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Year 12 Media Studies student questionnaire Name: Fred Snell GCSE Results: English Language – B English Lit – B ICT – B Science – D PE – C History – C Philosophy & Ethics – B Philosophy & Ethics (short course) – C Maths – D French – D Hobbies: My hobbies come in a ranged variety. Some of my hobbies include cinema, watching big blockbusters and new releases and exploring a variety of films that suit my taste. Another one of my big hobbies is based around football, not just playing the sport (which I have a passion for) but also watching it being played on a global scale in the Premier league and foreign leagues but mainly supporting my home club Norwich City FC at every home game that is played. More of my hobbies include photography, capturing various different moments. I also enjoy social networking via Twitter and Instagram keeping in touch with friends and gaming on the PS3, including games such as FIFA and GTA. A big hobby of mine is music. I enjoy going to live gigs and festivals which include the music from some of my favourite bands such as Major Lazer, Green day and Oasis. Print Media: I occasionally read a variety of Newspapers which include the EDP (Eastern Daily Press) mainly to catch up on the news from Norwich City Fc but also to find out what is going on within the community that I live in and to read about the local news. The other newspaper that I read is the Sunday Times because I feel that it gives a more intelligent and accurate overview on the news, by reading this I like to catch up on the sport, politics, celebrity gossip and media reviews. Radio Media: There are a variety of different radio stations that I tend to listen to, these include such as Kiss and Radio 1 for music entertainment and genres of music that I like to listen to for example to keep me entertained on a car journey. In contrast when I am working I prefer to listen to Radio 1Xtra as it supplys me with music but also news at the same time to keep my mind focused and on task. Music Industry: My favourite genres of music include electronic dancehall DJ Project including the likes of Major Lazer and others, I also like Britpop and Indie Rock amongst

a few. I don’t belong to a band but one day I would like to learn to play an instrument of some form, most probably guitar or piano. A very large majority of the music I listen to is done through the internet and when downloading music onto a portable device (Iphone) I download it from the internet as it is easily accessible. My opinion on Illegal music downloading off internet sites is that if it is easily available to be used then i see no reason why it shouldn’t be. I think if people have a bigger enough passion for music then they will go to these lengths to listen to it and I am not against it as I do it myself to download most of my music. Video Games: The favourite video game would have to differ between two which would be FIFA and GTA (Grand Theft auto). GTA is a video game based around a certain individuals past and the violence and stories that follow their life. In the game you can do many things such as complete missions or just drive around doing as you please such as shooting and killing innocent civillians or raiding a drug den and taking on police officers. GTA arguably offers the widest range of things to do on a video game ever made, this ranges from driving any vehicle you could think of and allows you to live in a real life scenario minus the over exaggerated scenarios you are put in. Video games have had a negative effect on attitudes to gender as in some video games females have been made out to be a less superior race to male by listing them as prostitutes in some games and under meaning them in many ways. They have had a negative effect on the solution to conflict also as most video games promote violence within their story and the situations are not dealt with in a sensible manner. New Technology: I think new technologies have increased my ability to communicate with others by making it much more easier and accessible for me to speak to others. Just by the click of the one button I can contact whoever I want no matter where they are in the world. It also gives people who aren’t that confident the chance to introduce themselves to others. I think new technologies have influenced access to finding out about films, television programmes and the music industry because with the access of the internet you can find pretty much whatever of the above you wanted to. You can now watch trailers for films that aren’t even out yet to see if it appeals to you, you can also see reviews about the above and judge whether or not you think you’d like them. With the advance in new technologies it is now easier for someone to create their own form of media text for example a film or a tv programme. Thanks to new technology this is possible because you are able to get the correct high tech equipment to do so and with the aid of the internet you can teach yourself how to. It has helped to increase my understanding of the world as I can clearly see how much the world has progressed from many years ago until now. Television: My favourite television channels are channel 4, BBC Three, BBC 1 and Sky one because they show the programmes that I like the most and are most interested in. The favourite TV genres are comedy and sport. This is because I am a very passionate football fan and comedy can cheer me up no matter what mood I am in. Feature Film: I’d argue that my favourite genre of film falls into the category of action adventure. There are a vast majority of films that I find outstanding, the three I have narrowed it down to would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this would be because the storyline over the three films is so gripping and keeps you glued to the screen and I find

the storyline interesting. The soundtrack and cinematography has won several awards which emphasises how powerful both of these are, the graphics are really realistic and the performcanes by the actors are top class. Another film that I find outstanding is The Dark knight mainly because of its intreieging story line and clever filming throughout. Another aspect of this film which is so good is the charcaters of the 'Dark Knight' and the villain 'Bane'. Finally another film i find outstanding in the world of film is the film 127 hours, i am a big fan of some of Danny Boyle's work and this film is no exception of his briliant film making. This film is based on a true story which makes it ever more interesting and intreiging. My preferred destination to vue films is at the cinema because i feel you get the full experience with the surround sound, obvious wide, big screen and the general feel that you are souly there to watch a film. My favourite cinema is Odeon, the reason for this is because they offer the widest range of films, provide the best all round service with refreshments and standard of seating and comfort. The cinema located in Riverside is also easily accessible for me and they offer a price that is acceptable. I would say that i prefer to watch films in a group of my friends in contrast as to on my own because we can all enjoy the film and get the laughter/excitement out of together not just individually. It is also good to communicate with a group during/after the film if there are any parts you didnt understand and to discuss the films qualitites and negatives. I am not a media producer.

Year 12 media studies student questionnaire