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THEMATIC PLAN Thematic Plan is a strict planning tool that seeks the most effective and efficient technical solution to a generic development topic / concept / theme / problem / issue.

Introduction… The DE coordinators would facilitate the development of Thematic plans by the teachers, the process involves lot of references to resources and recalling of various pedagogies that could be used to deal a particular topic / concept / theme, the deliberate attempt would be to incorporate the ILTM activities in the thematic plans and encourage the teachers to use them regularly.

Objective… 

To encourage the teachers to enrich the curriculum objectives.

To help the teachers to integrate more realistic activities in teaching.

To encourage the teachers to know the historical background.

To help the teacher to gather information from external world.

To make the classroom more interactive.

To enrich the Teaching and Learning Process.

The coordinator will help the teachers to gather information from external world.

The coordinator will assist the teachers to share their ideas with their colleagues.

Process…    

Historical note – The history or the background of particular topic / concept/ theme Scope – The range of particular topic / concept/ theme Curriculum Objective – The accurate objective of the particular topic / concept/ theme Mind Map – This is used for listing the ideas / subtopics that should come in a sequences of a particular topic / concept / theme Theme plan – This is the final step of the concept. This will be developed by articulating the activities, few ideas to be conveyed and outcomes.

To view the thematic plan done by teacher – Please click the link below.

Teachers Opinion… 

Teachers have learnt how prepare the thematic plan.


Teachers have learnt how integrate realistic examples.


Teachers have learnt how to gather information from out sources.

Teachers have got more knowledge about the historical background of the concept. Wo88V3pkWU9tWWdPMDcxU1k/edit? usp=sharing

Teachers Opinion… Role of AIFT…

The coordinator will help the teachers to operate the computer applications.

The coordinator will train the teachers about the steps to articulate the thematic plan.

It is very useful for us to know more about the historical note.

Mind map is a very good tool to list out the ideas and record the flow of the concept.

It is encouraging us to think more about the realistic ideas to implement inside the classroom.

thematic plan  

thematic plan

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