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The Opportunity to Strengthen Lives

2011 Annual Report

is proud to support Family Service Association of Bucks County Since 1885, First Federal of Bucks County has been helping the local community grow and prosper, by providing loans, banking services, charitable contributions & volunteers. Bensalem Hulmeville & Galloway Roads (215) 639-3500 Bristol 118 Mill Street (215) 788-5130 Langhorne 126 S. Bellevue Ave. (215) 757-5138 Levittown 208 Levittown Parkway (215) 946-7400 16 Highland Park Way (215) 949-3900 New Hope 275 W. Bridge Street (215) 862-5021 Southampton Southampton Shopping Ctr. (215) 355-5203 Wrightstown Routes 413 & 232 (215) 598-3178 Newtown 295 N. Sycamore Street (215) 504-6201 Yardley 10 N. Main Street (215) 321-2145 or visit us online at


A Celebration of Families & Community Annual Luncheon November 17, 2011 WELCOME Betsy N. Rendall, President, Board of Directors INVOCATION Rebecca J. Kerchner, J.D., Th.M. ANNUAL AWARDS Family of the Year Mike Babij Family Builder of the Year Bucks County Housing Authority Corporate Citizen of the Year Renaissance Benefit Advisors GUEST SPEAKER Jim Cawley, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania “With Great Challenge Comes Great Opportunity” ADJOURN

The printing of this year’s annual report was generously donated by a friend.

Honorees Corporate Citizen of the Year--Renaissance Benefit Advisors We are pleased to recognize the role of Renaissance Benefit Advisors in our community by honoring them as our 2011 Corporate Citizen of the Year. Through their financial support of Family Service over the years, hundreds of families received guidance and services necessary to their self-sufficiency. Renaissance has been our Drive for Youth Golf Outing Partner for the past two years and was an Ace Sponsor for ten years. In addition, each year, with the encouragement of their management team, Renaissance staff put in extraordinary efforts to collect food, clothing, and back to school supplies for those in need in our area. They have donated their time by joining us in fundraising events both as guests and as volunteers. Through their generosity, Renaissance has worked to strengthen the care that is essential to the well-being of those among us who are most vulnerable. PA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL RETIREES, BUCKS CHAPTER Family Builder of the Year--The Bucks County Housing Authority Over the past five years, the Bucks Chapter of the Pennsylvania School Retirees (PASR) has donated over 500 The Bucks County Housing Authority has funded our Older Adult Case Management program since 2005 backpacks filled with new clothes and school supplies to in response to the needs of their older adult residents whose ability to live independently was in question. children in FSA programs. Their Klothes for Kids Project is Since then, BCHA support has made it possible for the case management program to add staff and increase part of our Back to School Clothing Drive. PASR makes sure services for the residents of its nine county wide locations. Today FSA is providing case management services, each child has multiple outfits, shoes, socks, underwear, information and referral, and free educational seminars in the BCHA buildings. Most recently, BCHA has tissues, lunch boxes, and of course, all the appropriate school provided opportunities for the case management program to reach out to residents through the BCHA supplies. They fill the backpacks with loving and encouraging quarterly newsletter. As a result of the partnership between BCHA and FSA, a significant number of BCHA words for the students. Parents tell us this generous project residents are receiving specialized services such as personal care assistance, chore services, friendly visiting, and helps them at a time of year that is very hard financially on transportation. Many have applied for publicly funded benefits for which they were eligible. Those benefits them and emotionally on their children. are easing their financial burdens and increasing their access to health care, medication, and nutrition. For their support in helping older adults remain safe and independent in their homes, we honor the Bucks County Housing Authority as our 2011 Family Builder of the Year.

Family of the Year--Mike Babij


Mike Babij had many reasons to give up. A long-time smoker, Mike’s lungs were failing him. Mike was forced to quit his job and drop many activities. This pushed Mike into a depression he did not know how to handle. He came to Family Service for counseling. As he was learning how to manage his depression with therapy and medication, Mike was introduced to our Tobacco Cessation support group. Although he had quit smoking cold turkey seven months prior, Mike was at risk of relapse. Because of the encouragement of our Certified Tobacco Specialist he joined the group where he received life saving support and education. As his health improved, he was added to a lung transplant list but faced a serious setback when a spot was found on one of his lungs. As a result Mike was removed from the transplant list. Mike, his family, and his friends, thought his death was certain. But Mike did not give up. He continued to do the work needed to participate in counseling and support group, and to focus on improving his health. In August of 2010 Mike received his double lung transplant. Today, he is not only breathing well, but Mike has started a new life learning to be a Peer Educator to help others with mental illness and addiction. He co-facilitates a Tobacco Cessation support group at Family Service and is using his second chance at life to give back to the community. For his efforts in changing his life and strengthening the lives of others, we honor Mike Babij as our Family of the Year.

