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Sharnbrook Academy Federation (SAF)

exists to provide an outstanding education for all our students, putting their progress at the heart of everything we do.

Sharnbrook Academy Federation currently (September 2019) has five member academies, a sixth form, a community sports centre, and SAF Initial Teacher Training. Sharnbrook Academy Federation is committed to maintaining the unique nature of all of the academies within the Trust. We firmly believe in the concept of local academies for the local community and our staff work collaboratively across all our academies to improve education for all the children in our care and to provide an outstanding educational and enrichment experience for each individual pupil. As CEO and Accounting Officer, I have overall responsibility for the performance and management of the academies in the Trust. There is a Principal within each SAF academy and together we make the overall executive leadership team of our MAT. We are very proud of the work we do at SAF in the very best interests of the students in our care and thank you for your interest in our academies. IAIN DENNING CEO Our MAT has a passion for seeing all children succeed and we are guided in our decision-making by one question, “Is this in the best interests of children?” This question does not just relate to academic attainment. It also underpins our strong duty of care to ensure that children’s well-being and self-esteem as learners and citizens, are nurtured and supported.

Our core values are to:


Work hard and ensure that your best effort drives all that you do


Aim high and to be best you can possibly be


Fulfil your potential and make a real difference



Welcome As a very successful comprehensive school located in

success is expected, encouraged and celebrated, and

North Bedfordshire and part of the Sharnbrook Academy

creativity is nurtured.

Federation, we pride ourselves on our high academic standards, good behaviour and excellent teaching and

Our vertically structured pastoral system provides a very

learning. This has been recognised on many occasions by

high level of care and support for all students and allows


them to develop a sense of belonging to the academy community. We want our students to feel safe, happy and

We believe that all students can achieve and we

enjoy school and this aim is reflected in everything we do.

encourage them to become lifelong learners, challenging

Our hope is that our students leave school having fulfilled

and supporting them to realise their potential. Our students

their academic potential and, just as importantly, that they

regularly achieve some of the best exam results in the

have developed into responsible citizens who are ready to

county and have been nationally recognised over the past

make a positive difference to the world around them.

five years by SSAT as achieving some of the best results in the country.

I hope this prospectus will give you a flavour of what the school is like and of the excellent education that we offer.

At Sharnbrook, we appreciate that there is more to school life than examination grades. Being a large school, we are privileged to have excellent facilities, a wide curriculum and extensive extracurricular opportunities for students. Sharnbrook is a school where effort, hard work and

Clare Raku

Academy Principal


Transition At Sharnbrook, we strive to make our new students feel confident about the transition to secondary school. We understand the importance of making them feel welcome and ensure that they are a valued part of the school community.

We liaise closely with all sending primary schools to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the needs of all who join us. Our curriculum is carefully planned to develop and build on students’ learning in the primary phase.

We have a comprehensive transition programme in place to make sure that students joining us settle in quickly. In the summer term before joining us, students have the opportunity to visit the school for two days. This enables them to start making friends and to know what to expect when they start in September.

Curriculum All of our subjects are taught by specialists who are able to offer engaging and highly effective lessons. Each year is an important stepping stone to the next, and our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully designed to provide clear, supported progression through each key stage, all the way through to our very successful sixth form.

Staff employ a range of strategies designed to make lessons enjoyable, yet appropriately challenging, making sure that every student is fully supported. We offer a three year GCSE programme. This means that students have the time to develop the skills and knowledge needed to get the very best from their studies and ensures they achieve the best they can.

The curriculum is designed as follows:


YEARS 9, 10 AND 11







Humanities (Geography, History & Religious Studies)

Religious Studies

Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, & Spanish)

Physical Education

Physical Education

IT (Year 9 only)


Plus 4 Optional Subjects (See Website For Details)

Design Technology (Food, Textiles & Design Technology) Expressive Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Media & Art)


Pastoral Care Our pastoral system focuses on caring for every aspect of our students’ needs, whether nurturing academic achievement or looking after the emotional wellbeing of our students. We also deliver our extensive PSHEE programme via enrichment days throughout the year.

On joining Sharnbrook, students are allocated to a tutor group which is made up of around 25 students from years 7 - 11. Form tutors have daily contact with each of their tutees and know them individually. Tutors are skilled in easing the transition to secondary school, and they will make contact with parents of new students early in the first term to establish the parent/staff partnership we regard so highly. For students needing extra help in dealing with difficulties and issues, we have a dedicated Key Services team along with safeguarding officers to make sure that we can look after our children when they need it most.

