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Editor’s notes De Fide Fortis - from faith comes strength, is the theme that marked the starting point of Fazure, The 25th Cabinet of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU. As our term of service is coming to an end, we can proudly say that our achievements are testaments to this motto. To make the jubilee of our Society momentous, our cabinet put faith in ourselves and strived to inject innovation whilst holding on the legacy left by our predecessors. We are not ashamed to say that this year was tremendously challenging, from matters as trivial as internal affairs to something as consequential as school policy reformation, we ploughed through and have survived. Therefore, on behalf of Fazure, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who has supported the Society. Your faith in us has been the propelling force that gave us strength and kept us going through the darkest times. Without your participation in our events and encouragements throughout the year, we would not have transcended, we would not have thrived and prospered, we would not have been where we are right now. May this Yearbook marks the beginning of the end of our terms of service. Our cycle is coming to an end and it is time to pass on to the next generation. We look forward to Finerva, the 26th Cabinet, to lead the Society to a whole new level and we hope that the coming year will be remarkable. I sincerely hope that you enjoy The Yearbook and wish that everyone will have an exceptional year to come.

Cher Kay Promotion Secretary and Publication Secretary

Stay Humble | Hustle Hard



Chairperson’s Words


Interview with Professor Ekkachai


Interview with Ms Joanne Siu


Society Introduction and Year Plan


The 25th Inauguration Ceremony


Orientation Series


Mentorship Program 2017


Finance Festival 2017

Joint University Chairity Ball


Investment Series


Welfare Express


Intramural Sports Competitions


Executive Committee Reflections




Introduction of the Elected Cabinet, Finverva



Chairperson’s Words After a year of office at The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, the journey the 25th Session embarked on is coming to an end. It is my absolute honor to serve as the Chairperson of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Session 2017-2018. Our current session can be seen not simply as a jubilee, but as the beginning of the next 25 years for the Society. We continue to expand in societal capacity and serve the mission of engaging members, connecting faculty and students, and promoting the field of finance. We have also further developed and reinforced the already extensive network and diversified and refined many current programs to provide the best for our members. This year was full of challenges and blessings. It has not been an easy ride, yet with the collaborative efforts of the Executive Committee and wholehearted support from members, advisors, faculty and other internal and external connections of the Society, we are reaching our destination. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to you. I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank the Sub-Committee members of Finance Festival 2017 and Mentorship Program 2017 for making our events a great success. Most importantly, I would like to dedicate a massive thank you to my Cabinet. The past year had been an exceptional journey for us. My cabinet exemplifies a commitment to this Society that is extraordinary. It was our sense of purpose, the time, energy and focus that I saw during our journey that convinced me that this is a special team, committed to our goals and beliefs. Seeing the great success in our functions, I am beyond grateful to be working with this dream team and together bring the Society to new heights with our greatest endeavor. With the end of the 25th Session approaching, it is now time to pass on the sacred duties to our successors. I am confident that in their hands, Finerva, The Elected Cabinet of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Session 2018-2019 can inherit the legacy and bring the Society to new heights. I wish The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU and the 26th Executive Committee a successful and prosperous year ahead.

Lin Shu Man, Sharon Chairperson

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 2

We are honored to have the opportunity to have an interview with Professor Ekkachai Saenyasiri back in January to share his insights and give us invaluable advice for our fellow members and students. On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank the Department of Finance for their continuous support and guidance over the years, we would not have achieved as much without your support.

Interview with Professor Ekkachai Does the Department have any plans or expectations for students in the coming year? We have plans but many of them are not finalized. It has a high probability of being implemented but I cannot guarantee you that it is 100% certain. In terms of our Department, we will continue to organize mingling sessions. Last year, we also initiated the Mentoring Program for the BBA Finance students. To continue this Program, we may merge the mingling and peer mentoring activities together, so it saves the time of mentors and mentees from attending two separate events. For BBA Finance, we are now recruiting the Faculty Students’ Liaison Committee. We want students to initiate something and the Department has quite a lot of financial resources to support any approved proposals. We are very interested in any initiatives from the students so that we can make sure they know one another and able to form bondings amongst themselves. These kinds of activities are very difficult to push from professors’ side. It will be better for students to come up with ideas for bonding activities for the Department. So, if it is reasonable to ask for money, we have a certain budget to support you. So far, the QFIN side will continue Fintech Talks Series. Career mentoring events will also be held and the mingling cohort will continue. Currently, we are thinking about adding some senior sharings as well. In the past 2 years, we had senior students to do sharings regarding a life in uni, job search,


networking, and exchange, etc. At the end of that year, we found out these sharings are quite helpful to our students. What should students do if they want to get into QFIN/FINA? For Finance, it is easy. If you get an A- in FINA2303. You will get in for sure. If you get a B+, in the past 2 years, some of them can get into the major but not all of them. In other words, B+ is the cutoff. If you do not have the grade of 2303, then you need to submit your CV and we will interview you. So in this case, interview, CV, and CGA are the main determinants. For QFIN, interview, CV, and CGA all matter. The interview score and CGA are about equally important. For CV, we look at what kind of things students do in the past 1-2 years. If they have leadership potential and experience in finance would be a plus. We want students who can handle a lot of things simultaneously. QFIN students become very busy at the end of year 2, so if you are not academically

capable and know how to deal with different things simultaneously, you will be too stressful and may perform badly in year 3. Is the finance industry still worthy for students to get into nowadays? What are its advantages? I think people still agree that finance is one of the industries that give people the best career path. I admit that the career prospect is not as good as it was, but it is still at the top branch. Comparing to other alternatives, it is still quite attractive, especially if you can adapt. For example, a lot of people talk about Fintech. If you can identify which area in Fintech is a good fit for you, you can gain competitive advantage and there should be job opportunities for you. So it is good for students to learn more about new technology. To facilitate our students to adapt to the technological innovation, the department is considering to add some programming components in the curriculum.

