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Villagers participate in the construction of a water well in Kishanje village, Tanzania, Africa


n Loving Memory:


Dr. Lieveld with her sister Toni Faith Myers (left) at a completed well in January 2012.

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you that Dr. Patricia Lieveld lost her battle with cancer on December 17, 2013. She had served as Professor of Pharmacy Practice with the Feik School of Pharmacy since 2006. Dr. Lieveld was passionate about excellence, and about using her abilities to give back – both in her teaching and in her community service activities. Her teaching philosophy was simple. By conveying a love of excellence in teaching, she strove to instill an “excellence ethic” in her students. She was no less dedicated in her community service activities. The project most dear to her heart was the global water crisis in under-developed nations, and its impact on people’s economic and physical well-being. She had a close affiliation with Women’s Global Connection, sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. During three trips to Bukoba, Tanzania, she conducted research and workshops, as well as interviewing local women concerning their access to safe water. In 2011, Dr. Lieveld began a collaboration with the Women’s Earth Alliance. This nonprofit organization trains rural women abroad in the building of rain harvesters and safe water methods. Through this collaboration to date, a total of 11 rainwater harvesters have been built in Bukoba, in four villages serving about 500 villagers. The women with yellow water containers pictured above now have to walk about 60 feet to obtain clean water for their families’ needs, rather than the 2.5 miles required before. This is what Dr. Lieveld valued – being able to improve the lives of others through the sharing of her own talents and blessings. Dr. Lieveld was proud to be the first FSOP faculty member to be awarded a sabbatical, which she would have taken this spring. She was so looking forward to continuing her work with safe and accessible water projects with the people of Tanzania. She had planned to return to Bukoba again, and three FSOP students had expressed interest in joining her in her work. The following words from her memorial service express our loss at her passing: “It is hard to sing of oneness when the world is not complete, when the one who once brought wholeness to our life has gone, and nothing but the memory can fill the emptiness Dr. Lieveld’s passing leave behind.”

MARKING AN ANNIVERSARY On January 21, 2004 the University of the Incarnate surprised the San Antonio community and announced its plans to develop a pharmacy school. For some of you, this was the kind of news you never dreamed you would hear. Was it possible? Could you have a chance to go to pharmacy school and remain here in your hometown? Near family and other support? Work part-time? My what a glorious gift! During that same time period, I had come to the concrete decision that I must make a change. I felt I had two options: 1) acquiesce to pressures from my faculty and the administration and be what they wanted; or 2) step aside, moving on to opportunities that allowed me to maintain my focus. I selected the second option and resigned (without a new position in hand) on March 1, 2004. I did not hear the UIW press conference. I knew nothing of this developing school. Interestingly, the elements of the cosmos converged on March 1, 2004. At 11:30 a.m., I was invited to apply for the position of founding Dean at what is now the Feik School of Pharmacy. My letters of resignation were delivered at 1:30 p.m. And, as they say, the rest is history. I think it fitting to mark this 10 year anniversary of the public announcement that was the forerunner of a new and wonderful direction for this university. It was a pivotal point in my life that has brought fulfillment beyond description. It has been life-changing for each of you. I invite you to pause for a moment, reflect on the events that altered your course, and whisper a word of thanks for the guidance that brought you to a better place. Wishing you the very best, today and forever. As always, Dr. J

A LUMNI N ETWORK G REETIN GS Hello again, Fellow Alumni! It is that time again. Funny how it seems I just said that recently. It’s that time of the year again for another graduation ceremony, and for another class to join the rest of us as UIW-FSOP Network Alumni. We will be almost 500 strong after May 9th. May 7th is the graduation luncheon, and I will be looking for a few volunteers to attend from the alumni. The Oath and Hooding Ceremony will be May 8th and graduation on the 9th. You have seen many emails from me concerning monthly CEs. It is important that we take the time to thank Dr. Maize and Dr. Sarbacker for arranging this for us. I would like to see as many as 30 alumni at each event. Topics have included influenza, dementia, current law topics, and ads concerning weight loss and e-cigarettes. Coming soon are topics on antibiotics and learning how to become a preceptor. Hope to see you at one of these events. As always, please feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions, or topics you may want to see presented at our future events. Chris Alvarado, Pharm.D. (Class of 2010) UIW-FSOP Alumni Network President BCPA President, TPA PharmPAC Chair-elect Oakdell Pharmacy at the Quarry Manager

