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Class of 2018


Alumni Newsletter May 2017

ecent Happenings:

A WARDS AND R ITES OF P ASSAGE C EREMONY On the evening of April 7th, the students of the Class of 2018 gathered with their families and FSOP administrators, faculty and staff to celebrate their passing from the didactic to the experiential phase of their education. As in past years, this special occasion was generously sponsored by FSOP community partner CVS Health. Each student received a fresh new lab coat and Feik School of Pharmacy Class of 2018 pin to mark the occasion. Dr. Jason Cota, Vice Chair and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, served as Master of Ceremonies. Led by Dean Maize, the rising P4 students recited the Pledge of Professionalism together. Sr. Walter Maher, Vice President for Mission and Ministry, delivered a blessing to the students.

Sr. Walter Maher

Reciting Pharmacist’s Oath of Professionalism

Dr. David Maize, FSOP Dean

Students received special recognitions and awards, as well as scholarships for academic performance, community service activities, and involvement in student organizations. Scholarship awards to FSOP students this year totaled over $62,000, and were awarded to 64 P1 through P4 students. Congratulations to all of the scholarship and award winners!

The Dean was pleased to present three favored annual awards, recognizing FSOP faculty and staff performance. The recipient of the Teacher of the Year award, selected by the students, was Dr. Anita Mosley, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr. Anita Mosley

The recipient of the Faculty of the Year award, selected by faculty and staff, was Dr. Amanda Sharpe, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Amanda Sharpe

Mrs. Kris Anne Cantu, the secretary to the Dean, was selected by faculty and staff to receive the Staff of the Year Award. Mrs. Cantu joined the Feik School of Pharmacy in 2012, and assumed her current position in the Dean’s office in January of this year.

Mrs. Kris Anne Cantu

OSA staff insured all ran smoothly. L-R: Kristen Dicianna, Elizabeth Hernandez, Candace Graham, and Roger Clark.

Dr. Cota did a masterful job of keeping everyone informed & entertained, as always.

UIW H EALTHCARE P ROGRAMS M ODEL I NTERPROFESSIONAL C OLLABORATION Students and sponsoring faculty from the Pharmacy, Nursing, Graduate Nursing and Healthcare Administration programs came together to perform a jointly-sponsored Root Cause Analysis (RCA) activity. The activity was attended by more than 170 students, in the Sky Room in the McCombs Center on the UIW main campus, on the evening of February 15th. Small interprofessional teams of 6 to 7 students performed the RCA on a real case where a child died in a hospital. Each profession brought their expertise to the table to arrive at a determination of the best way to prevent these types of errors in future. Learning these collaborative skills as students should allow them to appreciate other points of view, and give them a first-hand understanding of the importance of teamwork once they enter healthcare professions.


aculty Appreciation Luncheon:

FSOP F ACULTY C HOSEN TO R ECEIVE UIW’ S H IGHEST A WARD Every April at the UIW Faculty Appreciation Luncheon, sponsored by the office of the Provost, the university’s faculty are celebrated and recognized for their accomplishments and activities throughout the year. This year’s luncheon was held on April 18th in the Rosenberg Sky Room at the McCombs Center on the UIW main campus. The highest honor that is bestowed on any UIW faculty member is the Presidential Teaching Award. This annual award acknowledges a full-time faculty member who exemplifies an extraordinary dedication to teaching, which then leads to student engagement. Faculty can be nominated by current students, alumni or colleagues.

