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Family Service Association

annual report 2010

is proud to support Family Service Association of Bucks County.

Bucks County Technology Park

4800 Street Road

Trevose, PA 19053

A Celebration of Families & Community Annual Luncheon

WELCOME Betsy N. Rendall, President, Board of Directors INVOCATION Rebecca J. Kerchner, J.D., Th.M.

ANNUAL AWARDS Family of the Year The Madison Family Family Builder of the Year Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees, Bucks Chapter Corporate Citizen of the Year Peddler’s Village, Inc.

GUEST SPEAKER Vivian Seltzer, M.S.W., Ph.D--University of Pennsylvania “The Road of Adolescence: Peers, Parents, Glitches Along the Path”


The printing of this year’s annual report was generously donated by a friend.




PEDDLER’S VILLAGE Peddler’s Village exemplifies great corporate community service. Our Spring Signature Event has been held at the Village for the past three years; Village staff always went above and beyond in making each event a success by providing wonderful ambience and delicious food. Most importantly, Village staff worked on the planning committee, and many Village shop owners supported the events with generous donations and promotions. In addition, the Village has hosted several Diaper Drives for our clients since 2008. Peddler’s Village has also been a significant benefactor of other community organizations such as the Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family fundraiser. They spearheaded an event to support the relief project, From Bucks to Bayou, a community-wide effort to raise money and support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in Hancock County, MS.

PA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL RETIREES, BUCKS CHAPTER Over the past five years, the Bucks Chapter of the Pennsylvania School Retirees (PASR) has donated over 500 backpacks filled with new clothes and school supplies to children in FSA programs. Their Klothes for Kids Project is part of our Back to School Clothing Drive. PASR makes sure each child has multiple outfits, shoes, socks, underwear, tissues, lunch boxes, and of course, all the appropriate school supplies. They fill the backpacks with loving and encouraging words for the students. Parents tell us this generous project helps them at a time of year that is very hard financially on them and emotionally on their children.

THE MADISON FAMILY From their divorce to struggles with bi-polar disorder, depression and substance abuse, to losing their children to foster care, the Madison family has been through it all. But they were committed to their family. Through therapy and parenting education Marlene and William Madison learned to recognize their mistakes and make positive changes in their lives. In the LINKS Family Reunification program, the Madisons took the steps necessary to have their children placed back in their home. Marlene still participates in outpatient counseling. William and Marlene have remarried. Their children, Marlia, William Jr. and Faith are doing well in school and happy to be home with both of their parents.


previous HONOREES CORPORATE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR First Federal of Bucks County, 2009 Magellan Behavioral Health Services, 2008 Matrix Development Group, 2007 Univest Corporation, 2005 Charon Planning, 2004 Bucks County Courier Times, 2003 Jones Apparel Group, 2002 Kravco Company, 2001

FAMILY BUILDER OF THE YEAR United Way of Bucks County, 2009 Russell Johnson, North Penn Community Health Foundation, 2008 Vincent J. Volpe, Bucks County Transport, Inc., 2007 Dr. Broadus Davis, Bristol Borough School District, 2005 Sally Fabian, Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership, 2004 Robert E. Cosner, Bucks County Children and Youth, 2003 Nancy Hunziker, Bucks County Head Start, 2002 William D. Ford, Bucks County Juvenile Probation Department, 2001

FAMILY OF THE YEAR Dawn Bauhof, 2009 Tara and Austin Briel, 2008 Nicole Fairfield and Family, 2007 Penny Bullaro and Family, 2006 Rachel Callahan and Family, 2005 Monica Wooden, 2004 Linda Waters and Family, 2003 Cheryl Clark and Family, 2002 Francis Rearick and Family, 2001



In many ways people and organizations are the same. Each has aspirations…hopes for the future and fears that the circumstances surrounding them might dash their dreams. And each seeks opportunities to grow and to change…even though making change forces them to take risks. When Family Service opened its doors 57 years ago, our hope for the future was that struggling families in Bucks County would find within our walls the strength, knowledge and skills they needed to solve the problems standing in the way of their aspirations. More than 175,000 men, women and children have done just that. Today the issues facing struggling families are different than they were in 1953. The suburbs are now home to the largest and fastest-growing poor population in the nation. The number of adults and children with a mental illness is growing steadily. Over the next 10 years behavioral health disorders will surpass all physical diseases as the major cause of disability world-wide. And every 16 minutes someone dies as the result of suicide. Each one of the 5,537 individuals who came to Family Service this year had a story. They came to us from all areas of the county and from many different backgrounds. Their unique stories were often heartbreaking and their goals were to confront their fears, to find hope, to find help, and to find a new path to the future. In the upcoming pages you will read stories of some of the people whose lives have been strengthened through Family Service programs. You will read about the challenges they faced and the commitments they made to their treatment so they could overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their aspirations. Family Service was not without its own challenges this year. We were called upon to assist more people with complex mental health problems; problems complicated by issues such as job loss, trauma, physical illness, age related dementia, homelessness, and domestic violence. In fact, we experienced a 13% increase in the use of our outpatient behavioral health services! So we developed new approaches to serving those who asked for help including our participation in the HealthChoices HealthConnections initiative. Through this project our nurses insure that the mental and physical health care of those we serve is coordinated. We trained our staff and many professionals from the community, on a wide range of topics such as Children’s Health Insurance; Immigration and Serving Culturally Diverse Families; Current Trends in HIV/AIDS and STD’s; and Effective Approaches to Serving Adults with Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorders. We opened satellite sites where we are now able to provide behavioral health services to those who cannot come to us. These sites, in nine area schools and the local homeless shelter, make it possible for us to extend our reach to some of the most vulnerable residents of Bucks County.