P RECEPTOR OF THE Q UARTER Occasionally, one encounters an individual who demonstrates an unprecedented passion for their discipline. Having personally spent time with Dr. Thuytram Tran on a VA acute care rotation, I witnessed firsthand the determination and drive that made her the clinical pharmacist of distinction she is today. Dr. Thuytram Tran has had a whirlwind couple of years since graduating from Dr. Tran attended the Society of FSOP in 2012. She completed a PGY1 Hospital Pharmacy Residency in 2013, Critical Care Medicine’s Critical Care Congress in San Francisco, CA in at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple Texas. Now in her clinical January 2014. pharmacy specialist position with Baptist Beaumont Hospital’s Smart Health Clinic, Dr. Tran is able to have a significant health impact on the patients in her care. She currently practices in the hospital’s chronic disease management clinic, where patients receive assistance in overcoming barriers they may have to receiving care, in addition to the educational and clinical services provided. Dr. Thuytram Tran is now eager to pass on the training she has received from pharmacy school, residency, and her clinical pharmacist position by joining the ranks of our UIW preceptors. When questioned as to why she decided to become a preceptor, she states, “I enjoy spending time with students and helping them develop a clinical mindset. By having them around, it also keeps me on my toes.” We are thrilled to have a new alumni pharmacist preceptor who so clearly has a passion for her practice and for the lives she has in her care. I am always looking for past alumni to help serve as preceptors. The process is very straightforward, so please do not hesitate to contact me by email ( and I will be happy to assist you. I look forward to hearing from you, and to sharing your story with fellow alumni. Best wishes, Nicole Nicole Farrell, Pharm. D. IPPE Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

E XPERIENTIAL P ROGRAM N EWS On March 1st last year, I accepted the new position of the APPE Coordinator and Assistant Professor for the Feik School of Pharmacy in the Office of Experiential Programs. As the APPE Coordinator I am responsible for maintaining the quality of the advanced rotations, as well as the development of new sites and the placement of students. The preceptor recognition dinner and the preceptor CE program this past year provided a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of our exceptional preceptors and to see the support of the pharmacy community for the Feik School of Pharmacy. Being a preceptor is such a great way to give back to the profession. By precepting, you are able to help mold the future generation of pharmacy students into the professional colleagues that you will want to employ and work beside in your pharmacies. If you have an interest in becoming a preceptor for the Feik School of Pharmacy and want to give back to your profession, please contact me by email at or call (210) 883-1073. I will look forward to hearing from you and starting you on the process of becoming a preceptor! Regina A. Tabor, R.Ph. APPE Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice


ecent Happenings:

FSOP W ELCOMES B RAZILIAN P HARMACY S TUDENTS Four Brazilian Pharmacy students, Pietro Bueno do Valle, Aline Veronese, Kelma Lima de Souza and Andressa Cavassim, in their last year of pharmacy school at Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana (PUCPR) are participating in a unique Global Pharmacy Program at the Feik School of Pharmacy. This program has been developed and coordinated by Dr. Marcos Oliveira, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Coordinator for Latin American Activities. The students received their white FSOP lab coats from the Founding Dean, Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin, and Dr. Kevin Lord, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, during their orientation. This is the first group of Brazilian students to come to UIW in this program. The students are participating in clinical and Dr. Marcos Oliveira & Dean Johnson-Fannin welcome the students from Brazil. community pharmacy observations, along with advanced lectures by FSOP faculty. H-E-B is also participating in this program, by offering the students a weeklong experience in different areas of H-E-B Pharmacy. Students are exposed to administrative leadership, experiencing pharmacists’ daily duties and activities, and observing state-of-the-art automated prescription-filling. This program is part of a four-way partnership involving two catholic universities (UIW and PUCPR) and two businesses (H-E-B in the U.S., and the Brazilian pharmaceutical company Prati-Donaduzzi). Carmen and Victor Donaduzzi, owners of Prati-Donaduzzi, visited San Antonio in the third week of January, demonstrating the high level of commitment to their U.S. partners H-E-B and UIW. Prati-Donaduzzi offers a scholarship annually for eight FSOP P4 pharmacy students to participate in an innovative elective rotation in Brazil. The rotation focuses on comparing drug regulation and registration processes in Brazil and the U.S. (ANVISA and FDA). After this week-long course, the students have a five-week industrial internship at Prati-Donaduzzi. The first group of four FSOP students completed this unique international rotation in September 2013.

