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Aiming High - Changing Lives


Welcome... Message from Stuart Ellis, Chief Executive Officer for CHANGE Schools Partnership

Our Purpose: • High Principles - We will operate in accordance with our Articles of Association and ensure that our Vision, Purpose, Values and Ethos are at the heart of everything we do. Aiming High - Changing Lives

“May I offer you a very warm welcome to CHANGE Schools Partnership, an organisation founded upon a common vision of partnership and a belief that if we ‘aim high’ we can ‘change lives’.

• Child-Centred - We will value children’s creativity and individuality and listen attentively to their views, opinions and feelings. Everyone has the Right to Respect

Children and their learning come first. We want our staff to be highly skilled and well equipped to deliver a programme of learning that challenges and excites young minds. Most of all, we want everyone involved in the Partnership to want to be the very best they can”.

• Safe and Secure - We will keep our children safe, secure and cared for. Everyone has the Right to Feel and to Be Safe

Our Vision: "Aiming High - Changing Lives" To develop a sustainable, growing organisation that is based upon mutual partnership and shared values, to ensure that all children within the Partnership get the best possible provision, leading to the best possible educational and wider outcomes.

• Brilliant Curriculum - We will ensure that high standards in English and mathematics are at the heart of a creative curriculum that equips children with the knowledge and skills through experience and deep and profound learning for life. • Quality Outcomes - We will aim to provide firstrate teaching in all lessons that enables children to learn and achieve extremely well. We will support children’s holistic development and work hard to overcome barriers to achievement and build their self-belief and self-confidence. Everyone has the Right to Learn

• Next Step Ready - We will ensure that children leave primary education ready, willing and able to successfully take the next step in their learning and the next step in their lives.

… Our Core Values: • Hope - to be confident in our expectations of all we can to achieve individually and together. • Trust - to develop relationships that are built on reliability, openness, honesty and living out the Core Values. • Respect - to show positive consideration for people and the planet; to be kind, tolerant and understanding. • Responsibility - to have good judgment and the ability to make good choices and decisions. • Courage - to have ability to try new things, overcome fear to undertake challenges, be morally brave, generous, fair, forgiving and compassionate. • Perseverance - to show a ‘growth mindset’ despite difficulties, failures or obstacles and seeing challenges as the opportunity to grow knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.

In partnership with the local community We take school life into the community. We aim to include our local community in events and celebrations, and to share our resources and facilities.

Board of Trustees and Governing Bodies A wealth of knowledge and experience. We are extremely proud of our journey so far and the Trustees and Governors are committed to driving expectations, whilst guiding, directing and challenging our progressive strategies. We are very fortunate that they all have so much to offer in all areas of school life.

Pathways to success We aim to be a market leader in the business of educating children. We include all our stakeholders on this exciting journey to success. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are confident that, with everyone’s help, we will succeed.

Exceptional children Our children are amazing! They are happy to take on new challenges in a safe learning environment and have a thirst for knowledge and a passion to do well. Recognising young people in the workplace We believe in ‘growing our own’. We work closely with local secondary schools/academies and colleges, supporting the Apprenticeship and Work Experience programmes, encouraging young people’s career development within education.

Fantastic classroom practitioners Our children are in the safe hands of a passionate and dedicated teaching team committed to building the foundation for their learning journey to secure brilliant educational outcomes for each and every child. Every child is given the opportunity to celebrate their individuality and to achieve their very best.

‘Providing the best environment for Learning First Aiming High’ We are so proud of our schools. Our classrooms and general learning areas are a fantastic endorsement of the hard work and achievements of all our pupils, which we celebrate at every opportunity. All areas of school show that there is a real ‘growth mindset’ amongst our staff and pupils. We utilise our classroom space very well, creating learning walls so that everyone can see the progress the children are making, which also encourages children to continually self-evaluate their own achievements. The structure of classrooms ensure there are areas for individual or small group tuition, targeted learning areas for projects an arrange of resources for our children to access. We know that a great learning environment helps create brilliant learning behaviours. Therefore, every effort has been made to provide the right facilities for learning - there is no excuse... and in return - the children work really, really hard! We will continue to make sure there is sustained investment in a safe, secure and well-equipped learning environment.

Our focus is on creating and developing opportunities Every single person involved in CHANGE Schools Partnership is focused and determined to create an environment that is receptive to learning for all our pupils. Where children show strengths in particular subjects, we recognise and nurture that ability. Where there are areas for development, we provide the resources and focused support to achieve improvement. But don’t just take our word for it, OfSTED says:

“Pupils’ personal development is outstanding.”

- OfSTED inspection June 2016

How we inspire our children to learn form the very beginning is so important, which is why we take our responsibility for the education of young children in the primary sector very seriously. We encourage creativity and diversity to inspire and encourage every one of our pupils to reach their full potential in all that they do, whether that is in the classroom, through outdoor activities or through extra-curricular activities and supporting families with ‘wrap around’ care.

Changing lives?

- Oh yes!

There are so many great opportunities for our children. We want them all to develop a passion for learning; a hunger for knowledge; an enquiring mind and an innovative approach to key areas of the curriculum, that will stay with them always...

... providing a lifelong love for learning... ... and with your help, we are going to continue to do this.

We make sure it is always positive and with passion! We respect every child’s desire to reach their full learning potential in a safe and secure environment. It is vital that we continually review and assess pupils’ progress; always recognise and reward achievement; celebrate individuality; give encouragement and support when it gets tough and, provide direction and guidance towards attainment, whilst continuing to develop our teaching learning strategies to make sure that we can always deliver great outcomes. This is an exciting and ever-evolving journey. At every point, every single stakeholder has an opportunity to support and make a difference in our young people’s lives.

EVERY child has a Voice EVERY member of staff is Involved EVERY parent is a Partner At CHANGE Schools Partnership we have 3 ‘Rights’ 1 The ‘Right’ to be Safe 2 The ‘Right’ to Learn 3 The ‘Right’ to Respect

“The relationship with parents is strong.”

OfSTED inspection

“Pupils are proud of their school. They behave well and demonstrate good attitudes to learning.” OfSTED inspection

We work in partnership to ensure children’s attendance is good, their learning outcomes are the best they can be and we work together to overcome any hurdles.

We ensure that in partnership with you, children are ready for the next step of their journey... At CHANGE Schools Partnership we try and keep things simple and focus on the best outcomes for our children. Our constant endeavour is to ensure that all children have the best chance to reach their potential and leave us ready for their next stage of education - proud of all they have achieved and with the self-confidence and wider life skills, to be life-long learners. We know that the best results come when there is a strong home-school partnership, so...

Let’s work together to make sure we are always ‘Aiming High Changing Lives’

Aiming High - Changing Lives

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