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TRansform TraditionChnese Traditional art, a fresh look

Japanese animation Matthew Greatrex Anime , Animeis "Japanese animation". In addition to manga, it is extremely popular in Japan and well known throughout the world. It is used in things like television series, films, and represents most, if not all, types of fiction. Anime is interesting because, unlike other ways of creating films or programs, Anime can create any character, object or environment that you want and not worry about cost or whether or not it can happen or be created. Most people have heard of, or seen adverts about, Anime and lots of people are in to it as it is slowly becoming more popular. Most children’s animated programs are now Japanese animation. I became interested in it because I started reading Manga books when I was first interested in comics (graphic novels). I liked the books, which had adverts for the animations, so I watched an animation, called ‘Naruto’. Since then I have continued to watch Japanese animation.

Background Anime dates from about 1917. Anime began at the start of the 20th century, When Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques that were being used in France, Germany, the United States, and Russia. The oldest known anime in existence was screened in 1917 - a two minute clip of a samurai trying to test a new sword on his target. By the 1930s, animation was more popular in Japan than live-action because The lack of Western-looking actors, for example, made it next to impossible to shoot films set in Europe, America, or fantasy worlds that do not naturally involve Japan. Animation allowed artists to create any characters and settings they liked. During the 1970s, Manga became more popular and were animated especially those of Osamu Tezuka, who is called a legend and “The God of Manga”. His work and that of other similar film-makers, inspired characteristics and genres that are fundamental elements of Anime today.

List of well know Japanese animation and there Artistes Naruto – Masashi Kishimoto Neon Genesis Evangelion – Gainax and Hideaki Anno Bleach – Tite Kubo Fullmetal Alchemist – industrial Revolution Spirited Away – Hayao Miyazaki Gundam – Yoshiyuki Tomino

Computer Generated Character Computer Generated Character


Computer Generated Character is important in film. Then computer generates special effect in different film. That affected in film world. Technology and computer software have progress rapidly with visual effects. Which makes film marking to be easily, real, cheaper, and other advantages. Who was “First” made the great tool in film? The First Greatest visual and Special Effect described to some degree in 1824 by British physician Peter Mark Roget. But the first CGI character animation was feature in the movie young Sherlock Holmes in 1985. The character was depicted as a “stained glass figure come to life”, and was actually engineered by Pikar. How different or use that in film?

~Visual Effect in 1976 and 2005 King Kong Films. They makes strange story to be succeed.



Raimi to make many of the stunts computer generated, that worked hard to plan all the sequence of Spider-Man swinging from buildings, which he described as “ballet in the sky”.

SPIDER-MAN 3, 2007 CGI made 300’s film marking to be cheaper and perfect and flavoring visual over characterization and its controversial depiction of the ancient Persians.

300, 2006

Animation of Disney


Toy Story was made in 1995. This film talks about a group of toys living with a little boy Andy and lots of funny things happened. There are too much things to watch, audibly and visually,that you always seem to discover something new.the colour and the action everything is novel lots of people enjoy that film.

Finding NEMO it is the second time I was touch Disney film and when that movie showed in china lots of people like this film because they talk about personal relationship and they help each other when something arduous happen also I like it very much.

The Lion king is one of famous film in the world when I was in childhood I saw this and full in love with that .The film talk about a group of animals living in the forest there are lots of things happen ...

Another new Disney Pixar movie was coming out in 2007,cheers. It’s about a rat to be specific a Parisian rat. He’s no ordinary rat you can find around the neighbour .This dude is super picky,he insist to have the finest food from the best restaurants in Paris. Which means he must go through loads of crazy adventure to enjoy. And also lots of people like so much about this story’s intricate.