The Dean greets the Donaduzzis.

N E W P H A RM A C Y P R A C T I C E A S S I S T ANT D E A N A P P OI N T E D In December of last year, Dr. William Linn, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, stepped down as Assistant Dean and Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice at FSOP. Following an internal selection process by a search committee in the fall, Dean Johnson-Fannin invited Dr. Cheryl Horlen to assume the position. Dr. Horlen is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at FSOP, and the Residency Program Director. Her duties as Assistant Dean and Department Chair began effective January 1, 2014. Dr. Horlen joined the FSOP faculty in June of 2007. She graduated from the University of Texas with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1999. She completed an ASHP-accredited Pharmacy Practice residency at

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, TX, followed by a Specialty Residency in Primary Care at the University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC. After completing her residency training, Dr. Horlen joined the faculty of Campbell University School of Pharmacy in Buies Creek, NC. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at Campbell University, she also served as preceptor for students on the required ambulatory care rotation, as well as Assistant Director for the Primary Care Specialty Residency. She is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. She is also a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Dr. Horlen’s areas of interest include anticoagulation, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and women’s health.

UIW P HARMACY R EVIEW I NDEXED J OURNAL The highly-anticipated fourth volume of FSOP’s own indexed journal, the UIW Pharmacy Review, will be published in March, online and in print. This journal is a project of student editors, who determine each issue’s theme and content. It is modeled after law review journals such as the St. Mary’s Law Review or the Harvard Law Review. It is currently the only pharmacy review journal of its kind in the nation. The selection process for editors is rigorous. Applicants must possess many skills, in addition to a high academic ranking. Serving as an editor conveys a prestige far higher than any other accomplishment a student can attain at FSOP. The following twelve students comprise this year’s Pharmacy Review Editorial Board: Anna Lovoi, Editor-in-Chief, PharmD Candidate 2014 Erin Moore, Production Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Jennifer Ma, Executive Editor, PharmD Candidate 2015 Theiry Chea, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Brianna Elliott, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Katherine Fischer, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2016 Kate Goodspeed, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Ashley Kilgore, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Shelby McBee, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2016 Kim-Ly Nguyen, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Emilie Quach, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Marcela Saenz, Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014 Drs. William Linn, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, and Eli Phillips, J.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, are the journal’s creators and serve as Faculty Advisors. Dr. Tina Lopez, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of the Drug Information Center, serves as Webmaster and Faculty Advisor. Articles for the UIW Pharmacy Review are welcome from students, professors, and pharmacy profession practitioners. Submissions are accepted online at the following link, which also outlines the process and parameters:

E XPANDING Y OUR H ORI ZONS S AN A N TONIO C ONFERENCE On January 11, 2014, a one-day conference was held at UIW to acquaint 170 middle school girls to various avenues in the math and science professions. This event was a collaboration between UIW, UTSA and St. Mary’s University women faculty, staff and students. There were 15 different topic-specific workshops, several presented by UIW faculty, and there were 40 college student volunteers. The keynote speaker was Kristen Story Held, M.D.

Special thanks to the FSOP faculty and staff who played an important role in conference planning and execution: Dr. Tina Lopez, Dr. Nicole Farrell, Dr. Kathleen Lusk, Dr. Cynthia Nguyen, Dr. Blair Sarbacker, Dr. Adeola Coker, Dr. Renee Bellanger, Dr. Elizabeth Yablonski, Ms. Alejandra Zertuche, Ms. Rosalinda Villarreal, and several FSOP students.

