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A WARDS B ANQUET AND R ITES OF P ASSAGE C EREMONY On the evening of April 9th, the students of the Class of 2015 gathered with their families and FSOP administrators, faculty and staff to celebrate their passing from the didactic to the experiential phase of their education. Each student received a black blazer and Feik School of Pharmacy Class of 2015 pin to mark the occasion. Led by Dr. Johnson-Fannin, students then recited the Pledge of Professionalism together.

Students received special recognitions, awards and scholarships for academic performance, community service activities, and involvement in student organizations. Scholarship awards to FSOP students this year totaled $61,355, a record high in scholarship dollars for FSOP. Congratulations to all the scholarship and award winners!


Recipient(s), Year

Bexar County Pharmacist Assn. Endowed Scholarships

Brittany Rodriguez, P3

Dallas Area Pharmacist Association Scholarship

Jan Richard F. Ramos, P3

Texas Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship

Amanda Zessin, P3

HD Tarrant Smith County Pharmacist Endowed Scholarship

Kacy Vu, P3

Incentive Scholarship for Future Colleagues

Brittny Wolda, P3

Red and Charlene McCombs Pharmacy Fund Scholarships

Elina Delgado, P2

Jenna Johnson, P2

Rebekah Plumlee, P2

Shelby McBee, P2

APhA Student Leadership Scholarship

Amanda Zessin, P3

Good Samaritan Scholarship

Mahsa Ayoubi, P2

James F. Hales Memorial Scholarship

Beth Williams, P3

Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship

Emily Brysch, P3

Latino Scholarship

Milagros Munoz, P3

Lemon-Aid Scholarship

Sr. Patience Asu, P3

Rho Chi Scholarship

Amanda Chavez, P3

Ingrid Texeria Distinction Scholarship

Ellen Robinson, P3

H-E-B Scholarships

Walgreens Diversity Scholarships

Danellie Barrera, P3

Andrew Nguyen, P3

Gunnar Lindfors, P3

Daniel DeLeon, P3

Ching Yi Shiu, P1

Malik Khan, P2

Camille Cuellar, P1

Meskerem Dagnatchew,P1

Sarah Hogan, P1

Francess Uzowulu, P3

Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Award

Shelea Weber, P3

Walmart And Sam’s Club Pharmacy Scholarship

Brittany Oefinger, P2

Cardinal Health Scholarship

Jennifer Ma, P3

Coffey Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Rebeca Jimenez, P3

Baptist Health Foundation Scholarships

Elizabeth Everett, P2

Lauren Flieller, P2

Chad Batey, P2

Melissa Martinez, P2

Brandi Waggoner, P2

Bhavaki Makanji, P2

Elisabeth Lapp, P2

Elaine Medel, P2

Methodist Healthcare UIW Pharmacy Scholarship

Elaine Medel, P2

NACDS Foundation Scholarship

Katherine Fischer, P2

CVS Caremark Scholarships

Cynthia Barrera, P3

Hersh Joshi, P3

Keith Simmons, P2

Yoomin Oh, P3

Pranav Desai, P1

FSOP was represented in quite a number of patient counseling competitions throughout the year. FSOP students performed well, and the numerous competition winners below received certificates of recognition. Two students received the Lilly Achievement Award for the highest GPA in Advanced Diabetes Management with plans to pursue a Clinical Residency. One student was awarded the U.S. Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award for outstanding contributions to pharmacy practice in public health.

Awards Banquet and Rites of Passage Ceremony (Cont.)