We began serving a new population this year. The Asperger’s Awareness, Community Education, and Support Program (AACES) works with young men and women with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their families, as they transition into adulthood. AACES is designed to address many of their needs, including preparation and support for employment, education, and independent living. In all of our programs, old and new, we are helping hardworking families who are struggling to pay rent, provide nutritious food for their children, gather clothing and supplies for school, purchase life saving medicines, and maintain heat and electricity in their homes. Their needs are our challenges as we seek resources that will help them stay safe and healthy during difficult times. Despite the need, despite the challenges, despite the difficulties, there is something joyful about our work. The joy comes from those who decided to ask for help and then achieved their dreams. It comes from our staff members who say yes when asked to do more. It comes from our donors who choose to give, even when it requires sacrifice for them to do so, because they understand that in these tough economic times the need is greater than ever. It comes from our partner agencies who are willing to share their talents with us and with those we serve. It comes from our volunteers who give freely of their time, working behind the scenes or directly with clients, to make our programs strong. And it comes from our Board of Directors who had the foresight to encourage our growth and diversification so that we could truly achieve our aspirations…to be a voice for families and a force for change when those who need us the most feel hopeless. Yes, times are tough. But Family Service has remained strong because many are counting on us to do so. We have weathered funding cuts by seeking new resources and developing plans to carefully use them. We have not reduced services or cut staff. We remain a fiscally responsible agency with a staff and Board who are committed to being careful stewards of the public and private investments made in our programs and in our clients. Thank you for standing with us and for being our ally in all the work we do.

B Betsy N N. R Rendall d ll President, Board of Directors

Audrey J. Tucker, M.S.W., L.S.W. Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

To protect, maintain, strengthen, and enhance individuals, families, and children and their social and psychological functioning

FinanciaL summary FFamily il S Service i remains i wellll positioned iti d tto serve iindividuals di id and families. More than $0.90 of every dollar goes directly to client services. Fiscal Year 2009-2010

Total Funding: $ 5,872,659

Thr Fu Rec ift Sho ycli p & ndra Priv isin ng ate Go Bin g4 Con ver s % trac 2% Co n m ts 5 ntr e % n act s4 t 4%




ay 4 W d e

s, rvice 41% e S t Clien nce Fees a Insur

Where the dollars Come from

Ma na G ene gem Tee Thr ral ent nC & 7% ent ift Sto HIV er 1 r /AID % e 2% S 16 %



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atie Outp 49% th Heal

Where the dollars GO er Old lt 4% u e Ad anc t s Sub se 8% u Ab

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9% An audited financial statement is available upon request.

Countywide services

Family Service Association strengthens the lives of Bucks residents in their homes, in schools, in their communities, and in our offices. Family Service operates out of several offices, community-based sites, and licensed mental health sites throughout Bucks County.

Quakertown Office

*+Doylestown Office

*Indicates current licensed mental health location +Indicates current licensed drug & alcohol location

Bucks Villa New Hope

**Indicates licensed mental health location in 2010-2011

*Red Cross Homeless Shelter, Levittown *Everett McDonald Elementary School Warminster *Grandview Elementary School, Morrisville *+FSA Headquarters Langhorne

**Morrisville Intermediate School, Morrisville

*R. Struble Elementary School, Bensalem *Buchanan Elementary School, Bristol

*Cornwells Elementary School, Bensalem

*Benjamin Franklin Freshman Academy Bristol

*Franklin D. Roosevelt Middle School, Bristol *Truman High School Bristol

Bristol Office

The Teen Center and AACES Program at the Oxford Valley Mall Langhorne

Board of Directors The Family Service Board of Directors works tirelessly to keep FSA apace with the changing reality and many challenges of our community. Members have a rich history of community service. Their wide range of backgrounds and professional expertise yield a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated team with a hands-on approach to issues affecting their neighbors. The leadership, time, talent and charity of the Board of Directors are at the forefront of Family Service’s efforts and accomplishments.

Betsy N. Rendall President Michael E. Sneed First Vice President Francis J. Sullivan, Esq. Second Vice President Diane E. Reed, C.E.B.S Secretary William P. Larkin, Jr., C.P.A. Treasurer

David E. Bass Kristina Collmann Costello Sheila E. Dawe Alina Denis Jarjour, J.D. Joseph R. Feilmeier James C. Fleming Gregory Hufner

James S. Krull Christopher J. Leskauskas Michael J. Mattie Margaret M. Mohr Gwen Scott-Hodges Susan S. Soffronoff Karen Thompson

FamilY Service Staff LEADERSHIP TEAM Audrey J. Tucker, M.S.W., L.S.W., Chief Executive Officer Kathleen M. Keen, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Director of Clinical Services Jane C. Shuster, L.S.W., Director of Community-Based Services Marlene Piasecki, M.S.W., Director of Program Planning and Development Cathleen A. Wittig, B.A., Director of Quality Assurance Florence Kawoczka, M.S., Director of Development Lance Mervine, M.B.A., C.P.A., Chief Financial Officer Suzette Wronka, M.B.A., Fiscal Director Nancie M. Miller, Executive Assistant