CORPORATE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR Peddler’s Village, 2010 First Federal of Bucks County, 2009 Magellan Behavioral Health Services, 2008 Matrix Development Group, 2007 Univest Corporation, 2005 Charon Planning, 2004 Bucks County Courier Times, 2003 Jones Apparel Group, 2002 Kravco Company, 2001


Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees, Bucks Chapter, 2010 United Way of Bucks County, 2009 Russell Johnson, North Penn Community Health Foundation, 2008 Vincent J. Volpe, Bucks County Transport, Inc., 2007 Dr. Broadus Davis, Bristol Borough School District, 2005 Sally Fabian, Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership, 2004 Robert E. Cosner, Bucks County Children and Youth, 2003 Nancy Hunziker, Bucks County Head Start, 2002 William D. Ford, Bucks County Juvenile Probation Department, 2001


The Madison Family, 2010 Dawn Bauhof, 2009 Tara and Austin Briel, 2008 Nicole Fairfield and Family, 2007 Penny Bullaro and Family, 2006 Rachel Callahan and Family, 2005 Monica Wooden, 2004 Linda Waters and Family, 2003 Cheryl Clark and Family, 2002 Francis Rearick and Family, 2001

Past Honorees

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison

In the following pages you will read the stories of just a few of the wonderful people that Family Service Association was privileged to serve this year. Each of them seized the opportunity to change their own life and that of their loved ones despite the hard work involved. Like those families, Family Service was also presented with great opportunities and with your support we were able to do the work needed to turn those opportunities into realities. We’d like to share with you just three examples of how our work continually changes. Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health and Physical Health This year more people than ever came to us for Behavioral Health services. Many had serious mental health conditions complicated by substance use and physical health problems that made even the simplest tasks difficult. We responded to the challenge by increasing efforts to coordinate our services with those of primary care physicians who treat the diabetes, hypertension and other conditions common among those receiving counseling at Family Service. Each day our nurses taught wellness strategies for healthy diets, exercise and smoking cessation to men and women anxious to improve both their physical and emotional health. We also expanded to twelve, the number of schools where children can receive mental health treatment from Family Service counselors for conditions that are interfering with their ability to learn. During a busy school day it is not easy for a child to spend time with a counselor, but having access to services in their community gives children and teens the opportunity to talk about their problems and to plan positive steps for solving those problems. Opening Doors for Young Adults with Aspergers For any unemployed person finding a job in these tough economic times is difficult, but imagine if that person also has a condition that limits their ability to understand the everyday rules of work or to have a conversation with their prospective employer. These and other challenges stand as barriers to employment for young adults with Autism Spectrum disorders. Our AACES (Asperger’s Awareness, Community Education, and Support) program has more than doubled in size as it has worked to promote employment for this group. Through training, peer support, parent involvement, and close ties to the business community, Family Service is helping young adults improve their communication skills and achieve their dreams

for independence‌dreams that include a job, a supportive network of friends, and the recognition that they have the ability to make their own decisions about the future. Increasing the Ability to be More Self-sufficient Because transportation is essential to any family’s plan for self sufficiency, we were asked to expand our Drive to Success program beyond the borders of Bucks County. Low income families who needed cars in order to maintain employment and care for their children were now contacting us from communities more than 250 miles from our main office. We had to develop new strategies for advertising the program, communicating with applicants, collaborating with banks and local agencies, and providing supportive services as families re-paid the low interest auto loans that were giving them a fresh financial start. We had to work not just harder but also differently to deliver quality services to this new audience.

The changes experienced by children, men, and women in Family Service programs would not be possible without the support of each person reading this report. Perhaps you are a donor who provided financial support for our services, a volunteer who shared your valuable time with us, a county or state official who funded new programs to meet new needs, or a business representative who has recently hired one of our program participants. You created opportunities for us to serve the community, and we are thrilled to do the work that you expect of us. You created opportunities for men, women and children to change and, even though the effort needed to improve their lives was very demanding, they did the work that was required with hope and optimism. Thank you for being part of our opportunity to strengthen lives.

Betsy N. Rendall President, Board of Directors

Audrey J. Tucker, M.S.W., L.S.W. Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

To protect, maintain, strengthen, and enhance individuals, families, and children and their social and psychological functioning

Family Service remains well positioned to serve individuals and families. More than $0.90 of every dollar goes directly to client services. Fiscal Year 2010-11 Total Funding: $ 5,702,222 Thr Rec ift Sho ycli p & Fund Priv rais n gB ate ing ins Con 4% 2% trac ts 5 %

Go v Co ernm ntr act ent s4 3%


ay 4 W d e



s, rvice 42% e S t Clien nce Fees a Insur

Where the dollars come from Ma Gen nagem Tee Thr nC era e ent ift Sto l 7% nt & e r r 1% e 2% HIV /AID S 16 %


er Old lt 4% u Ad e anc t s Sub se 8% u Ab

Where the dollars Go to % ive ss 5 r D cce Su



n ily heni m Fa engt Str



a t Beh n e i t a Outp 50% th l Hea

An audited financial statement is available upon request.

Financial Summary

Family Service operates out of several offices, community-based sites, and licensed mental health sites throughout Bucks County.

*Quakertown Office

*+Doylestown Office



*Indicates current licensed mental health location

Bucks Villa New Hope

+Indicates current licensed drug & alcohol location **Indicates licensed mental health location in 2011-2012

*Red Cross Homeless Shelter, Levittown

*McDonald-Davis Elementary School Warminster

**Herbert Hoover

Elementary, Langhorne

*+FSA Headquarters Langhorne

*Grandview Elementary School, Morrisville

*R. Struble Elementary School, Bensalem

*Morrisville Intermediate School, Morrisville

*Cornwells Elementary School, Bensalem

*Buchanan Elementary School, Bristol

*Franklin D. Roosevelt Middle School, Bristol

*Benjamin Franklin Freshman Academy Bristol

*Truman High School Bristol *Penn Valley Middle School, Levittown

Bristol Office

The Teen Center and AACES Program at the Oxford Valley Mall Langhorne

Countywide Services

The Opportunity

to lead

The Family Service Board of Directors works tirelessly to keep FSA apace with the changing reality and many challenges of our community. Members have a rich history of community service. Their wide range of backgrounds and professional expertise yield a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated team with a hands-on approach to issues affecting their neighbors. The leadership, time, talent and charity of the Board of Directors are at the forefront of Family Service’s efforts and accomplishments.