Dr. Denise Doyle, UIW President with Dr. Gottlieb

This year there were 10 FSOP faculty nominated for this prestigious honor, and we are very proud to share that our own Dr. Helmut Gottlieb, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, was chosen to receive the award! A portion of Dr. Kathleen Light, UIW Provost’s, presentation remarks are included herein regarding Dr. Gottlieb:

Dr. Gottlieb has received more than 20 nominations from students over the past six years. Twice during this period, he was named Teacher of the Year in the FSOP. Two themes run through all the nominations: first, his respect for students (a frequently-cited example is that he knows the names of all 100 pharmacy students on the first day of class), and second his ability to make complex science fun and accessible to anyone. In addition to the creative use of technology in the classroom, it is said that he wanders the halls of the pharmacy building looking for students who are in need of tutoring. While Dr. Gottlieb is based in pharmacy, he also teaches optometry and advanced nursing students. One optometry student wrote in a letter to Dr. Gottlieb “thank you for the way you teach… You… have an exceptional method… which not only helps students grasp the concepts, but you also have 100% of students’ attention… I assure you, not many professors get that kind of undivided attention from students on a regular basis!” Congratulations to Dr. Gottlieb, who will receive a framed certificate and a $5000 check. Also during the luncheon, it was announced that the UIW Board of Trustees had approved Dean Emerita of Pharmacy status for Dr. Arcelia JohnsonFannin. Dr. Johnson-Fannin was, of course, the Founding Dean of the Feik School of Pharmacy. She came to UIW in 2004 and retired in December 2016. The FSOP credits its traditions of professionalism, ethic of excellence and academic success to the foundations laid and brought to life by Dr. J. Seven faculty members were awarded the prestigious Emeritus Award Tuesday, April 18 at UIW’s annual Faculty Appreciation Luncheon. Pictured above (top row, L-R) are Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin, Dean Emerita of Pharmacy, Dr. Paul David Foglesong, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Dr. John Perry, Professor Emeritus of Communication and (bottom row, L-R) Dr. Sara Jackson, Professor Emerita of International Business, Dr. Patricia Gower, Professor Emerita of History, and Sr. Germaine Corbin, CCVI, Professor Emerita of Theatre. (Not pictured, Dr. Haoxuan Zhou Professor Emerita of Mathematics.)


he Dean’s Corner:

Dear FSOP Alumni, With the completion of the May 13th commencement ceremony, this is the eighth graduation the school has now celebrated. Your ranks as FSOP Alumni have just increased by 91 Doctor of Pharmacy graduates for a total of 740 FSOP alumni. Congratulations to the Class of 2017! I am filled with gratitude and excitement to now have the privilege of being at the helm of the FSOP, as we send our graduates out equipped to pursue their goals and dreams. Know that we will continue to be here for you, and we encourage you to continue to remain connected to the FSOP. We have an Alumni and Community page on the school’s website just for you  where you can keep up with CPE offerings, read the latest news about the school, learn about upcoming alumni social functions, and keep in touch by sharing your accomplishments and career milestones with us. Please go to You can also keep up with your former classmates’ family and professional news on our alumni Facebook page, UIW Feik School of Pharmacy Alumni. There will be fulfilling opportunities throughout the year ahead for you to stay involved at the FSOP:  If you would like to serve as a preceptor, you can find out more by contacting Dr. Nicole Farrell, IPPE Coordinator, at or (210) 883-1072.  If you would like to speak with our students about Pharmacy careers and experiences at a Forum, individually or as part of a panel discussion, please contact Mrs. Kris Anne Cantu at or (210) 883-1010.  My former secretary Ms. Linda Etter, or 210-883-1020, can update you on upcoming CPE offerings to meet your licensure requirements.  For opportunities to serve as an interviewer during interview sessions for prospective students, you can contact Dr. Amy Diepenbrock, Assistant Dean of Students Affairs, at or (210) 883-1060.  The Alumni Association holds a picnic every fall to welcome the new incoming class, with attendance open to all alumni. Watch Facebook for details.  The FSOP hosts an Alumni Tailgate at a select fall UIW home football game. Watch Facebook for details.  The FSOP hosts an alumni dinner party every year during Fiesta events in April. Watch Facebook for details.  Mr. Roger Clark is our new Alumni Coordinator. Please contact him with ideas for more alumni functions, at or (210) 883-1144. As FSOP alumni, you are a unique and exclusive community. I encourage you to remain involved and in touch with your alma mater. As you enrich your community through the practice of your profession, you can also avail yourself of opportunities to give back and enrich your upcoming colleagues’ experiences. In addition, you can give the FSOP an opportunity to be of continued support to you. Best wishes for your ongoing success and bright future ahead,