What is your view on the current market? The HSI has just achieved a new high.

profitability. So if you understand these concepts, you can analyze the index is high or not.

Whether the market is high or not, you should compare the fundamentals. You cannot just look at the data alone. When we say something is expensive or not, we should not just look at the price, but also the values that the assets would bring to us. So if the values given by the asset is high, paying a high price is normal. The same logic applies to the index. If the economy is doing well and companies are generating great profits, the index just reflects the performance, so is not that high actually.

Do you have any words for the 25th Executive Committee?

Moreover, we can use historical data to determine. For example, if the P/E ratio goes up to twice as before, it may be really expensive. Learning finance can help you understand easier, like prices of stocks and values of the market depend on the value of their underlying assets. So in these cases, you should first look at what drives the values of the underlying assets, usually is the

I think you are doing very well. Your works have a lot of values to our SBM students. For example, you have a lot of workshops, which students who are interested in finance can learn a lot from. You also have the Mentorship Program and find many mentors each year which I may not be able to do the same myself. Students also benefit from other activities that you have organized. It is impressive. I hope the Executive Committee next year can keep up the good work that FSS has been doing. Some recommendations would be to plan ahead and think carefully. For execution and implementation, make sure you have enough time to start the preparation.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 4

We are grateful to partner with Samsung Asset Management for the first time and their generous support has contributed greatly to our successes. May the future partnerships be even more fruitful.

Interview with Joanne Siu from Samsung Asset Management Samsung Asset Management Co.,Ltd. (SAM) is the largest asset manager in Korea and the 8th largest ETF manager in Asia Pacific*. SAM lead its competitors in all asset classes in their hometown. And they are especially strong in ETFs. In Korea, they have more than 50% of the ETF market in terms of AUM and over 80% in terms of trade volume. Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (SAMHK) was established in November 2007 (a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAM) and licensed with the SFC since April 2008. SAMHK was initially set up to mainly support the operations of Korea HQ. With the launch of our first ETF in early 2015, they are dedicated to offer products to the HK investors, both retail and institutional.

What is (are) your strongest asst(s) and/or product(s)? We are well known for providing innovative products, having brought out the first Inverse / Leverage (L/I) ETFs in Asia back in 2009 /2010. It is not by luck that we were able to launch HK’s first oil ETF as well as its first L/I products. While we only offer ETF and L/I products to HK investors, we also have launched Asia Equity Long/ Short Quant strategy in 2016 and we hope to expand into other asset classes in the coming years. Also, we believe HK is the ideal location to expand into the Asian region, including China. What is ETF? And what is the importance of it to investment? Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are funds that trade like a stock. They are an easy-to-use, low cost and tax efficient way to invest your money. ETF is a pooled investment vehicle that offers diversified exposure to a particular area of the market. It can invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, options or a blend of assets. Investors buy shares, which represent a proportional interest in the pooled assets. It is similar to a mutual fund but its major difference is that it can be bought or sold throughout the day on a stock exchange at a market price.


ETFs are designed to trade at a price that approximates the market value of their underlying assets. To facilitate this, most ETF issuers publish detailed information about their portfolio holdings on a daily basis. What is your outlook for the future ETF market? What are the future plans of Samsung Asset Management? Investors have experienced bull market returns in 2017. Throughout the year, new daily highs from multiple indexes were common with the broad markets. This is good news for equity investors and specifically those investors interested in

growth stocks. However, stock picking among top growth stocks can be tedious and challenging. ETF has proven to be an important tool across diversified portfolios. In the near future, HK may benefit from more local or regionally themed products. For example, ETF connect offers the chance to sell HK listed products directly to China’s increasingly sophisticated retail investors.

tual Fund and ETF Products. Do HKUST students have the chance to join Samsung Asset Management HK? Starting a career in asset management as a graduate opens up many opportunities. As competition has intensified in recent years, the reality is that fund managers are now expecting their graduate recruits to be more prepared for the job market than ever.

“Fund manager are not expecting their

graduate recruits to be more prepared for the job market than ever” How you started your career in Samsung Asset Management? Asset management industry has a variety of different career paths, Asset managers invest money on behalf of their clients – including pension funds, institutional investors, retail investors, insurance companies and others – with a view to making it grow over the long term.

We are a growing firm with expanding opportunities here, you could start your job search by selecting your level of experience. We do recognize that talent comes in many forms and we value diverse perspectives. So, whatever your background or studying, there maybe a place for you here.

Prior to joining Samsung Asset Management (HK) Limited, I have been worked for Global Custodian Bank, Global Asset Management Firm, Chinese Asset Management Firm and Financial Service Provider mainly focus on both Mu-

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 6

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 8


The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU is a non-profit student organization founded in 1992. As the only student society connecting the HKUST Department of Finance and undergraduate and postgraduate students, we undertake the responsibility of promoting the interest of our members in Finance. We endeavor to excel and surpass the expectation of all, and bear the responsibility to strive for the greatest benefits for our members.


Year plan Spring Semester Welfare Express

Joint-University Charity Ball 2017

Mentorship Program Information Session

Whole Year Function Intramural Sports Competition Career Newsletter Quarterly Newsletter Finance Festival Fall Semester Welfare Express

Orientation Week Orientation Night The 2nd Joint University Investment Game 2017 Registration Day Orientation Camp Sub-Committee Recruitment

The 25th Inauguration Ceremony

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 10

The 25th Inauguration Ceremony T

he inauguration of a new cabinet is always a promise of a fresh start and responsibility, as well as a showcase of a society’s capabilities. In spite of a heavy rain, it didn’t dampen the fact that the night of 25th April 2017 was one of our most successful events this year. Similar to the previous sessions, the 25th Inauguration Ceremony of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Session 2017-2018, marked not only the beginning of our commitment of being Executive Committees and serving our members in the coming year, but showcased our abilities to hold different insightful, fascinating, and enlightening events.