3D Animation cartoon





Marc Quinn’s Micro exhibition has a wide range of materials such as; blood and tissue, marble and bronze, polymer wax and chemicals, aluminium and steel. Marc Quinn always like choosing the material which feels for right idea. He uses material to be part the meaning of the work is always interesting for him. He uses big range of materials which he uses. Both visual and conceptual for working around the body. Blood and waste, muscles, skeletal frame. He likes ‘mirror paintings.’ Those paintings represent real human in different way. They show under the skin. He took a photo of piece of meat then distorted with in the computer then he flipped the meat horizontally for making an internal reflection. It looks like part of a body. He likes solid objects. He likes creating contemporary art and not to create things which exists. He made animal sculptures such as rabbit. They are given human bodies. He also used DNA to illustrate a portrait. For example Kate Moss and her DNA portrait on the wall. Also he made a portrait of genetic scientist Sir John Sulston.

The idea of the ‘mirror paintings’ are providing a focus an individual characteristics. He wants to illustrate his art of life and death. When sleeping, people quite out of life. One of his famous work was a self frozen sculp ture which made of from his own blood. Also his other work is the ‘frozen garden’ which made for Miuccia Prada. ‘Cryogenic suspension’ is used to keep the plants frozen. He also involved making marble sculptures. Using blood to glass, lead and marble, he develops those paradox into conceptual works which are figurative in form. His drawings, paintings, and sculptures deal with relationship with a distance that we have with bodies, showing the conflict between the terms ‘natural’ and ‘cultural’ that attached to contemporary psyche.

Kaa Kaam Kandemir

Blood in art Nowadays everything seems to be much more violent and cruel than it was earlier. this article is about art and violence in it. Blood is one of the body fluids that has been used in art. There is a special movement called Maligno art. Maligno Art is a genre of graphic arts created by “BlackNova” and “Nemesis” in the decade of the 1990s. The name of the art movement comes from the word maligno, the spanish word for evil. The main pillar of this genre is the resurrection of Humanity’s deepest intrinsic evil and the expression of its cruel and occult thoughts that one never shares with others, fearing to be rejected by civilization. The evil expressed in this form of art is not only the natural evil of Mankind, but also a constructed, rational and artificial one. Therefore, a new form of cruelty is discovered in our minds. All of the pressure cumulated in the unconscious part of the mind rises to make our most wicked and sadistic desires be reborn through graphic arts. Maligno Art is mostly drawn in pencil, pen and ink. Most of the first pieces of art were made on white paper with black ink-pen (gellypen) and red marker. Only black, white, red and their combinations are used in most of the cases.The exception is yellow, which is used in rare cases for the fire lighting effect. We can see this in history and in the religious texts, as they tell us about sacrifice to the Gods and other kinds of supreme beings. For Judaism, for example, there is a rather large tradition of sacrifice to their God, Yahweh. The animal of preference is the lamb, for it is a very quiet animal, symbol for peace. Maligno Art can be considered graphic violence. Although it has mostly the theme of slaughter, it also has satanic contents sometimes. As the blood and fire are the main pillars of this art movement, the brutal death of human beings is the pivot of the artwork. Decapitations, mutilations and savage shootups are common leitmotivs. But the satanic theme is also well developed, as it also depicts hatred and fear without the need of deaths. As the largest part of the world’s population is follower of Abrahamic religions, they fear the Devil, with the concept of Satan as God’s antagonist and Mankind’s biggest enemy being the main prejudice. Therefore satanic art frightens, but also mysteriously attracts men and women. Demonic themes are also present in Maligno Art, depicting big, horned Demons killing, torturing, slaughtering, etc. defenseless human beings. We think that there is kind of a problem nowadays. Violence is everywhere ... everyone is watching tv and movies,but there are age limits,for some pictures containig strong violence and blood scenes. Only 18 years old can actually watch it,but what about the art? Marc Quinn has made sculptures using frozen blood, including a cast of his own head made using his own blood. he frozened his blood and on the exibition he covered his body casted head with the blood and it started melting. the price of the sculpture is 1500000£ . but why there are no age limits on that? isn’t that has to be stricktly prohibited for the children? and why can people acually watch that kind of art and not watchig the movies? that the question we were thinking of... Actually we were inspired by SAW movie...