2010-2011 Board of Directors Betsy N. Rendall, President Michael E. Sneed, 1st Vice President Francis J. Sullivan, Esq., 2nd Vice President Diane E. Reed, Secretary William P. Larkin, CPA Treasurer David E. Bass J. Kevin Cauley Kristina C. Costello Sheila E. Dawe Alina Denis Jarjour, JD Joseph R. Feilmeier Fred P. Hessenthaler*

James S. Krull Christopher J. Leskauskas Michael J. Mattie Margaret M. Mohr Gwen Scott-Hodges Susan S. Soffronoff

* joined in September 2011

Board of Directors

Coordinator/Supervisor Team Faith Blitman, MA Family Reunification and Teen Center Coordinator Donna Carter Office Manager Gary Collins, CDIA+, MCP Behavioral Health Information Specialist Amy Conte, MS Asperger’s Awareness, Community Education, and Support Program Coordinator

Leadership Team

Ellyn DeGuida, MSW, LCSW Clinical Supervisor of Behavioral Health

Audrey J. Tucker, MSW, LSW Chief Executive Officer

Laurie Fellman, BA Family Center Coordinator

Scott Bowman, MBA Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Fusco, RN, CTTS Director of Nursing

Florence Kawoczka, MS Director of Development

Christina Hall, BA Drive to Success Coordinator

Kathleen Keen, MSW, LCSW Director of Clinical Services

Gita Krull, Psy.D. HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator

Nancie Miller Executive Assistant

Eric Levy, MSW, LCSW Clinical Supervisor of Behavioral Health

Marlene Piasecki, MSW Director of Program Planning & Development

Lance Mervine, MBA, CPA Senior Fiscal Analyst

Jane Shuster, LSW Director of Community-Based Services

Bernadette O’Connor, MA Older Adults Services Coordinator

Cathleen Wittig Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance

Geraldine Parrish, MA, LPC, CCDP-D Clinical Supervisor of Behavioral Health Adina Rosenberg, MCAT, BC-DMT, LPC, NCC Clinical Supervisor of Behavioral Health Stephanie Sides, BA Communications Coordinator Mary Beth Swan* HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator Amy Tarr, LSW Supportive Case-management Outreach Team Coordinator *Staff member left employment during the year


The Opportunity

to make an impact Whichever role you play in Family Service Association, together we made an impact on 6,132 lives this year.

14,839 is the number

of counseling sessions provided to 1,971 clients this year.


208 wellness and tobacco assessments were completed; 108 more than originally projected.

Of the children seen in our school-based counseling program: 49% reduced their emotional distress 47% reduced their behavior difficulties 57% improved in being kind & helpful

is the number of schools in Bucks County that are now FSA licensed mental health sites.

73% of clients in the Medical

96% of clients in our

intensive case management program had no psychiatric hospitalizations.

Case Management of our HIV/AIDS program retained their infectious disease medical connection.

722 teens visited The Teen Center 3,847 times. 486 teens had never visited The Teen Center before. 66% of teens report being committed

511 older adults received

86% of parents in the Parent

clients remained in their homes.

to continuing their education.

Support Group reported a decrease in their verbal abuse and an increase in parenting confidence and skill. Enrollment in the AACES program increased


support to maintain independent living.

100% of older adult


individuals served by Family Service programs

The Opportunity

Through your kindness and the kindness of many other generous individuals and organizations, we are able to fulfill our mission. We are grateful for every gift. Together, we have a greater impact! William & Patricia Ann Larkin, Jr. Lopez, Teodosio & Larkin We have made every attempt to recognize all our Greg & Lori Mallison generous donors, grants, and contracts during the Marion Prochazka Charitable past fiscal year. Some donors are not listed because Remainder Trust they have asked to remain anonymous. If your name should appear and does not, please contact our Matrix Development Group Director of Development at 215.757.6916 ext. 208. Michael & Lisa Mattie Thank you for your support. Midway Investments, L.P. MileStone Bank Investor Dan Miller Anonymous National Penn Community Recycling Newtown Exchange Club First Federal of Bucks County Newtown Presbyterian Church Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Michael & Joyce Patrick Edwin & Cynthia Johnson Graham & Joanne Peterson Kevin & Rebecca Kerchner Timothy & Lisa Potero Magellan Behavioral Health Jeff & Diane Reed Neshaminy Electrical Contractors, Inc. Douglas & Betsy Rendall Renaissance Benefit Advisors Rev. Gerald C. Ronan St. Mary Medical Center Rotary Club of Central Bucks The Jones Group, Inc. Michael & Ann Sneed Wheelabrator Falls Inc. John & Susan Soffronoff Francis & Rosemary Sullivan, Esqs. Patron TD Bank Louis & Susan Altomari The Ziff Company Anonymous Thomas & Audrey Tucker Maurice W. Baehr, Jr. Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation David & Brenda Bass Alan & Barbara Wolk Michael & Betty Ann Borski, Sr. Max Yaffe & Joan Amatniek Bucks County Technology Park

to say thank you

Capital Planning Advisory Group, Inc. J. Kevin & Beth Cauley Christine M. McCaffrey Community Emergency Fund ConvaTec William & Sheila Dawe Joseph & Aida DeColli Jamie & Ruth English Scott & Michelle Evans Everything Plastic Robert & Lisa Gaynor Antonio & Christine Giaimo Gilbreth Packaging Mark & Nancy Vegotsky Hill Wallack LLP Kampi Components Company, Inc. Paul & Florence Kawoczka


