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Adapted from The Mysteries by Tony Harrison

MUSIC by CATS Music Pathway Students

The Nativity

Adapted from The Mysteries By Tony Harrison The English Medieval Mystery Plays Consisting mainly of the York, Wakefield, Chester and Coventry Cycles- were written and performed by working men, craftsmen Mystery n (archaic) craft, trade.... Middle English, from medieval Latin. For example, in the York Cycle, the Bakers created The Last Supper, and the Nail Makers The Crucifixion. They were often assisted by dramatic poets most famously by the unknown author of The Crucifixion play who was commonly called the York Realist, and in the Wakefield Cycle by another known dramatist , the Wakefield Master, among whose contributions was the well known Second Shepherd’s play featuring Mak the Sheepstealer. The original medieval presentations of the plays were performed during Corpus Christi on carts passing various locations (stations) in the city from early morning till late at night. They were designed for large mass audiences in open spaces. This performance is influenced by the National Theatre’s production in 1990 that I had the privilege to experience. The cast have been working with text that is written using Northern speech and rooting the play in a modern context. We are extremely grateful to The Round Church for allowing us to perform in this beautiful medieval building. This has influenced the creativity of this project and enabled the company to get a real sense of the purpose of theatre, keepers of our heritage and guardians of our future and places for new talent to use in any way they can. am also delighted to introduce another major element to the company the CATS Pathway Musicians. They have been a tremendous asset to the production working with their Head of Music Sarah Goodwin on the music composed from original work by our own Musical Director Bruce Knight.

We hope you enjoy this small piece of our heritage Jean Stewart

THE MUSICIANS Michelle Huang
 Michelle is 19 from Taipei Taiwan. She started playing the piano when she was twelve. She also knows how to play clarinet . She likes to listen to R&B or Jazz music and she likes to play that kind of pop music as well. There is no one in her life that is a musician but there is someone who’s influenced her, gives her melody and keeps her going which is her father. She is going to uni after this one year course and she wants to be a music teacher. Gaukhar Mukhamejanova
 Gaukhar is a piano player, singer and has started guitar lessons for the first time this year. She has also enjoyed the new challenge of working with music technology this year. Nima Hasounizadeh
 Nima is a composer and piano player from Iran who is in the UK to build his skills before going to Dubai to become a successful recording artist. He is influenced by many different genres. mixing electric music with other genres such as classical/jazz/traditional eastern/persian music with a taste of his own style of composition is his aim. Kotaro Oshio
 Kotaro started playing the piano when he was 8 years old. He enjoys playing classical music from Bach to modern pieces such as Samuel Barber. He also plays the guitar and likes to listen to rock music but will be only playing the piano since it’s a concert in a church. Hisae Matsuki
 Hisa has been playing the trumpet for about four years since she was 19 years old and moved to the U.K. She has played with several brass and wind bands such as the Hitchin Brass Band, the Letchworth Brass Band, the Barnes Concert Band and the Paddington Station Band. She is currently studying the trumpet with one of the U.K.’s top teachers and performers, Paul Mayse. She is going to perform as a soloist in front of the public for the first time today.

Ekin Naz Kaptan
 Ekin Naz Kaptan was born in Turkey in 1986. She attended many musical activities and occasions held in the school as a choir member and as a vocal soloist during her junior high and high school studies. Having attended many important musical events organised by “Creative Children’s Association“ she earned the scholarship for her music studies in a music school abroad. After completing her degree in computer engineering in the previous June she started studying music foundation at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts. She is preparing to study music in vocal major at a music college. Ashkan Malayeri
 He started playing guitar at the age of 15 and was influenced by Metal Music. After 6 months of playing he decided to focus on lead guitar, influenced by his favourite guitarist Alexi Laiho. he hasn’t been practising guitar as seriously as before and has been trying to sort it out for 3 months. Zaure Alisheva
 Zaure is a good piano player. She studied at music school for 7 years, and for 3 years she taught herself. She is also a singer. Zaure took part in a school chorus for 6 years, and then took voice lessons. Singers such as Kelly Clarkson, Shakira and Rihanna are her favourites. Zaure’s music technology skills are also developing and she has used Garageband and Logic Studio for 2 years. She has already recorded 4 songs -3 in Russian language and 1 in English. Kitty Chen (monday only)
 She has played the accordion for 5 years, and she is now also learning popular voice singing for one. she has been learning this for half a year, and now she has started learning piano too. Masayuku Kosugi (Monday only) Masa is a drum kit student and would like to be a DJ when he finishes this course.