COUNSELING AND CASE MANAGEMENT STAFF Karyn Arnold, B.S. Rebecca Azzi, B.A. April Bacani, B.S.W. Jill Barnasevitch, R.N. Maria Berrocal, B.S.W. Lesley Boyer, B.S. Lorie Brew, M.S. John Buettler, B.A Daniel Cherin, M.S.W. Amy Conte, M.S. Craig Davis-Marsters, M.A. Colleen DeSantis, M.S. Amanda Detweiler, B.S. Heather DiBlassio, R.N. Ellen Dzwonar, M.S.W. Angela Eberhardt, B.A. Mechelle Egoavil, B.S. Michelle Evans, B.A. Dana Feldsher, L.C.S.W. Laurie Fellman, B.A. Elizabeth Fredland, L.C.S.W. Deborah Fusco, R.N. Melissa Gill Calvin Goode, B.A. Pamela Gory, L.C.S.W. Linda Grossmuller, R.N. Mary Ellen Haesemeyer, B.A. Christina Hall, B.A. Bridget Hanley, B.S.W.

Joyce Harding, R.N. Darci Haun, M.S.W Melissa Ivanchenko, B.A. Sarah Kazimer, B.A. Elizabeth Kelly, B.A. Barbara Mannucci, L.C.S.W. Judith Mazess, R.N. Marilyn Mendez-Pultro, B.A. Monica Miller, B.S.W. Dennis Morgan, B.A. Bernadette O’Connor, M.A. Geraldine Parrish, L.P.C, C.C.D.P.-D Loretta Pacitti, B.A. Susan Reibel, B.S.W. Jeannette Rosen, M.S.S., L.S.W. Lester Ross, M.A. Tracey Sewter-Cohen, R.N. Soo Sung, M.A. Mary Beth Swan, M.C.T Allison Taite-Tarver, M.S.S. Amy Tarr, M.S.W. Katia Thomas, B.A. Nathan Townsend Marie Turco, L.C.S.W. Brianne Tyma, B.S. Alice Waldeck, R.N. Ann Wise, M.Ed. Diana Young, B.A.

Listings reflect staffing as of date of publication.

CONSULTING PSYCHIATRISTS AND CLINICIANS Waverly Andrews, M.D. Tara Bane, M.A. Amy Bryant, M.A. Janet Cegelka, Ph.D. Elva DeGeorge, L.C.S.W. Emily Easterling, L.P.C. Jennifer Howell, L.P.C. Cynthia Kelley, L.C.S.W. Eileen Larr, L.P.C. Raquel Maisel, L.C.S.W. Carol Maplesden, L.P.C. Miki McPherson, M.A. Jesse Menarde, L.P.C. Joshua Millman, L.C.S.W.

Randi Mittleman, M.D. Alexandra Orbino, L.C.S.W. Adina Rosenberg, L.P.C. Eileen Roth, M.A. Rhonda Russeck, M.A., C.C.D.P.-D Patrick Scaliti, M.S.W. Jacqueline Schlegel, L.P.C. Maria Tull, L.P.C. Vijaya Velagapudi, M.D. Fior Veras-Sulenick, L.P.C. Alice Vernon, L.P.C. Mary Jane Whiteley, L.P.C. Charles Williams, L.C.S.W.

ADMINISTRATIVE, SUPPORT AND ANCILLARY STAFF Elisabeth Barats, M.Ed. Heather Bolton Cynthia Brookes Donna Carter Joseph Chmielewski Shea Cialella Renee Cohen Stephanie Cracha Christina Devine Nancy Gaynor Lisa Good Vanessa Green Andrea Hamilton Barbara Hogan, B.A. Stephanie Lopez

Denise Misner Carol Moyer Linda Moyer, A.A. Lan Pham Leonard Plewes James Queale Kristi Runner-Mason Tamara Sharpadskaya, A.A. Stephanie Sides, B.A. Janet Stumpf Colleen Surdez Diane Swearer Sue Winston Bridgette Wise

making an impact Whichever role you play in Family Service Association Association, you can ttake great satisfaction knowing that together we made an impact on 5,537 lives this year.

93% of clients tell us their

15,427 the number of

lives are better because of counseling they received at Family Service.

counseling sessions provided this year.

4,327 medication checks

440 the number of

provided by our psychiatry sta.

511 the number of

psychiatric evaluations conducted by our doctors.

people receiving counseling in Outpatient Behavioral Health per month.

83% of students who received counseling

at a Family Service licensed school locations showed an improvement in attendance, social skills, and behavior in the classroom and at home.

96% of the 258

clients in our SCOT program did not require psychiatric hospitalization, showing an increase in their ability to live a stable life in the community.

313 one-on-one counseling sessions were provided to teens at The Teen Center.

30 young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome received services in our new AACES program.


There was an increase in the number of families who received Early Childhood Services this past year.


individuals served by Family Service programs.

Thank you



It is through the kindness of many generous individuals and organizations that we are able to continue our mission. We are grateful for every gift. Together we have a greater impact!