Happy faces at registration.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kris Held

Waiting for the conference to begin.


What is a capacitor?

Who wants to be a doctor?

Learning about patient assessment.

FSOP S TUDENT R ECEIVES NACDS S CHOLARSHIP In January 2014, the NACDS Foundation announced the four recipients of their $5,000 Pharmacy Student Scholarship Awards. The recipients were chosen for their work that shares the NACDS Foundation’s commitment to benefit patients, improve outcomes and advance public health. The first FSOP student to receive this prestigious national scholarship, Ms. Katherine Fischer, Class of 2016, was chosen as one of the four awardees. “We are pleased to recognize the work of these high-caliber pharmacy students by awarding each of them the NACDS Foundation Pharmacy Student Scholarship Award,” stated NACDS Foundation president Kathleen Jaeger. “Each exemplifies one of the key missions of the NACDS Foundation in supporting pharmacy education programs that focus on patient-centered care in the community pharmacy setting, and we applaud them for their academic accomplishments.” Ms. Fischer’s vision of the practice of pharmacy, believing that change is needed in the delivery of patient care services, includes an expansion of clinical services and health testing in community practice, as well as increased engagement in community outreach.

S C H OL AR S HI P A W A R D S N U R T U R E S U CC E S S The school’s Scholarship and Awards Committee has had a very busy fall rounding into spring, working to secure available scholarship dollars for deserving FSOP students. To date this year, a total of $27,500 in scholarship dollars have been awarded to 12 students. Numerous additional scholarships are still available and will be awarded this spring.




Mrs. Christina Seeger, FSOP Librarian, and Dr. Jeffrey Copeland, Assistant Dean of Experiential Programs, were accompanied by FSOP student Mr. James Flink (P4) on a medical mission trip to south Texas border towns San Ygnacio and Zapata. The mission trip, held on January 18th, was sponsored by the San Antonio chapter of the Christian Medical and Dental Association. Patients were evaluated by dental and nursing students, and were assigned to groups of doctors and nurses or dentists according to their needs. 72 patients were seen in Zapata, and 64 patients were seen in San Ygnacio. The under-served populations in both towns greatly benefited from the services provided.

Dr. Jeffrey Copeland offering Pharmacy consults.


aculty Highlights:

Mr. Flink preparing supplies and counseling patients.

Dr. Rebecca Attridge 

Published response to comment on Intravenous sodium bicarbonate therapy in severely acidotic diabetic ketoacidosis in Annals of Pharmacotherapy. Co-authors: Duhon B, Attridge RL, Franco-Martinez AC, Maxwell PR, Hughes DW. Epublished ahead of print, December 5. Published Benzodiazepines versus propofol for refractory alcohol withdrawal syndrome: a retrospective chart review in Annals of Pharmacotherapy. Co-authors: Sohraby R, Attridge RL, Hughes DW. Epublished ahead of print, January 16. Presented Effect of vasopressin on return of spontaneous circulation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the Society of Critical Care Medicine 43rd Annual Congress, San Francisco, CA, January 10-13. Co-authors: Turner D, Attridge RL, Hughes DW.

Dr. Renee Bellanger    

Published Life-threatening codeine toxicity- pharmacogenomics in action in UIW Pharmacy Review, Fall 2013. Attended ASPEN Nutrition Care Week, Savannah, GA, January 17-21. Volunteer Career Day presentations at Gilbert and Cable Elementary Schools, San Antonio, TX, November. Reviewed an article Pharmacist-Run Influenza Immunization Clinics for Health Care Personnel Based in the Emergency Department for the Journal of Pharmacy Practice, January 1.

Dr. Helmut Gottlieb 

Presented Endogenous Kappa Opioid Receptors Play a Role I Angiotensin II High Salt Diet Hypertensive Rats at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Lexington, KY, February 14. Co-authors: Nguyen TQ, Franklin CE, Hollister B, Tang J, Rangel Y, Gottlieb HB.

