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A Place of Excellence

Our vision is that our children

‘can be the best that they can be’ and we help them to achieve this through providing opportunities for them to have high aspirations of themselves and their future, through a broad and balanced curriculum where children become ‘leaders of learning’. We achieve this through instilling our children with the values and characteristics needed to be independent, well rounded learners. Our focus on aspiration and achievement is key and this is achieved through exploration of our values:

Democracy, Tolerance, Liberty, Mutual Respect, and the Rule of Law.


Welcome to Westgate Primary School, where providing an outstanding curriculum that enables all our children to achieve and succeed is at the centre of everything that we do. We are a one form entry school in the heart of our community and are extremely proud of our children, our school and our successes. Our curriculum is a fun and engaging journey where children have the opportunity to lead and drive their own learning forward. This gives them the skills, characteristics and confidence needed to succeed in the wider world. We are very proud to also be part of Cygnus Academies Trust, and the opportunities for our staff and children to work together across our schools.

Teaching and Learning We believe in learning by doing. This means that we actively encourage children to learn through first hand experiences wherever possible with a variety of age appropriate environments and experiences. We structure the curriculum for our youngest children within the Foundation Stage, based on their interests and the skills that they need to develop. As the children move through the school this emphasis on skill development and exploration continues through the way the curriculum is structured. This enables the children to learn the knowledge and skills needed in the wider world and use them through a range of real life contexts.

Ace Curriculum

Healthy Schools

The ultimate aim is for pupils to independently lead their learning throughout the adventure.

There are selection of activities that promote health and fitness both within and beyond the school day.

Through Ace adventures we offer a broad and balanced curriculum based on issues which meet the relevant needs of our children and are used to deliver our aims of high aspirations and team work, real life connections, excellent levels of communication, problem solving skills, building community relations, resilience, pride and reflect and evaluate success.

As part of our healthy schools programme we encourage children to make healthy choices both in what they eat and how they exercise. Our Reception children have access to a range of healthy snacks daily. Our children are offered a range of fruit in Key Stage 1 and are encouraged to continue this into Key Stage 2.

Our curriculum helps children to experience and understand the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the ‘real’ world. We use the ACE logo, which stands for Apprenticeships Creating Enterprise. During an ACE adventure children will work ideally in groups of six to establish defined roles, responsibilities and expected outcomes. They will lead their learning through discussion and reasoning in order to complete a product that supports the challenge question during their adventure.

We also encourage families to walk to school on a regular basis.

An ACE adventure is the culmination of the terms teaching and will build on the knowledge and skills that children have learnt throughout the term as well as all their previous learning. It is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their mastery skills through reasoning, speaking and listening and problem solving.

Enrichment As part of our commitment to inspiring children and providing a well-rounded individual, at Westgate we provide a range of activities that enable children to explore a variety of cultural experiences; through music and singing lessons to visits to museums. Our children perform to a range of audiences, including singing at the O2 and our local theatre. These opportunities ensure that our children have the experiences and opportunities to use their skills and support high aspirations for success and future potential.

Your involvement Westgate Primary School strongly believes that parental involvement is an essential part in a child experiencing a positive and rewarding primary experience. We have an open door policy for parents and welcome parents into school on a weekly basis so that parents can see what learning and progress their child is making. Positive communication links are vital to maximise children’s learning. We have regular parent consultation meetings throughout the year and send out termly reports to parents so that parents receive timely and relevant information about your child’s progress and attainment. There is an expectation that parents agree to our home school agreement in supporting their child whilst at Westgate. Our Friends of Westgate association are a key part in helping to raise funds to support the school and all parents are invited to be a part of our PTA.

You are welcome and invited to visit our school and see the children and their learning as it happens by contacting the school office to make an appointment to visit the school on one of our open days. Children can join our Reception class the September after they turn four. Applications must be submitted by the December prior to the September that your child is due to start school. Westgate follows Kent County Council’s admissions policy and places will be allocated following the agreed admissions policy.

Westgate Primary School Summerhill Road Dartford Kent, DA1 2LP Telephone: 01322 223 382 Fax: 01322 286979 Website: www.westgateprimary.org Email Address: office@westgate.kent.sch.uk

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