The theme of the 25th Inauguration Ceremony was ‘De Fide Fortis’, meaning from faith comes strength. We put our faith not only in our abilities to bring success and prosperity to the Society but also our perseverance and devotion to serve the Society. We believe that faith shapes decisions, decisions become actions, and actions define successes. At the event, we greeted more than 400 distinguished guests from various business fields and students from the 9 others tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. The honored guests and students witnessed not only the oath-taking ceremony, but also gained insights and wisdom from our honorable guest speakers,


Mrs. Chan Hui Dor Lam, Doreen, the former Chief Executive Officer and president of Citic Ka Wah Bank, and Professor Veronique Lafon-Vinais, the UG coordinator of the Department of Finance in HKUST. The 25th Inauguration Ceremony provided a platform for students to interact with business professionals and communicate with their counterparts in other universities. Most importantly, it had marked our cabinet officially started committing to the responsibilities as Executive Committee members of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU. As people all say, our journey of this year started here.

Faith shapes decisions, decisions become actions, and actions define successes.


The Inauguration marked the start of the new Cabinet. I am so touched and appreciative of their efforts, especially the External Team, great work! - Sharon Mak


FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 12


FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 14

Orientation Series Orientation Series 2017 was definitely the highlight of the year. Being the first program that the freshmen would experience, it was essential for us to ensure that the whole program was a well-planned one.

Registration Day


The first function of the Orientation Series is the recruitment of group leaders. This year, the theme of our Orientation Series was “FINA Fantasy”. The Executive Committee was extremely grateful and hereby thank you for those who were interested in becoming group leaders, we couldn’t have organized the Series successfully without you all.

In July and August, we set up counters during Welcoming Fairs for freshmen and welcomed them to the big HKUST Family. The freshmen had a chance to sign up for our O-Camp and gain insights into life in this university. We are delighted that a large number of freshmen were interested in our Society and participated in the Orientation Camp.

To me, being a joma is not only about knowing more life-long friends, it’s also about helping freshman blend into HKUST and passing on the unique FINA culture! - Charmaine So


Campfire is like a mysterious and magical night to all of us. I like how we sang the songs together like a group of troops in the wild. - Anson Lai

Orientation Camp


The spotlight event, Orientation Camp 2017, took place in mid-August. The three-daytwo-night camp kicked off with ice-breaking games and greetings by the Executive Committee, followed by a series of mass games. There was also a dance demon-

stration to prepare the campers for the campfire on the second day and allowed them to interact with one another. We have also organized thrilling battlefield games, featuring checkpoints all around the campus to get the campers to be familiarized with the school environment.


Sports Hall for Joint Society Mass Game and demonstrated our united Finance spirits. Later, the campers went off-campus for a city hunt around Hong Kong, destined at Whitehead BBQ site. Everyone enjoyed a soggy yet cheerful afternoon with over 8000 water balloons and dozens of water guns weaponized and consumed. As evening came in, the campers were re-energized by a barbecue feast, followed by the climax of the camp – Campfire. We all danced the night away

n the next day, after enjoying a hearty breakfast, the groups took their group photos in front of the Sundial, a symbol of HKUST. Afterwards, we proceeded to the

An exhilarating party night wrapped up the first day. Free flow beverages, neon face paints, live band performances, and games made our freshmen’s first night in HKUST an unforgettable one.

around the 6-feet bonfire with blasting music. It was indeed an unforgettable night. As a professional business society, on the last day, the Executive Committee all dressed in formal suits and introduced our Society to the freshmen. We officially invite them to become a part of the Finance family by asking them to join our membership and become a Sub-Committee member of our Session.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 16

Orientation Series


The O-series has been an enjoyable experience for me, people in FSS are really nice and willing to spend their time to share their experiences. They are true and enthusiastic about connecting with freshmen and I have had a truly unforgettable experience. - Ricky Yim

Big Reunion W

e organized several gatherings for the campers to reunite with their newly found friends and have a catch-up with one another. One of the gatherings was a party held in a café, where the freshmen enjoyed a night with great food, great games, and great friends. All participants not only had a great time reminiscing the memories of the O-Camp but also had a blast before the official commencement of the academic school year.

Orientation Night T

he Orientation Series was wrapped up by a memorable Orientation Night with the theme, “Back to School”. All our participants and the Executive Committee wore their high school uniforms and relived the nostalgic moments of school days. Photo booths, games and live music performances further made the night a splendid one.


he Orientation Series was wrapped up by a memorable Orientation Night with the theme, “Back to School”. All our participants and the Executive Committee wore their high school uniforms and relived the nostalgic moments of school days. Photo booths, games and live music performances further made the night a splendid one.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 18




Fall 2017

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 20

The Dinner was well organized, every detail was precariously prepared. I was impressed by their teamwork, organizing ability and learning attitude. - Vera Waters


Mentorship Program 2017

entoring is an interactive process that provides opportunities for the mentors and mentees to experience, share and learn from each other’s gifts and talents. We believe that students have much to learn from the association with mature, prudent and prominent individuals in the community. The mentor-mentee relationships will have a profound influence on the students’ personal growth, career development, and even life values. Through the mentor-mentee connections, mentors share their professional practices and information, offer advice, and teach the mentee. On the other hand, mentees bring in new questions, ideas, and enthusiasm to the mentors. Consequently, these relationships become a beneficial process for both the mentors and the mentees. Our Society has envisioned our Mentorship Program to be a program that not only bridges students to the real-life workplace and business professionals but also solidifies students’ understandings towards the industry. Hence, we have gone above and beyond with the ultimate aim of creating a fruitful experience for everyone. We organized the events in ways as to better equip students for the workplace environment and to be more informed to decide their career paths.

