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One Digital Lesson Plan per teacher per school.

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Lesson plan with the integration of pictures, videos and web links Till 2010 the DE School teachers were writing their lesson plan in the note book but when the DE Program entered in the school the teachers learnt the computer skills and the teachers who are trained under the DE program is required to prepare their lesson plan in the computers.

 To help the teachers to use technology for their academic purpose.  To encourage the teachers to learn the computer application.  To make the teachers to understand that technology can reduce their burden.  To make the teachers realize that technology is not only for educating students but it is helpful for teachers in terms of getting more knowledge about the concepts for teaching.

Role of AIFT…  The coordinator will help the teachers technically on how to operate the application to prepare the lesson plan.  The coordinator will help the teachers to connect with internet to gather information.

Outcome…  Teachers have learnt how to operate computer applications and how to integrate internet in their teaching learning process.

Process… Teachers Opinion…  We have learnt how to operate computers.  We have learnt how to search for more information.  We have learnt how to integrate external information in our teaching.  We have understood that technology will reduce our burden.

 Step 1 – Teacher will select the lesson in accordance with the DE calendar.  Step 2 – Teacher will select the technology application, this could be writer or calc.  Step 3 – Teacher will identify more activities, relevant pictures, videos and web links through the external world.  Step 4 – After the completion of above exercises the teacher will combine all the resources and put in a desired manner. .

To view the lesson plan done by teacher– Please click the link below 8V3pkOU81cmpEX1B2ZVU/edit?usp=shari ng

lesson plan  

esson plan

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