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Spring 2014 Newsletter

Epsilon Beta:

B ehind the M ask In this Issue: 1. GCD’s Reflection 2. Founders Day 3. Athletics 4. Social 5. Service 6. Awards 7. P4’s - Out On Their Own 8. Brotherhood

GCD’s Reflection Brothers, we had another extraordinary year, and I am looking forward to the quiet time of summer. The amount of work that you put into our fraternity astounds me. I would like to review what I think were just a few of outstanding accomplishments and important moments this year. Daniel, Kehmia and Mark, along with the Rush and Pledge Committees, planned a great Fall semester of rush events, which lead to a rigorous pledge program. Afterwards, the largest pledge class ever was inducted into the Fraternity. This makes Kappa Psi the largest organization at the FSOP, and for the first time we have over 150 Brothers including the faculty. Nationally, Kappa Psi is the second largest organization, just below APhA. We are proud of the new Brothers’ training and look forward to many great things from them. We donated 670 hours of community service and 190 hours to professional projects, for a grand total of 860 hours. It was just a little below our goal, but this will give us something to work towards next year. I want to thank John and the Community Service Committee, and Jeff and the Professional Programs Committee, for all their planning and efforts. They did a good job with all the programs. The Social Committee headed by Vincent did a great job this year. Our social events were some of the best that I have ever attended. I was thrilled to see Faculty, Graduate Brothers, other chapters’ Brothers and the Satrap attend Founders’ Day. I think Vincent did an exceptional job at getting more alumni to attend our events. With the new San Antonio Graduate Chapter, let’s hope for even more combined social events. We had another year of effective leadership in the chapter. Desi ran efficient meetings with proper rituals and great graphic agendas. Nate

and Larissa were the enforcers and made sure everything was running smoothly.

Spring 2014 Newsletter 1

GCDs Reflection (Cont’d.) Nephy had perfect minutes always sent within a few days after the meetings. Carmen diligently collected all the money, and made numerous trips to the Business Office. Chad planned the rituals and Tony kept everyone in order, and all our work was kept secret by covering the windows. We could not forget Larissa and Kathleen making Brothers' birthdays extra special. Himani made us a great website that was so important to the Province registration. We are going to miss Jeff’s talent — his pictures were spectacular. They always made the MASK, and he was honored with a cover photo. I was very pleased by our participation with other chapters in our state and Province. It was great to see so many Brothers go to Corpus Christi. The highlight was, of course, us hosting the Province meeting. It took so much planning and hard work. Let’s thank Jonathan and his committee for hosting a great Province meeting. The Southwest Province will want to have all their meetings in San Antonio! I also want to thank the Scholarship and Awards Committee, chaired by Lima and Krystina, for this year’s great Awards Dinner and selection of honorees. They did a really good job with all their charges this year. The Province Report and Chapter of the Year Report took many hours. We were already honored by being the best chapter in the Southwest Province, and maybe we will crack the top 5 nationally this year. Ashley and the Grad Relations committee made a professional–looking Fall and Spring newsletter. I was pleased that we mailed the first picture Christmas card to alumni. The Finance Committee, headed by Jezzeña, far exceeded the target income. For the first time over $6,000 was raised, which was important during a time that we spent so much money on Province. We made a ton of money doing football games. I know it was a big commitment, but I hope that the chapter continues it next year. Its easy money if we all pull together as a Brotherhood. We are not all service and fun. The chapter is strong academically. Any Brother that earned a 3.0 from January 2012 to December 2012 was eligible to receive national Scholarship Certificates. Forty-seven Brothers, or 79% of the chapter, received the scholarship award. Congratulations to these 47 Brothers that make our chapter great by balancing school and fraternity. As you know, this has been a year of transition, as I retire from being the GCD. I was the first pledge master of the chapter and have been the GCD since the beginning. At the end of this year, I have been a GCD for 15 years in three different chapters. I am proud to say that all three chapters have been #1 in their Provinces and have been ranked in the top 10 nationally. All of these awards have been due to the hard work of the Brothers. I hope that I have inspired them with my passion and competitiveness. I have lost count of the number of meetings, social events and other functions that I have attended. I will greatly miss these, but will enjoy the extra time to pursue other activities. ,This year was my 25th year as an active Brother. ,I was proud to receive the “Order of the Silver Mortar” from the Brotherhood for my activity. I plan to continue my involvement in the chapter, because I do believe that Kappa Psi is for life. I am truly Proud To Be Your Brother, Dr. David Maize