David F. Maize Dean and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Feik School of Pharmacy

N OTES FROM THE A LUMNI N ETWORK C HAIR Fellow Alumni, The 8th class from UIW-FSOP has now graduated from the Feik School of Pharmacy. Congratulations Class of 2017 and to those alumni that have completed PGY1 and PGY2 residencies. Ninety new alumni have been inducted into our network. The ceremonies were both exciting and emotional with Dr. Ritza Gonzalez reminiscing about the past four years of pharmacy school with her graduating class. It was also a blessing to have Dr. J speak as the invited commencement speaker. Dr. Amyn Madhani and I couldn’t have been more proud to shake hands with each and every one of the graduates as they each received their Pharm.D. degree. This year the pinning ceremony and hooding presentation was held in the Sky Room. I was honored to induct them into the UIW-FSOP Alumni Network at commencement in the Convocation Center. The alumni network “Fiesta River Parade” event was a huge success this year. Thank you to Dean Maize for coordinating the event once again. We had representatives from a wider variety of classes this year. We also were pleased with faculty and other UIW alumni coming out to celebrate with us. Again, the view of the parade was spectacular and the food was delicious. What an amazing annual event to kick off FIESTA! Good luck to the class of 2017 with your NAPLEX and MPJE exams. I know you will make the alumni network proud. Enjoy the summer with your family. You certainly deserve it. We have an alumni night planned at the annual TPA meeting in downtown San Antonio. We will be at the Marriott Rivercenter at 8 p.m. on July 7th. Call a friend, or better yet, pick up a classmate and come out to reconnect with your alumni network. I look forward to hearing from you and entertaining any new ideas you may have for the alumni network. God bless.


Chris Alvarado, Pharm.D., R.Ph. UIW Alumni Network Chair

aculty Highlights:

Dr. Ren ée Bellanger 

   

Published Prevalences of Iron Deficiency and Anemia and current recommendation for supplementation PowerPak CE. Postgraduate Healthcare Education, LLC (PHE) and supported by an educational grant from American Regent, Inc., February 28. Presented a poster Community Engagement Through Eye Care Services in Chimbote, Peru with a Globally-Focused Interprofessional Team, during UIW Research Week, San Antonio, TX, February 22. Co-authors: Bellanger R, Coates R, Maki Y, Krohn D, Forrest M. Presented a poster Community Building Opportunities through an Interprofessional Academic Team Volunteering in Peru at the UIW Service Learning Showcase, San Antonio, TX, March 31. Co-authors: Bellanger R, Coates R, Maki Y, Krohn D, Forrest M. Presented Hormonal Contraceptives and the Pharmacist CPE at the Bexar County Pharmacists Association monthly meeting, San Antonio, TX, April 26. Volunteered as poster professor at the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition’s (ASPEN) Clinical Nutrition Week, Orlando FL, February 18-20. Volunteered as an online item reviewer for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Certification, April 3. Volunteered for Kappa Epsilon service project at Haven for Hope clothing warehouse, San Antonio, TX, Feb. 11.

Dr. Bradi Frei   

Presented Immunotherapy Overview, Rationale, and Role in Critical Practice at the Practical Applications of New Agents in Oncology Symposium, UT Health CTRC with MD Anderson, San Antonio, TX, February 3. Presented Chemotherapy Toxicities and How to Manage Them at the Wellness Center, UT Health CTRC with MD Anderson, San Antonio, TX, April 6. Presented The Latest on Hazardous Medications: Practical Concerns and Proposed Regulations CPE program to community pharmacists, FSOP, San Antonio, TX, February 28.

Dr. Shelley Glaess (UIW FSOP PGY2 resident) 

Presented Evaluation of prophylactic antibiotic regimens on recurrence and mortality in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis at the Alcalde Southwest Leadership Conference, Galveston, TX, April 26.