High Table Dinner T

he High Table Dinner was the highlight of the program. It was the first occasion for them to meet officially. On this important night, the mentoring relationship set off and there were more than 180 participants joining the dinner at The New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel. Not only do we wish the mentoring partners can experience a grand, enjoyable and unforgettable kick-start, but we also hope that the relationship can be sustained and consolidated on this basis. It is our greatest honor to have invited Ms. Joanne Siu, ETF Sales Director of Samsung Asset Management


(Hong Kong) Limited and Professor Ekkachai to give us inspirational speeches. The heart-stirring moment occurred when we see our effort transcended and became the memories and relationships between mentors and mentees. We are glad to say that every pair and group was indeed satisfied with the match, the dinner, and the night. What is more important was that the mentees really learnt and broaden their horizon in this program. We sincerely hope the beautiful memories are not only stored in the photos, but also every participants’ and mentors’ mind.

‘Why Not Now’ – Thinking and Teamwork with NLP


ommunication and team building are essential in nowadays business world. We are delighted to introduce NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to our participants in this year’s Mentorship Program. The workshop covered a range of important concepts in NLP, from directions of thinking to how to criticize in a convincing yet positive way. This workshop also marked the first connection of NLP with HKUST’s students. We would like to express our greatest gratitude to Ms. Verena So and Ms. Gladys Cheung for co-organizing this workshop and brought us a fruitful and marvelous experience with NLP.

‘Less is More: What makes your dream job’, Workplace and Dining Etiquette Workshop


n this workshop, participants will not only know how to groom themselves in a proper way, but also about business and dining etiquettes. We are honored to partner with Fancl and co-organized this workshop. Fancl showed their dedication and tremendous support towards students’ development and we hope the Program can be sustained and inherit the benefits to more students in the future.

Firm Visit to Bloomberg


e are fortunate to have this golden opportunity to visit one of the world’s leading financial information and media corporations, Bloomberg. Through the office tour, participants understood better the operations behind the scenes, from analytics to marketing, even details about how different operation centers located around the world cooperate effectively and efficiently; how they deal with ever-changing needs from the customers; and the volatile business environment. This is definitely one of the most invaluable experiences and we hope that participants are able to explore and discover more about this field, as well as finding the most suitable career path for themselves.

Ham Tasting Workshop


nstead of an ordinary Wine Tasting Workshop, our Ham Tasting Workshop is an innovative event added to our Mentorship Program 2017. Even though it is unconventional, it is another great opportunity for participants to widen their horizons and equip themselves with more skills and interests in preparation for the business world. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude for EatGoodSpain’s generous support. We hope this brand new experience will excite, amaze and inspire our participants.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 22

Finance Festival 2017 財起風雲

24th Oct (Tue) – Opening Ceremony 25th Oct (Wed) – Singing Contest 26th Oct (Thu) – Faculty Gathering 29th Oct (Sun) – BBQ Gathering

Opening ceremony


he Festival kicks off with a grand Opening Ceremony held in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium. After speeches from Professor Okat from the Department of Finance and Sharon Lin, our Chairperson, a round of toasting marked the official commencement of the Festival. We have the honor of inviting famous artists - Dear Jane and Subyub Lee - as our special performing guests, which hyped up the whole Atrium. Followed by the Ceremony was a Flag Sea Photo Taking session, in which all members reunited and proudly wearing their Society T-shirts.

The mascot this year was a wolf. The strong traits of wolves align with our Society - their commitment to and their love of family is humbling, their communication skills elegant, and their extreme intelligence awe-inspiring.





he second function of the Festival was the first ever FINA Singing Contest. We saw many of our members have strong enthusiasm in singing, thus the contest is a great success with a huge participation of the many talented. Many members showed up to support their friends as well. Michelle Chow, a well-known singer and songwriter was invited as a judge and she was pleasantly impressed by the brilliant performances.

Faculty Gathering


ims at strengthening the bondings between the Department of Finance and students, we organized a casual pizza gathering. We are happy to have Prof. Lafon-Vinais and Prof. Kai Li, as well as students from different majors to join us. Students had a wonderful opportunity to gain insights into the finance industry and interesting story sharings. The professors had a great time exchanging ideas with the new generation.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 24

Closing Ceremony


he Festival ended with a joyous BBQ Gathering in Tai Mei Tuk. Members had an opportunity to take a break from the hectic school life and enjoy succulent grills with their friends. The BBQ also reminded them of the nostalgic times when they first met during the O-Camp and the chats around the campfire. A lucky draw brought the gathering to a climax and created many laughter. The week of functions united our Society and created unforgettable memories.


Joint University Charity Ball J

oint University Charity Ball is an annual event with an objective of raising fund for charity and to provide an opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas with students from different universities and to raise their awareness of supporting different charity organizations. 10% of the profit generated from the Joint University Charity Ball 2017 was donated to Oxfam.

The theme this year is “Celestine - Love in the celeste sky”. During the night, romantic music was played and the participants all had a splendid time dancing with their newly met friends. We sincerely hope that the event is a memorable night to remember during the participants’ university lives.

It was an enjoyable night back in the JUCB. The atmosphere was comfortable for participants to make new friends, so it was a delighted experience to have. - Matthew Ng

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 26

Investment Series Our Society aims to foster students’ interest towards financial and investment matters, hence various events were held throughout the year in partnership with financial firms for students to get involved hands-on in investment opportunities and knowledge enrichments.

The Second Joint University Investment Game

Investment Talks We have co-organized a series of investment talks and seminars with various Financial firms to broaden students’ perspectives and understandings towards basic stock market operations, as well as tips on investments. We would like to show our greatest gratitude for all our guest speakers for their time and support.