Dr. Lila LaGrange 

 

Serve on and attended the fall meeting of the American Physiological Society Education Committee to plan for 2014 activities to promote excellence in physiology education and the development of young scientists, Bethesda, MD, November 24-26. Serve as chair of the AACP Biological Sciences Section Strategic Plan Task Force with the task of providing recommendations on the current strategic plan, November 2013 – May 2014. Serve as a member of the Council of Sections (COS) Strategic Plan Task Force with the task of writing a COS strategic plan, November 2013 – November 2014.

Dr. Blair Sarbacker   

  

Continuing education presentation Untangling the Confusion of Dementia Management: A Focus on the Treatment at the Bexar County Pharmacy Association meeting, January 22. Presented Improving Hospital Pharmacists’ Geriatric Competencies poster at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, Orlando, FL, December 9. Co-authors Ramirez SI, DeLaine LM, Sarbacker LC, Sarbacker GB. Presented Comparison of Live versus Previously-Recorded Educational Delivery Methods poster at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, Orlando, FL, December 9. Co-authors: DeLaine LM, Ramirez SI, Sarbacker LC, Sarbacker GB. Delivered a continuing education podium presentation Untangling the Confusion of Dementia Management: A Focus on the Disease at the Bexar County Pharmacy Association meeting, November 20. Angel Tree Ministry volunteer for collection and delivery of Christmas gifts to needy families, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX, November-December. Became certified as a BPS Ambulatory Care specialist, December 1.

tudent News: ASHP M I DYE A R C L I N I C A L M E E T I N G The FSOP chapter of the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP) had 31 students attend the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting in Orlando, FL, December 8-12, 2013. Students had the opportunity to attend and network at the largest gathering of pharmacists in the world. With a focus on improving patient care and offering hundreds of educational opportunities, the meeting is attended by more than 20,000 pharmacists from 86 countries around the world. Four FSOP students participated in poster presentations, as pictured here and on the following page.

P3 Student: Jan Ramos Poster Title: Serum Albumin Levels Associated with In-Hospital Mortality in Patients with Sepsis, Severe Sepsis, and Septic Shock: A Retrospective Review

P4 student: Gary Legarda Poster Title: Evaluating the Utility of Mobile Devices and Medical Applications during Advance Pharmacy Practice Experiences

ASH P M I D Y E A R C L I N I C A L M E E T I N G (Cont.) P3 Students: Rebeca Jimenez & Ashley Austin Poster Title: Evaluation of the Readability of Consumer Medication Information from Retail Pharmacies

G E NE R AT I O N X E D U C A T E S T E E N S FSOP’s APhA-ASP Generation Rx Committee made presentations in the fall to multiple groups of teenagers in San Antonio. Their topic was Drug Abuse and Misuse. They found it to be a very pertinent topic for this particular age group, due to their exposure to illicit drug use and lack of knowledge about prescription drugs. At one of the events, held at Aerial Athletics on November 16, 2013, students spoke with a group of young gymnasts, ages 12-18, who posed for the group photo above.

K A P P A P S I B R OT HE R S B U I L D A S E R V I C E L E G AC Y On a brisk Saturday morning in the beginning of January, the Brothers of Kappa Psi rolled up their sleeves, strapped on hard hats, and buckled their utility belts to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. With each stroke of a paint brush and hammering of a nail, one deserving family came closer to the home of their dreams. “I am proud of our Brothers today. We worked as a team. Better yet, we worked as a family,” said John Chen, Kappa Psi’s Community Service Chair. By day’s end, muscles were sore and fingers blistered, but hearts were full. The little house built on Jupiter Street may not have been built by professionals, but it was built with love.

SSHP O R G AN D ON O R D R I V E The SSHP Organ Transplant committee held a Donate Life Texas Organ Donor Registration Drive on February 10-12 at the Feik School of Pharmacy. Participants were encouraged to play a fact or fiction game to disprove common misconceptions about organ donation. At the end of the event the committee had educated over 100 participants. They were also successful in registering 35 new donors and identifying 66 existing donors. This could equate to 808 lives saved. Check out for further information on organ donation and registration. This event was spearheaded by student pharmacists Amanda Zessin and Simplicio Aldover, pictured here.