Founder’s Day Epsilon Beta celebrated its 6th year of Brotherhood this spring and it was a night to be remembered!! This years Founder’s Day was held at the Westin-River Walk

and was

attended by the Southwest Province Satrap Amy Morrow. Brothers from

around the

Province helped close out another successful year and dance the night away!! Spring 2014 Newsletter 2

Athletics Over 50 Brothers came out to participate in our 5th Annual Kappa Psi Golf Tournament. Active Brothers, along with Graduate and Faculty Brothers, gathered to show off their short game at the San Pedro Par 3 course. Congratulations to Mark Olivares, Ryan Lampien, Jen Lee, and Jeff Tang for taking home 1st place!

Pledging When it comes to pledging, obtaining both quantity and quality brothers can be difficult. Kappa Psi has always sought for those quality pledges that will contribute greatly to the brotherhood but we also seek a large quantity to keep the fraternity growing and strong. Epsilon Î’eta is proud to announce the induction of both quantity and quality Brothers into Kappa Psi. Epsilon Î’eta welcomes 47 new brothers, the LARGEST pledge class this chapter has ever seen! Quality, with over 45 new pledges running for an officer position with Kappa Psi or another professional organization. The Spring Pledge Class (SPC) '14 are not shy, they are "go getters", "counseling speed talkers", "award winners" but most importantly they are Brothers.".

Spring 2014 Newsletter 3

Kappa Psi Hosts Health Fair The Brothers of Epsilon Beta, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, hosted a health fair at the Gold’s Gym on Austin Highway on March 23. They screened over 100 people for body mass index, blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol. Interest was so high that at times there were lines for testing. By educating patients on their lab values, the Brothers practiced their communication skills in real-life patient situations.

KY Poison Prevention Program During Poison Prevention Week in March, Kappa Psi Brothers paid a visit to St. More Catholic Middle School to present an interactive lecture to 35 eager students. The students learned about identifying poisons and how to avoid future exposures. They also participated in a creative game of musical chairs. The object of the game was to identify a common poisonous household item along with differentiating between dangerous medicines and candies. It was a rewarding experience for the Brothers when they saw the students’ attentiveness, realized their own amount of knowledge and its helpfulness to the students, and especially for being invited to come back as soon as possible!

Spring 2014 Newsletter 4

Awards Dinner Graduation Celebration and Officer Installation

2014 F.I.S.H. Award Winners

2014 Michael J. Gres Brother of the Year Award Brother Desi Villarreal with past award winners

2014-2015 Officers

Our Graduating Brothers! Good Luck!

Spring 2014 Newsletter 5

Out On Their Own As we wrap up the year, we see the cycle of old and new once again. Though we gained many new Brothers this year, we also say good bye to some of our own. Brother Rudy Yanez reflects on his past fours years here at the Feik School of Pharmacy and on how Kappa Psi was a great part of his academic career. Brother Dr. Rudy Yanez: It is such a great feeling to finally say that I’m finished with pharmacy school. I look back upon these past 4 years and am glad that my Kappa Psi Brothers have filled them with great memories and support. I know that through Epsilon Beta, and now the San Antonio Grad Chapter, that we will continue to enjoy each other’s company and support each other throughout our future endeavors as pharmacists. Thank you all, and I am very Proud to be Your Brother! ——————————————————————————With this, we thank our P4 Brothers for all the memories and dedication you have given to the Epsilon Beta Chapter of Kappa Psi. You all have shown what it takes to be a Brother, and we truly are Proud To Be Your Brothers!

Spring 2014 Newsletter 6

Spring 2014 Newsletter 7

Kappa Psi Spring.2014 Newsletter  
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