THE HOUSE SYSTEM All students are allocated to one of six houses led by a head of house who, in turn, is supported by an assistant head of house. Colworth YELLOW Grange GREEN Loring BLUE Ouse ORANGE Parentines PURPLE Templar RED We find this enables students to quickly make friends and offers them an established support network of older students who, guided by the form teacher, will offer advice and assistance to younger students. Our sixth form students will guide and work with younger students in their houses at key times throughout the year.

BEHAVIOUR At Sharnbrook, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, happy atmosphere in which students are able to thrive. Good behaviour is essential in any school, and our behaviour policy is known by all and consistently applied.

BREAK AND LUNCH SUPERVISION Starting secondary school might feel daunting, especially at break and lunchtimes. To ease possible apprehension, year 7 students finish the lesson before lunch five minutes earlier than other years so they can arrive in the dining rooms first during the first term. To successfully manage the number of students we have, lunchtimes are split so that there are no more than four year groups on lunch at the same time. Each break and lunchtime is closely supervised both by teams of teachers and by our dedicated full time site supervisor. In addition, we have a team of carefully selected and trained “sixth form supervisors” to offer help and assistance at break time and to help in the dining rooms at lunch. Students benefit from having the peace of mind that there will always be someone close to hand should they need some help.

ADDITIONAL NEEDS (SEND) Sharnbrook is fully inclusive. We make sure that those students who join us with specific educational needs are

well looked after via our additional needs team. In class, lessons are well differentiated to enable students of all abilities to access learning and, where needed, teaching assistants are available to offer thoughtful, discreet support. In addition, we have a team of high level teaching assistants attached to a specific department who can offer bespoke small group work to augment the learning of the classroom.

HOMEWORK Homework is an important part of secondary school life, and something that grows in significance as students progress through the years. The type of homework set varies according to the specific needs of each subject and is linked to the curriculum. To help students and parents keep track of homework and deadlines, we use an online system called Go 4 Schools. We appreciate parents’ help in encouraging their children to focus successfully on their studies at home.

CAREERS Our curriculum is designed not just to be stimulating but also to lead to a rewarding career. To help and guide our students as they start to consider their future, we offer careers advice to all years delivered both via the curriculum and enrichment days and also 1-1 meetings with a qualified careers advisor.


Opportunities and Enrichment Whilst academic success is important, we highly regard the development of each child as a whole.

SCHOOL TRIPS We offer a wide range of both residential and day trips designed to augment and develop our students’ understanding of the wider aspects of the curriculum as well as providing enrichment opportunities. Below is just a flavour of what we offer:


• • • • • • • •

Backnoe End Equestrian Centre stables visit Big Rock climbing centre Bletchley Park Cambridge Physics Experience (Cavendish Laboratory) Cardington Slalom Course (kayaking) Chiltern Hills outdoor education trip Cranfield Business Challenge Design Museum

• • • • • • • • • •

English Theatre trips French exchange UK cultural trips Geography field work in Cromer German exchange UK cultural trips Good Food Show Grafham Water Outdoor Centre History- Churchill War Rooms Imperial War Museum, Duxford (STEM) Knitting & Stitch show Luton Crown Court sociology trip

• • • • • • • • •

Media IMAX visits Natural History Museum Queen’s tennis trip Sky Academy Spanish exchange UK cultural trips Tate Modern Thorpe Park Physics Day Victoria and Albert Museum Warner Brothers Studio visit

German trip to Rhineland Iceland geography fieldwork Manchester geography fieldwork Media Live! Conference Disneyland Paris Norfolk biology fieldwork

• • • •

Rome Ski trip Spanish exchange Swanage geography fieldwork


• • • • • •

Blue Peris Outdoor Centre DofE Canoe expeditions DofE walking expeditions French exchange German exchange German trip to Berlin

• • • • •


HOUSE ACTIVITIES Our house system provides opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities and roles of responsibility. Activities include our inter-house tug of war, the inter-form “University Challenge”, our Christmas hamper drive and many more. Throughout the year, there are interhouse sports and a whole-school sports day in July.

them how to cope when things don’t go their way. Our PE department is passionately committed to inspiring the next generation to get active through sport. We offer an incredible range of sports and clubs for students and have the benefit of an on-site sports centre which the students can utilise. Our sports teams often achieve great success in the many competitions the school enters.

In addition, houses nominate a charity each year and hold fundraising events to raise money for their chosen cause. The house system also offers students the chance to take on roles of increasing responsibility, culminating in real leadership roles. Each tutor group has its own form captains who organise form activities and run events. Each house boasts a team of house captains, who help with whole school events, such as assemblies and fundraising.