Recipient(s), Year

APhA Patient Counseling Competition

Cynthia Barrera, P3

TPA Student Pharmacist Self-Care Competition

Amanda Zessin, co-captain, P3 Brittany Oefinger, co-captain, P2

Lauren Flieller, P2 Katherine Fisher, P2

TPA Student Patient Counseling Competition

Amanda Zessin (1st place), P3 Kim-Ly Nguyen (2nd place), P4

Rod Sanchez, (3rd place), P4


Jan Richard Francis Ramos, P3

ASHP Clinical Skills Competition

Tuyet Pham, P4

Phung Nguyen, P4

Kroger Clinical Skills Competition

Cynthia Barrera, P3

Rebeca Jimenez, P3

Lilly Achievement Award

Klarinda Garza, P3

Carmen Guillen, P3

Prati-Donaduzzi International Scholarships Brazil

Brian Coffee, P3 Lisette Arias, P3 John Chen, P3 Thuy Bui, P3

Rebeca Jimenez, P3 Brittny Wolda, P3 Ellen Robinson, P3 Crystal Peterson, P3

Public Health Service Pharmacy Practice Award

Francess Uzowulu, P3

In addition, Dr. Raghunandan Yendapally was selected by students to receive the Teacher of the Year award. FSOP Lab Manager Mr. Rafael Gonzalez was selected by faculty and staff to receive the Staff of the Year award. Dr. Rebecca Attridge was selected by faculty and staff to receive the Faculty of the Year award. Dean Johnson-Fannin presented these awards.




After a rigorous interview process, eight P3 students (pictured following page) were chosen by administrators from Prati Donaduzzi to travel to Brazil for a 6-week international industrial pharmacy internship. The students posed for a photo with Dr. Kevin Lord, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (left), Dr. Marcos Oliveira, Coordinator for Pharmacy Latin American Initiatives (center), and Dr. Eli Phillips, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice (right). These administrators and faculty have been highly invested in bringing this unique opportunity to fruition for FSOP students.

Prati-Donaduzzi International Scholarship Recipients:

Internship awardees: Mr. Brian Coffee, Ms. Rebeca Jimenez, Ms. Ellen Robinson, Ms. Brittny Wolda, Ms. Crystal Peterson, Ms. Thuy Bui, Ms. Lisette Arias and Mr. John Chen

A N OTE FROM THE D EAN : In a recent all-school meeting, Dr. Amanda Sharpe brought reflections and shared something that was new to me — the Holstee Manifesto. The manifesto reads like a passage from a self-help book. It is a 15-sentence message comprising brief commandments such as, “Do what you love and do it often,” “If you don’t like your job, quit,” and “Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself.” The Manifesto was crafted into a poster by the assemblers of this message as they started their own company. Ironically, the poster has become their best-selling item. While we all know these things, we need to be reminded that this is LIFE — our only one — and fulfilling it is our choice and our right. As our current students continue the task of becoming a pharmacist, moving from one segment of the learning plateau to another, they look to you as the model. The manifesto says life is about creating things with the people you meet. I hope you are doing what you love, creating things, sharing your passion, and loving life to the fullest. Continue being our “model” pharmacist. Have a great summer! All the best, Dr. J Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin


FSOP Alumni, The P3s are only an ASAP Exam away from starting their APPEs, and the graduates have walked across the stage to get their diploma. Hopefully, the quiet of summer will descend on the FSOP. We hope that you will have some time to have a quiet vacation this summer. Feel free to send us vacation pictures, especially if you are wearing an FSOP t-shirt! We would love to feature vacation photos in an upcoming issue of the alumni newsletter. We are still trying to reach as many of you as we can. We use emails, Facebook and now text messages. Let me assure you that the texts come from my office, and the links are virus free. We don’t expect to be sending you more than one a month. If you would like to opt-out of texts, reply back to the text, STOP, and you will be removed from receiving future messages. We want to ensure that you know what is happening at your Alma Mater so you will be a proud graduate! Speaking of hearing from you, we need to hear from the Classes of 2011 and 2013. We are required by our accreditors, ACPE, to survey our alumni twice after graduation. At the FSOP, we decided to survey the graduating classes one year and three years after graduation. This is the reason a survey will be coming to the Classes of 2011 and 2013. These graduates will be receiving an email in June or July inviting them to participate in the survey. It is important that we hear from as many of you as possible. Typically, we have heard from about 40% of you – except for the class of 2010, which had a 60% response rate. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete and will end sometime in July. Your feedback will help us improve the school and is an accreditation requirement of ACPE. To thank you for your time, we will have a randomized drawing of respondents for $50 gift cards every week or two. Thank you, FSOP Alumni, for your help, Dr. David Maize

