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Greetings from the Director Happy New Year to all of our friends! We are very pleased that we had another fruitful year! In 2012, we supported 75 students’ desires to learn and work in Asia. We awarded 34 Higgin Kim Asia: Park – Korea; and Lewis - Vietnam Scholarships to make their dream trips to Asia a reality. We also offered work study financial aid to 11 Asian students who came to Miami to work as Asian culture tutors. Additionally, we helped two Miami faculty members teach and experience the culture of South Korea. Also, please join us in welcoming Dr. Terri Barr, (Marketing), and Ms. Jenni Kim. Dr. Barr recently became the Senior Director of FSB International Programs and Jenni joined as the Assistant Director. We send great thanks to the helping hands of Miami alumni and sponsors in Asia and in the U.S. We received exceptionally strong support in Asia, including paid internships, lectures, company visits, local tours, and receptions. Because there are so many wonderful supporters, we cannot introduce them all in one article, but will continue to do so in future editions. Here in U.S., Mrs. Elinora Park, (donor of the Park Korea Fund), her daughter, Rozy and son-in-law Chris, continued to offer their heart-felt generosity. They invited students and International Program staff to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. In the past year, I made several presentations about the changing Korea. I was able to share my recent research data about Korea and other neighboring Asian countries and also share my views about the Korean economy, business environment, and culture. The presentations were made at Miami University (Farmer School of Business), University of Louisville, Kentucky (2nd Annual Calvin and Helen Lang Symposium), and Doshisha University, Japan (Global MBA program). I was pleased with my students’ reactions to these presentations. Senior Sooyoung Yoon commented, “You touched on many subjects about Korea, especially its powerful economic status, growing technology, but most importantly, its mindset of globalization. You highlighted this unique mindset specifically so that we could learn from this and also have a global target in mind when venturing out into the workforce.” On a sad note, we bid farewell to our long time friend, Mr. Sukeo Kanabayashi, President of the Miami Alumni Chapter in Tokyo, who passed away this fall. Mr. Kanabayashi and his family have supported hundreds of Asia study tour groups and faculty members over the last 15 years. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. His love and support to Miami will be cherished in our hearts as a legacy. Again, our sincere thanks to all the donors, sponsors, alumni, and the staff members in FSB International Programs for your continued support and generosity, without which, none of the above would be possible. Sincerely yours,

Sooun Lee

Miami Alumni & Sponsors in Asia Miami alumni members in Asia again stepped up with their support last year. Mr. Changwoo Soh, the CEO of Papa John’s Korea, offered 4 paid internships in Korea in addition to his annual invitation to visit his businesses and lectures. Mr. Sunghwan Hong, VP of LG CNS, offered two paid summer internships. Dr. Higgin Kim provided the limo and invited students to his company and a Korean symphony night, complete with a dinner reception.

Mr. Changwoo Soh (CEO of Papa John’s Korea: left) and student interns

In China, Mr. Krieger, the Ambassador of Luxemburg in Beijing, China, and his family kindly invited the Pac Rim and other Miami summer groups to his residence and shared his career experience and views on imminent issues in China. Mr. Daniel Krassenstein, Director of Procon, Shanghai, shared his rich business/life experience as a US expat and helped to arrange a meeting with the Chinese high school students who will come to Miami for study abroad. Mr. Daniel Krassenstein (center) with Pac Rim students in Shanghai, China

In Japan, Mr. and Mrs. Kanabayashi offered a lunch reception and also helped arrange company visits. Mr. Tomo Ohtani generously invited the Pacific Rim summer group to the famous Furukawa garden in Tokyo, which used to be owned by his family, and pampered the group with yummy Japanese delicacies. In Vietnam, with the continuing support of Mr. James Lewis, CEO, Geometry Group and Brad LaLonde, CEO, Vietnam Partners LLC, FSB Winter Southeast Asia program students were able to learn about the key investment issues in Vietnam from the company leaders. In Hong Kong, Mr. Mac Overton, senior analyst at Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Development Co. invited the FSB Winter Southeast Asia study group to his company to learn about the opportunities and challenges of modern China. Thank you for all your help, generosity, and warm hospitality! Mr. Mac Overton, senior analyst at Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Development Co.