Agile Technologies A. J. & Linda Ahrens Joseph & Becky Bonargo Eric & Anne Borell Bristol Lioness Club Brown & Brown Insurance Thomas & Karen Buroojy Charon Planning Patrick & Kristina Costello Michael & Alina Jarjour Doylestown Wealth Management, Inc. Kurt & Anne Feaster Joseph Feilmeier Fulton Bank Michael & Christina Hall

Health Partners Richard & Sally Henriques Bruce Iacobucci James & Laurie Insel M. B. Jones & Charles Ponciroli Just Children Child Care Lace Silhouettes Lingerie Lambertville House Hotel Les Strokes Golf Club Leventhal Sutton & Gornstein Tom & Kathy Magallanes Arthur & Carol Mayhew McCaffrey’s Markets James & Joanna McDonald Raymond & Margaret Mohr MOMS Club Of Bensalem Monument Bank Roger & Barbara Niemczyk Peddler’s Village, Inc. Pennsbury High School-SAVE Club Raymond James Scott & Susan Schwebel Tamora Construction Company TeamCapitalBank The Broker Network, Inc. The Flynn Company The Kiwanis Club of Levittown-Bristol Foundation, Inc. Thompson Networks Larry Waldman & Cathy Wittig


Robert and Jeanne Adshead Advertising Specialty Institute American College Admissions Consultants American Heritage Federal Credit Union Timothy Andrews Anonymous (2) Robert and Kim Bacso Diane Barkley Basic Chemical Solutions Bensalem Presbyterian Church James & Donna Betz, Jr. Allan & Francine Block Branca-Rampart Agency Christopher J. Brill, Esq.

David & Marissa Brown Bucks County Bank Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission Linda Campbell Central Bucks Dental Associates P.C. Charter Management Christ United Methodist Women Robert & Camille Coffin CollisionMax DE, Inc. Michael & Robin Connor Martin & Jeane Coyle Customers Bank Fedor & Susan Derek Damon & Emma Derstine Martin & Patricia Devlin Anthony Disabato Jr. Howard & Sandy Drake George & Vera Dugan John & Marybeth Dugan E.W. Kaufmann Company Constance A. Eastburn Kris Bauman & Penny Ettinger Farm & Home Energy James C. Fleming Christine M. Fluehr John & Karen Fulton Honorable Isaac Garb Jason & Melissa Gattuso Jackie Gerb Gould, Yaffe and Golden Bernard Granor Max & Jo Gross Grundy Tower Resident Council Ingrid M. Hammond Harris Comfort LLC Carolyn Hayden Gregory & Beth Hayes Fred & Betty Hessenthaler Kathy Horwatt Greg & Lindsey Hufner Martin & Marlene Kalbach Lillian H. Kase Dermot F. Kennedy, Esq. Carl & Lynne Koenig James & Mary Krull Christopher & Tracy Leskauskas Dorothy Lubkay George Luciani Lucisano Brothers Charles & Judith Machion Bill & Veronica Maher Maillie, Falconiero & Company, LLP Main Line Periodontics & Dental Implants, PC Linda P. Manzo Marziani Associates

Merrill Lynch Lance & Patricia Mervine Glenn & Kathleen Meyer Montemuro Electric Construction Gregory & Colleen Morgan Newtown Office & Computer Supply, Inc. Nottingham Insurance John & Barbara Ortolf Ruth Palmer Gerri Parrish Lisa Pflaumer Liz Phillips Janet C. Price Karen Rambo Mark & Frances Redding John & Noreen Reis ReMax Advantage Roddy, Inc. Adina Rosenberg Doreen Rosser Rita Sappenfield Brian & Gwen Hodges Kenneth & Betty Sides John & Theresa Soffronoff Jr. William D. Spiker Jr. Timothy & Michele Stambaugh Stanley Stephens Co. Inc. John & Nancy Sullivan Susan B. Spencer, Inc. David & Mary Beth Swan TCG Advertising & Design The CEI Group The Graham Company The Hibbert Group The Honorable Clyde Waite Robert & Maryellen Walton Waste Gas Fabricating Co., Inc. Donna Weaver Suzette Wronka Fran & Maria Young


Addisville Reformed Church AFLAC Joseph & Palma Agnello Tamara Alculau Nancy Allen All-Stars Collectibles Robert & Jo Ann Alvino, Sr. American Red Cross, LBCC Anonymous (9) Doris Anthony Donna Antoniewicz Kevin Backstrom Richard & Regina Baigis Richard & Sue Banks Evelyn Battista