Dr. Helmut Gottlieb 

Presented Angiotensin II/NaCl Increases FosB Expression in the Paraventricular and Supraoptic Nucleus at the Experimental Biology meeting, Chicago, IL, April 25. Co-authors: Cynthia Franklin1, Caroline Conner1, Lauren Tischler1, Yolanda Rangel2, Helmut Gottlieb1.

Dr. Bethany Kalich              

Facilitated 3 local SSHP Clinical Skills Workshops and 5 local SSHP Disease State Management Workshops, San Antonio, TX, January – April. Precepted the SSHP Sutton Oaks Health Fair, San Antonio, TX, February 18. Facilitated PDC student-led panel discussion on Experiences as a Student Pharmacist for the UIW Pre-Pharmacy Association, San Antonio, TX, March 8. Served as the speaker for Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International retreat, Garden Ridge, TX, March 11. Wrote Mentorship Spotlight column for American College of Clinical Pharmacy Cardiology PRN, March 15. Presented Persistent Atrial Fibrillation at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting, Cardiovascular Team Poster Session, Washington, DC, March 19. Received IRB approval for Effect of Two Informed Consent Methods on Self-Efficacy in Acute Care Research, UT Health, San Antonio, TX, March 21. Received IRB approval for Outcomes Associated with IV Diltiazem Continuous Infusion Use in AF w/RVR, UT Health, San Antonio, TX, March 22. Pharmacy speaker at the UTSA Pre-Professional Health Society, San Antonio, TX, March 23. Attended national site visit for FSOP PDC chapter, San Antonio, TX, March 24-26. Recognized for successful OCR audit for research on Amiodarone Loading Dose for New Onset Atrial Fibrillation Associated with Sepsis, University Health System Office of Clinical Research, San Antonio, TX, April 6. Attended and served as reviewer for CE Clinical Controversies: Too Much of a Good Thing? Standards vs Extended DAPT following DES, presented by Rebekah Plumlee Benitez (PGY1 resident), FSOP, San Antonio, TX, April 7. Presented Safety of Cardiovascular Drugs in Pregnancy at the Higher Risk Pregnancy and Heart Disease National Conference, San Antonio, TX, April 21. Judged the local SSHP Disease State Management Competition, San Antonio, TX, April 24.

Dr. Kathleen Lusk 

Accepted for publication Management of Direct-Acting Oral Anticoagulants Surrounding Dental Procedures with Low to Moderate Risk of Bleeding in the Journal of Pharmacy Practice, in press. Co-authors: Lusk K, Snoga J, Benitez R, Sarbacker GB.

Dr. G. Blair Sarbacker     

Taught the Immunization Certificate Training program with Dr. Amy Witte for the Lebanese American University exchange students at Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX, February 23. Attended the Texas Pharmacy Association Leadership Symposium, Austin, TX, March 20. Attended the APhA annual meeting, and served as a delegate for the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice & Management, San Francisco, CA, March 24-27. Elected as Director for the Texas Pharmacy Association, April. Attended the APhA Academies Leadership Meeting, as Coordinator of the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice Management Diabetes Management Special Interest Group, Washington, DC, April 21-23.

Dr. Donald Sikazwe 

Published Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Maze: A Snap View of the Past Decade’s Diverse Pharmacological Targets for the Disorder in Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 2017, Volume 17 (Issue 3): Pages 305-318. Co-authors: Sikazwe D, Yendapally R, Ramsinghani S, Khan M.

Dr. Helen Smith 

Created an online 1.5 credit hour CPE, Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, accredited for PharmDs, RNs and MDs. Purdue University Office of Continuing Education, April 2017.

Dr. Jenna Snoga (UIW FSOP PGY1 resident) 

Presented Evaluation of non-selective beta-blockers on mortality in patients with end-stage cirrhosis at the Alcalde Southwest Leadership Conference, Galveston, TX, April 26.

Dr. Elizabeth Urteaga 

Attended the National Lipid Association Spring Clinical Lipid Update, Phoenix, AZ, February 24-26.

