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WELCOME HEADTEACHER AND THE SIXTH FORM TEAM Imberhorne is a successful, happy community where staff are committed to developing the full potential of all students. I am proud of the outstanding achievements of students and am equally proud of what hard-working, respectful and compassionate individuals they are as well. Our excellent academic record along with the great emphasis we place on personal development creates a thriving and vibrant school community. We believe we provide students in the Sixth Form with an education of the highest quality in a stimulating and supportive environment. Upon joining our Sixth Form, students are embarking on a different journey with new and varied challenges. Students will be prompted to think and work hard; higher level study is demanding.

MARINA BILLINGS STUDIED AT SIXTH FORM: Maths, Biology and Chemistry A Level DESTINATION: University of Birmingham, Medicine

STUDENT QUOTE: “Imberhorne has given me the tools and support to achieve my goal of studying medicine. In particular, the invaluable hospital work experience that the school arranged for me. This was a part of the Swedish Exchange Trip, which I cannot recommend enough!�

Students also need to be increasingly independent; they must be committed to their studies and be prepared to add value to the work that takes place in the classroom. We also focus on preparing students for the next step in life after the Sixth Form. A significant number progress to university, pursuing a wide range of courses at many highly rated institutions. We are equally proud, though, of students who follow different pathways where apprenticeships or alternative educational routes have afforded them some wonderful opportunities. Most important to us is the fact that all students are able to follow the path best suited to them as individuals. Martin Brown, Headteacher

“We chose to move to the area to ensure our daughter had a place at Imberhorne. She has taken full advantage of many fantastic opportunities the school has offered and now successfully moved on to university.” PARENT

BEN MANNING STUDIED AT SIXTH FORM: Sport & Exercise Sciences and Media Studies BTEC DESTINATION: University of Portsmouth, Journalism with Media Studies

STUDENT QUOTE: “My time at Imberhorne Sixth Form was a blast. You have so much support behind you and all the other students to help get you through exams and other assignments.”

“There is a strong sense of community in the Sixth Form.” STUDENT

HIGH EXPECTATIONS, ACHIEVEMENT AND ENDEAVOUR Students learn best when they are happy, encouraged and challenged. Staff in the school know the students well and know how to get the best out of them. Students find they are often in smaller than average classes meaning that they experience a high degree of personal interaction with teachers. We are proud of our academic record in the Sixth Form. This grows out of high expectations and the outstanding teaching we provide, we have a broad and varied curriculum, at the core of which is a strong academic spine. Significant numbers of

FELIX CONSTANT-GLEMAS STUDIED AT SIXTH FORM: Sociology A Level, Applied Science and Business BTEC DESTINATION: IBM – Higher Level Apprenticeship

STUDENT QUOTE: “The support through Sixth Form is really helpful and makes your next steps so much easier. My highlight was being part of the Tanzania Exchange Programme.”

students study the Sciences as well as Maths, English and Humanities subjects. Alongside this we have a vibrant and successful Arts curriculum with additional strengths in other areas such as Languages, Technology, Sport and vocational options. We expect students to be active participants in their learning and want them to question, discuss and reflect together in lessons as well as beyond the classroom. Students also need to have resilience and be prepared to persevere; the path to success is often paved by one’s repeated efforts.

COMPASSION, GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT We believe the school is a very caring community and seek to place the relationships that exist between students and staff at the heart of life in the Sixth Form. We have a well developed pastoral system and pride ourselves on the level of personal care we provide for all our students. Pastoral Leaders, Personal Mentors and a Pastoral Support Assistant oversee their welfare and academic progress. Personal Mentors are often the first point of contact for parents when making enquiries about pastoral or academic issues. Our very experienced Sixth Form team welcome communication with students and parents, treating all matters fairly and sensitively.

We provide outstanding guidance and support for students, creating opportunities for them to attend Higher Education Conferences and Careers Fairs as well as having access to specialist careers advice. We believe one of our key responsibilities is to help prepare all our students for the next stage of their journey beyond the Sixth Form. Every student has regular weekly contact with their Personal Mentor. A high level of individual care and support for students is a hallmark of life in our Sixth Form. A school Sixth Form provides a smaller, more intimate yet very dynamic educational community in which we believe our students thrive.

RESPECT, PARTICIPATION AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT We believe that the experiences we provide in the Sixth Form should help develop students both academically and socially. Our Sixth Form students are role models and as such have an important part to play in the life of the school. Many choose to be mentors and support the learning and development of other students. This can happen in a range of ways. A dedicated team of Sixth Form students provide pastoral advice and guidance to younger students once a week at our Lower School site in our ‘Talk Sense’ scheme. In addition to this, they can support learning in lessons or mentor students as they prepare for exams in Key Stage 4. Elected Senior Students are involved with the School Council and Student Governors sit on the governing body and have a significant say in how the school operates and supports learning. We seek to instil a sense of responsibility in our students and encourage them to show leadership at all times. Once a fortnight we provide opportunities for students’ personal development. As part of this programme, they attend workshops on health and wellbeing, undertake taster sessions, receive guidance about managing their workload and spend time with their Personal Mentors. Information about planning for the future and managing finance, along with targeted support for university applications are also delivered in these sessions. In the Summer Term of Year12,

students may complete a week long work experience placement. In addition to this, we provide many opportunities throughout the year to meet with employers and receive careers advice. Students are able to play football and take part in the annual Sixth Form Sports Day event. In addition to this, the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is thriving in the school, it is something we are very proud of and support with a dedicated team of staff. The Performing Arts are very strong in the school. There are many opportunities for students to participate in school productions or to perform as part of the courses they choose to study. These are outstanding occasions and serve to inspire parents and students alike. There is a vibrant extra curricular life to the school. We offer students the opportunity to take part in several different trips and activities, perhaps most notably our Swedish and Tanzanian Exchange Programmes. These are special and long standing relationships that have benefited many students over the years. All of these experiences enrich the school community, but critically help the students learn how to express themselves, work with and support others, show responsibility and become increasingly self assured members of our community.

IMBERHORNE SCHOOL SIXTH FORM Upper School (KS4 and Sixth Form) Imberhorne Lane East Grinstead West Sussex RH19 1QY Sixth Form T 01342 310986 E sixthform@imberhorne.co.uk

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