Hisae Matsuki: Concerto No. 1 for Trumpet – Adagio J.M. Molter Johann Melchior Molter was a German composer and violinist during the Baroque time. During his life , he wrote many symphonies, chamber music and overtures. This piece is one of the movements from Concerto No.1 for Trumpet, Strings and Continuo. He wrote many trumpet pieces and this Adagio is one of the few surviving pieces for trumpet written in gallant style. Nima Hasounizadeh Nima N. Hasounizadeh The piece expresses the feelings deep inside of someone who is trying to find a solution. Zaure Alisheva First Polonaise F. Chopin In ‘Polonaises’ Chopin tells about his country, Poland, the beauty of its nature and���������������������������������������������������� tragic past. This peace is cheerful. It’s very com��������������������������������������������������� fortable to play because all the notes are placed in a comfortable way for a pianist. It didn’t take a long time to learn the notes but a lot of time to practice playing fast. There are 4 parts in it: first is the introduction, using chords, then the body of the piece, which is the most interesting part and then the first part repeats. Kotaro Oshio Moment Musicaux F. Schubert Moments Musicaux is a collection of six short pieces for solo piano, composed in 1828 by Schubert. The second piece is especially famous among the six pieces.

Ekin Naz Kaptan Le Viollette D. Scarlatti This piece was composed by Alessandro Scarlatti. This piece is from the opera Pierro e Demetrio and was published in 1964.It was composed for tenor or soprano voice.The character singing this aria is a youth named Mario. The character is alone in a garden thinking about his love for a woman who is nobly born. Are these violets a message for me? Do I have too much ambition? Am I aiming too high in loving such a wonderful woman?

Michelle Huang Four Calling Birds W. Bennett This is one of her piece of music she is learning in her piano lesson. It sounds very beautiful and soft but the first time she started to play it was a little bit difficult for her, because she was not used to play this kind of music but after practice, she is getting into it. Kitty Chen Chinese Love Song S.H.E Masayuku Kosugi and Nima Hasounizadeh Improvisation Ashkan Malayeri Bed of Razors Children of Bodom Children of Bodom is a Finnish Metal band. They have a very unique sound since they mix a variety of styles such as Death Metal, Neo-Classical Metal and Thrash Metal. They formed in 1993 in Espoo, Finland. Gaukhar Mukhamejanova

Protest Song G. Mukhamejanova

The Company Joseph : Daniel Abbot Mary: Conny Batho 2nd Shepherd: Alice Bounsall Astronomer: Cate Cammock Herod’s Son: Graeme Charlton Astronomer: Mario Fernandez 3rd Shepherd: Simon Every Angel Gabriel/Messenger: Chris McKay Herod : Henry Regan 1st Shepherd: Heathcote Ruthven Astronomer: Jimin Suh Director : Jean Stewart Voice : Rebecca Cuthbertson Movement : Chris lane Music Composition and arrangement: Bruce Knight Dance : Bernie Wilfred The Band Music Directed by Sarah Goodwin Gaukhar Mukhamejanova (Piano) Nima Hasounizadeh (Synthesiser) Michelle Huang (Clarinet) Kotaro Oshio (Guitar) Ekin Naz Kaptan (Voice)

Make Up for Angel Gabriel : Kat Hunter, MandyDoyle and Hannah Levy Lighting and Rig : Ed Course Round Church : Martin

designed by Fraser Stewart,

The Nativity program  

Program to a drama production directed by Jean Stewart in Cambridge.

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