Dr. G. Lucy Wilkening     

Peer reviewer for the Journal of Pharmacy Practice, March 1. Published The current status of transgender health education in doctor of pharmacy curricula in North America in The Mental Health Clinician, in press, April. Peer reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, April 1. Presented Transgender health education in a required pharmacy course: 2-year evaluation of P3 student outcomes at the 20th annual meeting of the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists, Phoenix, AZ, April 24. Selected as a member of the Mental Health Clinician Editorial Board, spring.

Dr. Amy Witte  

Presented Immunizations in Special Populations: Recommendations for Patients Aged 65 Years and Older CPE for the West Texas Pharmacy Association meeting, Fredericksburg, TX, February 25. Published Using admissions criteria for predicting student failure outcomes of supplemental instruction and remediation in a Doctor of Pharmacy program in Pharmacy Education, 2017;(17)1 75-80, March 1. Co-authors: Attridge RL, LaGrange L, Frei B, Gottlieb H, Horlen C, Lord K, Mosley A, Ramsinghani S, Sikazwe D, Witte A, Zertuche A and Brady RL. Published An Objective Structured Clinical Examination to Assess Pharmacy Resident Performance in Innovations in Pharmacy, 2017;(8)2 1-6, April 1. Co-authors: Cauthon KAB, Attridge RL, Urteaga EM and Witte AP.

Dr. Raghunandan Yendapally 


Published Synthesis and Evaluation of Thiazolidine Amide and N-Thiazolyl Amide Fluoroquinolone Derivatives in ArchPharm (Weinheim), (Apr 21. doi: 10.1002/ardp.201700029. [Epub ahead of print]). Co-authors: Garza I, Wallace MJ, Fernando D, Singh A, Lee RE, Gerding JS, Franklin C, Yendapally R. Published Spermine and Spermidine Alter Gene Expression and Antigenic Profile of Borrelia burgdorferi in Infection and Immunity, 2017, 85 (3). Co-authors: Lin YH, Romo JA, Smith TC, 2nd, Reyes AN, Karna SL, Miller CL, Van Laar TA, Yendapally R, Chambers JP, Seshu J.

tudent Highlights


(excerpt from the Logos student newspaper, May 2017)

University Mission and Ministry held its annual Incarnate Word Day Mass Monday, March 27, in Our Lady’s Chapel. During the Mass, a UIW student and a UIW employee were honored with CCVI Spirit Awards. Since 1994, the office of Mission and Ministry has recognized a student each year for “living the mission of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word” in service to the university community, or the broader south Texas community. The CCVI Student Award is the highest award a student can achieve at UIW. On Monday, March 27, the CCVI Student Spirit Award went to Olivia Creager, a first-year student at the FSOP. Dr. Anita Mosley, FSOP Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented the award to Ms. Creager. A native of Victoria, TX, Ms. Creager was focused on community service activities at home. At the FSOP, she serves as a LEAD (Learning, L-R: Dr. Denise Doyle, acting President, CCVI Student Spirit Award winner Olivia Creagar, FSOP student, and CCVI Spirit Award inner Scott Education, Assessment and Development) Team member, has LeBlanc, Director of Sports and Wellness. participated in numerous health fairs, and traveled on a 3-day mission trip, Feria de Salud Health Fair, where she worked with an interprofessional team with nursing and optometry students. She also went on a mission trip to Mexico, helped with Operation Christmas Child, Haven for Hope and Elf Louise, among other service organizations. Congratulations Ms. Creager!

FSOP S TUDENT E NGAGING IN N ON -P A TIENT C ARE E LECTIVE IN B RA ZIL The FSOP fourth year Brazilian-American pharmacy student Janaina Moreira Pantaleao returned to her home town of Rio de Janeiro to participate in a nonpatient care elective APPE (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience) at Hemorio. Hemorio is a top-notch hematology center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The APPE rotation occurred between February 13 and March 28. She engaged with Brazilian health professionals and experienced a different reality than what she is accustomed to in San Antonio. According to Ms. Pantaleao: “It's a very different experience. The process in the U.S. is more automated, and pharmacists are closer to both patients and doctors. In the U.S. it is possible to access better drug interactions information and discuss more about dosages, possible side effects, etc. Communication with the doctor is more open in the United States.”