Dear Feik School of Pharmacy Alumni, I would like to congratulate the newest members to join the UIW-FSOP Alumni Network. Great job Class of 2014! 96 new members have joined our family. Dr. Amyn Madhani and I were very proud to attend all graduation ceremonies and especially to shake hands with every one of you after you crossed the stage. This is a huge accomplishment. We also had the President of the class of 2012 and Pinnacle Award winner, Dr. Gilbert Sarmiento, give an inspirational speech as the keynote speaker at the Graduate Luncheon/Alumni Network induction ceremony. I want to continue to invite all the alumni to our joint UIW Alumni/Bexar County Pharmacy Association CE events that are held here at the FSOP. Our next meeting is a joint CTSHP/BCPA meeting on Tuesday June 10th. Dinner will start at 6:30 and CE promptly at 7. The subject of the CE is an Update on New Oral Anticoagulants Presented by Paige Cuellar, Pharm.D., Critical Care Clinical Coordinator for the Baptist Health System. The meeting will be free of charge although if you are a non-CTSHP member a $10 fee will need to be collected for CE credit. BCPA will continue to hold joint Alumni/BCPA meetings starting again in September. From the Class of 2010 to 2013 you have seen my email blasts concerning job openings and community events, I hope the new class of 2014 will find these emails useful in obtaining employment. If any alumni member has a message to get out to members please email me and I will get the word out. Enjoy your summer, Your Alumni Network President, Chris Alvarado, Pharm.D.

FSOP F ACULTY P OSTHUMOUSLY H ONORED WITH E COLOGY S TEWARDSHIP A WARD Each year UIW invites nominations for the Bill Mulcahy Award for Ecological Stewardship. The award recognizes the employee that best exhibits leadership in ecological conservation. This year, Dr. Patricia Lieveld was chosen to receive this award, befittingly bestowed on Earth Day, April 22 nd, and was posthumously honored for her legacy of work. Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin, Dean of the Feik School of Pharmacy, accepted the award on Dr. Lieveld’s behalf. The award was presented by last year’s award recipient, Dr. Bonnie McCormick, UIW Professor of Biology (pictured below). Dr. Johnson-Fannin said “As I accepted the award, I could not help but shed a tear of pride for all she accomplished during her life, but in particular for the rich legacy she amassed in the few years she was here at UIW. She shared with me how blessed she felt to be at UIW, and how wonderful it was to be able to go to Africa and ‘do some good.’ She quipped that Hurricane Katrina blew her away  to her destiny.” Dr. Lieveld was honored for her work helping the women of Bukoba, Tanzania obtain safe drinking water for their villages. In 2008, Pat became involved with the Women’s Global Connection, conducting research and workshops in Bukoba. Her research focus was rural women’s access to safe drinking water. In 2011, Pat collaborated with the Women’s Earth Alliance to train rural women in the building of rainwater harvesters and safe water methods. To date, twelve rainwater harvesters have been built. They provide approximately 500 villagers with safe water, as well as protection from water-borne diseases. Prior to the implementtation of this project, women would have to walk up to 8 hours per day to fetch dirty water from the river. On their website, the Women’s Earth Alliance states that the women of Bukoba could not have done this without Pat. She was their biggest cheerleader, and they lovingly called her Mama Maji, meaning “Mother of Water.” Pat planned to return to Bukoba this coming year while she was on sabbatical from the Feik School of Pharmacy. She will be there, encouraging and supporting the women as an angel on their shoulders. Appropriately, Women’s Global Connection has announced that they are renaming the program the “Lieveld Rainwater Harvester Project” in her honor. It is for her concern for global health, for her work to empower the women of Bukoba to provide their families with safe water, and for her love and deep realization that we all are one, that Dr. Lieveld’s service is remembered and celebrated with the William Mulcahy Award for Ecological Stewardship.

FSOP F ACULTY R ECEIVES O UTSTANDING E DUCATOR A WARD Dr. G. Blair Sarbacker, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, was chosen by the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice Management to receive their Medication Management SIG Outstanding Educator Award, at the APhA Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL March 28-31. Dr. Sarbacker serves as the Team Clinical Pharmacist on the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Acute Care for the Elderly Unit I, where she conducts daily interprofessional team rounds. She is also a clinical phar

pharmacist at UT Senior Health Clinic, with the primary responsibilities of medication management and transitions of care. Holding to the philosophy that educating is how she can best give back to the profession, Dr. Sarbacker focuses on preparing pharmacy students to best provide quality comprehensive services to patients in a clinical setting. To that end, she presents a strong emphasis on interprofessional education, believing that integrating pharmacists as part of a health professions care team is crucial to the advancement of the profession and delivering best patient care. Dr. Sarbacker enjoys working with students in multiple facets of their education, including didactic and clinical teaching, and clinical research.

