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The Greek Compass 2017|Fall|IFC Florida State University

Florida State University Interfraternity Council Recruitment Guide 2017 Welcome to Florida State University, Greek Life here at FSU is deeply rooted in tradition and honor. Our 50plus Greek-lettered organizations foster an environment that encourages lifelong friendships and student involvement on campus. Sorority and fraternity members are some of the most engaged students, and after grauation, they are some of our most active alumni. Allowing the core principles of scholarship, service, leadership and brotherhood to guide you along your journey will ensure a transformative college experience. We want all members of the Greek community to serve their FSU family well and remember to uphold the garnet and gold at all times. If you’re interested in enriching your experience at Florida State, I encourage you to find out more about the numerous opportunities Greek Life provides. I wish you the best in all you do! Sincerely, John Thrasher

Welcome from our council President Dear Students and Families, On behalf of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) here at Florida State University, I would like to present this fall’s recruitment informational packet. This packet contains all of the dates, locations, and events that you will need to know as you begin the recruitment process. Our community consisting of 21 chapters boasts some of the most involved, dedicated, and driven students at Florida State University. We stand strong behind our contributions to this university and the community through philanthropy, we excel academically, and are involved in all aspects of this campus, from student government to the various registered student organizations on campus. The best advice I can give anyone considering rushing is to really take the time to learn about every chapter and meet as many brothers as you can. At the end of this packet there is a brief description of each fraternity and their contact information. Congratulations on beginning the journey of joining FSU Greek Life, if you have any questions about the process please feel free to reach out to our council at Sincerely, Parker Eastland Class of 2018 President, Interfraternity Council

2017 Executive Board (left to right) Brett Solomon Vice President of Finances John Gallagher Vice President of Scholarship Kyle Campbell Vice President of Public Relations Dylan Jones Internal Vice President Parker Eastland President Nicholas Ritornato Vice President of Recruitment Matt Coyle (Not Pictured) Administrative Vice President To check out our Faceook page search: FSU IFC

The Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Florida State University is the governing body for 21 men’s fraternities on campus. Consisting of a delegate and president from each fraternity, the IFC is dedicated to the academic and social development of its respective fraternities and their members. The internal committees of IFC are open to all members of the council and are responsible for community service, philanthropy, scholastic development, new member recruitment, risk management and public relations. Each semester, the IFC hosts seminars and workshops geared towards risk management, drug & alcohol awareness, hazing prevention, career development, sexual assault prevention and diversity awareness. Members in IFC organizations are active in every aspect of campus. With a diverse array of fraternities, each with its own unique qualities, there is a perfect fit for each individual looking to join a fraternity in the council. The IFC does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Why Rush? At first glance, FSU can seem overwhelming with a population of more than 40,000 students. The Greek community gives students the chance to make a big campus feel small. When choosing a fraternity, you should look for a comfortable fit – a place where you share values and interests with the other members. By choosing to become a member of a Greek organization, you will meet people who grow to be your closest friends, those who will cheer you on when you are successful and will support you when the going gets tough. Greek organizations promote the development of close ties between members through living, studying, working, and having fun together.

IFC Mission Statement In order to promote and perpetuate the best interest of The Florida State University and the Greek letter social fraternities therein, to encourage the most complete intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development of the members of the fraternities, to ensure that the fraternities chartered at The Florida State University establish high standards and lofty pursuits, and to foster cooperation among said fraternities, and the University community, we do ordain and establish this constitution of the Inter-fraternity Council of The Florida State University. The Inter-fraternity Council of The Florida State University does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Registration In order to Rush, potential new members are required to register and pay the registration fee at fsuifc.mycampus

2017 Fall Rush & Registration Tuesday, September 5th

Monday, September 11th

6:00pm-8:00pm Rush Orientation: Mandatory attendance for potential new members. Instructions on rush procedures, do’s/don’ts, and schedule will be given by IFC Executive Board and guest speakers -Union Ballrooms

7:00PM-10:00PM First night of official Rush: potential new members visit chapter houses of interest