Saw is a 2004 American horror film, the first installment of the Saw film series. Directed by James Wan and written by Wan and Leigh Whannell, Saw was filmed during only eighteen days of production. It was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2004 and saw international release later that year on October 29. Saw is essentially an expansion of Wan and Whannel’s 2003 short film of the same name. “Little preview” “The film’s story revolves around two men who are kidnapped and trapped locked in an industrial bathroom with a dead body between them and given instructions related to escaping. Meanwhile, police detectives investigate and attempt to apprehend the criminal responsible, the “Jigsaw Killer”.” Photographer Adam Faulkner (Leigh Whannell) and Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) awaken to find that they are chained by their ankles to pipes at opposite ends of a disused industrial bathroom. Between them is a corpse holding a revolver and a microcassette recorder. Lawrence and Adam each discover tapes in their pockets labeled “Play Me”. From these tapes, Adam is told that he must escape the bathroom, while Lawrence is told that he must kill Adam before six o’clock, or else his wife and daughter will be killed and he will be left to die where he sits. Saw was a financial success. Shot on a meagre budget of about US$1.2 million, it earned over $55 million at the box office in the U.S. alone and $102,917,772 worldwide. Critical responses were mixed. Originally rated NC-17 for strong, graphic violence, the film was slightly edited to achieve an R rating!!! As of now the rule for an R Rated movie is that all people under the age of 17 must enter with a parent/guardian over the age of 21. Now, this means that even if the child is 15, 10, 6, or even 3 as long as they have a guardian they are allowed in. I think, that if there is an age limit rules, it means that they must be clear! Because there is no point to make the rules if people can bypass them!


The CD Cover Is The Most Important Advertisement

Yunie &Kenneth

The cover is the calling card to the record industry and to the well you design it and the other graphics for your release could well determine your success or failure as a musician.

A well designed and attractive cover, along with other detailed information you have included in the packaging, may well determine if the gatekeepers in the music business ever bother to listen to the music contained on the record, and if a music consumer is turned off or on by your graphics. It is the best advertisement for your music. A project of CD Cover disign is set up by 5 parts:Front Cover, Back Cover, Label On Disc, Booklet and Spine. Front Cover Is the name of the artist clearly visible? Is the name written with a unique logo design? Is the name of the artist in the top third of the cover? Is the title of the release distinguishable from the artist’s name? Is the genre of music hinted at by the cover art? Back Cover What specific type of information is included on the back cover? ( Label name, catalog number, barcode, song titles/ times, contact info, (website URL,email address, MySpace address and same for any social networking sites), production credits, Producer’s name, more?) Are the graphic images and text and colors used clear and readable? Label On Disc Is the artist’s name (logo) present and clearly visible? What specific information is on the disc itself? (Many artists leave the disc blank for ‘artistic’ reasons, do you wish to make such a statement, or are there more important considerations that you think should be addressed?) Booklet/Tray Card Describe the type of booklet used in your packaging. What specific images, and text information is included? ( More credits, thank you’s, lyrics, pictures, etc.) Is the artwork and design consistent with the rest of the artwork and design of the front and back covers? Spine What specific information is on the spine of the CD? ( Label name/logo, catalog number, artist name, release name?)



is a disease...

Sex. It’s an instinct that was written into our brain. Sex in its most basic terms tell us that humans like all other living organisms wants to reproduce. With humans we have to look at the sexes separately. The female is looking for one male as a life partner. Because she is going to carry her child for nine months before it’s born she is looking for the best genes to mix with hers. The male however is just looking to spread his seed to as many women as possible, so that it is more likely that his genes will be passed on. As the human moved out of the “cave man” period, the human mind began to develop. In this way we began to create society. Men and women had monogamous relationships and had children together. But the “mating ritual” still existed. It still does today. Through fashion and makeup and body adornment, we make an attempt to attract the opposite sex. Barbie was invented in 1953.she represents values of the Modernity and of the American Dream. In 1961 Barbie has a man, who does everything for her, Ken. Barbie has everything: money, nice house, friends, a boyfriend in love with he, nicest and most expensive clothes, shoes, and car. She can do everything: horsing, swimming, cooking, travelling, working and shopping… Barbie is perfect. She has all of this and