INVESTOR Brenda & David Bass Bucks County Technology Park Estate of John T. Cocci First Federal of Bucks County Fulton Bank, Premier Division GE Foundation Gilbreth Packaging Marilyn & Don Hayden Hill Wallack LLP Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Jones Apparel Group, Inc. Rebecca & Kevin Kerchner Magellan Behavioral Health Kathleen & Dale Schneider Ann & Michael Sneed Wheelabrator Falls Inc.

PATRON Anonymous Becky & Joseph Bonargo Christopher Brill, Esq. Bristol Lioness Club Capital Planning Advisory Group, Inc. Lori Clemens Robin & Michael Connor ConvaTec Sheila & William Dawe Doylestown Wealth Management, Inc. Marybeth & John Dugan Everything Plastic James C. Fleming Nancy & John Vegotsky Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Cynthia & Edwin Johnson Kampi Components Company, Inc. The Katz Family Foundation Janet Kelly Patricia Ann & William Larkin, Jr. Lopez, Teodosio & Larkin Lori & Greg Mallison

Matrix Development Group Monument Bank National Penn Neshaminy Electrical Contractors, Inc. Newtown Exchange Club Newtown Presbyterian Church Peddler’s Village, Inc. Pennsbury High School-S.A.V.E. Diane & Jeff Reed Noreen & John Reis Betsy & Douglas Rendall Rev. Gerald C. Ronan Rotary Club of Central Bucks Rotary Club of Washington Crossing Sam’s Club Laurie & William Schutt SPAN Packaging Services Rosemary & Francis Sullivan, Esqs. TD Bank The Ziff Company Karen & Dave Thompson Sherilyn & John Turco Wachovia Wells Fargo Max Yaffe & Joan Amatniek

SUSTAINER Jeanne & Robert Adshead, Esq. Agile Technologies Anonymous (2) Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP Bucks County Bank Christ United Methodist Women Curtin & Heefner LLP Geri & Dwight Davis Barbara & Tony Flor Gould, Yaffe and Golden Chris & Michael Hall Lindsey & Greg Hufner Bruce C. Iacobucci Invest in Others Charitable Foundation Just Children Child Care Florence & Paul Kawoczka Mary & James Krull Les Strokes Golf Club Leventhal Sutton & Gornstein Kathleen & Thomas Magallanes Lisa & Michael Mattie McCafferty Auto Group McCaffrey’s Market JoAnna & James McDonald MileStone Bank

Barry Miller & Amy Casale Mary Morrison & Roger Niemczyk Bonnie O’Boyle Plant Food Company Chuck Sabino Susan & Scott Schwebel Susan & John Soffronoff Alice & Kord Spielmann Susan B. Spencer, Inc. TeamCapitalBank The Broker Network, Inc. The Flynn Company Audrey & Thomas Tucker Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lower Bucks Larry Waldman Cathleen Wittig

FRIEND Barbara & Mitchell Adler Advertising Specialty Institute Susan & Louis Altomari American Heritage Federal Credit Union Anonymous(4) Augenblick & Company, P.C. Patricia Barnette Benefit Watch, Inc. BioClinica Bonargo Insurance Associates, Inc. William Boyce Helen & William Boyle, Jr. Marissa & David Brown Bucks County Community College Bucks County Transport, Inc. Building Control Systems & Services, Inc. Karen & Thomas Buroojy Donna & Laurence Carter Ellen Catanese Camille & Robert Coffin Denise DeGennaro Alina & Michael Jarjour Emma & Damon Derstine Patricia & Martin Devlin IV Susan & Anthony Doll Richard Donovan Ruth & Jamie English Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising Muriel & Frank Foley Sharon & Lewis Foulke Fox Chase Bank Karen & John Fulton III Joan & Isaac Garb

Lisa & Robert Gaynor Jackie Gerb Dick Gillespie Pamela Gory Bernard Granor Max Gross Jean & Stephen Haeckel Barbara & Glenn Hains, Esq. Karen Hall Ingrid Hammond Dawn Harris Harris Fuels, Inc. Tara Haurin Sally & Richard Henriques Gwen & Brian Hodges Kathy Horwatt Wendy Ianeri E. Thomas Johnson, Jr. Marlene & Martin Kalbach Lillian H. Kase Hart & R. J. Kay Dermot Kennedy, Esq. Ann Klibert Lynne & Carl Koenig, Jr. John Lasalle Amy & Eric Lepping Tracy & Christopher Leskauskas Martin Leyland Sally Lombardi Dorothy Lubkay Main Line Periodontics & Dental Implants, PC Barbara Mannucci Marziani Associates Nina & James Mattie Arthur Mayhew Gerard Meglio Merck Partnership for Giving Merrill Lynch/Jon Rosenwald Kathleen & Glenn Meyer Margaret & Raymond Mohr MOM’s Club Of Bensalem MOM’s Club of Yardley North Gregory Morgan Phyllis & Ronald Morgan Nottingham Insurance Samuel November Barbara & John F. Ortolf Gerri Parrish Kathie & John Parry Alice Plump Janet Price Prudential Matching Gifts Program Joanne Rathgeber, Esq. Reed & Steinbach Francis X. Reilly araa ReMax Advantage/Drew Ferrara Rentacom Cheryl & John Rice Robert W. Mallon Auto Paints Jane & Francis Roddy Jeannette & Richard Rosen Adina Rosenberg Rita Sappenfield