Joy Bauza Barbara Becker Marilyn Behler Bruce Bella Bruce & Nancy Beller Matthew & Melissa Bennett Lily Bennor Kathleen Bergmann Phyllis Berkes Bill Bernhardt Lisa Beveridge Sherrie Bezick Bobby Simone’s Restaurant & Bar Border’s Books and Music, Warrington Donna Borghise Bowen Pharma Consult William Boyce Lesley Boyer Irene Boyle John & Karen Bradley Holly Brady Bristol Riverside Theater Brokerage Concepts Daniel Brown Rita Bryan Duane & Joyce Buck Bucks County Bank Bucks County Children & Youth Social Services Agency Bucks County Community College Foundation Bucks County Smiles Loretta Butera Joann Buttari C3 Financial Consulting Inc. Miriam Caisse Calkins Media, Inc. Nichole Caprio Carlucci’s Grill Carmine & Co Karen Carroll Laurence & Donna Carter The Hon. Robert P. Casey Center for Independent Living of Bucks County Chaddsford Winery Chase Custom Finance Carole Clay Joseph Coffman Sandra Coia Nicole Collado Kim Collins Sam Colodny Comcast-Spectacor Foundation Mary Ellen Cook Matt Cordero Michael & Susan Costanzo Mary Lou Cottingham-Traylor

Countryside Gardeners Sean Cullen Beth Leahey Cupo Curtin & Heefner Erica Czerniak Elaine T. Daniels M Daniels Marilyn Daugherty David Craig Diamonds & Fine Jewelry David J. Witchell at 25 South Marge Davis Veronica Davis dbPhoto, LLC. Stephanie DeBlassio Leslie Dechant Patricia Decker-Mutek Dwayne Defreitas Rhonda Dietz Roselle DiPaoli Dolce Carini Restaurant Anthony & Susan Doll Dorian, Goldstein, Rochestie, Wisniewski & Orchnik, P.C. Jennifer Doyle-Smith Kathleen Drummond Meryl Dunleavy El Tule Restaurant Elizabeth Benke Salon Encores Club of Central Bucks Nancy Estenich Lynn Evans Sally Fabian-Oresic Albert Faix Vincent Farese & Gary Laird State Representative Frank A. Farry Gary Fassler Federal Communications Commission Pauline A. Felotoirch Alexander Fesko Liz Fields Joseph Figliolino Kathy Fiocca Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick Joanna Fleming Tony & Barbara Flor Florentino’s Nanette Fochs Fox Chase Bank I. Frank Denise Frederickson Doug Friedman Jennifer Furlow Debbie Fusco Garces Restaurant Group Maureen Gatto-McKenna Maryann Gazzara Lisa George

Giant Supermarket Skip Gittens Geoffrey Gleason Alan Goldstein Gloria Golen Damian Gonzalez Wende Gorman Pamela Gory David Graham David & Charlene Gumkowski D. Gunnells Joy Hardin Harmony Clean, Inc. Kathleen Harr Jess Harrington Harriett Hart Joanne Hartshorne Paul & Joan Haun Hawk Haven Vineyards Thomas & Madelyn Heal Mary Hessler Highly Recommended Full Service Salon Rachel Hill Carol Hiller Chris Hogan Howard & Melissa Holmes Paul Horger Carol Horn Denise Houser Trish Irving Terri Ivers Catherine Jakubowski James J. Gory Mechanical Contracting Inc. Walter & Polly Jamison Dorothy Jaworski Jericho National Golf Club John Johansen David R. Johnson Mildred Johnson Just 4 Keepers of East PA Steve & Beth Kach Beverly K. Kantner Lois Katz Kathleen Keen Keenan Motors, Ltd. Peter Keenan & Sheila Callahan Patricia Keller Audrey Kent Keystone Limited Collectibles Vadim Khachaturyan E.R Klebe Ann M. Klibert Floyce Koehle Ken & Ann Kovalik June Krajewski

Rodger Kramer Beth Krefski Langhorne United Soccer Club Jane Larkin Laurence H. Stone, DDS Robert Leeper Christine Leffler Mark Leonhauser Robert Lepone Eric Levy Bill & Diane Lewis Lewis Brothers Paul & Lydia Lewis Barry & Janis Lichtenstein Patricia Likeller Mary Ellen B. Livesay Debbie Long Longhorn Restaurant Stephanie Lopez Elizabeth Loubet Amy Lustig Majestic Wine & Spirits U.S.A. Gerry Malloy Daniel Manchester Donna Marino Ann Marshall Jolene A. Martin Allison Maurer Carol Mazer McCafferty Auto Group Patrick & Linda McCann Rebecca McCarney Sheryl McCloskey Janine McCormick Lisa McCormick John McGovern James McHale Michael & Patti McKee Ellen E. McKenna Frank & Beryl McKenna Mealey’s Furniture Melodee Mercer Carol Mertz Michelle’s Hallmark Michael & Arlene Midash Nancie M. Miller Edward & Sharon Miniscalco G. Mitrano Gail Mohr Mom’s Club of Doylestown Ronald & Colleen Morgan Garney & Mary Morris Audrey Moyer Frances Moyer

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Pat Sedmah Dawn Seebach Robert Seip Serenity Day Spa Joseph Serleck Robert Seyfent Shady Brook Farm Kitty Shipley Renee Shore Jane Shuster Stephanie Sides Jennifer Smith Susan Smith, Esq. Samuel M. Snipes Esq. Warren & Barbara Snyder Soroptimist International of Indian Rock, Inc. Sovereign Agency, Inc. Eric & Sherry Stark State Street Kitchen Carey Stathakopoles Steen Outdoor Advertising David & Kaaren Steil Joseph & Lenore Stepenosky Mrs. W.G.B. Stokes Myler Stronkoff Jan Stumpf Joseph Supon Martin & Susan Sutton Jessica Sweeney Maria Tantum The Christmas Gala The Newtown Jewelers The Olson Group The Profero Group Anthony & Dorothy Thompson David & Karen Thompson State Senator Robert Tomlinson The Hon. Pat Toomey Trenton Country Club Craig & Amy Trinkley Joanie Trotta Darren & Anne Tucker United BioSource Corporation Karen Vander Laan Helene Vellios Donna Voll Bill & Ruth Voss Waitkus Design Alice Waldeck Chaz Walter Janice Walters Jane Ward Derek Warden Mitchell Waslenko Jean Weinmann Wells Fargo