Janaina Moreira Pantaleao and her preceptor in Brazil, Marcelo Dias Rodrigues

Ms. Pantaleao is working with her preceptors in Brazil and in the U.S. to develop a comparative study regarding drug dispensing in hospitalized patients. The study will compare Hemorio with standards adopted in San Antonio hospitals, with the goal of identifying efficiencies in light of the comparison.

AP H A-ASP C HAPTER F OCUS ON P ATIENT C ARE & P OLIT ICAL A DVOCACY APhA-ASP members have been busy with patient care and community service projects this spring. Event highlights include Operation Heart’s “Hoop for the Heart” event at a local YMCA, the Medication Safety Committee’s OTC Med Safety Week, and recently Operation Diabetes held their “Hula-hoop-a-thon,” where students competed against other classes in their hula-hooping skills. The spring Ingram Park Health Fair also occurred on Saturday, March 4th. APhA members provided glucose testing and blood pressure screenings, as well as presenting information regarding OTC medication safety, immunizations, pharmacy provider status, and smoking cessation and risks. Eleven members had an opportunity to attend the APhA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA in March. While community outreach and patient care initiatives are Chapter members attend APhA Annual Meeting. ongoing goals, another imperative objective is advocating for the pharmacy profession. The organization just finished Pharmacy Policy and Advocacy (PAC) Week, April 10-13. During PAC week Policy Vice President Nick Daufen (P3) lead the committee in efforts to spark student interest in new issues relating to pharmacy policy at the state and national level. The week consisted of an inter-active game entitled “What’s on the Docket?”, a fun-filled day with selfies and student advocacy for the pharmacy profession. Members also had the opportunity to participate in a video conference call with Justin Hudman, the Texas Pharmacy Association’s Public Affairs Director. In mid-spring the organization welcomed new officers and committee chairs to help carry on the efforts and accomplishments of APhA-ASP. With the guidance of the new Chapter members thank outgoing officers and chairs for their service. APhA-ASP President, Tiffany Karnes, the organization is destined to succeed and provide outstanding patient care during the 2017-2018 school year. The outgoing officers and committee chairs would like thank all the student members and advisors for their dedication to the organization, and wish the new leadership many blessings for the chapter’s future endeavors.

CPFI S PRING A CTIVITIES CPFI had a very successful spring semester! The organization’s annual fundraiser of selling Easter eggs was fruitful, and the Easter bunny hopped down the bunny trail to deliver eggs throughout the classrooms before Easter break. CPFI members completed a service project preparing Jared Boxes, which are boxes filled with toys, school supplies, and other fun treats, and delivered them to children at North Central Baptist Hospital. A member retreat was hosted by the Chaplain, with a relaxing day of team building, crafts, reflection and prayer. The Fellowship Chair hosted a game night, with pizza and board games, which was a great way to have fun and bring the school year to a close. The newly-elected officers and committee chairs are excited for service opportunities in the upcoming year!

K APPA E PSILON C HAPTER G ROWS This spring semester has been full of Rush events for Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta chapter members. There are now nine new brothers in the fraternity.

Scavenger Hunt and Game Night attendees

One of the largest KE rush events is the annual Scavenger Hunt and Game Night. This event welcomes family and friends for games and dinner from Olive Garden, while the prospective brothers run around trying to finish the scavenger hunt. Each member of the team that won was awarded a $25 gift card toward the KE graduate dinner at Chama Gaucha.

The chapter’s P4s students also received their graduation chords during the officer induction ceremony. Members welcomed brother Dr. Christopher Alvarado, who was able to attend the ceremony. In February the organization had a very successful fundraiser selling and delivering special hand-decorated cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. Nearly every member of KE came out to help make and decorate around 600 cupcakes! Kappa Epsilon sponsored several community service events throughout the semester. Everyone’s favorite activity is an annual event, working with Dr. Christopher Alvarado at his Smoothie booth at NIOSA! All had a really good time helping make and sell smoothies during the festivities. Proceeds from the booth are donated to a good cause.

