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The development and successful presentation of faculty development programming is the result of a collaborative effort of multiple faculty, administrators and staff at the central and regional campuses.

Faculty development for the regional campus clerkship faculty is provided primarily via workshops and on-line modules. Workshop topics have focused primarily on clinical teaching skills and medical informatics for the past few years. As these programs continue to be provided we are now moving into providing sessions in which clerkship faculty learn about what our students are taught in years one and two and how to teach and reinforce this content to students in years three and four. These sessions generally focus on topics that reinforce our mission in the areas of EBM, geriatrics, patient centered care, etc.

Faculty development programming is not limited to faculty. We are also coordinating the delivery of skills acquisition programs for staff that presently includes the delivery of a set of monthly programs on computer software skills including Access, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Biomedical graduate students are served by faculty development as they participate in a required educational methods course taught annually.

During a typical week there are three to five workshops conducted across the six regional campuses. It is common for as many as three faculty development sessions to be occurring simultaneously on three different regional campuses during the same evening. These workshops usually occur from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. and the attendance of approximately 260 participants per month is a testament to the dedication of our clerkship faculty who teach our third and fourth year students. The success of the workshops is due in large part to the dedication of the regional deans and staff at the regional campuses who do more than their share of “night work.�

Annual Report (Test)  

Fauclty Development activities for 2009

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