Carrabba’s Tracey A. Carroll Vanessa Carter Brandon Casey Robert P. Casey Center for Student Learning Charter School Central Bucks East High School Chaddsford Winery Charming Shoppes, Inc. Charon Planning Chase Custom Finance Christine’s Restaurant Shea Cialella Wendy Cofer Adriana Comprelli CONTACT Cornerstone Club RaeAnn Corradetti Patricia & Frank Cosner Countryside Gardeners Jeanne & Martin Coyle J. D. Crowley Corinne Cuddington Martin Damm DONOR & IN-KIND PARTNER Aida & Joseph DeColli ABB Power Technologies USA Susan Derek Joan Achey Christina S. Devine Addisville Reformed Church Diane Devlin Palma & Joseph Agnello Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo Francine & Fred Allan Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./Phi Beta Dr. Eileen DiGregorio, D. O. Linda & Harry Donahue Omega Chapter Joseph M. Donnelly American Red Cross, LB County Chapter Sandy & Howard Drake Anonymous(2) Stephanie Drybala Artisan Gallery Dyventive, Inc. Athletic Shoe Shop Linda & Fred Edelman Patricia Bachtle Elizabeth Benke Salon Diane & Joseph Barkley Michelle Evans Sheila Bass Kathleen & Matthew Fanning Bayada Nurses Pauline Felotoirch Bayer Healthcare LLC Liz Fields Dr. Arthur & Michelle Becan Fisher Clinical Services, Bristol Barbara Beckelman Trudy Fittig Dr. Melissa & Matthew Bennett Judi & Carl Fonash Bensalem Kindercare Learning Center Bella Forman Kathleen Bergmann Foster’s Wine Estates Big Bear Natural Foods Caroline & William Fox Bobby Simone’s Restaurant & Bar Caren Friedman Border’s Books and Music, Warrington Doug Friedman Winnie & John Bossman Fun Foods LLC Bowen Pharma Consult Debbie Fusco Olivia Branagan Gail West Larry Brandt Elizabeth Gannon Valerie Brison Bristol Presbyterian Church, Mission Fund Garces Restaurant Group The George Family Brok Br rok oker erag e raag ge Concepts Co Conc onc ncep pts ts Brokerage Sandra Gervasio Rich Ri ichar char ch ard ar d Br B row wn Richard Brown Glass Masters Bucks County Community Bu Buck uck cks ks Co Cou unty unt un ty C Co ommu ommu om muni nity ni tyy Golden Knitters from Heathergate C olle o ol lege le lege ge Fou FFoundation ound ou undati nd dat atio io on College GoodSearch B Bu uck cckss Co C unty un u nty tyy C Cou ouri ou uri rrier er T imes im es Bucks County Courier Times Ann & Dr. Bernard Grossman Bucks County Smiles B Bu cks Co ck C ou un ntyy S mile m es Jennifer & Robert Grozalis B uilild ldi ding ng B lock c s in nB ucks C ou unt nty nty Building Blocks Bucks County Charlene & David Gumkowski Jo oan ann Bu Butt ttar ari Joann Buttari CAbi CA bi

Dorothy Sexton Kathy & Bill Shulby Jane & Clark Shuster Betty & Kenneth Sides Stephanie Sides Carol & John Small Barbara & Warren Snyder St. Mary Magdalen Independant Catholic Church Kristen & Rick Studer Mary Beth & David Swan Tamora Construction Company State Senator Robert Tomlinson Univest The Honorable Clyde Waite Waste Gas Fabricating Co., Inc. WBCB 1490 Robert Weiss Susan & Michael Wert Laura & Gregory Wozniak Suzette Wronka Toni & Cary Yonce



David Johnson Lynda Johnson Russell Johnson Joseph A. Fluehr III Funeral Home, Inc. Sarah Kazimer Kathleen Keen DONOR & IN-KIND PARTNER cont’d Kelch House Hair Cuttery Sandy Krotowski Susan & Paul Hampel Sharon Kucharski Joy Hardin Lace Silhouettes Lingerie Shirley Hart Martha Lathrop Sakura Hartman Diane & Bill Lewis Arthur Hass Janice Lewis Hawk Haven Vineyards Lisa & Jay Lieberson Headstrong, Ltd. Mary Ellen Livesay Madelyn & Thomas J. Heal Longhorn Steakhouse, Philadelphia Fred Hessenthaler Stephanie Lopez Barbara Hogan Elizabeth Loubet Chiara Holland Lucisano Brothers Holly Hedges Estate Judith & Charles Machion, Esq. Home Instead Senior Care Dr. Vince Mannino Richard Hoskins Linda Manzo Debbie Hutchens Robert Martin Image Fabulous Veronica & Thomas Martin Invo HealthCare Associates Lisa M. Masciulli Terri Ivers Mass Mutual J. A. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Linda & Patrick McCann Polly & Walter Jamison M. McCreadie Jericho National Golf Club John McHugh

The Honorable Charles T. McIlhinney, Jr. Patti & Michael McKee McNeil Pediatrics Susan Merchant Nancie Miller Anita & Martin Miller Lori Mitrano Edward Moran Rory Mosko Moyer Indoor/Outdoor Judy Murphy Sheila Necamp Susan & David Nejako John Nelson New Hope Community Church Newtown Athletic Club Newtown Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Inc. NGA, Inc. Northtec Inc. Nancy & Douglas Oberreit Keith A. Pacheco Pajama Program Donna Park Peter Parker Pennsylvania Assoc. Of School Retirees, Bucks Chapter Lisa Pflaumer Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Camps

