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Sixth Form

“The support from the College allowed me to find independence and to really be myself.�

Welcome to The Latimer Arts College Sixth Form We are delighted that you have expressed an interest in The Latimer Arts College Sixth Form. At The Latimer Arts College, we all share one key aim: for each individual to secure personal success by aiming for excellence in all that they do. We place no boundaries on ambition, no limits on aspirations and no barriers in the way of achievement. We work together to ensure that everyone in our learning community feels respected, valued and is provided with every opportunity to be the best that they can be! Through an innovative, personalised curriculum with a relentless focus on learning, our Sixth Form students thrive on rich, varied and exciting experiences aimed at preparing them for lifelong success. As part of our caring, family-centred environment they become confident, independent and creative thinkers and we are extremely proud of them! Every Sixth Form student is a unique individual and our highly skilled and experienced team of staff works hard to ensure that they each feel valued and supported to reach new heights in their academic and personal success. This is an exciting time to be part of our high-performing and vibrant Sixth Form and we very much hope that you will want to join us.

“The College was instrumental in providing the advice that I required to grow into a strong and confident person.�

Our Care and Support Our personalised approach makes our Sixth Form a caring and positive place to learn and grow. We fully recognise that each individual Sixth Form student will need to be guided and encouraged to achieve excellence during their post-16 journey. Staff at The Latimer Arts College build strong and trusting working relationships with each Sixth Form student. Each student is nurtured and mentored by a tutor. In addition to this, our dedicated Sixth Form Centre Manager assists each student on a daily basis, meets with them regularly and provides individual care and advice.

“I feel challenged and made to think in every lesson and I have had unrivalled support from my teachers that has got me where I am today.�

Our Curriculum and Learning We are proud that we are able to deliver a rich, high quality, broad curriculum that offers Academic A-Level routes and Vocational pathways in subjects that include mathematics, the sciences, humanities and the arts. This enables our Sixth Form students to be able to study the subjects that they are interested in and those that will enable them to fulfil their career ambitions. Each student is encouraged by a fully committed team of subject specialists who engage them in lessons and provide the challenge they need to reach their full potential. We also work closely with a wide range of business partners who help to enrich the educational experience.

Alongside their timetabled lessons, Sixth Form students have allocated independent study time. This allows them to carry out further research into their subjects; it provides them with an opportunity to prepare for assessments; and it offers time for Sixth Form students to work collaboratively to review topics that they have learnt in class. We have an active Sixth Form Leadership Team which is instrumental in contributing to ensuring that the highest standard of education is delivered. Alongside a commitment to striving for excellence and focussing on academic study, students are encouraged to become fully involved in the life of the College. Our Sixth Form students are outstanding role models for our younger students: they routinely provide support through mentoring and by contributing to lessons once per week.

Our Sixth Form Learning Centre and Study Support We are passionate about providing the most purposeful learning environment in which our young adults can grow. Our Sixth Form students have their own well-resourced and modern Sixth Form Centre. They are provided with two study areas, with ICT access in both. One study area provides an opportunity for collaborative learning to take place, with the second study area providing study booths for silent, independent learning.

Both study areas are equipped with a resource area, where students are provided with a range of study aids, revision guides, stationery and materials to support with their learning. Sixth Form students also have access to their own catering facility within the Sixth Form Centre. Should they wish to, students also have unlimited access to the College’s Learning Resource Centre, which houses a well-equipped subject specific library of resources exclusively for Sixth Form use.

In addition to this, students are provided with wi-fi access and charging points, should they wish to use their own personal devices.

Preparing for the Future We pride ourselves in supporting our Sixth Form students to make the right choices on their journey to success. Our tutor-time programme focusses regularly on our values and planning for life beyond the Sixth Form, and includes expert advice offered by our Independent Careers Advisor about university places, apprenticeships and the world of work. We also provide an online research platform so that students can explore future pathways and we provide dedicated one-to-one UCAS support. Learning in the Sixth Form is also about becoming the person that you want to be: leadership and enrichment opportunities are exciting, diverse and offer personal challenge! Amongst many other things, our enrichment opportunities include educational excursions, university visits and expeditions abroad.

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The Latimer Arts College Sixth Form Principal: Ms Siobhan Hearne Castle Way Barton Seagrave Kettering Northants NN15 6SW Telephone: 01536 720300 Email: mail@latimer.org.uk Visit our website: www.latimer.org.uk

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The Latimer Arts College Sixth Form Prospectus  

The Latimer Arts College Sixth Form Prospectus  

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