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Question 4 – Who would be the audience for your media product?

The Pursuit aims to target the demographic of 16 – 18 year old British males, this is due to the characters in our film being within this demographic and dominates the mise en scene for the majority of the thriller film. We were able to get the audience to relate and identify with The Pursuit due to the characters shown in our thriller film. Myself, Luke and Tobias are all within this age group therefore the audience should be able to relate and identify the situations and some surroundings these characters find themselves in. In order to gain a profile of the audience we wanted to target, we took into consideration what types of media products they consumed. We found that 16 – 18 year old British males usually enjoy watching such TV drama series like ‘Skins’ and ‘Top Boy’, they also enjoy consuming such films as ‘Kidulthood’ and ‘Ill Manors’. They enjoy consuming such films and TV dramas due to elements of them like characters, soundtrack, storyline, location and themes. We took all of these elements into consideration when making The Pursuit to allow the audience to identify with the characters.

Characters from the film ‘Kidulthood’

Characters from the TV series ‘Skins’

User ratings for ‘Kidulthood’, the target demographic 16-18 rated it the highest

The gender to which The Pursuit will mainly be associated with is males. The reasons for this are that we portray a strictly male cast of characters meaning that the protagonist is therefore male which supports the generic convention of males generally being the threat/danger and playing a lead role. Due to us having an all male cast it is very accessible for us to relate to a male audience as they may be able to relate themselves to the character(s). However on another note our thriller film may also appeal to a female audience due to sexual attraction they may find when viewing the male characters. Male dominated films such as Fast and Furious are popular with the female demographic. Much like the original thriller film Reservoir Dogs, The Pursuit asserts male dominance. The cast from Reservoir Dogs are largely male and throughout the film, the males operate in groups, implying that they have a predatory approach and have a more established hierarchy than females. Males of the 16 – 18 demographic may be able to relate to this as they may have found themselves in some form of gang warfare or operation in their life. Due to this dense male cast in Reservoir Dogs, males rated the film the highest in comparison to females, we took inspiration from this in that we would have a male dominated cast in order to appeal to our 16 – 18 male demographic. The Pursuit represents males in a number of different ways; lacking empathy, isolated, anti social and inscrutable. These elements perhaps bring a certain amount of fear and mystery about males making them seem more complex than females.

Male dominated cast in ‘Reservoir Dogs’

User ratings for Reservoir Dogs showing males voted highest in every age group over females.

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“Gay subtext always makes every movie better.” – Quentin Tarantino The audience for our thriller film The Pursuit could also be gay men. The brilliance of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs is exemplified by the profound and intimate relationship portrayed between “Mr. Orange” and “Mr. White”. Through the lens of their interactions, the film explores our cultural perception of masculinity and how male sexuality is intimately entwined with violence. In fact, violence becomes the vehicle that gives these two characters permission to be physically and emotionally demonstrative with each other in a way that our machismo-obsessed culture wouldn’t otherwise allow. The ultimate irony is that violence permits them to explore their (sublimated) feminine impulses and/or homoerotic urges. Due to our all male cast the example above could well also happen in our thriller film. The fact that our thriller film could possibly appeal to an audience of gay men means we are able to widen the audience that views our film causing it to get greater acknowledgment.

The main ethnicity that The Pursuit would appeal to would be White British because this ethnicity dominates the mise en scene throughout our thriller film. There is no evidence to say that any other cultures are in the opening and that its based upon a white British location. The Pursuit was filmed in the heart of Norwich, where a large amount of the citizens are White British therefore people of this ethnicity could relate to the surroundings as they have lived there before and are used to the culture. The TV series ‘Skins’ is a good example of white British ethnicity as it creates its characters to fit in with the lives of standard white teenagers in a contemporary British society. The Pursuit has portrayed this also as the characters are in their known natural environment/surroundings. This could also be appealing to other ethnic groups as they get an insight of what life is like for the white British ethnicity for example the way in which we are living and how we are treated. They may be interested to see the comparisons between two ethnicities.

Tony from ‘Skins’

Tobias showing he is of the white British origin


The soundtrack we used in The Pursuit was primarily to create a sense of tension throughout building up to the murder and more tense scenes in the film. The fairly fast pace and differing deep/high tones leans more towards the genres that some young people are interested in, but if it creates tension then the audience should be enticed into the action on the screen.

Our thriller film would primarily be for that of the middle to low class. This is due to the stereotypical view that people of a lower class tend to get caught up in scenarios such as murder (portrayed in The Pursuit) and drugs. Our film is low budget but it has an intelectual opening with many senses of enigma which may appeal more to a middle class audience as this aspect is rather sophisticated and takes some thinking about. The surroundings in which we chose to film in such as Anglia square are rather derylict and gritty and may be the kind of area a low class individual may live therefore a low class person would be able to relate to our film easily. Low budget films such as Submarine and This is England (made by Warp Films) have won many awards and have proved to be popular with the low to middle class. These awards were won for the films being a resoundingly truthful representation of society which is what we have attempted to achieve with The Pursuit.

Question 4 – who would be the audience  
Question 4 – who would be the audience