U NI V IS ION H EALTH F AIR On Saturday, March 22, UIW partnered with Univision and the UTHSCSA School of Nursing to provide health screenings to 110 people at the Tus Medicinas Y Tu Salud Health Fair. The event took place at the UIW Physical Therapy campus in northwest San Antonio. The equipment and supplies for the health fair were provided by a grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation. This was the first UIW health fair to incorporate Physical Therapy faculty and students into the interprofessional effort that includes Optometry, Nursing, Nutrition, and Pharmacy. The Physical Therapy group added fall risk assessment and baseline concussion assessment to the current screenings including cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, foot exams, medication education, hearing, and nutrition. This is also the first health fair that was able to incorporate the FSOP Library, in an effort to add a health information literacy component, and provide a space for participants to enroll in the health insurance exchange before the March 31st deadline. The next interprofessional health fair is anticipated for the beginning of the fall 2014 semester.


aculty Highlights:

Dr. Rebecca Attridge    

Presented Improving Cultural Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Through a Study Abroad Experience at UIW Research Day, San Antonio, February 17. Co-authors: Gilliland I, Attridge RT, Attridge RL, Maize DF. Presented GOLD Standards for Management of Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists 66th Annual Seminar in Houston, TX, April 12. Volunteer for UIW Meet the Mission Alternative Spring Break community service, San Antonio, March 12. Elected by FSOP students as the 2013-2014 UIW Feik School of Pharmacy Faculty of the Year, April 9.

Dr. Russell Attridge 

Published Assessment and Revision of Clinical Pharmacy Practice Internet Websites in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, February 1. Co-authors: Edwards KL,, Salvo MC, Ward KE, Attridge RT, Kiser K, Pinner NA, Gallegos PJ, Kesteloot LL, Hylton A, Bookstaver PB. Volunteer for UIW Meet the Mission Alternative Spring Break community service, San Antonio, March 12.

Dr. Renee Bellanger 

 

Presented A Cost Comparison of CPPM of Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy for Heart Failure at the Texas Society of Health System Pharmacists annual meeting in Houston, TX, April 12. Co-authors: Bellanger RA, Frei BL, Kalich BA. Served on the H-E-B School of Business and Administration Finance Faculty Search Committee, March – May. Served as a preceptor for SNPhA Health Fair at Immaculate Concepcion Church, San Antonio, TX, March 1.

Dr. Jeffrey Copeland 

At the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Meeting, received the Education Section Poster Presentation Award for Pharmacy Services Provided by Pharmacy Interns During a Dental Mission Trip in Houston, TX, April 12. Co-authors: Copeland JT and Tabor RA.

Dr. Helmut Gottlieb 

Dr. Jeffrey Copeland & Ms. Regina Tabor Presented Endogenous Kappa Opioid Receptors Play a Role in Angiotensin II High Salt Diet Hypertensive Rate at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Lexington, KY, February 14. Co-authors: Nguyen TQ, Franklin CE, Hollister B, Tang J, Rangel Y, Gottlieb HB.

Dr. Lila LaGrange 

 

Attended the American Physiological Society Experimental Biology meeting, and served as speaker for the Education Committee at the Undergraduate Orientation Session, as well as Judge at the Bruce Awards for Undergraduate Research, San Diego, CA, April 25-29. Presented True Grit: Talking with Students About Persistence faculty development session, UIW Teaching and Learning Center, San Antonio, TX, March 28. Served as judge at the Alamo Junior Academy of Science Fair for middle school and high school students, San Antonio, TX, February 8.

Dr. Kathleen Lusk 

Presented The Role of New Antiplatelet Agents and Antiplatelet Testing at the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Seminar in Houston, TX, April 12.