SERVICE In their fall activities, the FSOP chapter of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association reflected well the organization’s mission of serving the underserved. SNPhA coordinated the FSOP student volunteers for an interprofessional health hair hosted by the Walmart Foundation, which was held at and in collaboration with St. Phillip’s College. Dr. Tina Lopez and Dr. Vanessa Phillips organized the event. Held on November 2nd, Pharmacy and Nursing students provided various screenings including blood pressure, influenza vaccinations, cholesterol, glucose, diabetic foot exams, nutrition, hearing and various other services at no cost to eastside community residents. Many in this neighborhood do not have access to regular medical care, and rely on these health fairs for much of their primary care.


SNPhA members teamed up with area medical students to provide triage services for runners in the Rock n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon on November 17, 2013.




The St. Vincent De Paul Kitchen at Haven for Hope, San Antonio's homeless shelter, serves over 40,000 meals each month. CPFI had the privilege of helping prepare and serve breakfast to residents on Saturday, March 1st. The kitchen requires that volunteers arrive before 6:30 a.m. to begin preparation, with breakfast service starting at 7:00. Over 200 meals were served by CPFI members. With each meal came an interaction with an individual whose life many of us could never imagine. Life as a pharmacy student is stressful with assignments, presentations and deadlines, so that we often can't imagine how we will find the time to sleep. Never, however, do we have to wonder where we will sleep. A warm home, availability of meals, and having basic life essentials are the last things on our minds the night before an exam. All it takes is a few hours on a Saturday morning in downtown San Antonio to see that our stresses are truly blessings.


nternational Ventures :

FSOP H OSTS E XCHANGE S TUDENT FROM S PAIN The Feik School of Pharmacy was pleased to host Ms. Olaia Serna Romero as a foreign exchange pharmacy student for the fall of 2013. Ms. Romero is a graduate of the School of Pharmacy at the Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. She studied as an exchange student at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy for the 2012 – 2013 academic year before joining the FSOP. While at the FSOP, Ms. Romero was enrolled in the Pharmacotherapeutics courses offered to P3 students, as well as an elective course. She had the opportunity to tour the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio with Dr. Renee Bellanger, and participated in FSOP student service and professional activities. Ms. Romero was mentored by Dr. Helen Smith, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Two more students from the Universidad de Navarra School of Pharmacy are expected to join the FSOP in the fall of 2014. It is anticipated they will enroll in FSOP therapeutics and elective courses as well.

E CUADOR S TUDY A BROAD E LECTIVE The focus of this year’s FSOP study abroad elective is healthcare in Ecuador, South America. This is the third year an interprofessional study abroad elective has been offered jointly by the Feik School of Pharmacy and the Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing. The previous electives were studies of healthcare in India and China, which culminated in trips to each country. The Ecuador elective is being co-taught by five Pharmacy and Nursing faculty and has 17 students enrolled. The classroom component presents the history, culture and healthcare environment of the destination country. Faculty and students will travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands at the end of the spring semester, from May 26 th to June 7th. The itinerary is comprised of 3 days in the Amazon rain forest, 4 days in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, and a 5day cruise around the Galapagos Islands.


Members of the UIW Scuba Club traveled to Cozumel, Mexico last December 10-15. Four FSOP faculty participated, and are pictured in the group at left: Dr. Rebecca Attridge, Dr. Russell Attridge, Dr. Rebecca Brady, and Dr. Lila LaGrange.

If you know a fellow graduate that may not have received this newsletter, please share it with them. Also, please ask them to send their contact information to Linda Etter, FSOP Publicist, at ( That will allow us to include them in future newsletters and alumni activity announcements. We also invite you to visit the UIW Alumni Association webpage, where you can view a list of upcoming campus events and news items, read about how to get involved, and sign up for the “Cardinal’s Nest” community, at

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