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ecent Happenings:

C LASS OF 2014 G R ADUATION C EREMONIES The Class of 2014 graduation celebrations began with the Graduate Luncheon on Wednesday May 7th, for the graduates and their families. The luncheon was held off campus for the first time, at the historic Sunset Station in downtown San Antonio. Built in 1902, Sunset Station was originally the Southern Pacific Depot, where the famous Sunset Limited stopped on its route connecting San Francisco with New Orleans. Each graduate received three gifts: a glass award marking the receiving of their degree from FSOP, a membership certificate for the Feik School of Pharmacy Alumni Network, and a desk nameplate given by FSOP and the Alumni Network. Graduates were inducted into the Pharmacy Alumni Net-work (left). Dr. Gilbert Sarmiento, Class of 2012 alumni, was the speaker for the luncheon.

The graduate awards and their recipients are listed as follows: CVS/Caremark 2014 Outstanding Community Pharmacy Intern H-E-B Set Sail Award Target Honor Graduate Award Walgreen’s Honor Graduate Award Wal-Mart Guiding Principles Award APhA Senior Recognition Award TPA Student Patient Counseling Competition National CLARION Interprofessional Case Competition 2014 Award of Excellence in Clinical Communications Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Graduation Award Los Quijotes Awards University of the Incarnate Word Pharmacy Review Editors

Excellence in Clinical Pharmacy Practice Award Pharmaceutical Sciences Department Outstanding Graduate Awards Outstanding OSA Award Faculty Preceptor of the Year Award Dean’s Academic Achievement Award (Highest GPA)

Portia Thompson Hector Collazo Briana Elliott Robyn Beatty Samantha Reyna Anjelica Seifert Pamela Barajas-Saenz Kim-Ly Nguyen Kim-Ly Nguney (2nd place) Roderick Sanchez (3rd place) Christopher Mowen Erin Ohman Ashley Kilgore Samantha Reyna Pamela Barajas-Saenz Rebecca Cisneros Teresa Galvan Debra Steward Anna Lovoi Erin Ohman Theiry Chea Brianna Elliott Kate Goodspeed Ashley Kilgore Kim-Ly Nguyen Emilie Quach Marcela Saenz Gabrielle Raymond Tho Man Linda Paul Kim-Ly Nguyen Dr. Kathleen Lusk Ashley Kilgore Reyna Joseph Linda Paul Kathy Uriarte

O ATH & H OODING C EREMONY The celebration honoring our graduating class continued the following evening, Thursday May 8 th, with the 5th annual FSOP Oath and Hooding Ceremony, downtown at the Lila Cockrell Theater. Of all our ceremonies, this is the most elegant, elaborate and prestigious. It allows us to showcase each student and celebrate their marvelous accomplishments with their loved ones. The ceremony is comprised of the hooding of each student and administration of the Pharmacy Oath to the class. Our speaker for this occasion was Ms. Rebecca Snead, Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations. The Pharmacy Oath was administered by Dr. Brian Cohen, Director of Pharmacy Services, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Occasion remarks were delivered by District 1 City Councilman Diego Bernal.

Ms. Rebecca Snead

Dr. Brian Cohen

Councilman Diego Bernal

About the Graduating Class of 2014 o

100 students started class on August 16, 2010 at the John & Rita Feik School of Pharmacy on the campus of the University of the Incarnate Word.


100 participated in the fifth White Coat Ceremony on October 1, 2010.


89 students are from Texas


A few students came from Arkansas, California, Illinois, Utah & Virginia


57% are female


51% are first generation college graduates


40% call San Antonio home


40% have a Bachelor’s degree


4% have a Master’s degree


In 2010 students ranged in age from 19 – 45 years old


95 will receive the Doctor of Pharmacy degree on May 9, 2014.


Graduates are 100% committed to the profession of Pharmacy, and to the healthcare of each individual whom they will serve.


