in 2009 including:

Mission The Division of Student Affairs collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create welcoming, supportive and challenging environments that maximize opportunities for student learning and success. Through high quality programs, the Division facilitates student development, celebrates differences, and promotes civic and global responsibility.

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829,449 visits to the Leach Center, 54% were for fitness programs 96,794 visits to the Leach Pool 43,000 users at our FSU Reservation Waterfront Park 70 American Red Cross safety courses for over 1,300 students, taught by FSU Aquatics Provide more than 1,300 national certifications in CPR/First Aid, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Oxygen Administration, Wilderness First Aid, Water Safety, Lifeguarding, Leave No Trace, Adventure Leadership Training at FSU (ALTA), Personal and Group Exercise Training for students.

Students participated in group and team activities with their friends as well as through organizations in 2009 including:

• Over 11,000 different FSU students participated in at least one intramural sport, of these students 90% were undergraduates

• Nearly 2,000 students served as team captains for the more than 2,500 intramural photos: Bobby E. Leach Center (top), Challenge Course at the FSU Reservation (bottom); page 2: Fitness Trainer (top), Intramural Flag Football at the Rec SportsPlex (bottom)

teams across 38 team sports

• FSU students participated in an intramural sports game or match on over 200,000 occasions

• Facilitated 43 Challenge courses for student groups and 20 Outdoor Pursuits adventure trips, for a combined total of over 1,200 participants

• 100 student organizations and groups hosted events at the Reservation, totaling over 1,000 hours of student programming

• Over 1,800 students participated in one of FSU’s 42 sport clubs

Division of Student Affairs

November 2010

Mary B. Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs

2009 – 2010 Sport Club Recognitions • Six clubs achieved top 10 national rankings including

• The recipient of the 2010 Eddie Cubbon Award for

Baseball, Women’s Bowling, Climbing, Men’s Lacrosse, Table Tennis, and Wakeboarding 27 out of 42 Sport Clubs earned regional or national recognition

New Campus and Recreation Programs in 2009-2010 • Sports Psychology Sessions from Leach Fitness & Wellness • 100-Mile Club for lap swimmers from FSU Aquatics • Recreational SCUBA Certification Program from FSU • •

Aquatics Customized Adventure Trips from Outdoor Pursuits Renovated FSU Reservation Waterfront

Outstanding Individual Leadership was Jake Hornstein of the Men’s Lacrosse Club. The Ice Hockey Club earned the University’s 2010 Vires Award and was the 2010 Sport Club of the Year.

• 3-on-3 Soccer as a sport in Intramural Sports • “I Don’t Scream” Ice Cream Social for good sportsmanship by intramural teams

• Leadership Development Workshops in Sport Clubs • Renovated Westside Courts for outdoor basketball, tennis, and sand volleyball

Campus Recreation Student Staff The Department of Campus Recreation is the largest employer of students on campus, with over 700 student staff members annually in various positions from fitness trainers to lifeguards, facility supervisors to adventure trip leaders, and referees to challenge course facilitators. Student employees amass over 100,000 hours of work experience annually as they assist with leading and operating Campus Recreation programs and services for the university community. The department’s student staff members are recognized on campus and around the nation for their outstanding efforts including as FSU Student Stars, All-American flag football officials, and American Red Cross award recipients. To prepare students for their varied roles on the Campus Recreation staff, the department is engaged in leading extensive job training sessions throughout the year. In all, Campus Recreation student employees accumulated over 8,000 hours of training in 2009. Each program area has also developed comprehensive learning outcomes for its employees that connect job responsibilities with leadership development, conflict resolution, teamwork skills, and other educational pursuits. Each fall, thirty top student employees representing each program area participate in the annual Campus Recreation Student Leadership Retreat, also known as Rec-A-Palooza. In 2010, the retreat participants focused on civility, part of the Uphold the Garnet and Gold initiative. The majority of student leaders positively identified with the following statements after participating in Rec-A-Palooza:

• I am better able to identify actions and behaviors that reflect civility. • I have strengthened my ability to practice civility in situations where conflicting • •

opinions, beliefs and ideas may be present. I am better able to identify current civil/uncivil behaviors within the Florida State community. Through my personal behavior and attitude, I believe I can positively impact the FSU community by acting with civility.

Overall, student staff members report that working in Campus Recreation enhances their abilities to work in stressful situations, resolve conflict, communicate with colleagues and patrons, work as a team, and manage their time.

Campus Recreation Highlights - November 2010  

Highlights from Campus Recreation shared with the FSU Board of Trustees.