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studio profile An introduction to a creative design studio that is based on integrity, a

We do

love of design and a commitment to quality.

Work hard Enjoy ourselves Exceed expectations Love design

We don’t Lose sight of the goal Waste our clients money Cut corners Blog about the weather

our studio

We are an independent creative design agency, based in the heart of the East Midlands, who take great pride in the work we do for our clients in industry, education and not-for-profit sectors.

We bring together a wealth of experience and acquired skills to form a small, hard working and approachable team. We produce work that is interesting, beautiful, memorable and effective and we love it when we meet clients who share the same beliefs and principles.

Our aim is to provide a consistent, effective service through intelligent design. Our strengths lie in branding & identity, design for print, packaging, photography and new digital media linked with the ability to fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ expertise and ethos.

Our approach is one of collaboration. We like to hear your views and reactions to our work. You deal directly with the studio rather than through account handlers and are part of the creative process from the outset, forming a close working relationship to deliver clear, strategic solutions.

Opposite page: Our creative skills and attention to detail has enabled us to work with leading brands in a wide variety of industries.

Our success is down to our creative flair

We don’t fall at the final hurdle‌ with

and genuine love for what we do,

the industry experience gained over the

backed up by our tightly knit team and

years our team has an in-depth, first

up-to-date technology. Our design

hand knowledge and interest of the

awareness is constantly enriched by

print and production process. Our

new trends and talents as well as having

digital skills and precise technical

a huge amount of respect for design

abilities allow us to produce artwork to


the highest of standards avoiding potentially costly delays in production

We view each project as an opportunity

processes. Wherever possible we see a

to create a memorable body of work,

project through to completion and

from a complete identity programme to

delivery with the confidence that the

an individual project and relish the

outcome will be to both ours and our

opportunity to generate long lasting and

clients exacting standards.

fruitful relationships. This attitude and attention to detail has We firmly believe that the design process

allowed us to work with some of the

should be an uncomplicated and

most recognised brands in the world,

enjoyable experience, placing great

with our technical skills ensuring brand

importance on establishing a clear brief,

integrity is maintained throughout any

with achievable goals and objectives. We


appreciate and understand that everyday issues such as deadlines and budgets are important, with no room for mistakes and are proud of our history of completing projects to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

With a background in the traditional art and design process (with proper pencils) we believe there is still room for some things in life to run like clockwork.

Right: Digital render

We do

For more examples and

Work hard

information on this service

Enjoy ourselves

please see our digital image

Exceed expectations


Love design

We don’t Lose sight of the goal Waste our clients money Cut corners Blog about the weather

FSG Design was established in 1995 by

Our intention has always been to remain small

designers Christopher Large and Marc Cram and

and to work across a number of sectors in order

Finance Director Liz Oldfield. After experiencing

to maintain the freshness and vigour of our work.

life in some of the largest multi-disciplinary design

With the exception of taking on expertise in

agencies in London and the Netherlands we

artworking, digital design and marketing, we

wanted to use our passion for design to set up

have resisted the pressure to expand and have

our own agency that was small and friendly,

concentrated on developing great creative

highly creative and focused on client

solutions for a loyal client base, working in sectors


we enjoy and know we can add value to.

Chris Large. Creative Director

Some of our favourite things

Tin robots, grid systems, fine food, good books, Ealing Studios, shaggy dogs, the seaside in

Marc Cram. Creative Director

winter, retro gaming, caramel bunnies and

great coffee

Liz Oldfield. Finance Director

Heather King. Designer

Kathryn Laverack. Marketing Manager

an introduction to our love of intelligent

design Creative design work for print, packaging, identity and digital

From the creation of an entire brand identity

media from a studio that is based on integrity, a love of design

to the simplest of communications, intelligent

and a commitment to quality.

design can help our clients create aspirations, inspire action and encourage loyalty.

creating identity through design

We strive to ensure that the personality and distinctive characteristics of our clients’, products, services and people are conveyed throughout our work. Fundamental to creating successful design solutions is our ability to listen and then to question. Establishing who you are, where you stand and where you want to be, is central to both design direction and its results. It’s what makes every client different and every one of our solutions unique.

Our role is to give a voice to the personality and characteristics of your company or product, whether they are the physical qualities of beauty, craftsmanship, technical excellence and functionality or the less tangible strengths of reliability, authenticity, knowledge, experience, compassion and understanding.

To add value and dimension to visual communications we maximise the use of format, materials and textures to reinforce the qualities, spirit and personality of our clients.

A selection of identities we have created for a wide range of sectors.

collect distribute renew

design for print

We have a passion for print and an in-depth knowledge of its processes and possibilities. We have worked alongside some of the most well respected designers and typographers and have huge respect for the values of designers that have shaped our industry. We combine these traditional principles with the creative opportunities presented by formats, materials and printing processes.

From simple advertising messages to complex technical information, forms and internal communications, we create print that is functional, appealing and whenever possible beautiful!

In a digital age, we strive to use the tangible assets of print and materials to outstanding effect.

A selection of printed work from the retail, leisure, business and arts sectors.

CafĂŠ to go designs that maximise and work within the technical print restraints.

Trace Elements detail shows exhibition literature using recycled board and traditional letterpress techniques.

effective design for packaging Effective packaging requires functional, informative and eye catching design that takes into account both the physical product and its environment. Our design process pays equal attention to each of these fundamental criteria.

Our inhouse rendering capabilities enable both our clients and ourselves to visualise and assess new products and pack concepts well before production, saving both time and money. Our 3D rendering work has been used extensively throughout client product development presentations at corporate board and commercial retail level.

Uncle Ben’s rice packs for foodservice.

Rigid lid and base packaging for Walkers Handmade Chocolates give an elegant and luxurious feel.