The class is: 34% Asian 29% Caucasian 25% Hispanic 4% African American 4% Other

Alumni and friends, You know that I rarely talk politics. However, I use this forum to encourage, entreat, and push you to VOTE. It is not just your right; it is the right thing to do. We live in a country where it is allowed and expected. For some segments of our society, securing the right to vote was a struggle. We should not forget the sacrifices of those who paved the way for each and every one of to be able to cast our ballot. As the 2014 gubernatorial election rapidly approaches, I ask you to please consider the candidates and the elements of their platform. We have a comrade in the race. More than just a colleague, we have a person who, unlike the opponent, is committed to working with whoever is for Texas and its citizens. I have put my money, my time, my hands, my help where my where my mouth is. I invite you to do the same. I would like you to support my candidate. But above all, I want you to vote! See you at the polls in November! All the best, Dr. J

Dear Alumni, Another school year has begun, and many new registered pharmacists from our Alumni Network are working in our community and surrounding areas. Welcome to the pharmacy profession and becoming our colleagues! There are some upcoming events to look forward to, such as the White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2018 on October 3rd. The Alumni Network is currently looking for volunteers to assist in coating the Class of 2018. Please contact me if you will be able to assist with this special event. I would also like to remind our alumni of the tailgate events for this year’s UIW football season on August 30, September 27, October 25 (Homecoming), and November 8. The Homecoming activities will take place October 23-26. Please visit the alumni website at for more information. I would like to remind you that we have a pharmacist running for Lt. Governor. Senator Leticia Van De Putte has done so much for our profession, and I am excited about what the senator envisions for the future for pharmacists in the health care system. Please pass this information back to your hometown and remember to register to vote as soon as possible. Vote early or on November 4th. On another note, I would like to share that I have been elected as President of the Texas Pharmacy Association Political Action Committee. With this added endeavor, I am looking for a group of alumni to take over and become our next Alumni Network Board. If anyone is interested in becoming a UIW-FSOP Alumni Network Board Officer, please contact me by September 20th to be added to the ballot for the Alumni Network October elections. I have enjoyed being your Alumni Network Chair for the past four years, and will continue to be involved as much as time will allow. I hope to see you at an upcoming alumni event or out in the community. Chris Alvarado, Pharm.D. UIW-FSOP Alumni Network Chair 210-363-0829,

I T P AYS TO C OMPL ETE THE A LUMNI S URVEY ! We would like to thank the members of the Classes of 2011 and 2013 that completed the AACP Alumni Survey. This survey is very important to the continued accreditation of the school, and the higher response rate the better the data. The survey will remain open until August 31st. If you have not completed the survey, please check your email for a link to it. We only give this survey twice, so the Class of 2011 is done. The Class of 2013 can expect one more survey two years from now. We had 8 winners of $50 gift cards from each class. Congratulations to these alumni for being randomly selected to receive the gift cards: Dr. Andrew Castillo, Dr. Johnathan Cuevas, Dr. Amber Davis, Dr. Sara Elizondo, Dr. Kimberly Erickson, Dr. Maureen Ezeh, Dr. Cassandra Green, Dr. Brian Hettler, Dr. Michael Holt, Dr. Jessica Kandera, Dr. Marla Lear, Dr. Donna Marroquin, Dr. Kendall Millikin, Dr. Toleea Piña, Dr. Amanda Sampson, and Dr. E.J. Woodruff.

Remember, it’s not too late to give your opinion about your education at the FSOP!