moreover she is slim, tall, blond, pretty and funny! She became an idol for all the young girls. They wanted to be like Barbie! They became shopaholics and addicted to dieting. Does all of this sound familiar?, without a doubt. 21st century girls live under the pressures of all of the above.. “slim, tall, blonde, pretty, expensive clothes, the perfect boyfriend”. But where did it all begin?,is Barbie to blame for our size zero minimum intellect generation ten years ago size six was unthinkable?, five years ago size four was rare, nowadays size zero is a religion worshipped by the many imature pop cultured ladies of our generation, but where did they get this idea from? where did this image of having an “itsy bitsy” waist come from? In 1997 artist Barbara kruger produced a piece emblazoned with the slogan over Marilyn Monroe face “not stupid enough” ”not skinny enough”, has the females existence become a mockery? In 20 years time will girls look back on our generation and frown apon their need for perfection and vanity!?

is the weapon.

sneaks in my life

I n T R o D a C t I o N

When I was a child, I was doing cart racing as my hobby. And once, me and my dad had a deal which was If I could win the race, he will buy me a sneaker, then I won. I really do remember prpperly that he bought me a red NIKE sneaker which I was wearing and cleaning every day, and I still have it. Unfortunately I can’t wear it anymore, mbecause my feel are too big to wear it. But Im keeping it as my memory.

collaboration with popular shoes brand NIKE x Transformer TRANSFORMERS SPORTSLABEL CONVOY feat. NIKE FREE7.0 this design is come from the one character in Transformer and sneaker is based on NIKEFREE7.0

NIKE x LEGO This msneaker is based on one character in lego. it looks a bit ugly, but I want to try once.

NIKE x a.p.c.

havent you seen this sneaker before???!! i thought ive seen it lots of time, but its actuary not that common. this one is based “all court� model, but collaborated with A.p.c. which is really popular fashion brand in japan!! i want to get one of these!!!

Asix x tokidoki (2008)

concept of this sneaker is thet unique sneaker which fusion with pop culture. i love to wear this sneaker if i have one i love the design on the

sneaker, colour combination and character on it22

NIKE x THREE BE@R MID 2006 I really wish I can buy one. I like everything of this sneker. those 2 colours of the sneaker are my favorite.

Run Athletics X Nintendo 2007 Nintendo is one of top game company in whole world. There is some characters from Nintendo in the sneaker.


ransform randition

------ Chinese Traditional Art

Our issue of this month’s project is Chinese traditional arts. We invited 5 latest Chinese young artists to work with this project. They are Kaijing Chen(Jing), Meishan Zhou(Michelle),Ruowei Gong(Vea), Tianyi Zhang(Fiona) and Yuxi Zhang(Ling). Ruowei Gong(Vea) I chose Chinese traditional handwriting as my topic. While I was writing this article, I got the idea of transforming our traditional arts into modern practical things, like bags. I focus on one of the Chinese handwriting styles “Cao”. Chinese handwriting has some certain rules. These rules influence on many aspects, for example, how to hold the brush, how to write with the brush and the differences between a point and a row. What are also important in Chinese handwriting are each character’s construction and the arrangement of the whole piece. There are many different styles of Chinese handwriting, but Cao style is the most artistic one. The reason for Cao’s appearance is people always want to write quicker and more easily.The style was established in Dynasty Han for writing more easily. It’s based on another style called “Li”. The 3 branches in Cao are “Zhang” ”Jin” ”Kuang (the character in Chinese means crazy)”. Zhang has orderly ways to follow. Jin has no rules and it’s very fluent. Kuang appeared in Dynasty Tang. As its name, this style is like Fauvism in Western paintings. It’s all about the writer himself so not everyone can read them. Kuang is total art work and it’s not practical in daily life.