Margaret Wentz Vicki Wharton Ellen Whiteley John Wildermann Sandra Wildlitz John & Kim Williams WXTU 92.5 FM Diana Young Tanya Zekovitch Carolyn Zimmermand Debbie Zuchero Maria Zwilling Special thank you to the following sponsors of employee giving campaigns and matching gift programs. Bank of America Charitable Foundation (Matching Gifts) Bristol-Myers Squibb Employee Giving Program Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Employee Matching Gift GE Foundation Invest in Others Charitable Foundation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Merck Partnership for Giving Pfizer Foundation Truist United Airlines United Way of : Bucks County Camden County Central Indiana Delaware Greater Portland Southeastern PA Tampa Bay

In honor of in honor of The El-Habr Family Alison Keeney Our Morgan Stanley clients Luz Marina Cardozo Leslie Mitchell John F. Ortolf Katherine Jackson Damon M. Derstine Dana Harrison Kathleen Meyer Lisa Mimm Jeremy & Madison Strockoz Theodora Banks Matisoff Ryan, Eric & Natalie Soffronoff Andi M. Sibley John & Susan Soffronoff Dianne Forman Shane Michael O’Hey Michael & Alina Jarjour Donna Carter Elaine Daniels Betsy N. Rendall Susan Smith

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In memory of memory ininhonor ofof Henry J. Kuhn Carol Hiller Barry Lichtenstein E.W. Kaufmann Company Ruthann Markley E.W. Kaufmann Company Krysta Ann Keller Harry Brown PAGE, Inc. Barbara Penrod Taylor Daniels Elaine T. Daniels

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grants and contracts

The Opportunity

to give back

Volunteers make a tremendous difference in our ability to help our community! Family Service volunteers serve on special events and board committees, as well as assist with administrative tasks, thrift shop sales, public relations, and building improvements.

Last year, volunteers donated Ryen Abbonazio Susan Altomari Mike Babij Delilah Bass Sharon Berffert Tricia Berger Caroline Biersmith Bea Borges Hannah Borghi Michael Borski Katie Boven Diane Bullard Hannah Caffert Lori Cherrin Jorge Christian Lynnda Coleman Vivian Coleman Jake Connor Wanda Coulton Michael Daly Carolyn Davis Stephanie Deblassio Lenore Dela Paz Gabriel Dela Paz Diane Demusis Cheryl Dienes Sue Doll Aydan Drake Madison Drake Yaswant Druaram Gerry Dugan Terry Erb Madison Fraser Lisa Gardner Dale Gaynor Jewell Gibbs-Ferguson Rhoda Goldberg Bela Goldman Lexie Gracy

4,563 hours of time to Family Service!

Olympia Grigas Joe Gross Mark Gurczynski Joslyn Gutierrez Chrisina Hargrove Mireille Harouche Shaun Hartwell Janet Insinger Nancy Jackson Rachel Javage Ronald Kalmeyer Zaynap Karadaq Debbie Kenworthy Terri Keller Peggy Kelly Phyllis Kent Joan Kilroy Sandra Klopfenstein Tamara Klopfenstein Aarianna Kosogiou Jennifer Laker-James Elaine McCallum Eva Ann McClintic Sarah Markiewicz Jackie Martir Melissa Maurer Nicole Melendez Debbie Monshizadegan MOST Taylor Myers Erich Nieberding Robert Niemcyzk Tara Nolan Robert Pensa Joanne Peterson Donna Pianoforte

Vanessa Power Gerry Prendergast Theresa Rablaski Kellie Reilly Sean Reilly Amanda Reiser Tim Rhyne Brian Rodgers Jaimie Rue Robin Rue Stephanie Rue Jack Santoro Justin Santoro Sommer Santoro James Schweikert Yana Sharpadskaya Ally Sheehan John Siebert Helen Slater Susan Soffronoff Victoria Spadafora Terri Speiser Brandon Sporar Brett Strasburger David Swan Jessica Sweeney Jean Taylor Milicovich Ein Teulter Logan Turco Betty Trymbiskin Sean Trymbiskin Jim Witek Erica Wong Jess Worneman Maria Zwilling

Thank you!

Friends of Family Service The Friends of Family Service Committee assist us in increasing awareness of our mission so we can grow in visibility and develop new relationships in the community. The committee serves as a cabinet for FSA’s leadership, providing recommendations and information to the Board of Directors. Lou Altomari Francine Block Joe Bonargo Robin Connor Mike Conti Bryan Eshelman Tony Flor Alice Gens Nancy Goldberg-Vegotsky Larry & Debbie Hager Bonnie Halbreiner Bruce Iacobucci M. Bronwyn Jones Rebecca Kerchner Bill Lewis George Luciani Chris Mahle Jennifer McHugh Kim Noble Liz Phillips Michele Stambaugh Karen Thompson

Thank you!