Higgin Kim Asia Culture Tutor Program Eleven students from Asian countries including China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam were given a chance to act as cultural tutors, providing hands-on experiences to American students and faculty members bound for Asia. It turned out to be a win-win program. Miami students were able to learn basic language and cultural skills from the tutors ahead of their travel time and for Asian tutor students it was a rewarding, learning, friendship-building experience. In their words: “It was a good experience overall to adjust to the life here. It was short but it gave me a chance to work! I am grateful for that.” –Byungkyu Sohn (Yonsei at Wonju) “From this job, I learned more about Korea even though I am Korean. It gave me more chance to think about it and helped me to express and describe Korea to other students in the States.” –Eunjin Shin (Korea University) “I think I have become more accepting of the differences that I have experienced. I have felt the difference between the spoken languages.” –Jiyoon Park (Yonsei University) “Teaching American students how to speak Korean and Japanese was a good experience for me. I got to share with them when to use certain phrases so that they can avoid embarrassing situations later!” –Soonyoung (University of Seoul) “We helped students who are going to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, learn how to use chopsticks and grasp overall Asian culture. It was fun and exciting to interact with Miami students and learn about American culture as well.” –Jaeyoon (Korea University) Korea exchange students: Jaeyoon (L), Euljung(C) , and SeongJoo (R)

Summer Internships in S. Korea Our summer interns completed their work successfully, while learning much themselves. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Changwoo Soh, the CEO of Papa John’s Korea, and Dr. Sunghwan Hong, VP of LG CNS. for providing such wonderful learning opportunities for our students! The interns gained valuable insight into Korean culture, and were unanimous in their praise for their coworkers and hosts. Mark Kreider interned with Pentacle Digital Marketing in Seoul. “While I was in Seoul, I gained insight into Korea’s culture and learned many relevant real world applications of my major. The internship was, without a doubt, an amazing experience. Living in Seoul is a great place for American expats, due to the large number of English teachers and military personal. I made several lifelong friends and I hope to return to Korea with even more knowledge of the language and culture so I can continue my relationship with them.”

Mark rafting with coworkers

Anston Kovalck and Clay Kadon worked with LG CNS , also in Seoul. Anston noted, “I have learned so much about corporate culture, Korean business processes, and healthcare. I would highly recommend students at Miami engage in such opportunities because they will make you see the world differently. I believe it is essential to learn different languages in order to do business globally; the world, like technology, is dramatically changing.” Added Clay, “LG-CNS is a division of LG that provides software solutions for the problems of various industries. I was working in the Healthcare Solutions team . It was quite interesting work and I hope to see it used in the U.S. some day. It also has opened a new interest in the technological side of business that I would like to explore, just as I have explored Asia.”

Clay with a Korean host family

Benjamin Bell traveled to Asan to intern with KB Auto Tech. “The Korean people were very welcoming to me and were willing to help with whatever I needed. I was quickly able to feel at home and comfortable in this very different place…I cannot thank the people that made this opportunity possible enough. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Victoria Murphy interned with Level5 Company in Seoul “I put together a portfolio of a marketing plan for the company to open in the US. I used information that I knew from living in the US and information that I learned by researching areas and trends in large US cities.”

Busker Busker’s Drummer Rocks in Korea Two 2008 SEA winter program grads have become celebrities in S. Korea! Brad Moore (International Relations ’09) and Danielle Bacon (Management ‘09). Brad and his rock band ‘Busker Busker’ have become very famous in K-pop (Korean Pop). Brad and Dani (center sitting) with the Busker Busker band

The duo joined our Seoul tour to share their life/career experiences in Korea. They got married last summer in Korea, which was big news for the tabloids. Congratulations to both of you and thank you so much for your kindness!! To read about Brad’s career-changing experience in Korea and enjoy Busker Busker’s music video , go to

Tomo Ohtani San, Arigato Gojaimashita! Written by Anne Marie Shaffer and Andrew Kleshinski Tomo Ohtani, a Miami student from 1960-1962, has always had a desire to give back to the Miami community. As one of only three Japanese students at the time, he was immersed in the culture and welcomed at Miami. For nearly eight years, Tomo has assisted the Pacific Rim Study Abroad students in Tokyo, Japan. Tomo graciously met our group of 27, spent time with us, and even provided us with several meals.

