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Annual Report

Gifts of $250,000+

Donor Honor Roll Total donations received 7/1/13 – 6/30/14: $2,005,296.56

Mrs. Sandra J. Dafoe and Capt. James L. Dafoe, USN (Ret.) Ms. Barbara M. Bates

Gifts of $50,000-$249,999 The Estate of Dr. Mabel Jean Morrison Mr. John R. Mann and Mrs. Kathleen Mann Mr. R. Keith Sigmon and Mrs. Patricia D. Sigmon

Gifts of $10,000-$24,999

Colonel Alexander C. Kuras and Ms. Eileen M. Kuras Cheryl D. Lovell, Ph.D. The Vandermark Foundation, In Honor Of Mr. Harold F. Cottingham American Educational Research Association Dr. Janet G. Lenz and Dr. Robert C. Reardon Dr. Michael Shahnasarian and Mrs. Jean M. Shahnasarian, In

Gifts of $5,000-$9,999

Mr. Walter T. Massey, Jr. and Ms. June M. Massey Mr. Dennis P. Brady and Mrs. Loretta E. Brady

Gifts of $1,000-$4,999

Mr. Christopher E. Iansiti Ms. Mary L. Perfect Ms. Patricia A. Doody Mr. Christopher E. Iansiti Anonymous Mrs. Eleanore I. Kaney and The Honorable Frank N. Kaney Mrs. Marlene E. Teitler and Mr. Robert L. Teitler Mrs. Judith Berson-Levinson and Mr. Steven Z. Levinson, In Honor Of George W. Young, Ph.D. Florida College System Foundation Completion by Design Dr. Chris P. Plyler and Mrs. Allison L. Plyler, In Memory Of Dr. Melvene Hardee

Thank you for your gifts!

Dean Marcy P. Driscoll and Mr. Robin E. Driscoll Mrs. Barrie B. Gonzalez and Ralph R. Gonzalez, J.D. Ms. Ellen H. LeDuc

Honor Of Dr. James P. Sampson, Jr. Dr. Yoo Jae Song Marvalene Hughes, Ph.D. Mr. John E. Bates Ms. Jean Fliess Raytheon International, Inc. Rita M. Moser, Ph.D. Mrs. Sarah C. Page and Mr. John Page, Jr.

Dr. David G. Lebow Dr. Gebreyesus Hamda Dr. Suzanne J. Ebbers and Mr. Paul D. Ebbers Gabrielle K. Gabrielli, Ph.D. Mrs. Kelley M. Kalbas Ms. Linda C. Reiser and Dr. Robert A. Reiser Mark & Lula Hamilton DeGraff Trust Dean Patricia L. Stith and Dr. Melvin Thomas Stith, Sr. Mrs. Catherine B. Tencza and Mr. Brian A. Tencza American College Personnel Association Anonymous Dr. Carol B. Allman and Mr. Kenneth L. Allman

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2014 Annual Report  

2014 Annual Report