Clubs (which are fully inclusive) include football, rugby, netball, hockey, badminton, basketball, table tennis, athletics, rounders, cricket and tennis.


As part of this, students have been able to visit some amazing places, including Nepal, Ecuador, India, The French Alps and many more. Whilst the scheme’s regulations mean that

Sport teaches students the value of working in a team and aspiring to achieve the best whilst showing

THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD We are justifiably proud of the opportunities our students can experience if they choose to get involved in our Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

only students in years 9 and above can take part in the award itself, students in years 7 and 8 can get involved in a series of activities designed to give them a taste of the exciting challenges to come.

MUSIC Music plays a major part in the life of the school. There are regular events throughout the year to showcase our talented young musicians. These include termly concerts for both rock and classical enthusiasts, a Battle of the Bands, music showcases, the Fiddle Fiesta, Christmas concerts and wind and brass days, supported by a strong music team of school staff and peripatetic teachers. These complement our wide range of extracurricular activities, which include studio and computer music clubs, the soul band, rock school, choir, wind band, orchestras, string quartet and our saxophone group. The music teams are always willing to respond to students’ talents and needs, creating many opportunities.





Our drama department is incredibly successful and showcases this via regular performances throughout the year, such as the Creative Arts Festival and drama productions etc.

A walk around the school will demonstrate the incredible level of talent of our art students. There are a number of art clubs and trips to local galleries along with visiting artists introducing professional ideas and practices.

As a core skill, languages are a valued part of the curriculum. Our highly qualified, enthusiastic and innovative languages teachers offer a range of cultural and linguistic enrichment opportunities, both in and out of school. These include residential trips abroad, theatre experiences, Christmas market trips and a film club.

Innovations School of Dance is an initiative for students interested in dance. Students can join in year 7 and move through the companies: Sparkz, Ignite, Activate and Fully Charged. Fully Charged has gained national recognition for its high end performance standards in dance competitions.

The art department aims to have an open access policy at lunchtimes so that students who wish to continue their art work can do so.

Activities are designed for students to learn language and experience the culture in a relaxed and supportive setting.


CLUBS AND SOCIETIES Our students have the opportunity to join a wide range of clubs and societies which run at lunchtimes or after school. Current favourites include:

• • • • • • •

Art Club Canoe Academy- (aiming at Slalom competition) Christian Union Climbing Club Computer Music Club Debating Club Gardening Club (for years 7 & 8)

• • • • • •

Languages Film Club Learn Photoshop Club (for years 7 and 8) Library Club Maths homework club STEM Club (science, technology, engineering & maths) School Dance Club

• • • • •

Science Club (for years 7 & 8) Studio Music Club Wakeboarding Writing Club (for years 7 & 8) A range of sports clubs and many more…

LEADERSHIP AND STUDENT VOICE Young people deserve to have the opportunity to develop their leadership potential and have their voice heard. Students can join our team of trained and experienced peer mentors who help younger students develop strategies to deal with issues and provide a listening ear for those who need it. They are also involved in planning and delivering a programme of powerful and well-received PSHE events for their peers.

A significant number of sixth form students also engage in academic mentoring, passing on their experience and expertise in organisation, study skills, revision and exam preparation, as well as subject-specific knowledge. Our live weekly TV broadcast is manned almost entirely by students, both behind and in front of the camera, providing them with the opportunity to develop technical and presenting skills. It also provides the school with a means to share a breadth of

experiences and viewpoints with the whole student body, ranging from language exchanges and trips to current affairs and school events. Those with a particular interest in the world of politics have prepared debates for the student body linked to significant current affairs, culminating in the whole school casting their votes. This always stimulates much debate and discussion around the school!


Facilities, Communication & General Information Sharnbrook offers a large and impressively equipped campus that enables our students to enjoy experiences that are not available elsewhere. Highlights include: FACILITIES

• • • • •

a dedicated covered area of the playground for year 7 students; a remodelled library for students in years 7-11; a staffed 6th form study centre; a coffee bar for 6th form students; a state-of-the-art science block; our dedicated music centre, boasting a suite of practice rooms, professional quality mixing facilities, a performance area, a suite of music PCs and much more;

• • • • • • •

a suite of fully equipped media editing rooms; a professionally equipped TV studio; projectors and whiteboards in every teaching room; A live televised broadcast every Thursday; “AA1” – our dedicated, large presentation centre; a large dance studio; specialised drama studio;

• • • • •

a large gymnasium and sports centre, including a fitness suite, aerobics studio and well equipped changing rooms; a full-size climbing wall; a large all-weather sports ground in addition to our tennis courts and sports fields; computer suites across the school site; two dining facilities serving a broad and varied range of hot and cold meals.