Grants & Contracts AIDS Activities Coordinating Office Bristol Township Community Development Block Grant Bucks County Area Agency on Aging Bucks County Autism Support Coalition Bucks County Behavioral Health System Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services Agency Bucks County Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation Bucks County Division of Human Services Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. Bucks County Housing Authority The Bucks County Women’s Fund, Inc. Bucks County Workforce Investment Board, Inc. Children’s Trust Fund City of Philadelphia/Office of Housing and Community Development FACT Bucks County

Foundations Community Partnership Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Pennsylvania Department of Health Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare The Pew Charitable Trusts Philadelphia Foundation PHMC-Health Promotion Council of Southeastern PA Robert Wood Johnson Foundation St. Mary Medical Center Mission Committee Target Stores United Way of Bucks County U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Probation Office Wachovia Bank William Penn Bank Community Foundation

Marlene Piasecki Bonnie Piestrak Catherine Prendergast Kathleen Reavy Red Lobster Restaurant, Langhorne Martin Reddington Hunter Reilly Family Renaissance Benefit Advisors Elizabeth & Edward Robenholt Roddy, Inc. Lillie Rohrbach Lester Ross James Russo James A. Russo Philip Russo Eva Marie Saggese Christina Schnell William Schofield, Jr. Eleanor Scott Scottsville United Methodist Church Loretta Sedlosky Serenity Day Spa Sesame Place Steve Shellhamer Robin Simmers Skip’s Candy Corner

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*We We hav ha have ave m mad made de eevery vver er y atte aattempt tte tempt mptt to recog rrecognize e oggniz ni e aallll ou our uur ge gener generous nerous ous donor donors, no orss grants grants, nts and ndd contracts during the past fiscal year. Some donors are not listed because they have asked to remain anonymous. If your name should appear and does not, please contact our Director of Development at 215.757.6916 ext. 208. Thank you for your support.


behavioral health Life began falling apart for me about two years ago. My husband died when our daughter Lily was just three. I struggled for awhile to make it on my own, but when I lost my job I had no choice but to move in with my mother. So we moved to Pennsylvania just before the start of the school year. Lily had been excited to start kindergarten with her friends back in New Jersey; but then suddenly she had to start school in a strange place with no friends. At the same time, I was dealing with the stress of finding a job. I was still grieving my husband and relying heavily on my mother to take care of Lily. I didn’t notice how quiet Lily was and how sad she seemed. Until one day the Family Service counselor at school called to tell me Lily was crying a lot and seemed very angry towards her classmates. I let Lily see the counselor, thinking it might be good for her. Lily liked going to see her counselor; they played while Lily talked about why she was sad and crying. Soon I began going to Lily’s school to be part of her sessions. Lily and I learned how to communicate better. I realized just how much she needed me. Together, we explored the challenges we had faced over the past two years. Over the course of the year, Lily stopped crying so much and stopped being angry. Lily is now a happy child with friends. Her excitement about the first day of school this year was something I had not seen in a long time. Lily and I are a strong mother/daughter team, thanks to the guidance we received from Family Service counseling.


Outpatient Behavioral Health includes individual and family counseling for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Family Service is licensed by The State of Pennsylvania to provide both outpatient Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol treatment services. Services are offered at several Family Service office locations in Bucks County. Because we take a holistic approach to mental health treatment, we also provide psychiatric and nursing services, medication education, group therapy, tobacco dependency services, and case management, all in a highly confidential manner. • Counseling & Psychiatry • Supportive Case-Management Outreach Team (SCOT) • Wellness & Tobacco Cessation

There was a 13% increase in the number of people e who utilized our Outpatient Behavioral Health h program this pastt year.

Amy & Lilly are just two of 1,917 people whose lives were made better through counseling.


Strengthening Thanks to Family Service, I went from being a disorganized, chaotic, depressed person to a happy, content mom. Not that long ago, I was sharing a house with my three children and a boyfriend. I am bipolar but wasn’t keeping up with my treatment. I was neglecting my children. I relied on my boyfriend for money and rides to work; but over time, he became very abusive to me. Some days I recognized I had to do more to help myself and my family. Then I wouldn’t follow through with my plans. Finally, I realized I had to get out of the mess. My children and I left the house and went to a shelter. At the shelter I was connected with a housing organization and soon to the Family Service Drive to Success program to help me find a car. The Drive to Success staff helped me get a car loan and taught me budgeting. I learned about FSA’s outpatient program and decided to go there for counseling. And I finally stayed with it! Once I found an apartment for my family, an FSA Parent Educator began coming to our home to teach me great ways to prepare my younger child for school. I began attending a parent support group, too. Recently I completed training to become a Medical Technician. Despite my busy schedule, I never miss counseling sessions...they are too important! And I am proud that I have made every payment on my loan. Most importantly, I am more attentive to my children’s needs. Right from the start, everyone at Family Service treated me with respect and helped me make changes that were important to my family. Today, I am a better mom and a more organized, happy person. And my relationship with my children is stronger than ever.