P RECEPTOR OF THE Q UARTER It’s a commonly known fact in pharmacy and in academia that we love our acronyms…MTM, DUR, IPPE, APPE… the list goes on. More recently, IPE or Interprofessional Education is the latest bona fide abbreviation to burst upon the pharmacy education scene. Dr. Cynthia Nguyen, a 2011 graduate of FSOP, has been given the distinction of leading the way as FSOP’s Interprofessional Education and Collaborate Practice (IPECP) Coordinator. As we start the beginning of a new school year, I look forward to highlighting the newest acronym on the block, and the alumni faculty member who is helping UIW achieve its IPE goals. IPE is defined by Dr. Nguyen as students from multiple professions coming together to learn about, from and with one another. IPE is intended to train the next generation of health professionals to work collaboratively with one another, and to improve patient healthcare outcomes as a result. Dr. Nguyen is thrilled to be a part of the IPE movement, and feels that if done right, it will revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. At her site at the Bowden Eye and Health Center (2547 East Commerce Street), Dr. Nguyen works in partnership with CommuniCare Health Centers-East Campus. She works with an interprofessional team of students and faculty members from pharmacy and the other health professional schools at UIW to help patients with type 2 diabetes manage their disease state. In talking to Dr. Nguyen about her role as a preceptor at her site, she states that her own rotation experiences in addition to her time spent practicing pharmacy in the community solidified her desire to precept others. She hopes to pass on the lessons she learned, and especially enjoys helping students navigate through the “grey” areas of pharmacy practice. Dr. Nguyen is a shining example of what we at UIW look for in our preceptors. I am always eagerly looking for alumni to serve as exceptional preceptors for the next generation. The process is very straightforward, so please do not hesitate to contact me by email (, and I will be happy to assist you. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your stories with fellow alumni. Best wishes, Dr. Nicole Farrell IPPE Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

E XPERIENTIAL E DUCATION D EPARTMENT – F ALL N EWS Have you ever considered becoming a preceptor for the Feik School of Pharmacy? This is a great way to give back to your alma mater. There are many rewards, and becoming a preceptor is a relatively simple process. All of our alumni are cordially invited to attend the Feik School of Pharmacy Preceptor CE offered on Friday, October 3, 2014 from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.. The program is free, and dinner will be provided as well. This year’s topics will cover: the new online process for preceptors to enter students’ evaluations into RxPreceptor, technology news in precepting, improving communication skills, and tools on evaluating your pharmacy students. You will receive the required 3 hours of Preceptor CE by attending this program, to start your completion of the preceptor requirements. This event will provide a great opportunity to reconnect with your classmates and network with other preceptors in the community. The presenters will be Dr. Jeffrey Copeland, Dr. Nicole Farrell and Professor Regina Tabor. We look forward to seeing you this fall and spending a rewarding evening together.

F ACULTY P ARTICIPATION AT AACP A NNUAL M EETING Feik School of Pharmacy faculty were active participants at the AACP annual meeting in Grapevine, TX from July 26-30. A team of 11 faculty and 8 administrators were in attendance, and were involved in the following activities: School Posters Dr. Tina Lopez

Local to Global: Innovations in Community Engagement

Research/Education Posters: Session I Innovations in Teaching Competition Dr. Jason Cota* Using Steps and Checklists in Infectious Diseases Honorable Mention Research/Education Posters: Session II Dr. Jason Cota – poster competition. Pharmacy Practice Dr. Tina C. Lopez Health Screenings and Education for the Underprivileged Dr. Cynthia Nguyen Campus-wide Awareness of Interprofessional Education Among Health Professions Continuing Professional Education Ms. Alejandra Zertuche Using Item Analysis and Faculty Review to Increase Reliability of an End-of-Year Exam Library and Information Science Co-author:

Mrs. Christina Seeger

Updating the Core List of Journals for Libraries that Serve Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy

Research/Education Posters: Session III Experiential Education Co-author:

Mrs. Christina Seeger Pharmacy Practice Dr. Elizabeth Urteaga Dr. Elizabeth Urteaga

Highlights of a National Preceptor Development Survey Based on Practice Setting Preferences Assessment of a Wellness Initiative to Engage Healthy Behaviors in an Academic Environment Use of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination to Evaluate Clinical and Communication Skills

Mini-Session Ms. Alejandra Zertuche Assessment and Analytics: How to See and Interpret Data to Ensure Continuous Quality Improvement Biological Sciences Section Dr. Marcos Oliveira chaired the session. Dr. Lila LaGrange, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, served as Chair of the Biological Sciences Strategic Plan Task Force this past year. The task force developed Action Items and Implementation Plans for the Strategic Plan. Dr. LaGrange presented the updated Strategic Plan to the Biological Sciences Section business meeting. Library and Information Science Section Mrs. Christina Seeger, FSOP Librarian, was inducted as Chair of the Library and Information Science Section. Council of Sections Dr. LaGrange served on the Council of Sections committee and was involved in writing of the committee’s strategic plan, which was approved at this meeting. *Primary presenters named unless otherwise noted.

