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Media Studies Summer Task Casino Royale Opening Scene

In this image from the opening scene of ‘Casino Royale’ it is shot in black and white which (film noire) mode immediately leads us to believe it could be a flashback. The lighting is focused entirely around the characters face which could lead to deceive the audience as its only portraying one aspect of the character and not giving too much away about the character early on. The scene begins with an unusual low angled establishing shot of a building and a car pulls up next to it. The wind can be heard blowing through the street and the setting is quite eerie. A man is then shown to get out of the car but his identity is not revealed at this time. The low camera angle gives us the full picture of the scene without much detail and leaves us wondering who the character is.

The man is then seen going up the elevator in another low angled shot and slowly ascending violin music is then played which adds suspense and also adds to the fact that the elevator is going up the building. Then show in the image this is followed by a close up of the man in the elevator but this time at a high angled shot and then the violin music stops which could make the audience feel as though they were in the lift with him. The clothing that the character is wearing in this cene makes the audience think that he is from Russia or a cold country. We now see a close up . image of the floor number gradually increasing which adds suspense to the scene and creates an effect as if it is counting down to something important that will be on a particular floor in the building.

Media studies summer task Part 1  
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