K APPA P SI H OSTS R EGIONAL M EETING This spring semester was an extremely exciting time for the brothers of Kappa Psi. The chapter welcomed 36 new brothers on February 21st. This year the Epsilon Beta chapter hosted the 2017 Southwest Spring Province Conclave here in San Antonio. The conclave was an excellent way to befriend brothers from other chapters and served as an excellent networking opportunity. The brothers participated in numerous community service opportunities this spring semester, such as volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank, a Poison Prevention Program at Fischer Elementary School, and the Haven for Hope vaccinations clinic for about 145 homeless persons. In April, Kappa Psi had an awards dinner to highlight the brothers’ many accomplishments during the year. P4 brothers were presented with their honor cords for graduation. The chapter is very proud of 42 graduating brothers, and looks forward to following their achievements. Brothers preparing food packs at SA Food Bank

At the awards dinner, new officers were initiated for the coming year. The brothers of Kappa Psi are thankful for all the hard work this year’s officers and committee chairs accomplished, and are looking forward to new opportunities and activities in the coming year.

Group photo with new Brothers (above) – spring semester.

Volunteers at Haven for Hope immunization clinic

P HI D ELTA C HI – A L OOK B ACK Phi Delta Chi understands the importance of serving one’s community. PDC members, as well members of other professional fraternities, understand that a key factor in having a positive impact on one’s community is brotherhood. The chapter takes pride in emphasizing brotherhood, because there are endless possibilities whenever it’s members are united. A variety of events were organized over the past year, from professional to social events. Each event was a true bonding moment for PDC members because each event, in its own unique way, focused on the objective of Phi Delta Chi: “to advance the science of pharmacy and promote a fraternal spirit among its Brothers.” The Gamma Nu Chapter of Phi Delta Chi organized several health fairs at Texas-based H-E-B grocery stores. The aim of these health fairs was to offer much-needed health services in the underserved areas of San Antonio. These health fairs aimed to raise health awareness in the community, especially to patients who otherwise cannot afford to visit the doctor. Gamma Nu brothers teamed up with H-E-B in offering blood glucose and blood pressure testing, as well as cholesterol and A1C testing. PDC brothers assisted in a few H-E-B Health Fair – L-R: Pablo Saenz, Mohamad Shirali, extra services such as setting up an “education Vanessa Eng, Annette Garza, Nicole Tocci. room” for patients who tested on the higher end of their screenings. In this room, patients were counseled privately on how diet and exercise are vital components that will help prevent cardiovascular complications and diabetes. Patients also received medications counseling, concerning how they could be more adherent in taking medications and obtaining timely refills. Loteria Night for St. Jude’s Children Research. L-R: Pablo Saenz, Lourdes Vega, Andrea Perez.

The Gamma Nu Chapter of Phi Delta Chi also organized a “Loteria Night,” also known as “Mexican Bingo.” Led by Lourdes Vega in April, fellow classmates, brothers, faculty, friends and family participated, with 100% of donations and proceeds going directly to St. Jude’s Children’s Research 00 Hospital. Participants bought bingo cards to get a chance to win over 25 donated prizes that were available. Gamma Nu was able to raise over $500 for St. Jude’s, and many participants went home with amazing prizes. These few examples were shared to give a good sense of how Phi Delta Chi contributes to its community in San Antonio. In conclusion, it is best that the chapter acknowledge that the success of this fraternity is contingent on receiving help

and guidance from FSOP advisors and administration. Chapter members recognize the organization’s two worthy advisors, Dr. Bethany Kalich and Dr. Helen Smith. Their commitment is appreciated. Members are inspired to hope to someday serve as future PDC advisors in the same successful manner. A special thank you is also extended to all of the active brothers and alumni who commit their time and effort with no regard for recognition.