Students dine with the Ohtanis

He has used his success to enrich the lives of others. The family purchased the beautiful Furukawa Garden in Tokyo for the public to enjoy. Every year, Tomo and his brother, Toshikatsu, bring the students to experience the immaculate garden. The garden and home there are specially designed, separated into a traditional garden from the East and West, to show the harmony between both cultures. The outdoors has an effective use of landscape, trees, and structures to show the interconnectivity. The home has characteristics of both cultures represented; rooms with western and eastern doorways. This is a theme that the Pacific Rim program and the Ohtani family strive to express. Both cultures can live together; they can coexist without disturbing one another and work together to create something beautiful. When multiple cultures can coexist in a world that is becoming increasingly global, the accomplishments that can be obtained are immeasurable.

Furukawa Garden Tokyo with Mr. and Mrs. Tomo Ohtani

All the students and faculty of the Pacific Rim Study Abroad trip want to extend our sincerest gratitude to him and know the program would not be possible without gracious alumni such as Tomo.

Alumni in Beijing, Shanghai Open their Hearts and Homes Written by Anne Marie Shaffer and Andrew Kleshinski (Pac Rim ’12)

Mr. Carlo Krieger (MU ‘81) has been the Luxembourg Ambassador to China for the last 5 years. He also represents Luxembourg to Pakistan and Mongolia. He lives at the only embassy residence in a Chinese -style courtyard house within the city of Beijing with his wife, (Madam) Nicole, and children Lucie and Louis. His daughter, Claire, is at university.

Madam Krieger with Pac Rim Student Ambassador Forrest McGuire

Being in China has taught Mr. Krieger many things, including patience. He notes the driving style in China as an example. Driving is new for most Chinese, and the rules are sometimes not clear to these new drivers. People patiently wait and let those who drive through red lights or against the traffic go past. Mr. Krieger also noted that cultural misunderstandings, and different ways to interpret contracts are not uncommon during multi-cultural business negotiations. He believes it is harder to adapt to a culture when you think it will be easy. A simple example he gives is between Europeans and Americans. He explains how they look alike and speak alike, but that their actions and interpretations are often quite different. After the China posting, Mr. Krieger plans to move back to Luxembourg where he will be working for the ministry in Luxembourg and hopes to continue this job until retirement. His daughter, Lucie, hopes to study at Miami University and follow in her father’s footsteps. Ambassador Krieger with Pac Rim students

The 2012 Pacific Rim Study Abroad Program was blessed to meet Daniel Krassenstein (MU ‘85) during their trip to China. After graduation, Daniel was faced with a decision; take a job in the U.S. with an opportunity for an eventual overseas assignment in Venezuela, or take a chance traveling to Taiwan for employment. His decision was aided by advice from his father. He told Daniel that if there was ever a time to take a risk in life, that it was in his youth when his family would pick him up and support him in case of failure. Daniel packed his bags for Taiwan. Since graduation, Daniel has lived in 5 countries and, at one point, knew 5 different languages. He is currently the Director of Asia Operations for a Chicago-based industrial textile manufacturer and is also a Governor for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Daniel Krassenstein

Alumni in Beijing, Shanghai Open their Hearts and Homes, continued He spoke to the Pacific Rim group about the marketplace in China and obstacles the country faces. More importantly, Daniel shared valuable life lessons that students can’t read from a textbook, the kind of lessons that can truly change your life. He spoke about life and the daily struggle to succeed, urging us to take risks, and posed the question, “What do you really have to lose?” Taking risks should happen while we are young and have a support network of friends and family to fall back on. If we succeed, we have the potential to propel our lives forward in a new and exciting direction. Additionally, he reflected on what is truly important in life. People often spend too much time worrying about grades, money, and employment. Daniel recognizes their importance, but urged us to not let other significant aspects of our lives suffer due to this focus, such as friends, family, the community, personal health, and significant others. In addition to his speech, Daniel organized a grand dinner with Miami alumni and high school seniors from Eastern China (Shanghai, Jiangsu & Zhejiang) who will attend Miami in the fall. We were able to meet alumni, hear their stories, and interact with the soon-to-be students. Thank you Daniel so much for your help and generosity!

Daniel with Pac Rim students

We welcome your thoughts, insights and stories and encourage you to keep us updated as you progress through your career and life. With respect,

Sooun Lee



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