Packaging and instore graphics to help maintain brand integrity over multiple packaging formats for Royal Canin.

The packaging of limited edition models forms an integeral part of Corgi Collectables anniversary and commemorative ranges.

Examples of packs for contemporary kitchen tools and accessories.

logical structures

We approach our website design from a logical, functional and aesthetic perspective in order to achieve a well considered structure.

Our digital design work creates effective communications across established and emerging platforms and media that not only support and strengthen brand values but ensure a memorable experience and encourage return visits.

Visually strong and well structured cross platform html site.

Monthly email campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with current clients as well as talking to prospective ones.

an introduction to our love of creative

photography Our approach to the photographic image plays a key role in the creative design process.

As our passion for design has evolved over the years, our love of the image and its creative possibilities has developed into a bit of an obsession.

capturing the perfect image With intelligent design we can create aspirations, inspire action and encourage loyalty. An image has similar potential and used creatively as an integral part of the design process it can be a very effective tool.

Harnessing an image’s power to suggest reality, create associations and show authenticity has been our incentive to develop our own photography skills. It has also given us the ability to indulge our passions for the craftsmanship, precision and care involved in the products we work with; for the environment, outdoor living, for people and pets and especially for food. Within our team we manage the full process, from the sourcing of props and venues, studio styling, photography and post shot editing.

From everyday products to high end technical equipment or beautiful food, we relish the opportunity to create an effective and memorable image.

love food love food photography We love good food. We love to source it, to prepare it and to eat it and we love to use our photography skills to inspire others to do the same.

Our elegant, beautiful food photography tries, wherever possible, to use natural light from our studio to capture the delicate tones and subtleties of the dish.

Cooked, prepared and styled in house, our attention to detail makes every shot a mouthwatering and appealing image effectively selling either the quality and taste of the food itself or inspiring confidence in the food related products or services being promoted.

Great food photography helps sell great cookware – Images for a range of packaging and a 300+ page product brochure.

a creative approach

Products, people or environments. Whatever the subject, our photography takes a creative approach twinned with technical skill and attention to detail to make an arresting and memorable image. We pride ourselves on the ability to exploit the qualities of even the most ordinary of objects and make them look stunning.

Our in house studio gives us full control over the images required and offers our clients a flexible and cost effective service.

We are just as keen to get out on location. We like nothing more than pulling on a pair of wellies for a great portrait of a gamekeeper, getting up close to a beautiful organic pig or being enthralled by the noise, smell and complexity of a traditional knitting factory.

Accurate representations of the form, texture and features of a product are vital, as is capturing the essence and atmosphere of a specific image.

The digital realisation of packaging, products and concepts is an integral part of the creative process.

an introduction to our passion for the potential of the

digital image Technical ability and imagination help us make creative concepts a reality.

Our ability to digitally create convincing products, packaging or environments is continually producing impressive results for many of our clients.

realising potential

It is hard to imagine our world without digital rendering and image manipulation. They have become incredibly powerful tools in both the design and marketing processes.

With our digital rendering skills we can offer a service that allows our clients to realise their packaging, in-store concepts and graphics with far more versatility than was traditionally available, and one that is quickly proving to be an invaluable asset for our clients.

In addition, by working with and manipulating existing images we can create powerful messages for advertising, exhibitions and product promotions.

Once the model is created, producing alternatives is a very cost effective solution.

digital rendering

Realising a new pack or point-of-sale design by traditional means can be a costly and time consuming process.

Our advanced digital rendering skills give us the ability to change aspects of a product or design without the need for physical prototypes, allowing for a more thorough exploration of ideas and possibilities.

We can demonstrate how pack concepts or graphics look individually or on mass, creating impressive visuals for design, research, sales and promotion purposes. This visualisation of products and promotions in context can also make decisive contributions to pack and point of sale design.

With technical ability and imagination we can realise creative concepts and make them a reality.

Packaging on mass can create impressive visuals for design, research, sales and promotion purposes. This visualisation of products and promotions in context can also make decisive contributions to pack and point of sale design.

With technical ability and imagination we can realise creative concepts and make them a reality.

Demonstrating how product placement and in-store units look can be a powerful tool, and is a valuable part of the design process.

3D modelling is a great way to help clients visualise a concept. An accurate representation of an exhibition stand allowed the client to assess the graphics and understand the working space.

image retouching

Image manipulation and digital rendering has taken product portrayal to another level making virtually any creative concept possible.

If an image isn't quite right or needs an extra dimension, then we have over 15 years experience in the digital manipulation of images. From a simple colour change of a product to creating a believable and realistic room set, the possibilities are endless.

This experience, used in conjunction with digital rendering enables us to create stunningly effective images for advertising and product or pack development. Our ability to add sufficient surface realism to a product in any imagined environment has the power to give marketing messages an unrivalled confidence and authenticity.

Digitally enhanced images (originals below) for the home interior and motorsport sectors.

Whether its visualising pack concepts, product development or creating hyper real photographic images, 3D modelling and rendering allows us to take a concept and make it reality.

Guinness glass can, a personal project, exploring photorealistic condensation techniques with our favourite drink.

Product visualisation, illustrating how colour and material exploration is easily achieved with 3D modelling and photorealistic rendering. A truely cost effective way of working.

This fully rendered scene demonstrates how 3D modelling allows us to explore concepts that, due to physical, budget or time constraints, would not otherwise be possible.

Studio 20

01536 765 888

Eckland Lodge Park

Desborough Road Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 8HB

If you have a new project that you wish to discuss and would like to visit our studio please call us on 01536 765 888 or email us at We’d love to see you, a cup of tea and a chat can take you a long way.

FSG Introduction  
FSG Introduction  

Creative design work for print, packaging, identity and digital media from a studio that is based on integrity, a love of design and a commi...