COMMUNICATION At Sharnbrook, we highly regard the relationship that we have with parents and excellent communication is key to making that a success. Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever they need to, with their child’s form tutor being the first point of contact in most cases. Should the need arise for more serious or urgent issues to be addressed, then the head of house can be contacted as well as members of our senior team. If you are unable to speak to the person you need immediately, then

email is available, or we can arrange to call you back. We also use email to contact parents with important information. Our online system, Go 4 Schools, provides easy access to a wealth of information about how your child is getting on at school, available 24 hours a day via a simple login. Parents are invited into school to meet their child’s subject teachers as well as their form tutor so that they can discuss progress and work together to

help their child succeed. Additionally, parents receive a detailed written progress report on their child during the year for each of their subjects, which will provide information about progress to date and advice on how performance might be improved. Our website is another useful source of information, including a calendar to let you know when key events are happening throughout the year, news items and extensive information about all aspects of the school and its organisation.

SHARNBROOK ACADEMY FEDERATION Great Ouse Primary Academy is a school that thinks and dreams big for its pupils. Expectations are high for all who make up the Great Ouse Primary Academy community and these standards reflect the wonderful physical environment we have developed to enable children to flourish within and beyond the school walls. We are committed to developing learners who are resilient, learners who are focused and learners who are aspirational in their goals: learners well prepared to be successful citizens of the 21st century.


Harrold Primary Academy is situated in the pleasant residential village of Harrold in North Bedfordshire. We share the school grounds with Harrold Pre-School with whom we enjoy close links. This benefits the children when they transfer to the Reception Class. At the end of Year 6, the children usually transfer to Sharnbrook Academy.

Primary Academy

Lincroft Academy has high expectations of all of its students and in return offers a high quality education at the heart of our community. We develop our students into successful, confident and responsible young people ready for further education or employment. At Lincroft, it is important to us that our students feel safe and happy. We are certain that young people work most successfully in a school community that is caring and friendly, yet firm and clear in its expectations and standards.

Oakley Primary Academy is a friendly village school. We are proud to be a ‘values’ school. The values we teach are modelled by all of the team and are integral to everyday life. We strive for resilience and excellence though a supportive atmosphere and engaging lessons.

Sharnbrook Academy is privileged to have excellent facilities, a wide curriculum and extensive extracurricular opportunities for students to get involved in. Our vertically structured pastoral system provides a very high level of care that allows all students to feel a sense of belonging to the school as well as meeting their needs. We set high academic standards and support pupils in realising their potential. We spark intellectual curiosity and encourage a love of learning in our students. Sharnbrook is a school where success is encouraged and celebrated, and creativity is nurtured.


The most important people in the SAF Sharnbrook Sixth Form are the students themselves! Our focus is to ensure that we provide every opportunity for them to learn and to grow as individuals on their journey through life. As the world beyond education becomes ever more competitive, it is essential that we prepare our students to make the most of their aptitudes and abilities as they move towards higher education and a successful future career. We believe that students who choose to study at the Sixth Form are choosing to achieve the very best they can, and we know that they will be given all the support, guidance and encouragement they will need along the way.


A friendly local community sports centre located in the heart of Bedfordshire countryside. We specialise in rehabilitation schemes, ranging from GP referral to Cancer Rehabilitation. Our fitness studio is air conditioned for your complete comfort; we have over 40 stations that are simple and easy to use. Free weights, barbells, kettlebells, core & stretching areas, cable machines and vibration plate included to add variety to your routine. The Cardiovascular equipment has on board touch screen TV monitors to provide entertainment while you work out. We offer a personalised programme for all our members.

Sixth Form

Community Sports Centre

The SAF Initial Teacher Training has been providing classroom-based School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) in the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes areas for over a decade. We offer four comprehensive training routes where young and mature students can learn how to become inspirational teachers and future school leaders.

MAT Trading

SAF MAT Trading is committed to continuous school improvement and we have a wide range of CPD opportunities and links with external organisations to ensure that all staff receive the best possible training and experiences to enhance the learning environment and outcomes for all our young people.

Academy Principal - Clare Raku ODELL ROAD SHARNBROOK BEDFORDSHIRE MK44 1JL Tel: 01234 782211 Email: Designed & Produced by FSE Design Tel: 01933 303520

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Sharnbrook Academy Prospectus 2019  

Sharnbrook Academy Prospectus 2019  

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