Wednesday, September 6th

7:00PM-10:00PM Third night of official Rush

Tuesday, September 12th 7:00PM-10:00PM Second night of official Rush

Wednesday, September 13th

7:00pm-10:00pm House Preview Night #1: Led by Thursday, September 14th assigned “Brograms”, new 7:00PM-10:00PM Fourth night of official Rush members will tour chapter houses Friday, September 15th and view presentations 7:00PM-10:00PM Fifth night of official Rush: Thursday, September 7th Rushees must accept bids by end of night 7:00pm-10:00pm House Preview Night #2: Led by designated “Brograms”, new 6th members will tour chapter houses For questions, concerns, or reports of misconduct during Rush please contact the and view presentations Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at (850) 644-0687

RUSH Rules & Guidelines 1.


Only enrolled FSU students may participate in recruitment, participate in a new member program, and/or join a fraternity No one in any way connected to the fraternity may provide, serve or partake in the consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances in the presence of a potential new member or recently signed new member (someone that has accepted a bid.)


No potential new member may be in possession of alcohol or drugs at any time during the recruitment period.


Any new member or chapter that is in violation of the recruitment rules is subject to dismissal from recruitment and/or IFC sanctions.

While Rushing A bid is an invitation to join their Fraternity. You have THREE options when you receive a bid: 1.

You can accept the bid. Your RUSH process is now over. You have decided to join this fraternity and you are not allowed to accept a bid from another fraternity. The fraternity that you accepted the bid from will give you further instructions.


You can sit on your bid. This is the most common choice during Rush week. This means that you can wait until the last day of Rush to accept the bid. This gives you time to go and check out other fraternities and see where you fit in the best. You are allowed to collect as many bids as you want, BUT YOU CAN ONLY ACCEPT ONE BID.

3. You can decline your bid. You RUSH process will continue and you can go and check out other houses. If you have collected multiple bids, please inform the fraternities that you will be declining their bid.

President Nate Parsons

Recruitment Chair Lucca Lombo

Active Members 40

Local Founding October 17th, 2009

National Founding October 29th, 1832


Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.903 Alpha Delta Phi | “Alpha Delt” IFC Academic Standing #15 1912 Heritage Grove Circle | FSU Alpha Delt Facebook

President Adam Silverstein

Recruitment Chair Franco Lombo

Active Members 118

Local Founding 1968

National Founding November 7th, 1913


Alpha Epsilon Pi | “A–E–Pi” 1924 Heritage Grove Circle | FSU AEPi Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.088 IFC Academic Standing #2

President Rhyse Boeneke

Recruitment Chair Clay Harris

Active Members 188

Local Founding 1947

National Founding September 11th, 1865


Alpha Tau Omega| “A–T–O” 733 West Pensacola St | FSU ATO Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA None IFC Academic Standing None

President Grayson Levitt

Recruitment Chair Noah Grillo

Active Members 104

Local Founding November 16th, 1969

National Founding August 8th, 1839


Beta Theta Pi | “Beta” 713 W. Pensacola St |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.153 IFC Academic Standing #1

President Andrew Evans

Recruitment Chair Bobby Irwrin

Active Members 111

Local Founding 1968

National Founding December 24th, 1824


Chi Phi | “Chi Phi” 829 W Pensacola St |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.933 IFC Academic Standing #11

President Alec Doughtery

Recruitment Chairs Justin Brunelle David Barbosa

Active Members 66

Local Founding 1961

National Founding October 13th, 1890


Delta Chi | “Delta Chi” 1924 Heritage Grove Circle | FSUDX Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.013 IFC Academic Standing #6

President Ben Tobin

Recruitment Chair Michael Lazarus

Active Members 90

Local Founding 1949

National Founding 1858


Delta Tau Delta | “Delt” 318 S Copeland St | FSU Delt Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.985 IFC Academic Standing #8