Our Family Strengthening Programs focus on the positives in families. These programs assist with parenting, transportation, and self-sufficiency. We offer parent support groups, family education programs, and more. • Asperger’s Awareness, Community Education, and Support (AACES) • Drive to Success • LINKS Family Reunification • Parents As Teachers (PAT) • Parent Support Group

55% of families were reunified thanks to their participation in the LINKS Family Reunification program.

Aisha’s family is just one of 532 families who received early childhood services this past year.

hiv/aids I did not know I was HIV positive. After months of being sick and missing time at work, I lost my job. Then, when I could not pay my rent, I lost my apartment. It was winter; my daughter and I needed shelter. We began sleeping in a stable. When I was told I was HIV positive I was given the number to call Family Service. I was scared to ask for help and since I speak very little English it is hard to communicate. At Family Service I met Marilyn, a case manager who spoke Spanish so I found it easy to talk to her. She taught me about the disease and how I may have contracted it from unprotected sex with my ex-husband. I felt very ashamed and hopeless. Marilyn helped me understand how I can still have a good life despite this disease. I trusted her. She helped me fill out forms for insurance and quickly referred me to a doctor. Marilyn also found a temporary place for my daughter and me to live so we did not have to stay in the stable. We received assistance with food and given tokens for the bus so I could get to my weekly doctors’ visits. Now, I take my medication and see my doctors. I am feeling better and looking for a new job. My daughter and I will soon move into a small, but safe, apartment. I no longer feel ashamed and hopeless. I know we will be okay.


The HIV/AIDS Program (HAP) is made up of several inter-related programs. We serve men, women, seniors, young adults, and people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds regardless of income. Two basic premises guide what we do: everyone should know their status; and, if HIV positive, the sooner you are connected to medical care, the better your chances of living a longer and healthier life. HAP connects people to medical care, mental health services, supportive services and support groups. • Medical Case Management • Bucks Cares • Care Outreach

92% of HIV/AIDS Program clients pursued specialized medical care and treatment.

Lucita represents a growing number of Latinos in Bucks County who are both HIV positive and are very poor. 90% of our Latino clients, the fastest growing group in this program, fall into this category.


Adults I have a strong desire to earn my GED. I guess it may seem to be an unusual goal for a 60 year old man. Since I came to America four years ago, I could only find a small job cleaning offices near my apartment even though I worked as a draftsman in Africa. I live in a small apartment with nothing more than a bed, an old TV and a few pots and pans. I survive on $200 a month. Without a car or family nearby, I have difficulty visiting my doctor for my diabetes. I have no way to see or stay in touch with my son who lives an hour away. It has been so hard living here alone. That all changed a few months ago when I met Mary, a case manager in my building at the senior housing site where I live. Mary found transportation for me so I could get to the doctor’s office. And she told me about Philabundance where I get fresh fruits and vegetables, so I can eat healthily and manage my diabetes. Mary sometimes brings me food from the Family Service food pantry. She helped me get a free cell phone with a few minutes that I use to keep in touch with family. Just last month, I talked to my mother in Africa for the first time in four years! Mary is helping me find additional education and employment resources. In the meantime, she introduced me to a tutor who is now helping me study for my GED. I will be very proud when I pass and can find a better job.


With the population of Bucks County living longer and longer each year, specialized services for persons over 60 become increasingly important. The Family Service Older Adult programs are helping older adults live better lives today and in the future. Through a coordinated approach to information and services, these programs strive to keep seniors independent and in their homes. • Bucks County Housing Authority Case Management • Guardianship

100% of clients in the Bucks County Housing Authority Case Management program remained stable and independent in their own homes this past year.

John is one of 555 seniors who was connected to various community resources through our Bucks County Housing Authority Case Management program.


Teen Center I enjoy The Teen Center on Thursday nights. It’s a little quieter than Fridays; it gives me a better chance to talk one on one with Sue, a counselor at The Teen Center. Like when my mom died, Sue and the other staff at the Teen Center helped me through. I didn’t have anyone in my family who I was close enough with to talk about it. The staff was great about listening. At first, I was coping with my mom’s death by drinking with my friends, but I knew it wasn’t right. The counselors encouraged me to stop drinking and made me realize drinking would only move me away from my goals. A couple of months ago I finished Tech School. Unsure about my life after high school and scared to make the wrong decisions, I once again turned to the Teen Center staff for guidance. I trust their opinions...I don’t trust many people. So, I will be moving out of the area later this year to start in the Job Corps program. I am going to train to be a computer networking technician! I am excited. But I’m also sad that I only have a few Thursday nights left at The Teen Center.

Joey .

The Teen Center is a free and confidential place for teens ages 14 and up to find help. Teens who come to The Teen Center struggle with a variety of problems including substance abuse, depression, relationship difficulties, homelessness, difficulties in school, thoughts of suicide, and more. The Teen Center strives to create a safe and supportive environment for all teens. Staff address the unique problems faced by teens today by providing counseling, educational and support groups, and referral services. The Teen Center is a gateway for an increasing number of teens needing professional counseling and adolescent psychiatric services readily available through our Outpatient Behavioral Health program.

Joey is one off 346 teens who o made over 2,000 visits to The Teen Center this year.

Joey’s story exhibits hibit many off the th goals l The Th Teen T Center C t has h for f the teens: utilize staff as mentors, learn how to access community resources, reduce high-risk behaviors.

