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Extra services to add to your basic breakdown policy from First Call GB Ltd Extra services to add to your basic breakdown policy from First Call GB Ltd All breakdown insurance companies will provide a basic roadside assistance package. However, in addition to this, most will offer extra services which make for a more comprehensive level of cover. Here we take a closer look at these extra features. Recovery or relay assistance is a term used for the higher priced breakdown cover packages which include all of the benefits of a basic service, as well as specified extras which can make the process of handling a breakdown much easier. A typical relay policy might include vehicle recovery to your chosen address in the UK as well as transport of both the driver and their passengers to one address (there is usually a limit on the number of passengers). Another extra serviced offered by companies like First Motor GB ltd is home call out. A basic policy will not normally include car recovery if it breaks down within a mile of the person’s home. Coverage which comes with home call outs will usually include breakdown assistance if the car fails to start at the driver’s house, as well as repairs or recovery to the nearest garage if the car breaks down within a mile of the home. For those that live in isolated areas such as the countryside, this type of coverage can be very useful. Onward travel is a feature which ensures that motorists can continue to drive and go about their business, even if their car breaks and is off the road for a few days. This type of coverage will normally either cover public transport costs, or will include the provision of a replacement car. Replacement car hire is normally only available to drivers aged 21 or over, and will only be for a maximum of five days. European Breakdown Cover is another service provided by First Motor GB Ltd and many other breakdown insurance companies. This type of upgrade to your policy is well worth thinking about if you tend to go on long- haul journeys in your car, across the continent. Should the car break down whilst you’re abroad and you do not have this coverage, you may find that the bill for things like repairs, towing, accommodation and a rental replacement car are extremely costly. Communication with the mechanics working on the car may also present problems if you do not speak the language. With a European breakdown policy, the motorist is provided with an English-speaking helpline contact number, so that they can quickly arrange for a repair service to meet them on the roadside. This particular service is normally one of the pricier breakdown cover options provided by First Motor GB Ltd however if you travel through Europe frequently in your car, it could end up saving you a small fortune in repairs.

extra services to add to your basic breakdown problem