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Beech Grove Primary School Limitless Learning

Equality and Inclusivity We value everybody and we value our differences

Welcome Welcome to Beech Grove Primary School. As you read through this prospectus, I hope you will see that we are a school with a difference! Choosing a school is an important decision, so we encourage you to visit and see for yourself what makes Beech Grove so unique. To get more of a flavour of what goes on at Beech Grove please visit our website. Beech Grove is a creative, values-based school with an ethos built around inclusion. Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff and governors set high expectations and believe that every child can achieve. Our school recognises and values the important contribution our parents and the wider community can bring to the education of the children in our care. We actively seek positive partnerships with all who can help us develop. I look forward to working with you and your child. Sara Tirrell Headteacher

Our School Beech Grove Primary School is a very special place and provides a wonderful environment for our children to learn. Situated next to the award winning Wellington Park, we are in a beautiful setting and believe in maximising opportunities to explore learning both inside and outside our welcoming and well equipped building.

Our Curriculum At Beech Grove we offer a broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum with a creative edge. This curriculum sets out to provide practical experiences, rich in opportunities, for our pupils to investigate and solve problems. Each year group develops an Imaginative Learning Project each half term to inspire and motivate all learners. A variety of trips, visitors, outdoor learning activities and a series of whole school themed weeks throughout the year enhance the learning opportunities, providing first hand experiences for all our children. Specialist teachers in Music and Physical Education, enrich the curriculum enabling opportunities to further develop their skills.

Honesty and Integrity We tell the truth and we do what is right for ourselves and for others

Extra-Curricular Activities The curriculum is enhanced with a wide variety of opportunities for our pupils. Beech Grove is committed to the holistic development of each pupil and in order to develop well-balanced individuals, we believe it is important that children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular clubs. Pupils may choose to develop their love of singing in the choir; join one of our sports teams; multi-skills or one of our other many sports activities; get to grips with gardening; learn arts and crafts; or join any one of a range of different activity clubs which run after school.

Cooperation and Collaboration Together Everyone Achieves More!



At Beech Grove Primary school we are exceptionally proud of our Early Years Unit approach to Teaching and Learning.

At Beech Grove, we challenge the myth of ability by using outstanding formative assessments strategies and applying these to all our lessons taught.

Our dedicated and committed team of teachers and teaching assistants in our reception unit have utilised learning potential by providing continuous access to all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Resources are plentiful and our pupils enjoy quality play provision that is generous, aids curiosity and can be truly surprising. Pupils in our reception classes benefit from a free-flow environment both inside the unit and outside. Our youngest pupils quickly demonstrate high levels of wellbeing and engagement within the environment; accessing challenging resources and self-selecting from a wealth of zones within the open plan classroom.

Our pupils are explicitly taught how to develop positive learning behaviours that will support them through all aspects of life. We use assessment for learning as a tool to maximise learning potential and make sure that no child is left behind. Pupils know what they are learning and the reasons why. Pupils are encouraged to self-assess against learning and really engage in the process. We pride ourselves on our rigorous and robust policy for assessment. Our assessment process is part of our effective planning, focuses on how our pupils learn, is central to classroom practice, is sensitive and constructive and fosters motivation for learning.

Lunchtimes We encourage healthy lifestyles and healthy eating at Beech Grove. Good food is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle so younger pupils are offered a piece of fruit mid-morning and pupils are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. We work closely with our catering company to ensure that schools meals are appealing to the pupils of Beech Grove. If children choose to bring a packed lunch we expect parents to provide a balanced and healthy meal. Lunchtimes at Beech Grove continue to offer our pupils much more than a chance to eat and socialise! Each half term pupils can select from a wide range of different activities led by our very skilled team of teaching assistants. To mention a few, pupils can choose from; recorder club, sports club, computer cafĂŠ, card making club, art club, newspaper club, dance club and we even offer a sewing club. In addition to inside clubs, games on the playground continue to engage even our youngest learners. At lunchtime you can often see children of all ages mixing, playing parachute games, tackling balance challenges set up by our trained team of playground leaders and developing their skipping or ball skills.

Inclusion Beech Grove Primary School is an inclusive school and we welcome every pupil whatever their background or special need. We are committed to equal opportunities for all and have high standards of respect and achievement for all members of the school community. We are proud to offer strong support for children who require it academically, medically, socially and emotionally. We believe that every child matters in our school and try to ensure that no child is ever overlooked. We aim to meet the needs of all our children, including those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, those with English as an additional language and those identified with an ability to apply their learning in different contexts (mastery). We try to ensure that every child fulfils their potential and makes good progress both academically and socially.

Responsibility and Citizenship As global citizens, we care for each other and our world

Partnership with Parents and the Community Our pupils make the most of their school experience when there is good communication and strong partnership between home and school. School staff are always on hand to deal with queries or concerns and there are regular opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress. We work closely with local pre-schools, nurseries and secondary schools to ensure smooth and effective transitions for our pupils. Families of Beech Grove (our Parent and Teachers Association) work collaboratively to raise funds to provide facilities and equipment for the pupils in our care. They build relationships, organise fun events and enhance experiences for our community.

Safeguarding Children At Beech Grove Primary School the health and safety of all children is of paramount importance. Parents send their children to school every day with the expectation that school provides a secure environment in which their children can flourish. At Beech Grove we have a wide range of measures in place to ensure that all children feel safe, secure and able to learn.

Aspirations and Excellence Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars!

Beech Grove Primary School Courtland Road



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TA21 8NE


Limitless Learning

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