Giving back Volunteers make a tremendous difference in our ability to help our community! Family Service volunteers serve on special events and board committees, as well as assist with administrative tasks, thrift shop sales, public relations, and building improvements.

Last year, volunteers donated Peggy Acker Rachel Arrowood Automotive Training Center Nataliya Babiy Delilah Bass Zac Bitzer Bea Borges Michael Borski Diane Bullard Jane Checchio Austin Cinalli Renee Cohen Vivian Coleman Wanda Coulton Sue Doll Sandy Drake Gerry Dugan Family Service Board of Directors Charles Feaster Liz Fields Bryan Foley Dale Gaynor Rhoda Goldberg Bela Goldman Marti Greene Joslyn Gutierrez Bonnie Halbreiner Susan Hampel Paul Hampel Bonnie Halbreiner Mireille Harouche David Hogan Diane Hughes Janet Insinger

4,563 hours of time to Family Service!

Nancy Jackson Lynda Johnson Carolyn Kane Zeynep Karadag Claire Kawoczka Paul Kawoczka Terri Keller Peggy Kelly Phyllis Kent Joann Kerns Joan Kilroy Kim Knee Mary Laphen Michael Lawlor Kevin MacLane Randy MacTough Brittany Magallanes Anthony Magliozzi Claire Magliozzi Patrice Martin Jackie Martir Erik Mayer Arthur Mayhew Eva Ann McClintic Caroline Miller MOST/Pennsbury High School Roger Niemczyk Taylor O’Keefe Joanne Peterson Michelle Pio Erica Plummer Gerry Prendergast Robin Rae Tate Rarick

Brian Rodgers Brooke Saffren Yana Sharpadskaya Victoria Sharpadskaya Jennifer Siebert Kim Sion Helen Slater Staples painting team Jessica Sweeney Thomas Tucker Sarah Walsh Georgy Weber Wheelabrator Falls painting team Barbara Williams Theresa Wrablesky Barbara Young Karen Zoak Maria Zwilling Friends of Family Service Lou Altomari Dr. Melissa Bennett Francine Block Joe Bonargo Mike Conti Tony Flor Nancy Goldberg-Vegotsky Fred Hessenthaler Rebecca Kerchner George Luciani Chris Mahle

Thank you!

make a difference There are many ways you can make an impact in your community by supporting Family Service.

Monetary Gifts FSA accepts gifts of cash, stock, property, and life insurance policies, and perhaps your employer will match your gift. You can also include FSA as a beneficiary in your will.

Join Our Events Attend, sponsor, or support any of our events throughout the year: Spring Signature Event (March) Drive for Youth Golf Outing (June) Annual Meeting (November)

In-kind Donations Visit our Wish List online Help stock our food pantry Give diapers, formula and food to our baby pantry Participate in our Back to School Clothing Drive (July/August) Support our Holiday Drive (December) Donate gently used items to Déjà vu Thrift Shop

Host a Recycling Bin If you are a commercial property owner, simply placing a clothing recycling bin on your property is an easy way to help raise money for FSA—and is environmentally friendly too!

Volunteer Join an event committee Assist with the Back to School or Holiday Drives Help with administrative opportunities Lend a hand at Déjà vu Thrift Shop

Family Service transforms gifts into services that change lives. Over $0.90 of every dollar goes directly to client services. Supporting your neighbors is easy! Mail your gifts to our Langhorne office or donate online at For more information contact the Director of Development at 215-757-6916, ext. 208.


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Congratulations to Family Service Association and its Honorees Corporate Citizen of the Year--Peddler’s Village Family Builder of the Year--PA Association of School Retirees Bucks Chapter and the Family of the Year for helping to improve the quality of life for the people of Bucks County Roy Yaffe, Esquire Gould Yaffe and Golden 1818 Market Street--13th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103-3638 215.546.9090

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Peddler’s Village

UÊ-œVˆ>Ê7œÀŽÊ-iÀۈVià LIFE St. Mary is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). It empowers

2010 Corporate Citizen of the Year

eligible Lower Bucks County adults age 55 and older to live safely at home with help from healthcare experts and services at our comprehensive LIFE Center. LIFE St. Mary

UÊÊ ÕÌÀˆÌˆœ˜>Ê œÕ˜Ãiˆ˜}Ê UÊÊ6ˆÃˆœ˜]Êi>Àˆ˜}]ÊÊ *œ`ˆ>ÌÀÞ]Ê>˜`ÊÊ

i˜Ì>Ê >ÀiÊ UÊ`ՏÌÊ >ÞÊ >ÀiÊ UÊ >Ài}ˆÛiÀÊ,iëˆÌiÊ

provides all health appointments and care, and accepts Medicare and Medicaid, or

Thompson Networks 10 Atkinson Drive Doylestown, PA 18901 V: 215.348.1588

private payment for qualified participants. To learn more or for a private tour and complimentary lunch, call Eldercare Specialist Erin Oldt at 267.991.7600.

All non-emergency services must be authorized or provided by LIFE St. Mary.

An affiliate of St. Mary Medical Center

Jack Bowen, B.S., R.Ph. Natural Pharmacist/Educator

providing science-based advice for natural healing Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Medications Analysis Homeopathic Remedies

Thank you to our generous donors for their support of A Celebration of Family & Community Annual Luncheon

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Family Service of Bucks County 2010 Annual Report  

A review of the past year of