Ms. Christina Seeger 

Conducted the Food for Thought: Exploring Nutrition Information Resources workshop addressing nutrition from a healthcare perspective and reviewing resources available at UIW libraries, UIW Mabee Library, San Antonio, TX, March 22.

Dr. Elizabeth Urteaga 


Attended the National Lipid Association Spring Update meeting, Maui, HI, March 13-16.

tudent Highlights:

S T UDE NT A W A R D E D P R E S T I GI OU S ASCP I NT E RNS HI P FSOP student Jeffrey Van Liew (P2) has been awarded the Paul G. Cano Legislative Internship for Pharmacy Students. This American Society of Consultant Pharmacists position, an eight-week summer internship in Washington, D.C., is awarded to only two students annually. With new federal and state legislation and regulations governing every aspect of pharmacy practice, it is more critical than ever for pharmacists to be informed and involved regarding policy developments in Washington, D.C. and around the country. In memory of Paul G. Cano, ASCP’s former Director of Government Affairs, ASCP has maintained a legislative internship position since 1993.

This internship offers a handful of pharmacy students a rare opportunity to gain experience and training in legislative and regulatory advocacy on a federal level, with a chance to see first -hand how politics shape pharmacists’ practice across the nation. Mr. Van Liew’s job duties and opportunities will include attending congressional hearings, researching and analyzing issues that affect pharmacists nationwide, meeting with federal regulatory agencies and national coalitions, monitoring changes in legislation and regulations, and attending networking events with ASCP staff.




The word clarion signifies a “call to action”  a clear and compelling directive to take action for a cause. The cause behind the CLARION Case Competition is to provide patients with safe and high-quality interprofessional healthcare. Dr. Blair Sarbacker, FSOP Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, helped to create and serves on the UIW CLARION Executive Board of Directors. The first annual UIW CLARION Case Competition was a SUCCESS! Three teams presented Friday evening, February 28th, to a large audience and four distinguished judges from the San Antonio healthcare community. The competition was tough. Each team had excellent recommendations to improve the delivery of care for patients with congestive heart failure, but only one team could win. The winning team members were Jan Ramos from the School of Pharmacy and Amber Ferrand from the School of Physical Therapy. This team next moved on to the national competition at the University of Minnesota in April. Our local CLARION competition consisted of the following collaborative teams from amongst the health professions degree programs at UIW: 

Ellen Robinson and Milagros Munoz from the School of Pharmacy and Emily Aven from the School of Physical Therapy.

Phu Dinh and Eunice Yoomin from the School of Pharmacy, Lilian Nguyen from the School of Physical Therapy, and Kimberly Smith from the School of Business MHA Program.

Jan Ramos from the School of Pharmacy and Amber Ferrand from the School of Physical Therapy

The following healthcare leaders comprised the panel of distinguished judges for the competition: 

Jeff Cowart, Partner at Barlow/McCarthy Hospital-Physician Solutions and previous Senior Vice President, Growth & Sales at Baptist Health System, Vanguard Health Systems, San Antonio, Texas

Justin Martindale, PT, DPT, President of Promotion Physical Therapy and clinical faculty for the Manual Therapy Institute

Son Nguyen, M.D., family medicine physician at WellMed, San Antonio

John Raimondo, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, CEO and Clinic Director of Laredo Spine Medical Center and San Antonio Spine & Rehabilitation, and CEO and Founder of Pulmonair

The winning team & CLARION Grant co-investigators are pictured here: From left to right: Dr. Chris Garcia, Business School-MHA faculty, Dr. Amy Crocker, Physical Therapy faculty, Ms. Amber Ferrand, Physical Therapy student, Mr. Jan Ramos, Pharmacy student, and Dr. G. Blair Sarbacker, Pharmacy faculty.

UIW sent a team of three students to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis to complete in the National CLARION Interprofessional Case Competition: A Systems – Based Practice, on April 11-12. Ms. Amber Ferrand–Physical Therapy, Ms. Kimberly Smith–Masters of Health Administration, and Mr. Jan Ramos–Pharmacy (pictured at left) competed for UIW against teams from eleven other health professions schools from across the country. Advisors who traveled with the team were FSOP faculty Dr. G. Blair Sarbacker and Dr. Cynthia N. Nguyen, Physical Therapy faculty Dr. Amy F. Crocker, MHA faculty Dr. D. Chris Garcia, and Nursing faculty Dr. Monica Ramirez. Although UIW did not win the national competition, it was a notable achievement to send a team to compete nationally.

