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My work is an exploration of my interests in the everyday. I use simple actions and scenarios, dealing with themes of humour and inevitability. These actions reference Minimalism and stress the importance of simple structure and stripped back conceptual approaches. I strive to work spontaneously with immediacy and concision. Through these minimalist actions I hope to question the general matters of social behaviour. These undertones communicate a message of the fear of the mundane, mortality, and the torpor of ‘nine to five’ existence. “It is not only what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do” Moliere.




Recent works

Title: BLOW Medium: Moving Image description: Edurance performance film. Exhibitions: ASA, Art space, Amsterdam, Graduate showcase Studio six, Leeds, Degree show

Recent works

Title: Head On Medium: Moving Image Description: One minute short performance Exhibitions: ASA, Art space, Amsterdam, Graduate showcase Studio six, Leeds, Degree show

Recent works

Title: Terry Von’Straus Medium: Moving Image, Performance description: Short film. Synopsis: Office worker tired of working nine to five, decides to cut through his desk with a saw while on top of it. Exhibitions: Studio six, Leeds, Degree show

Recent works

Title: Looking Happy Medium: Moving Image, Performance description: Short film. Exhibitions: Exhibitions: ASA, Art space, Amsterdam, Graduate showcase Studio six, Leeds, Degree show

Recent works

Title: Springsteen Medium: Moving Image, Performance description: Short film. Synopsis: Four characters dressed as springsteen dance to Bruce Springsteen’s hit dancing in the dark, Filmed by infra red Exhibition: Studio six, Degree show

Recent works

Title: Bleep test Medium: Moving Image, Performance description: Collaboration with Danny Mcguinness. Synopsis: Running a bleep test over 2m, intended to be 20m. Taughting each other.

Recent works

Recent works

Title: PAINTBRUSHHEADMAN Medium: Moving Image, Performance description: Collaboration with Danny Mcguinness. Synopsis: Two people in a room One is a paint brush, the other the painter.

Recent works

The Driller- Two character locked in a room. One attempts to drill holes in the buckets while other laughts on

Recent works

Recent works

Looking Happy- Short action series

Recent works

Cutting it short- Short Action Series


“Im fed up�- suspended upside down and force fed jelly babys

100 STRANGERS- a project dealing with the publics reaction to photography. People in the street where asked to pretend to know me. This took place over one day and only ended when 100 hundred people had been photographed

The Opening-

YouVweVyou, Instillation performance, Elbow Rooms, Leeds

Mug Me Im a Student- Instillation, YouVweVyou, elbow rooms, Leeds

Piggy In the Middle- Multiple projection of a game of piggy in the middle. The audience in the middle was positioned so that they could never catch the vutural ball.

The Equisite Corpse- youVweVyou, Elbow rooms. Three cameras positioned in various locations around the venue. Three projections broadcast the three seperate part of the body, Head, torso and legs. Creating a new body on the screen and encouraging audience participation and playfulness.

Project Ten- Images from a project based on the number ten. ten things ten days, ten letters, ten images

MAKE MY MINI- Scale model of a mini cooper. A nostalgic view of childlike creative activity, model making made from found objects




During the summer of 2007, along with 40 international students, I took part in the European Exchange Academy. Situated in a derelict pre second Wold war tuberculosis hospital and living in each others pockets for one month. Giving the chance to escape the city and except isolation. Opening the opportunity to work with our hands, heads and each other. A program of film, performance and other art practices took place over this month.

Achance to rest- EEA BUS

Filming on the sets of “chain movie” and “Scene Change” These where to group, film projects.