‘The Second Joint University Investment Game 2017’ is a joint-university function co-organized by I-access and 13 student societies from different institutions, opened to all university students in Hong Kong. It is an investment series which included 3 investment workshops and an investment simulation game. Participating students learnt basic financial knowledge through workshops and applied skills by trading on a simulator. Our Society is very proud to be the Society with most participants.

Words from the Investment Game Winner “我在現實生活中也有將部 分的積蓄投資股票,但多數 是一些風險較低的大型股, 但這類股票波伏較少,在有 限的比賽時間中難以取得可 觀的回報。因此在這此虛擬 投資比賽中,我采用了高風 險,高回報的策略。在評估 風險後,我在適當時機用部 分資金買入較高風險的窩輪 從而獲得了可觀的利潤。這 個比賽透過虛擬的平台, 為 參賽者提供很好的機會去就 實踐自己的投資策略,而 不是紙上談兵,希望此比賽 能夠繼續為對投資有興趣的 同學提供寶貴的學習機會, 例如學習風險管理和心態調 整。” - 林澤鍇


ETF Forum and Speech on Derivatives markets We are honored to have Mr. Martin Wong, BNP Paribas Executive Director and Head of Exchanged Traded Solutions Sales, Asia-Pacific, Mr. Alvin Li (Vice President, ETF & Index Solutions, CSOP Asset Management), Mr. David Tsoi (ETF Analyst, Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK)) and Mr. Frederick Chu (Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, China Asset Management (HK)) to introduce the basics of Exchange-traded funds. A panel discussion was also held to explore the different derivatives available on the market and tips for beginner investors.

How to be a Million Trader AN, an instructor and analyst at《我要做股神》was here to share his story of entering the finance and investment industry. His way of paving up the career leader was definitely inspiring and insightful for our students.

Master Day Trading in 60 Minutes

ACE Program: Breaking Into Investment Banks

The jargons and graphs of trading can sound complicated and daunting, especially for beginners. We are fortunate to have Mr. Max Rybinski, Founder of Central Trading Academy and Mr.Joe Cheng, the founder of 8Vesting Ltd to join us and walk us through the basics of trading in a fun and interactive approach.

With investment banking recognized as one of the top fields to work in, we are honored to have HKUST alumni and professionals from some of the top Investment Banks to share with us what is it like to work there and tips on internships and interviews.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 28

Welfare Express In hopes of uniting our members and providing more welfare benefits, the Executive Committee has organized two Welfare Express over the course of our year of services, which took place during the Fall Semester 2017 and Spring Semester 2018.



e are grateful for those who have supported our designers and we sincerely hope that our members like our products and have developed a stronger sense of unity towards our Society ever since!

s the Fall Semester 2017 kick-started, a two-week Orientation Week was organized for students to apply for the Society membership. Our members, especially the freshmen, had an opportunity to mingle with other existing members and the Executive Committee. Welfare products designed by our Promotion Secretaries – Society T-shirts, note papers, files and luggage tags, were distributed to all members. Our minimalistic designs were very popular and well liked by our members. We are delighted to see people proudly wearing our hoodies around the campus.



or the Spring Semester, gift packs were distributed exclusively to our members, which included a Society tote bag, decal stickers, coupons and others. The Society hoodies and laptop bags were back on sale for people who missed the Fall Welfare Express.

Freshman’s Words


his journey was delightful, fruitful and miracle. More of a pride, less of an obligation. To a freshman like me, it has given me a smooth transition into U-life, and also a warm community with close bondings that precious much — Speaking of activities, the Finance Society, Session 2016 2017 has organised a series of activities ranging from Orientation Camp (O-Camp), O-Night, Celestite (the Mentorship Program), 財起風雲 (the Finance Festival) to several reunion activities. The executive committee members have been preparing day-and-night for the best that they could offer to their members who have chosen to believe in them and the Society. Literally, they have demonstrated their motto “ Stay Humble, Hustle Hard”. Touched by their diligence and sincerity, I enjoyed much of it as a member. Merci! I was just grateful to join the Finance Society early enough otherwise I would have missed this marvellous journey! - Lotus Yu

Past Chairperson’s Words


never knew how to begin, because the story is too long, filled with memories of tears and joy. Back in 3 years ago when we just started Finance, it was tough but we stayed hopeful. Now that the family has grown, I cannot be more grateful to see all of you wearing Finance hoodie and cheering for Finance. The time spent here with each of you has made my college life fulfilling and meaningful, and most importantly, a unique one, leaving no regrets as graduation comes. As always, challenges remain but hope is there as long as we stand as one. There are many places where people gather, but none is like Finance where F is the symbol and Blue is the color. Thank you and long live Finance! - Jimmy Chu

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 30




Blue is the color

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 32

Intramural Sports Competition T o provide opportunities for our members to showcase their talents and shine on the sports fields, as well as to demonstrate sportsmanship and cultivate a stronger sense of belonging towards our Society, we participated in various Intramural Sports Competitions, namely the Aquatic Meet, the Campus Run, the Athletics Meet, badminton, basketball and football competitions.

Some of the results of the competitions are as follow: Aquatic Meet Team ranking: 10 Athletics Meet 1 Copper - Women’s Discus 1 Copper - Women’s Long Jump

Discus 2nd Runner Up

謝Fina係咁鼓勵我去參加吾同 既比賽 一直都知道大學有好多 運動好勁既人 所以冇膽去 如果你地 冇係咁push我 又每次比賽黎支持我 我絕對吾會有勇氣去嘗試 仲好幸運 咁攞到個獎牌 多謝FINA! - Christy Tai

Campus Run Ranking: 15


There are major step ups in our sports teams this year. We are immensely glad to see our sportsmen’s training and efforts were not wasted, especially in the football and basketball area. We wouldn’t have achieved such results if not for your hard work and dedication. Therefore, we would like to show our greatest gratitude and appreciation to the sportsmen’s and our members’ participation and support. Please continue to support FINA!