FSOP F ACULTY R ECOGNIZED IN W ALMART AACP S ERVICE A WARD The AACP Board of Directors selected Walmart to receive their prestigious Distinguished Service Award for 2014, for its decade of support for faculty development through the AACP Walmart Scholars Program. The board specifically recognized David D. Trang, PharmD, MBA, now on faculty at the UIW Feik School of Pharmacy, for his vision in starting this program while in management at Walmart. The program provides $1000 scholarships to student-faculty pairs from AACP member institutions to attend the Annual Meeting, with the goal of strengthening the recipient’s skills and commitment to a career in academic pharmacy. “It is remarkable that Walmart saw the connection between having adequate numbers of well-prepared faculty in pharmacy schools and their own core priorities as a healthcare company,” said Lucinda L. Maine, PhD, RPh, Executive Vice President and CEO of AACP. “When David Trang approached AACP indicating that he felt the company should support efforts to make academic careers compelling to our top students, we could never imagine that this program could touch so many lives.”

Dr. David Trang, Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Pharmacy Practice

I NTERPROFESSIONAL E DUCATION F ACULTY D EVELOPMENT W ORKSHOP On July 16-17, twenty UIW faculty members and librarians from the various UIW health professions schools came together at the Rosenberg School of Optometry for the inaugural Interprofessional Education (IPE) Faculty Development Workshop. This 1½-day workshop highlighted a hot topic in health professions education: interprofessional education – “when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes” (WHO, 2010). On the first day of the workshop, Dr. Kathi Light, UIW Provost, shared a special message regarding the push for IPE at the university. Father James Adame was also in attendance and delivered a reflection on collaboration and a prayer. There were representatives from the departments of pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, nursing, and library. Participants were engaged in activities and discussion about IPE, current interprofessional initiatives across the health professions campuses, and the future of IPE at UIW.

Dr. Cynthia Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and IPECP Coordinator

A very special thanks to the following interprofessional group of faculty who played an important role in workshop planning and execution: Dr. Amy Crocker from the School of Physical Therapy, Dr. Charles Garcia from the Rosenberg School of Optometry, Dr. Cynthia Nguyen from the Feik School of Pharmacy, and Dr. Monica Ramirez from the Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions.

E NHANCING S TUDENT A SSESSMENT Drs. Rebecca Attridge, Kim Cauthon, Elizabeth Urteaga and Amy Witte attended OSCEology June 11-13 at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy in Toronto. While the FSOP is actively expanding the OSCE as an assessment tool for students, the OSCEology program provided development for the FSOP faculty to work collaboratively with faculty from all over the world to engage in the process of case writing, case reviewing, standard setting and role playing with simulated patient-actors.

A S OUTH A MERICAN A DVENTURE Developing Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Cultural Sensitivity via Study Abroad A group of 24 pharmacy and nursing students and faculty recently returned from a nearly two-week study abroad experience in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands during MayJune 2014. Fourteen students and three faculty (Dr. Rebecca Attridge, Dr. Russell Attridge, and Dr. Rebecca Brady) were from the Feik School of Pharmacy. It was a trip to remember, as the group experienced the rich culture of Ecuador through educational sightseeing, healthcare visits, trekking and tubing through the Amazon, and exploring the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Students took an elective course in the spring semester to prepare for the trip. Presentations and discussion boards focused on cultural traditions, educational systems, political/social happenings, and healthcare practices. This advance study provided a background and frame of reference for everyone. The elective course and travels in South America accomplished two important objectives. First, pharmacy and nursing students developed interdisciplinary friendships and understandings that can be used throughout their schooling and careers. Second, we gained a better understanding of the Ecuadorian culture that may help us improve care, communication, and understanding with a more diverse group of patients. Study abroad opportunities are invaluable chances to experience the diverse and exciting world in which we live. Ecuador and its Galapagos Islands proved to be a land of wonders with rich history, culture, food, and experiences. All are thankful for a safe trip and memories to last a lifetime. Group members with a Galapagos Tortoise


aculty Highlights:

Dr. Rebecca Attridge 

 

Published Effect of vasopressin on return of spontaneous circulation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy journal, epublished ahead of print, May 28. Co-authors: Turner DW, Attridge RL, Hughes DW. Presented GOLD Standards for Management of Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists 66th Annual Seminar, Houston, TX, April 12. Presented in-service Assessment and Management of Intensive Care Unit Delirium for the University Health System medical intensive care unit nursing staff, San Antonio, TX, July 9-10.

Dr. Russell Attridge  

Published Outpatient antibiotic prescribing in the United States: 2000 to 2010 in the BMC Medicine journal, June 1. Co-authors: Lee GC, Reveles KR, Attridge RT, Lawson KA, Mansi IA, Lewis II JS, Frei CR. Co-Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Study Abroad course and trip to Ecuador, May 26-June 7.

Dr. Renee Bellanger 

Volunteered for Career Day presentation at Mary Hull Elementary School, San Antonio, TX, May 22.

Dr. Jeffrey Copeland  

Presented Pharmacy’s Mission in a Changing World: A Christian Perspective at the 2014 CPFI Annual Conference and National Student Retreat, Myrtle Beach, SC, June 12. Elected to the Christian Pharmacist International Board of Directors 2014-2017 at the 2014 CPFI Annual Conference.

Dr. Helmut Gottlieb 

 

Recognized by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Division of Pharmacology Education, for service as an Executive Committee member from 2011-2014 and asked to serve an additional 3-year term, at the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA, Apr. 26-30. Submitted a R15 NIH grant for $300,000 entitled Endogenous role of kappa opiod receptor in salt sensitive hypertension, August 2014. Accepted as an eligible reviewer for participation in the Early Career Review (ECR) program at the Center for Scientific Review (CSR), National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As Scientific Review Officers assemble study sections, they can refer to the ECR to select reviewers with expertise in areas relevant to the applications they review.

Dr. Cheryl Horlen 

Attended the Council of Independent Colleges 2014 Workshop for Department Chairs and Division Chairs, Baltimore, MD, May 13-15.

Dr. Lila LaGrange 

Served as a judge for the American Physiological Society at the International Science and Engineering Fair, Los Angeles, CA, May.

Dr. William Linn 

Serving as an editor for a new textbook Medical Literature Evaluation for Patient-Centered Care, expected publication date January 2016.

Dr. David Maize  

Reviewed a new school of pharmacy application to advise the ACPE Board on granting initial site visit, May 1. Facilitated a pharmacotherapeutic course integration workshop at the Notre Dame of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Baltimore, MD, June 10-12.

Dr. Anita Mosley 

Presented Immunization Updates and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infections for Young Adults at the American College Health Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, May 30. Co-author: Cauthon K.

Dr. Cynthia Nguyen      

Presented Pharmacist’s Corner: Medication Safety class at Morningside Manor, San Antonio, TX, May 27. Co-authors: Farrell NC, Nguyen CN. Presented Interprofessional Education (IPE) Faculty Development Workshop at the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry, San Antonio, TX, July 16-17. Co-facilitators: Crocker AF, Garcia CA, Nguyen CN, Ramirez MN. Attended the All Together Better Health VII International Conference on Interprofessional Practice and Education, Pittsburgh, PA, June 5-8. Precepted for the Catholic Charities Refugee Health Fair at St. Matthews Catholic Church, San Antonio, TX, June 21. Chartered the Kappa Psi San Antonio Graduate Chapter, May 17. Attended Flipping the Classroom faculty development training, FSOP, San Antonio, TX, June 24-27.