TPA P AT I E NT C OU N S E L I N G C OM PE T I T I O N A Texas Pharmacy Association patient counseling competition was held at FSOP on March 18th. Students’ patient counseling sessions were recorded, to be evaluated by the judges, FSOP faculty Drs. Kimberly Cauthon, Kathleen Lusk and Cynthia Nguyen. First place was awarded to Ms. Cynthia Barrera (P3), second place to Ms. Amanda Zessin (P3) and third place to Mr. Jeff Van Liew (P2). The top three winners received cash prizes of $250, $125 and $100 respectively.

FSOP T E AM W I N S TSHP C L I N I C A L S KI L L S C OM PE T I T I O N The FSOP was well-represented at the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists 2014 Annual Seminar in Houston April 11-13. The P1 Division winning team for the interactive Clinical Skills Competition was FSOP first-year students Mr. Ryan Lampien and Mr. Timothy Werkman. Each team was consulted on the care of a patient and presented with their medical history. This was a mock interprofessional collaboration with physicians, in a hospital/health-system setting, in providing direct patient care. The teams had two hours to work up the case and submit written recommendations. This was followed by an oral defense and fielding of questions from the judges. There were eleven teams in the competition from pharmacy schools across the state. Congratulations to Mr. Werkman and Mr. Lampien, pictured here, on their success.






Cynthia Barrera and Rebeca Jimenez from the UIW Feik School of Pharmacy proudly represented their Student National Pharmaceutical Association chapter at the 2014 regional conference in Columbus, Ohio from March 14-16. They competed in the Clinical Skills Competition sponsored by the Kroger Company. The competition involved students having 10 short minutes to review a case involving a customer shopping at a Kroger grocery store, purchasing several items as well as prescription products that had several food-drug, drug-drug, and disease-drug interactions. Both Cynthia and Rebeca were able to efficiently identify the various complications that arose in the case, as well as counsel the patient on these complications in the remaining five minutes. Since they were able A

Ms. Rebeca Jimenez and Ms. Cynthia Barrera presented their winning certificates by Dr. Tiffany-Jade Kreys, Assistant Professor of th Pharmacy Practice, at the April 9 Awards Banquet and Rites of Passage.

to identify and accurately address all issues in the case and engage the patient actively in the discussion, they were named the 1st place winners in the competition! Each student received a $250.00 cash prize, $150.00 gift card, $50.00 Kroger gift card, subscriptions to Lexi-comp, their National Conference registration paid for, as well as a commemorative pin from the event. Cynthia and Rebeca brought recognition to the Feik School of Pharmacy in the best way possible, by demonstrating their ability to apply the skills and knowledge gained in their didactic coursework.

R H O C HI I N DU C T I ON C E R E M O N Y The Feik School of Pharmacy's Rho Chi Honor Society, Delta Eta Chapter, held its initiation ceremony on April 4 at UIW’s Marian Hall Ballroom to induct nineteen second year pharmacy students. The event formally recognized the academic accomplishments of the initiates in the presence of family and friends. The chapter was very honored to have Dr. F. Lamar Pritchard, PhD, Dean of the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, serve as the keynote speaker for the induction ceremony.

PLS I NDUCTION C EREMONY On February 1st, 2014, Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) Pharmacy Leadership Society inducted a total of fifteen new members into FSOP’s Gamma Xi Chapter. Twelve student members, two community pharmacists and one faculty member were recognized for their leadership attributes. Not only were these new initiates acknowledged, but also fellow graduating PLS members were commended by the presenting of green and gold PLS honor cords. The chapter was honored to have these new leaders in PLS, and it has been a privilege to have worked with the chapter’s respected and admired graduating PLS members.