Badminton Team results: 3 wins over 5 games

Star Player’s Words


t was indeed an amazing experience to fight with these teammates in every match. None of us renders professional players, yet the way we fought for every single point deserves respect beyond our ability. Last but definitely not the least, to all the Finance society members, much obliged to your unfailing support and we heard all the chants and cheers! - J Lo

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 34

Basketball Team results: 2nd Runner Up

Captain’s Words


would like to thank the 25th executive committee for all your hard work in coordinating basketball trainings and competitions for our team during the past year. It has been a great ride for our team and I am so thankful for what we have accomplished this year. We demonstrated a high degree of teamwork, we played smartly and unselfishly, and we trusted every teammate and had each other’s back. I hope that our team’s culture and spirit can be sustained, and may I wish the very best to our basketball team in the coming years.


Football Team results: 3rd Runner up

Captain’s Words


t is my honor to write on behalf of Finance Football Team as the Captain of Session 2017-2018. It is truly out of our expectation that we can walk out of group stage and go this far, reaching the semi-final stage of Intramural Football Competition for the first time since the reestablishment of the Society. We have nothing to lose as the biggest surprise and underdog of the tournament, after beating CHEM and CSE in the first two rounds of knockout stages. We look forward to extending our form, and bringing home our first football intramural trophy ever in Society sports history. - NK

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 36

12 Apr 2018 | Basketball Match

It’s our first time to advance to the semifinal game, it’s really amazing and inspiring! Thanks to all the exco and our basketball players for the efforts in organizing practices, preparing for and fighting in each game, it is really appreciated! - Andrew



We brought out our best in the last game, the brotherhood, the friendship and the competitiveness between us all grew and we are very thankful to all the people who supported us, especially to the cheering team during the last game. Special thanks to the excos and especially Emily the Sports Sec. - Ben


FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 38

The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Session 2017-2018 STAY HUMBLE HUSTLE HARD


We, The 25th Executive Committee of The Finance Students’ Society, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students’ Union, hereby solemnly swear that: We will do the best of our ability to execute our obligation to serve our members, to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, and to make the Society an association of repute.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 40

Exco Reflections Sharon Lin


“ It was frantic, but no other year has been so meaningful. Little by little, we walked far.


s I walk down the memory lane while typing this reflection, I am extremely touched and thankful for this invaluable year. It was frantic, but no other year has been as meaningful. Little by little, we walked far. I am always inspired and amazed by all the functions we have organized, and the attitude that we endeavor to excel in every piece of work. As much as we all hate to see the sunrise while working from dusk till dawn, the midnight oils we have burnt are definitely worth it. The frustration, pressure, failure, and much more hardships experienced by us is all rectified by the satisfaction we felt at the end of each event and the strengthening of our bonding. Thank you, my fellow Fazurists, for your unbeatable spirit, tolerance and patience to my imperfections. Looking back, working for the Society is one of the most rewarding involvement I have had in my life. I cannot be more grateful for and proud of being a part of FSS. Now, the flair of the legacy will be passed on to the 26th session of FSS. I hereby sincerely wish my successor, Annie, and the 26th Cabinet the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. I cannot wait to see FSS bloom.

Exco Reflections Terence Wan


aking up the responsibility as an Executive Committee was definitely the most important decision that I have made throughout my time in university. It was life changing as well. During the past year, we paid lots of effort completing all the functions that we had promised during our promotion period. We, as a team, have broken through thousands of obstacles and challenges. The year of service in the Society was tough, yet fruitful. I would like to wish the upcoming session ever success and a remarkable year ahead.



FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 42

Exco Reflections Edison Wong


Being an Executive Committee is the most important adventure that I have embarked on. It does not only refer to a position, but also a responsibility, a passion, and relationships. I am very fortunate to have other Excos, who are like siblings, and it is my honor to be as closely bonded to them as a family. Serving our members well is our greatest mission, the successes and compliments that awarded to us have shown how worthy a team we are.

“ You must go on

adventures to find out where you truly belong. - Sue Fitzmaurice


Throughout this year, I’ve tried all my best and have no regrets. I devoted nearly 90% of my time to reach out, seek for sponsors and foster relationships; did whatever I might to establish our society’s image, credibility and reputation. Although my GPA has suffered and I’ve earned a lot of unwanted weights, I’ve proved and discovered the value of my work and myself. I felt tired, I rested, but I never gave up; I was overwhelmed, I cried, but I never gave up; I was wounded, and the scars reminded me that I’ve grown stronger. Life is difficult and tough, but ‘From Faith Comes Strength’. As our responsibility commenced at the Inauguration Ceremony, we are responsible not only to our members and the Society but also to our true selves. At last, I would like to give my greatest blessing to Finerva, the new cabinet. You may not know how honored I am to share with you my experiences and thoughts. Destiny had drawn each of you together and allowed you to become a team. I believe time will tell, but I also believe that you can overcome all the hardships you may encounter. By this time next year, you will be a better and firmer team than you can ever imagine. Home is not a place, it is a feeling, and The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU is where I discovered the most of it.

Exco Reflections Alison Pang


t has been a tough year but I can definitely tell you that I’ve never regretted joining the Executive Committee of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our ‘forever honorable Internal Secretary’, Charmaine, you were the one who brought me here and you taught me a lot. It has been a really tough year, but it was also a lot of fun. I still remember how we randomly came together, then worked together. We used to argue a lot at the beginning and you could always hear door slams. As we continued to work together, we grew together. We learnt how to support each other instead of going against each other. I am so proud that we have successfully organized so many functions and created lots of great memories. I would like to thank all our members for supporting us throughout the year and last but not least, my cabinet members for tolerating my foolishness and childish behaviors, and buying my favorite snacks when I felt tired or sad. I am so blessed to have you all. Let’s grow old with FINA together! Lastly, I wish the upcoming session can also create a lot of unforgettable experiences and great memories together. Please continue to support our Society in the future!