Dr. Blair Sarbacker  

 

Drug Therapy Management Prescribing Protocol was approved by the Texas Board of Pharmacy, May. Interprofessional continuing education podium presentation Recognizing and Treating Dementia in Primary Care at the 4th annual Geriatric Conference Building Partnerships for Geriatric Care: Helping Elders Age in Place, San Antonio, TX, July 25. Co-authors: Mathew R, Sarbacker, GB. Poster presentation Second Generation Antidepressants and Fracture Risk in the Elderly at the 4th annual Geriatric Conference Building Partnerships for Geriatric Care: Helping Elders Age in Place, San Antonio, TX, July 24. Co-authors: Kreys TJ, Lusk K, Kreys E, Sarbacker GB. Continuing education podium presentation OTC and Prescription Drug Considerations in the Young Adult at the 2015 American College Health Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, May 30. Co-authors: Whong C, Lusk K, and Sarbacker GB. Podium presentation Impact and Perception of Pharmacist-Physician Team Visits in a Geriatric Primary Care Clinic at the 47th annual Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference, San Antonio, TX, May 4. Co-authors: Patel NK, Sarbacker GB. Round table discussion facilitator for Using Huddles to Individualize and Tailor Learner Goals in a Geriatric Primary Care Clinic at the 47th annual Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference, San Antonio, TX, May 6. Co-authors: Patel NK, Sarbacker GB. Poster presentation Geriatrics for the Specialties – Preparation for Future Practice at the 47th annual Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference, San Antonio, TX, May 5. Co-authors: Patel NK, Sarbacker GB. Chaired the planning committee and served as a moderator for the 4th annual Geriatric Conference Building Partnerships for Geriatric Care: Helping Elders Age in Place, San Antonio, TX, July 24-25. Presented an Immunization Training Program for Lebanese American University students in rotations with FSOP at Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX, July 29-30. Co-presenter: Witte A.

Ms. Christina Seeger 

Inducted as Chair of the Library and Information Science Section at the AACP Annual Meeting, Grapevine, TX, July 26-30.

Dr. Donald Sikazwe 

Collaborated with Dr. Julian Davis, UIW Chemistry Department, on a synthetic chemistry project. Out of that collaboration, chemistry students were able to present a research poster entitled Synthesis and Characterization of benzyl nipecotate and isonipecotate derivatives as potential acetylcholine esterase inhibitors at the Spring 2014 ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Dallas, TX, March 16-20. Reviewed a Research Centers in Minority Institutions pilot project grant for Florida A&M University.

Dr. Elizabeth Urteaga   

Presented Mobile Technology in Patient Care at the 39th annual National Wellness Conference, Minneapolis, MN, June 23. Attended Strengthening Students’ Writing and Thinking in Any Discipline workshop, UIW, San Antonio, TX, May 14. Attended MARC Grant Writing workshop, UIW, San Antonio, TX May 19.

Dr. Amy Witte 

Presented an Immunization Training Program for Lebanese American University students in rotations with FSOP at Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX, July 29-30. Co-presenter: Sarbacker GB.


tudent Highlights:

FSOP S TUDENT A WARDED N ATIONAL ASCP I NTERNSHIP Mr. Jeffrey Van Liew was chosen as the summer 2014 Paul G. Cano Policy and Advocacy Intern for the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP). This coveted eight-week paid internship in Washington, D.C. focuses on policy and advocacy for the pharmacy profession. Mr. Van Liew brought his interest in government workings from Syracuse University, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Public Affairs. Involvement at FSOP with the Texas Pharmacy Association and the American Pharmacists Association has only added to his interest in this area. The internship provided multiple opportunities for involvement with policy and advocacy at the national level. ASCP was tracking a number of pieces of legislation this summer, and Mr. Van Liew was very excited to visit the Hill on his first day. He was delighted to hear that ASCP was experiencing a very busy summer for policy. Van Liew outside the White House

