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Endurable piping for Congolese coast During the spring of 2015, the Technip shipyard in Pori completed subsea modules for which the requirements regarding the level of surface treatment quality were very high. The structures of the piping system carrying water, air, oil and other mediums were protected against corrosion caused by the salty sea water of the Atlantic Ocean.


ccording to Production Director Timo Kaskinen from Technip Offshore Finland Oy, the company building the subsea modules, top-quality surface treatment will be of essential importance in the maintenance of subsea modules for the decades to come. Kaskinen is in charge of subcontracting at Technip's Mäntyluoto shipyard in Pori. "The surface of the piping must be endurable because it faces constant wear and tear in a harsh environment. In offshore destinations the cause of wearing is salty sea water," Kaskinen explains. According to Kaskinen, top-quality surface treatment prolongs the lifespan and increases the maintenance interval of the subsea modules that will be placed just off the Congolese coast in Africa. In other words, the modules will not require any major maintenance operations during the coming decades. In fact, quality was the key factor contributing to the fact that Technip chose

FSP as the main surface treatment partner in this project. The requirements to be met in the partner selection were extremely high because the project required particularly strict inspections and reporting. "We chose FSP as our surface treatment partner because FSP uses a certified management system, has extensive experience of offshore structures and employs inspectors with Frosio qualifications," Kaskinen explains. Close co-operation in Pori Due to the strict quality requirements of the project, Technip utilised FSP's surface treatment expertise which includes in particular Frosio inspections according to Norsok standards. During the project, all Norsok coating work was carried out in FSP's surface treatment facility in Pori, to which Technip delivered the module parts from its Mäntyluoto shipyard in Pori. The short distance from the shipyard to FSP's surface treatment facility in Pori



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2015 For Surface Protection  

Sea water resistant piping for Technip.

2015 For Surface Protection  

Sea water resistant piping for Technip.

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