“ As we continued to

work together, we grew together. I am so proud that we have successfully organized so many functions and created lots of great memories.

” FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 44

Exco Reflections Ariaanne Fung


“ The flame of the campfire

did not only symbolise the warmth and bondings that this Society process, but also the eagerness of us that we would like to walk the extra miles.


ime flies, everything that happened in this year passed in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, we never forgot why we were so engaged in this Society. The flame of the campfire did not only symbolise the warmth and bondings that this Society process, but also the eagerness of us that we would like to walk the extra miles. Throughout the year, sacrifices are made and everyone of us just has the same goal, make the effort court, and gladly, we made it. I would like to special thank my cabinet members. We have walked through many adversities together, the Inauguration Ceremony, the Mentorship Program and all the stressful moments. Our positions only lasted a year but our friendship will last forever. I believe only time will tell who are your good friends. Without their support and encouragement, I would not be able to walk the way through.

Exco Reflections Jasmine Yeung


ooking back to the year that has just passed, it was the busiest but the most unforgettable year for me. I struggled a lot as I took up the responsibility of an Executive Committee of the Society. However, I would say it’s a decision that I will never regret at all. A sword always has two sides. Spending nights to prepare for the different functions with other Executive Committee members and coping with the demanding academic matters were never easy. However, seeing the smiley faces of the attendees and the successfully held functions, it is worthy enough to motivate ourselves to keep going and work for the next function. Laughter and tears strengthen the friendship between my cabinet. I am really appreciative of this bond because it is the most memorable thing I’ve gained throughout the year. This is a remarkable milestone for me in my university life. I’ve done lots of things that I have never tried before. I became more mature and detail-oriented since cooperating with my cabinet, and leading the sub-committees has taught me the importance of communication. Last but not least, I wish to deliver the greatest appreciation to our members who came to our functions, especially Fachernar, the 24th Cabinet. Without your immense support, these functions wouldn’t be successful. Honestly speaking, I am really proud to be the Fazurist of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU.

Laughter and tears strengthen the friendship between my cabinet. I am really appreciative of this bond because it is the most memorable thing I’ve gained.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 46

Exco Reflections Jenny Chan

“ One year after,

the adventure did not fail me, it turns out to be one of the most influential decisions I have made in university.



t was during the Finance Festival 2016 that I decided, “That’s it. I am going to be an Executive Committee of the Society that matters to me the most.” One year after, the adventure did not fail me, it turns out to be one of the most influential decisions I have made in university. I can still recall clearly how we came together and how I worked my heart out for the sake of the Society. When we were preparing for our first function, I realized being a Marketing Secretary was not as easy as people think. A competent Marketing Secretary needs to persevere very hard, try countless times and work tirelessly. When our most crucial function of the year – the Orientation Camp, was held in flying colors, as a person-in-charge of the function, it was just sheer bliss for me as my hard work paid off more than I could have hoped for. The Orientation Camp headlined freshmen’s university life with sweet memories. FSS is now a warm family for the hundreds of freshmen that participated in the Camp. I cannot wait for FSS to flourish being led by the next Cabinet.

Exco Reflections Lilian Tang


n the midst of this session, being the Public-Relations Secretary and Promotion Secretary, I am cultivated to be adaptive and worked with different parties, as well as trained myself to work under pressure to produce top-notch outputs. Sometimes, there may be conflicts amongst my fellow Executive Committee, leading to the most strenuous part of my role. Nevertheless, it was all these experience that helped shape a better me and fostered stronger bondings amongst all of us. It has been a fruitful and unforgettable year for me. Finally, it comes to an end of this amazing journey. Although we had different characteristics, but together, we are one. I am extremely happy and thankful for this year of roller coaster ride. I would like to hereby wish the Society a prosperous year ahead.

“ Although we had

different characteristics, but together, we are one.

� FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 48

Exco Reflections Cher Kay


“ Coming together

is the beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is a success. - Henry Ford


firstly want to thank the 24th Cabinet, Fachernar. You are the magnet that pulled different, yet like-minded people together and let me call this place my second home (literally, thank you 327, I still miss your midnight audios). FINA is where I feel like I belong and a foundation in which many memories are built upon. So thank you for providing an opportunity for our Cabinet to start our own chapter. This is where Fazure started and continued. I am proud to call myself a Fazurist because I have a team of people who supported me all the way. We all have changed throughout the year, for better or for worse. What matters the most is that we have developed and grown together, no matter how drastic the change we underwent. We accepted one another for who they are and didn’t blame on external factors. Rather, we made tremendous efforts to solve every problem together even though there seemed to be no possible solutions in sight. This, my friends, is the kind of friendship that is worthwhile - the one who is willing to change for each other, who makes effort to compromise no matter the difficulties, who fights with you, who doesn’t hesitate to fight for you. Thus, I can honestly tell you, it was my absolute pleasure to work with you, Fazurists, and I hope that many more memories are yet to create, even after our year of service as an Executive Committee. Finally, good luck to the 26th Cabinet, Finerva, I wish you not only success, but more importantly, a year full of invaluable memories and experiences which you will be proud to tell, and that being in FINA is one of the highlights of your university life.