Mr. Van Liew attended 15 visits to the legislature to advocate for the profession on numerous bills related to pharmacy, including Provider Status. He was very interested to sit in on a Ways and Means Committee mark-up, where members of the committee propose amendments to legislation, and then the legislation is voted upon to proceed to the full House of Representatives. By attending a Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) meeting, Mr. Van Liew was able to see how closely pharmacy associations are working together. In attendance were chief executive officers, board of directors’ presidents and additional staff members from each pharmacy association. Mr. Van Liew also attended a Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition meeting (PAPCC). This group is comprised of pharmacy associations, trade associations and drug stores, working together to lobby and advocate for Provider Status. Mr. Van Liew’s experience brought a greater awareness of the number of opportunities pharmacists have to get involved and have an impact in policy and advocacy. He looks forward to continuing this type of important political involvement for the pharmacy profession going forward into his career.

FSOP S TUDENT C HOSEN FOR J OHNS H OPKINS I NTERNSHIP FSOP student Damian Mireles (P3) was awarded the Johns Hopkins Hospital Pharmacy Internship for the summer of 2014. The internship was awarded to 23 qualified students from around the nation, to participate in various areas of hospital pharmacy. Mr. Mireles focused on the medication safety and quality of the pharmacies by developing standard operating procedures to reduce waste, improve workflow, and impact overall patient safety. He was also involved with continuity of patient care from hospital to home. Mr. Mireles also had the opportunity to attend pharmacist discussions, shadow clinical pharmacy specialists, attend CE seminars, and present medication safety projects to physicians, residents, pharmacists, and nurses. As the only Johns Hopkins pharmacy intern from Texas, Mr. Mireles hopes to start a chain reaction to encourage FSOP students to apply for the internship and learn more about the many facets of health-system pharmacy.

FSOP S TUDENTS A TTEND S UMMER L EADERSHIP I NSTITUTE Over 200 student pharmacists, representing all 130 pharmacy schools in the nation, gathered in Washington, DC the weekend of July 18-20 for APhA-ASP’s Summer Leadership Institute. Among them were two students from the Feik School of Pharmacy, Ms. Jezzeña Morin (P3), APhA-ASP Chapter President, and Mr. Jeffrey Van Liew (P3), APhA-ASP Chapter Policy Vice President and APhA-ASP Region 6 Delegate. The weekend started with 120 student pharmacists conducting approximately 200 Hill visits to advocate for HR 4190 in collaboration with APhA’s initiative, Pharmacists Provide Care. Morin and Van Liew visited four offices on the Hill: Senator John Cornyn, Representative Lamar Smith, Representative Lloyd Doggett, and Representative Joaquin Castro. “We were able to meet health care staffers and provide them with great examples of how student pharmacists and community pharmacists are providing care for our patients,” said Van Liew. Participants attended leadership training as part of the Institute, and networked with fellow attendees about growing their chapters. Ms. Morin and Mr. Van Liew are excited to share with the FSOP chapter and local community what they learned at the Summer Leadership Institute.

Van Liew and Morin with Ms. Ashlee Vineyard, Deputy Chief of Staff for Representative Lamar Smith (TX-21)

R HO C HI P ARTICIPATES IN I NTERPROFESSIONAL H EALTH F AIR FSOP members of the Rho Chi Society and the SNPhA chapter participated in a health fair held at St. Matthews Catholic Church in San Antonio on June 21st. Dr. Tina Lopez, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of the Drug Information Center, served as event coordinator. Joining the group of students was Dr. Amalia Mondriguez, UIW Professor of Spanish, in support of her Pharmacy students taking summer Elementary Spanish for Pharmacists courses. Pharmacy students were joined by students from the Rosenberg School of Optometry, the Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions, and Dr. Cynthia Nguyen, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Coordinator. Participants received medication counseling, diabetic foot exams, eye exams, and wellness counseling. Medical screenings were performed by WellMed and the Kidney Foundation.