President Nick Wollerman

Recruitment Chair Manny Carmona

Active Members 165

Local Founding 1949

National Founding December 21st, 1865


Kappa Alpha Order | “K-A” 418 W College Ave | FSU KA Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.839 IFC Academic Standing #19

President Mason Mueller

Recruitment Chair Dan Cheney

Active Members 135

Local Founding June 2nd, 1951

National Founding December 10th, 1869


Kappa Sigma | “Kappa Sig” 503 W Park Ave | FSU KappaSig Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.907 IFC Academic Standing #12

President Sam Antoury

Recruitment Chair Joe Ramos

Active Members 83

Local Founding November 4th, 1967

National Founding May 1st, 1948


Phi Gamma Delta | “FIJI” 447 W College Ave |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.010 IFC Academic Standing #7

President Derek Stanley

Recruitment Chair Max Meskin

Active Members 162

Local Founding January 13, 1951

National Founding December 26, 1848


Phi Delta Theta | “Phi Delt” Heritage Grove Circle | FSU PhiDelt Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.872 IFC Academic Standing #17

President Germy Louis

Recruitment Chair Michael Elmaleh

Active Members 45

Local Founding December 8th, 1962

National Founding February 19th, 1852


Phi Kappa Psi | “Phi Psi” 1920 Heritage Grove Circle |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.951 IFC Academic Standing #10

President Humberto “Tico” Perez

Recruitment Chair Ryan Glen

Active Members 113

Local Founding March 5th, 1949

National Founding March 17th, 1906


Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.820 Phi Kappa Tau | “Phi Tau” IFC Academic Standing #20 1900 Heritage Grove Circle | FSU Phi Tau Facebook

President Austin Burch

Recruitment Chair Conner Trappasso

Active Members 109

Local Founding 1989

National Founding March 15th, 1873


Phi Sigma Kappa | “Phi Sig” 250 S Ocala Rd |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.885 IFC Academic Standing #16

President Kevin Stokes

Recruitment Chair Steven McFall

Active Members 219

Local Founding March 4th, 1949

National Founding March 1st, 1868


Pi Kappa Alpha | “Pike” 1952 Heritage Grove Cir |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.977 IFC Academic Standing #9

President Anthony Petagine

Recruitment Chair Jack Ray

Active Members 140

Local Founding 1950

National Founding December 10th, 1904


Pi Kappa Phi | “Pi Kapp” 423 W College Ave |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.064 IFC Academic Standing #3

President Chuck Haddad

Recruitment Chair Mason Snodgrass

Active Members 90

Local Founding March 5th, 1949

National Founding March 9th, 1856


Sigma Alpha Epsilon | “S-A-E” W College Ave |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.904 IFC Academic Standing #14

President Marcus Atherholt

Recruitment Chair Jimmy Howze

Active Members 80

Local Founding November 19th, 1988

National Founding February 26th, 1897


Sigma Pi | “Sigma Pi” 408 W College Ave |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.905 IFC Academic Standing #13

President Brent Terry

Recruitment Chair Ken Burnham

Active Members 121

Local Founding 1950

National Founding November 1st, 1901


Sigma Phi Epsilon | “Sig Ep ” 1916 Heritage Grove Cir | FSU SigEp Facebook

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.045 IFC Academic Standing #4

President Garik Docking

Recruitment Chair Matt Jorin

Active Members 67

Local Founding February 24th, 1968

National Founding January 10th, 1899


Tau Kappa Epsilon | “Teke” Heritage Grove Cir|

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 2.859 IFC Academic Standing #18

President Yiannis Neocleous

Recruitment Chair Connor Jones

Active Members 170

Local Founding 1985

National Founding April 10th, 1856


Theta Chi | “Theta Chi” 1908 Heritage Grove Cir |

Spring 2017 Chapter GPA 3.040 IFC Academic Standing #5

On Campus Houses

Heritage Houses

*not pictured* Phi Sigma Kappa Located at 250 S Ocala Rd

Interfraternity Council Florida State University

The Greek Compass  

The 2017 Florida State University Interfraternity Council Recruitment Guide

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