There are many famous Cao writers. Wu Huangxiang is famous for Zhang. Jin’s best representative is Wang Xizhi. Zhang Xu and Huai Su are honored because of their unbelievably beautiful Kuang Cao writing. Another artist has to be mentioned is Mao Zedong(chairman Mao). He learned Kuang handwriting from Huai Su’s writing. Due to his unique life experience, his writing looks really powerful and strong. My personal favorite is Huai Su’s writing. It combines his emotions and the characters and mixes them into a gorgeous painting.

TAO HUA WU PRINTS(A KIND OF NEW YEAR PICTURE) Suzhou was once the most prosperous region of the Chinese Empire. In addition to the region’s economic prosperity, it also produced scores of Chinese intellectuals and artists. Beginning in the 16th century, Taohuawu woodblock printing played an integral role in this area’s cultural heritage and history. Taohuawu prints of Suzhou were first made during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), in a workshop on Suzhou’s Taohuawu Street. They were most popular during the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911).All the prints are made by hand.artist use more than 6 days to draw then cut on the wood,at last print them.It will took people a lot of time and the price is not cheap. Prints, hung during the Chinese Spring Festival celebration, take the forms of door, central and hanging scrolls. Their bold patterns in forceful lines and bright colors like scarlet, peach, yellow, green and purple are highly decorative .The patterns on the print,sometimes will be a door god,sometimes will be fish.there are all the symbol of hope of the next year.aFor example,Themes of Taohuawu prints include stories of the Unicorn, which represents good fortune, and images posted on the front door of a house to ward off evil spirits. The themes of the four stamps are : Playing love songs on the Pipa , the Unicorn bestowing a boy-child, Liu Hai playing with a gold Toad, and the ten beauties playing football. So now we made some bags to use the traditional patterns on the bag.and it will be more interesting..... we made some bags about traditional source.......

Clay Figurine Zhang According to a Chinese fairy tale, humans were created out of clay by a goddess. Since long time ago, Chinese have loved clay figurines and the most famous is Clay Figurine Zhang of Tianjin Municipality. It was Zhang Mingshan who created Clay Figurine Zhang School in North China’s Tianjing Province. People liked his clay figurines so much that they nicknamed Zhang”Clay Figurine Zhang”, hence the name of his school. Zhang Mingshan was born in a poor family. He learned how to make clay figurine from his father when he was still a child. He was very clever and deft. He could even make a clay figurine of the person sitting opposite to him in a very short time and what he made were very vivid and expressive. Clay figurines created by Zhang includes heroes and villains from Chinese folk stories, novels, and operas as well as scenes from daily life. He used pure colloidal clay and it never cracks. He made more than 10,000 clay figurines during his lifetime and his unique handicrafts became famous both at home and abroad. Long time ago, some westerners began to buy them with lots of money and there is a showroom in Chinese Art Museum shows 58 pieces of Zhang’s work in Japan. Clay Figurine Zhang of Tianjin Municipality is a famous craft art school developed in 20th century. It reflects rich regional and local customs of Tianjin and is the essence of Chinese traditional arts.

Chinese Paper Cutting or Jianzhi is the first type of papercutting design, since paper was invented by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. The art form later spread to other parts of the world with different regions adopting their own cultural styles. Because the cut outs are also used to decorate doors and windows, they are sometimes referred to “chuang hua�, meaning Window Flower. Chinese paper cutting is a unique artform and has existed for thousands of years with a long history featuring both national and regional themes. Paper began as a precious commodity in the Han Dynasty. Most of the people with access to paper for an entertainment cause such as art were usually nobles in royal palaces.The Song Dynasty scholar Chou Mi mentioned several paper cutters who cut paper with scissors into a great variety of designs and characters in different styles, and a young man who could even cut characters and flowers inside his sleeve. The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century found in Xinjiang, China. There are basic cut outs, that are a single image. And there are symmetrical designs that are usually created by some folding over a proportioned crease, and then cutting some shape. When unfolded, it forms a symmetrical design. The paper cut outs are usually in an even number series of 2, 4, 24 etc.


Myfault, CSVPA project  

Amagazine made with students from Cambridge school of visual and performing arts

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