I have many health problems. I have been diabetic since I was 25; I’m now 61. No one ever showed me how to test my sugar. The medicines I took never seemed to work. I was also depressed and had anxiety problems. This kept me from speaking up for myself and asking for help. I lacked self confidence; I didn’t think highly of myself because of all my medications and problems.

The opportunity to be healthy

I had been to other counseling agencies, but once I came to Family Service I had a counselor, a pyschiatrist and nurses taking care of me. The nurses found that my medicines weren’t working because I was not taking them correctly. So the nurses helped me create a medication schedule and gave me pill boxes; now I know when to take all of my meds. They taught me how to check my sugars and even helped me find an endocrinologist. I have learned to manage my diabetes. I watch what I eat. My blood pressure and thyroid are normal. My sugars are good now. I am feeling so much better and I plan to start walking for exercise. Now I enjoy going to work and meeting new people. Earning a paycheck makes me feel good. I feel as if I could work another 15 years! Family Service has given me to the opportunity to be healthy. I have the opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much. I have attained a great deal here.


outpatient behavioral health

The opportunity to be self-sufficient

High school was difficult both socially and academically for me. I usually did not want to get up in the morning and attend. I’m told this is common for someone with Asperger’s Syndrome. It is hard to feel comfortable around all the kids at school. Only with help from my family and teachers, did I graduate. But, I didn’t do much after graduation. Most of my time I spent alone in my room on the computer, watching tv and playing video games. I spent time with my family, but I didn’t have many friends. That changed when I came to AACES. At AACES I attended job workshops and social skill seminars. At first, I felt very anxious about being around others again. I thought it would feel like high school. But soon I found that I liked the workshops and felt comfortable talking with others and asking questions. I didn’t feel as if I was an invisible teenager any longer. My parents joined the parents’ group. I know they worry about me and want me to be able to take care of myself. I hope for this too. My mom says she gets good advice from other parents, and I’m happy she has others to talk to as well. I was recently hired for a part time job! I was so excited when I was offered the job that I went and told my friends and the staff at AACES right away. I’m looking forward to working hard and not spending so much time alone. This program has given me the opportunity to be self-sufficient.


family strengthening

I came to America five years ago. I do not speak very good English. I found out a year ago I was HIV positive. By the time I was told to come to Family Service, I had AIDS. I thought I would die. It was so hard to find help because I did not speak the language very well. But my Family Service Medical Case Manager was able to translate for me. She not only came to my first few doctor’s appointments with me, but she helped translate many of my medical documents and instructions into my native language. Once I was connected to the doctors, my case manager then talked with me about my other health problems. For example, I was very under weight; I could not fight this disease in such poor condition. She helped me get nutrition services. I have since gained 10 pounds and feel better! My only family--and my pride and joy--is my son. Taking care in raising my son is important to me. My case manager helped us find housing and other important services. Because I feel stronger, I am focused on a healthy future for me and my son. We have both started to make friends and he is enjoying his school. Family Service gave us the opportunity to have a better quality of life.



The opportunity for a better quality of life

Just eleven short years ago, I was married, had a family and a career. But then I was diagnosed with MS and my life rapidly changed. My health declined and so did most of the relationships I had in my life including my marriage.

The opportunity to be independent

In 2008 I moved into an apartment at one of the Bucks County Housing Authority locations. I was confined to a wheelchair and disabled from this awful disease. I had tremendous difficulty communicating with others. I had become angry and frustrated. I even stopped going to my doctor’s appointments. A case manager from Family Service came to see me one day. The first thing she did was make sure I was getting to my doctors. My case manager talked with me a lot about my goals: I wanted to feel better, be stronger and try to manage my disease as best I could. I just didn’t know how. She arranged for transportation to my medical appointments. She helped me get home health care and found a physical therapy center that could help me. She even found a place that would deliver meals to my home. During these visits we talked a lot. I opened up to her--I spoke about my anger and how I wanted to heal the damage I had done to my relationships with my family. I have recently applied for a new apartment that will be more accommodating to my physical limitations. My case manager worked tirelessly with phone calls and paperwork to help me through the application process. I am excited. I am thankful for the opportunity to be living independently.


older adults

I moved to Bucks County about a year ago. I had to start a new school that was so much bigger than the small private school I attended back home. I didn’t have any friends and was getting teased at school because I was shy and new. I had some trouble with depression in the past and this move made it worse. My mom heard about The Teen Center from another parent and dropped me off one night. She thought maybe going to a smaller place would help me make friends. Even at The Teen Center I felt like the new kid, but everyone was very accepting of me. Some of them told me they came to The Teen Center for the same reason—they felt alone and needed a place to make friends. For awhile I just hung out and talked with the other kids who came in and out families on Thursday nights. It wasn’t that crowded on 55% of Thursday nights and I liked that. But, as I made werefriends reunified with a few kids, they kept trying to get me to come a Friday night when more teens were thanks to on their there. I was nervous about being in a big crowd participation in again.

the LINKS Family I finally made it to The Teen Center on a Friday. Reunification Over time, I made friends there and a few of us started hanging together at school. It felt so good program.

to have friends in school! I felt accepted at The Teen Center and it made me feel more confident in myself at school. Now, when other new kids come to The Teen Center, I am the first one to say hello!


the teen center

The opportunity to fit in

Outpatient Behavioral Health includes individual

and family counseling for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Family Service is licensed by The State of Pennsylvania to provide both outpatient Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol treatment services. Services are offered at several Family Service office locations in Bucks County.