R HO C HI W ELCOMES N EW M EMBERS This spring the Rho Chi chapter has grown by 19 new members, being extremely proud of the new P2’s that have joined the organization! Thanks to Induction Ceremony Chair Michellea Russell for planning such a special event for our chapter. Rho Chi has also participated in professional and community service events this spring, partnering with Dr. Tina Lopez to help with the Field Day Health Fair. Additionally, volunteers served at the Jubilee Outreach Church on Easter to hide eggs for their egg hunts – hiding over 400 eggs! This has been a great semester for Rho Chi, and the members are excited to see what the new inductees will have in store for next year.

SSHP’ S P ROACTIVE M EMBERSHIP In February, UIW SSHP hosted a successful inter-organizational, interprofessional health fair at Sutton Oaks, led by the antibiotic awareness committee chairs. The antibiotic awareness committee educated residents on proper use of antibiotics, while the medication safety committee educated residents on proper medication disposal and the importance of medication adherence. The mental health committee presented residents with strategies to improve mental health. APhA provided immunizations and health screenings. The dietician program educated residents on the amount of sugar in specific foods and drinks through an interactive simulation. With help from SNPhA members, residents learned about the importance of diagnosing diabetes and proper medication adherence to decrease the disease's progression. In total, 70 patients were impacted though health education, along with providing 36 immunizations. This spring, SSHP participated in the annual TSHP teddy bear drive competition. Donations were accepted in the form of teddy bears and gently-used children's books from students and faculty. Stuffed animals and children’s books valued at $850 were donated to CHRISTUS Hospitals. During the last general meeting of the spring semester, SSHP honored the graduating P4 members and presented them with graduation cords. Many of SSHP’s P4 members will be progressing on to residencies. Several P4s shared their stories and provided insight on how to tackle the residency application process. Congratulations go to Pablo Saenz, Lourdes Vega, Gaielle Harb, Jackie Hobbs, Mohamad Shirali, and Christina Tran as the newly elected SSHP officers for the 2017-2018 year!

Students going on to residencies after graduation.

SSHP members were in attendance at the TSHP Seminar in Galveston, TX, April 28-30. Students, administrators and faculty gathered with alumni at a reception held on the 28th.

Clinical Skills Competition P1 winners: Kayleigh Taing and Krupa Bhakta

Students participated in both Clinical Skills & Disease State FSOP alumni reception @ TSHP Management competitions at the Seminar. Many practice competitions were held at the FSOP throughout the spring semester in preparation for these competitions. The preparation paid off, as the P1 student team of Ms. Kayleigh Taing and Ms. Krupa Bhakta won first place in the P1 Clinical Skills competition. Ms. Sarah Bittner won second place in the P3 Disease State Management competition.

NCPA’ S Y EAR -E N D F UNDRAISER A “H IT !” The FSOP NCPA chapter conducted a fundraiser during the last week of classes – a Pie a Prof contest. In addition to raising funds for the chapter’s activities in the coming year, an additional purpose for the activity was to lighten the stress of impending final exams and allow the students to have some fun at the expense of their professors. One vote cost one dollar, and students, faculty, staff and alumni voted online to nominate candidates to be pied. The winners, or in this case victims, were Dean David Maize, Dr. Russell Attridge and Dr. Bethany Kalich. “Pies” of whipped cream were applied liberally to the brave volunteers’ faces, while a large audience of students, faculty and staff looked on and cheered! And as a bonus, NCPA raised about $400 to jump-start chapter activities in the fall.

Dr. LaGrange pieing the Dean

The victims, left to right: Drs. Attridge, Kalich and Maize.

Ms. Dicianna pieing Dr. Attridge

In the end whipped cream was lobbed back at the closest onlookers. Revenge is “sweet!” P2 Steven Lyerle pieing Dr. Kalich

 Graduation Date: May 13, 2017! Details to come in the August FSOP newsletter. 

Fe ik Sc h oo l o f P h ar ma cy  4 3 01 Br oad way, C PO 99  San An ton io, T X 7 8 20 9 -6 31 8  ( 21 0 ) 8 8 3 - 10 00

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Cardinal Script.May 2017  

Cardinal Script.May 2017  

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