Exco Reflections Emily Yeung


ime seems to pass quickly, I cannot believe that it was one year ago when I became the Executive Committee of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU and joined this big family. Being an Executive Committee is definitely one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken, but without a doubt, it is the most memorable and meaningful experience. After one year of serving the Society, I became a whole new person. Although there were a lot of hardships and obstacles, I’ve learnt a lot from them. Now, I am not the same shy and introverted little girl anymore, I am prepared to step out of my comfort zone and take on different challenges. During this year of service, I would like to thank different people who supported me and cheered me up when I was on the verge of giving up. Thank you, the past Executive Committees, without your guidances and advice, I would not have done my job so successfully. Thank you, the Finance sportsmen for helping our sports team in getting such a good result. I love sports more than I did before because of you! Thank you members, all your support has transformed and became my energy and motivation to work hard for the Society. Most importantly, I would like to thank my Cabinet members. I cannot express how grateful I am to be able to work with you all this year. You are the ones who have made my university life a lot more fun and meaningful. You are not only my friends but also my family for my whole life. Last but not least, I would like to welcome the next Cabinet, Finerva, to join and serve for this big family, being a part of the Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU will definitely be an amazing and rewarding part of your life. May I wish you all a wonderful and remarkable experience in the coming session.

Being an Executive Committee is definitely one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken, but without a doubt, it is the most memorable and meaning ful experience.

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 50

Exco Reflections Benny Lau


aking up the responsibility of being an Executive Committee was the riskiest ‘investment’ I have ever made, and it is truly a great experience. I would like to thank all our past Excos for building up FINA and helping Fazure a lot. Also, the support from the Department of Finance is essential. Without the help from the Department, we couldn’t have achieved these in this year. And I would like to express my greatest gratitude to my Cabinet members.

Take some risks and be happy. - Professor Ekkachai

During this year, We all take off ourselves and put on our own blue Each blue is not exactly the same as others Some deep and grumous, some light and elegant If you look closer, each processes some characteristics of Fazure. It would not be what it is without anyone. It’s because each color is special, Fazure is the unique color of FINA. I would like to thank, thanks this pegasus. Driving these Fazurists, Changing this me. Thank you for the supports from all members. Without you, FINA could not achieve all of these. I sincerely wish that Finerva will have their own fantastic journey and, most importantly, be happy.



o, it is the end of the 25th Cabinet of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Session 2017-2018. This is the point where Fazure ends, the termination of our year of service. Throughout the year, we have stayed true to our Cabinet’s motto - stay humble, hustle hard, and I hope our members can testify our works and efforts. Looking back, this year has been a remarkable one, not only to our own Cabinet but also to the members. When we first started off, our mutual goal was to inherit the legacy and empower the Society. Have we done it? It’s not for us to say, but for our own members and other parties to decide. However, we are definitely proud to say that this year has been a fruitful one. We started off with a great dream and mission, we worked for it and fought for it. As a cabinet, the Fazurists achieved so much more than what we had aimed for. Although the journey was full of obstacles, we ploughed through and we persisted. Let this Yearbook monumentalize the journey of the 25th Cabinet and the year of 2017-2018. May the legacy of FINA can proudly continue from year to year.


FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 52

Finerva, The Elected Cabinet of The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU, Session 2018-2019


inerva, originated from the word ‘Minerva’. The meaning of the name is in line with our mission of being a groundbreaker who brings innovative ideas and inspires people around us. We also show our passion and perseverance to pursue the best for The Finance Students’ Society, HKUSTSU. Our cab-

inet members are able to think out of the box, like what Minerva symbolises as god of courage. Breaking through boundaries and being unique among peers are the things we strive for, are the first step to bring unforgettable experiences to our members.

“Action speaks louder than words”. We strive to be as brave as Minerva to prove our ability and to show our possibility. We, by delivering our fervent passion and unleashing each of our potential through tight bonding and division of labour, endeavour to be an influential party and steer our Society into a new era.



• •

Mar Recruitment of Group Leaders Apr The 26th Inauguration Ceremony Jul - Aug Orientation Series 2018 Orientation Week Orientation Night Oct Investment Series Nov Mentorship Program 2018 Finance Festival 2018 Whole Society Gathering Year Intramural Sports Competition Event Welfare Express 2018 Regular Publications

• • •

To evoke intellectual interest on finance. To provide a platform for the members and the Executive Committee members to understand and get familiar with each other. To create a positive impression and professional image towards The Finance Students’ Society and build up a sense of belongings to the Society. To provide informative, useful and inspiring events, aiming at increasing discussion on finance within the campus. To provide various career information and support to help our members develop their career pathways.


Members of the Elected Cabinet Elected Chairperson: LEUNG Annie Michelle (GBUS Year 1) Elected Internal Vice-Chairperson: TING Chun Hei, Samuel (SBM Year 1) Elected External Vice-Chairperson: CHAU Ka Po, Anna (SBM Year 1) Elected Internal Secretary: CHEUNG Wing Yiu, Yoyo (FINA Year 1) Elected External Secretary: CHAN Ho Sing, Walter (SBM Year 1) Elected Financial Secretary: NG Tsz Chung, Matthew (SBM Year 1) Elected Marketing Secretary: WONG Tsun Yu, Jerry (ACCT Year 1) Elected Public-Relations Secretary: TSUI Sze Ying, Tiffany (MGMT Year 1) Elected Promotion Secretary: TANG Kwok Chung, George (ECOF Year 1) Elected Promotion Secretary: YEUNG Long Yan, Janice (ACCT Year 1) Elected Welfare Secretary: TING Lee Tan, Rita (FINA Year 1) Elected Academic Secretary: CHEUNG Ching Kei, Kelly (SBM Year 1) Elected Publication Secretary: WONG Tsun Yu, Jerry (ACCT Year 1) Elected Sports and Recreational Secretary: YEUNG Long Yan, Janice (ACCT Year 1) Elected Current Business Affairs Secretary: TSUI Sze Ying, Tiffany (MGMT Year 1)

FINA YEARBOOK 2017 - 2018 | 54

YEARBOOK 2017-2018 Blue and Proud

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