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Ainslie Wood Primary School

Our school is very welcoming and helps us to be the best we can be. Emilio – Achieve Class (Y5)

I love this school because it is fun and you can make lots of best friends. Donatas - Challenge Class (Y2)

Welcome to our school Thank you for the interest you have shown in Ainslie Wood. Whether you have sought us out or stumbled across us, we couldn’t be more happy for you to have a look around and really get a sense of who we are and what we do. If you’re considering us as the school for your child or children, these are some of the important things you should know about us: We focus on individuals and their personal journey towards their own potential. This means that the learning at Ainslie Wood is child centred and relevant (see Learning information) and we aim to find out about every individual and what they need to learn next in order to move them on. We are a non-testing school (we assess our children consistently and individually) but our results for the statutory end of key stage tests show our children consistently achieve significantly above others of their age groups – both locally and nationally. The Ainslie Wood staff are highly skilled and very supportive. The approach to lifelong learning by all of the staff means that everyone is continuously developing themselves and others. We have a staffing structure that means that teachers

frequently work in teams in order to better meet the needs of all children and it is a very rare day indeed when we have to call an agency for a supply teacher. Our staff regularly learn from and share their skills and knowledge with teachers and leaders from other schools; locally, nationally and internationally. While we all work to our own potential, we know that working together will get us further. Communication is key in everything we do. The staff model excellent communication and the children are taught how to converse and collaborate effectively. We know the sharing of information can sometimes be tricky so we make sure it all reaches you in a range of ways and have lots of ways for you to share with us too. We keep a wide range of communication options open so there is always a way to get your messages to the right person. We are proud of our school and community and have high expectations of everyone in it. Our school community works well together and we work hard to support everyone to be the best they can be. We will take any opportunity to bring our parent community together, from big breakfasts in the playground to fairs and fundraisers, be prepared to get involved.

‘Pupils are expected to achieve their very best pastorally and academically’ Ofsted

Things you should know about our learning Our Early Years Foundation Stage uses a carefully balanced combination of choice, freeflow, routine and structure in order to give our children the strongest possible start to their school career. Our focus on ‘Child Led Independence’ ensures that children make good progress in all areas of their learning; from the beginnings of reading, writing and maths through all aspects including the development of physical, social and emotional skills. This is another area that we like as much contact as possible with parents. In EYFS, we want you to share with us as much as we want to share with you. All learning and development steps and milestones are shared and celebrated and we love to find out about what your child has been doing and learning outside of school too.

‘Teaching is well tailored to the needs and interests of the pupils’ Ofsted

Years 1-6 We believe that the best learning happens when we enjoy it and the deepest learning happens when we own it. It is for this reason that our WE ARE Curriculum, for Years 1-6, is designed to respond to the needs and interests of our children, with a view to creating experts. The ‘Projects’ we learn about during our time at school will let you know what we are becoming an expert in at that time. Our project could be anything from ‘WE ARE Local Area Experts to ‘WE ARE Marine Biologists’ – and anything in between. In order to make sure that our children learn ‘Real Life Skills in Real Life Contexts’, they need to be in the real world as much as possible. This means that there are lots of trips and visits going on throughout the year aimed at catching interest, delving much deeper or trying out new things.

Whole Engaging Active Real Exceeding Expectations

I really like this school because all the learning is making me smart. Nikitha - Challenge Class (Y2)

In years 3 and 4 we like to open the walls so we can collaborate in our learning. Neha - Voyage Class (Y4)

Other things you might like to know Place2Be Our in-house counselling service supports children across the school in a range of ways. For a number of years, Place2Be have supported individual children, friendship groups, families and teachers here at Ainslie Wood through times of difficulty, stress or just when we need someone to talk to. Uniform You may have noticed that the children at Ainslie Wood wear different colours. People often ask if the different colours signify different year groups or something else. The answer is that the colours are personal choice. While we are very proud

of our uniform, children can choose from the three school colours (forest green, yellow gold or burgundy) for their t-shirts, jumpers and cardigans so that our clothes can say more about who we are. Before and After School We run a whole range of clubs at the school which are interesting, varied and really well attended. Look out for our termly clubs list and sign up to those you may be interested in. If you need breakfast or after school club for your child while you get on with work or other commitments, speak to the office who will give you an application form.

I like going to the forest to find things. Fred - Discover Class (Reception)

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We asked our parents for some words to describe us and this was what they said:

Ainslie Wood Primary School

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Ainslie Wood Primary School Prospectus 2018  
Ainslie Wood Primary School Prospectus 2018