CPFI C HAPTER OF THE Y EAR The Chapter of the Year Award was presented to the FSOP chapter at the Annual CPFI Conference and National Student Retreat in Myrtle Beach, South Caroline, June 11-15. Dr. Jeffrey Copeland accepted the award on behalf of the chapter. The FSOP chapter has hosted several outstanding national and regional CPFI Student Retreats over the last several years, in addition to participating in numerous chapter activities, fundraisers, and service projects.

U NIVIS ION I NTER -P ROFESSIONAL H EALTH F AIR SNPhA hosted a Univision Health Fair on Saturday, August 16th at Univision Station in San Antonio. The health fair targeted underserved children with health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, diabetic foot care, BMA, medication review, asthma education and wellness counseling. Pharmacy students were joined by students from the UIW Nursing, Optometry, Nutrition and Physical Therapy programs. Dr. Tina Lopez, Director of the Drug Information Center, coordinated the event for the FSOP.

K APPA P SI K ICKS IT UP A N OTCH The Brothers of Kappa Psi set their eyes on a Top 5 rank for their efforts during the 2013-2014 year. Through great leadership and hard work, the Brothers of Epsilon Beta have recently been ranked and awarded the #3 best International Collegiate Chapter out of 97 collegiate chapters. They were also named the #1 chapter in the Southwest Province (Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico). Last year they achieved the rank of #6 internationally. The new officers have lots of hard work to do to reach #1 this year. Pictured are the officers of Kappa Psi Epsilon Beta for the 20142015 academic year. Pictured L to R: Front: Chad Batey/Regent, Kathleen Peterson/Corresponding Secretary, Himani Patel/Historian, Vincent Savage/Ritualist, Marissa Garza/Webmaster, Dr. Elizabeth Yablonski/GCD Back: Jeff Van Lie/Vice Regent, Kehmia Tangeh/Vice Regent of Pledging, Zachary Bohmfalk/Recording Secretary, Jon Jost/ Sargent at Arms, Dr. David Maize/GCD Emeritus.

K AP P A E P S I L ON S U P P OR T S W OM E N ’ S E XP O On August 3, the Brothers of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity participated in a Women's Health and Beauty Expo hosted by Jubilee Outreach Church at their campus. The event featured various vendors such as H-E-B, Walmart, and University Health Systems. Topics such as healthy cooking, massage therapy, health screenings, mini-facials and makeovers. Dr. Renee Bellanger, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Kappa Epsilon faculty advisor, precepted for the event. KE Brothers performed blood pressure and blood glucose screenings for nearly 300 women. As part of educating the attendees on health & wellness, they counseled participants about making healthier choices and consulting family physicians. It was a great opportunity to promote lifestyle modification and wellness interest in the community.




In June, UIW faculty and students assisted the San Antonio Archdiocese Catholic Charities Health Fair targeting the local refugee population. Participants included Dr. Cynthia Nguyen, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and ICECP Coordinator, Nursing Instructor and Clinical Coordinator Yvonne Davila, Senior Nursing Instructor Cynthia Richardson, and Dr. Tina Lopez, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice.


lumni Highlight: A LUMN US B EGINS N EW H OSP ITAL C AREER Dr. Andrew Burris, FSOP alumnus Class of 2006, has been hired by the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas to serve as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. Dr. Burris will make proactive clinical interventions on patients located in the CVICU and PCU. Congratulations to Dr. Burris!

taying Connected! If you know a fellow graduate that may not have received this newsletter, please share it with them. Also, please ask them to send their contact information to Linda Etter, FSOP Publicist, at That will allow us to include them in future newsletters and alumni activity announcements. We also invite you to visit the UIW Alumni Association webpage, where you can view a list of upcoming campus events and news items, read about how to get involved, and sign up for the “Cardinal’s Nest” community, at

Fe ik Sc h oo l o f P h ar ma cy  4 3 01 Br oad way, C PO 99  San An ton io, T X 7 8 20 9 -6 31 8  ( 21 0 ) 8 8 3 - 10 00 h ttp : // w w w .u i w. ed u /p h ar macy /

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