CPFI’ S J OURNEY AND V ISION Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International at Feik has come very far from where the chapter began in 2007, its inaugural year. This year Dr. Bethany Kalich, a new Assistant Professor and an original founding member of the FSOP CPFI chapter, came to rejoin the organization as an advisor. Dr. Kalich has blessed the chapter in many ways, such as her compelling lesson on “Living on Purpose,” given at the regional retreat, and a Bible study on “Work as Worship” that she co-led this spring with fellow professor Dr. Blair Sarbacker. Members aspire to fulfill the vision that the founding members had for the organization, and look forward to continuing the journey alongside Dr. Kalich in the coming year.

P HI D ELTA C HI I NITIATION D INNER FSOP’s Gamma Nu Chapter of Phi Delta Chi welcomed 15 new brothers at their initiation dinner on February 8th. Gamma Nu PDC Brother Jan Ramos was awarded the 2014 South Central Regional Conference Scholarship from the PDC Texas Alumni Chapter, which provided him with $100 toward registration for the South Central Regional Conference.

K AP P A P S I H OS T S H E A L T H F A I R The Brothers of Epsilon Beta, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, hosted a health fair at the Gold’s Gym on Austin Highway on March 23. They screened over 100 people for body mass index, blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol. Interest was so high that at times there were lines for testing. By educating patients on their lab values, the Brothers practiced their communication skills in real-life patient situations. Community members were made aware of the importance of their overall health and ways to improve their quality of life. The Brothers would like to thank FSOP alumni Dr. Cynthia Nguyen and Dr. Amyn Madhani for precepting.

KY P RESENTS P OIS ON P REVENTION P ROGRAM During Poison Prevention Week in March, Kappa Psi Brothers paid a visit to St. More Catholic Middle School to present an interactive lecture to 35 eager students. The students learned about identifying poisons and how to avoid future exposures. They also participated in a creative game of musical chairs. The object of the game was to identify a common poisonous household item along with differentiating between dangerous medicines and candies. It was a rewarding experience for the Brothers when they saw the students’ attentiveness, realized their own amount of knowledge and its helpfulness to the students, and especially for being invited to come back as soon as possible!

P ENNIES FOR P URE W ATER P ROJECT Dr. Johnson-Fannin serves on the board of a charitable organization named Small Beginnings Big Results (SBBR), which raises funds and builds water wells in villages in Ghana, Africa. Dr. J offered an opportunity for FSOP students, faculty and staff to donate their pennies regularly throughout the semester, with the end goal of financing the construction of a well. This was a repeat of a drive that was first held in the spring of 2012, which culminated in the building of a well that was dedicated in honor of the Feik School of Pharmacy.

By semester’s end, $2,094.10 had been collected, and was presented to Ms. Mattie Kinard, the founder of SBBR. A new well will be constructed with the funds collected, and will probably be finished by this fall. This well will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Patricia Lieveld, and will have a plaque placed on the well indicating so. We will be sure to share photos of Dr. Lieveld’s well when it is completed! Pictured left is one of the collection stations built by FSOP students in 2012 and placed in each classroom.

S UMMER T RAVEL P LANS ? Are you planning to travel this summer? Send us a photo of you on vacation, especially if you are wearing a Feik School of Pharmacy t-shirt, and we will feature them in our fall newsletter. Please include location and names of people in the photo with your submissions. It will be fun to see where your fellow alumni traveled this summer, so please share! Email us your photos, to Ms. Linda Etter, at


reetings from the FSOP!

To our alumni, hello and best wishes from Dean Johnson-Fannin and the administrators, faculty and staff of the Feik School of Pharmacy  Spring 2014.

S TAYING C ONNECTED ! If you know a fellow graduate that may not have received this newsletter, please share it with them. Also, please ask them to send their contact information to Linda Etter, FSOP Publicist, at That will allow us to include them in future newsletters and alumni activity announcements. We also invite you to visit the UIW Alumni Association webpage, where you can view a list of upcoming campus events and news items, read about how to get involved, and sign up for the “Cardinal’s Nest” community, at

Fe ik Sc h oo l o f P h ar ma cy  4 3 01 Br oad way, C PO 99  San An ton io, T X 7 8 20 9 -6 31 8  ( 21 0 ) 8 8 3 - 10 00 h ttp : // w w w .u i w. ed u /p h ar macy /

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