Promotes Mental Health and Wellness Reduces Substance Abuse Increases Opportunities for Adults Prepares Children and Teens for the Future Protects the Elderly Improves the Quality of Life for People with HIV/AIDS Strengthens Communities

Because we take a holistic approach to mental health treatment, we also provide psychiatric and nursing services, medication education, group therapy, tobacco dependency services, and case management; all in a highly confidential manner.

• Counseling & Psychiatry

• Supportive Case-Management Outreach Team (SCOT)

• Wellness & Tobacco Cessation

Family Strengthening Programs

focus Our on the positives in families. These programs assist with parenting, transportation, and self-sufficiency. We offer parent support groups, family education programs, and more. • Asperger’s Awareness, Community Education, and Support (AACES) • Bucks County Family Center •

Drive to Success

• LINKS Time Limited Family Reunification • Parents As Teachers (PAT)

• Parent Support Group

HIV/AIDS Program

The (HAP) is made up of several inter-related programs. We serve men, women, seniors, young adults, and people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds regardless of income. Two basic premises guide what we do: everyone should know their status; and, if HIV positive, the sooner you are connected to medical care, the better your chances of living a longer and healthier life. HAP connects people to medical care, mental health services, supportive services and support groups.

• Medical Case Management

• Healthy Relationships

• Care Outreach

Older Adult programs

The Family Service are helping older adults live better lives today and in the future. With the population of Bucks County living longer and longer, specialized services for persons over 60 become increasingly important. Through a coordinated approach to information and services, these programs strive to keep seniors independent and in their homes. • Bucks County Housing Authority Case Management • Guardianship

Family Service Association Cornerstone Executive Suites 4 Cornerstone Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047 Phone: 215-757-6916 Fax: 215-757-2115 Web: E-mail: Doylestown Office 708 N. Shady Retreat Rd. #1B Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 345-0550 Quakertown Office 312 W. Broad Street Quakertown, PA 18951 (215) 538-1616 Bucks County Family Center Canal’s End Plaza, Ste. 201G Bristol, PA 19007 (215) 781-6602 The Teen Center at the Oxford Valley Mall Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 757-7823

The Teen Center is a free and confidential place for

teens ages 14 and up to find help. Teens who come to The Teen Center struggle with a variety of problems including substance abuse, depression, relationship difficulties, homelessness, difficulties in school, thoughts of suicide, and more. The Teen Center strives to create a safe and supportive environment for all teens. Staff address the unique problems faced by teens today by providing counseling, educational and support groups, and referral services.

The AACES Program Suite 012 at the Oxford Valley Mall Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 757-3300 Déjà Vu Thrift 2235 Veteran’s Highway Levittown, PA 19056 (215) 943-5264

The Teen Center is a gateway for an increasing number of teens needing professional counseling and adolescent psychiatric services readily available through our Outpatient Behavioral Health program.

Aisha’s family is just one of 532 families who received early childhood services this past year.

What we do

The Opportunity to make a difference There are many ways you can make an impact in your community by supporting Family Service.

Monetary Gifts

FSA accepts gifts of cash, stock, property, and life insurance policies, and perhaps your employer will match your gift. You can also include FSA as a beneficiary in your will.

Join Our Events

Attend, sponsor, or support any of our events throughout the year: Spring Signature Event (April) Drive for Youth Golf Outing (June) Annual Meeting (November)

In-kind Donations

Visit our Wish List online Help stock our food pantry Give diapers, formula and food to our baby pantry Participate in our Back to School Clothing Drive (July/August) Support our Holiday Drive (December) Donate gently used items to Déjà vu Thrift Shop

Host a Recycling Bin

If you are a commercial property owner, simply placing a clothing recycling bin on your property is an easy way to help raise money for FSA—and is environmentally friendly too!


Join an event committee Assist with the Back to School or Holiday Drives Help with administrative opportunities Lend a hand at Déjà Vu Thrift Shop

Family Service transforms gifts into services that change lives. Over $0.90 of every dollar goes directly to client services.

Supporting your neighbors is easy! Mail your gifts to our Langhorne office or donate online at For more information contact the Director of Development at 215-757-6916, ext. 208.

With Our Best Wishes



Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc. is proud to support FAMILY SERVICE ASSOCIATION OF BUCKS COUNTY At Magellan, we believe that every individual and family has the ability to learn and grow. We support a philosophy of wellness that focuses on discovering personal strengths, building hope, and offering choices. We are committed to providing quality behavioral care to help individuals and families achieve their goals. Newtown Care Management Center – Serving HealthChoices members in Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery Counties Lehigh Valley Care Management Center – Serving HealthChoices members in Lehigh and Northampton Counties Visit or call our Newtown PA Care Management Center at 877-769-9779 We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you Annual Meeting Donors! Brenda & David Bass Elaine Daniels Suzanne Doll Liz Phillips Roddy, Inc. Barbara & Warren Snyder Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, Bensalem Elizabeth White


Save the Date!

Join us next year for these fun, fabulous FSA events!


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Congratulations to Family Service Association and its Honorees Corporate Citizen of the Year--Renaissance Benefit Advisors Family Builder of the Year--Bucks County Housing Authority and the Family of the Year--Mike Babij for helping to improve the quality of life for the people of Bucks County

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Family Service Association 2011 Annual Report  

Stories, stats, and program information about Family Service Association of Bucks County.

Family Service Association 2011 Annual Report  

Stories, stats, and program information about Family Service Association of Bucks County.