Curriculum Vitae Contact Information Fraser Stewart- 23rd of Feb, 1986 Address: 29 Becketts park Crescent, Headingly, West Yorkshire Email: mobile: 07944041140 Web: Other Information: Full UK Drivers Licence. Education BA Hons, Contemporary Art Practice, Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design Sept 05- June 08 European Exchange Academy, Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany, Aug-Sept 06 Foundation Art and Design, Time based media, Cambridge Regional Colledge, Sept 04-june 05 Group Shows, Collaboration, Exhibitions 2008 The Graduates, EEA-ASA Art space, Amsterdam A co-curated show for a small group of final year students “The EEA-ASA offers a stage for this eight upcoming international artists to present themselves. An exhibition with guts, no borders and a wide range of art disciplines�. MINI film festival, EEA-ASA Art space, Amsterdam A mixture of documentary, short film, performance and other film genres for a one night screening. One of my one minute films was shown at this event Northern Design Prize, Headingly Stadium, Leeds, West Yorkshire In collaboration with Danny McGuinness, PaintBrushheadman, described below, was selected as a finalist piece in the Fine Art category of the Northern design prize and came in the top five. Village Green film shorts, Hyde park cinema, Leeds West Yorkshire Open submission cinema screening. Highlighting the work of emerging film makers, artists and animators form the School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design. Four of my one minute short films where screened. A F**king V, Brudunel Social club, Hyde park Leeds West Yorkshire Open submission cinema screening. To raise money for the Leeds College of Art and Design degree show. Proto-type, The Sixth Floor Studios, Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design A co-curated show of performance, live and video, writing, and instillation by a small group of final year students PAINTBRUSHHEADMAN, The Sixth Floor Studios, Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Design In collaboration with Danny McGuinness, Original concept by Danny McGuinness. Videoed performance involving the two of us in a room creating an action painting with my body. I played a paintbrush, he the painter

2007 Scene Change, EEA, Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany International group show. Showing work created evolved from month long exchange. “The Chamber involved a instillation. A tunnel into a wall lead to a chamber. Without anylight the viewer was slowly made aware that the ceiling was made from my naked body. Questioning ideas of shame, fear and personal contact and audience experience. Also screened where group projects and films made during the month Illusory, Arts At Trinity, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds Group show in local church, prayer books made up from images and text collated from other artists in the show YouVweVyou, Christmas Special, Elbow Rooms, Leeds Group show in Leeds pool rooms. Site specific installations, photography and films screened YouVweVyou – The Opening Group show and live performance for the opening show. Staircase bound in red wool was cut in ritualist opening ceremony. Multi projection, beamed from various locations around the venue, the head, body and legs of members of the public onto a screen suspended from above the bar. These separate projection made up a new body and encouraged the user to play. Work Experience Boutique Catering, Carlton Mills, Pickering St, Leeds, LS12 2QGpart time chief Cambridge School of Visual and performing arts, Bridge House, Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UAPortrait photographer, stage photographer, poster design. Art department technician, drama department technician, Stage Manager. The Willow Tree, 26 High Street, Bourn, BOURNE, PE10 0SR Waiter and barman PGL LIMITED, Alton Court, Penyard Lane, Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5GLOutdoor Activities Instructor and Group Leader. Responcible for children aged between 7 and 17. Teaching and guiding them in outdoor pusuits and health. Northern Light, The calls, Leeds West Yorkshire Barman Trintity College Bar Barman Selwyn College Cambridge, Selwyn College, Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DQ, Domestic department Domestic Cleaner Self Employed Punt Chauffeur- Punting is a very popular activity to do when visiting my hometown of Cambridge. People travel there to take boat tours down the river and hear the history of the University. During the summers of the past six years I have worked for several punt companies including, Scudamore Punts and Cambridge Chauffeur punts and have also worked selfemployed on boats shared with friends. Volunteer Work

Enter unknown territories- Cambridge April 25-29 2007 Enter was a large art festival held in Cambridge. The aims of this festival were to promote artists that extensively use new technology. I helped with the general running and publicity of this event. References Chris Bloor - The Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design, Civic Quarter H404, Leeds Met, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 3HE Abigail Youngman- Volunteer Co-ordinator of Enter_Unknown Territories Festival 07760198765

Le Fin to be continued...


Work by Fraser stewart, Cheaper than printing and better for enviroment. Pictures of work from collection

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