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Editor’s Note FRV Travel – It takes you places The high season has arrived again. As the northern hemisphere summer reaches its peak and Europeans in particular go for their annual holidays, Bali and other tourist destinations around Indonesia begin to swell with foreign tourists. This year, however, there is an added facet to the high season equation with Idul Fitri being celebrated at the end of July and the long holiday, called Lebaran in these parts, taking off in early August. Now, if you thought it was busy already, take a deep breath, because it’s only just begun. One warning, watch out for the traffic jams in Bali, but at the same time it is the best and busiest time to be on the island. It’s definitely the most exciting. FRV is involved with a couple of events over the high season this year in Bali. If you like to be fashionable you can’t afford to miss the second installment of The Fashion Festival Bali held at The Stones Hotel in Legian. The

event is organised by some very voguish Melbournites & Indonesians and if last year’s event is anything to go by it should be a very stylish affair. If you would like to attend the opening gala cocktail reception and runway show, send me an email and we will put you on the list. FRV is also presenting a fashion and bubbles night at the new whisky bar in Seminyak (Oberoi Road) called Single Malt. It should be a load of fun with our friends from Chandon supplying the bubbles. Send me an email about that one too even though I’m sure you will be able to sneak through the door in any case. Inside this edition we have FRV writers travelling all over the planet again, filing back informative and interesting stories of how life is far away and right here at home. I hope you enjoy this edition and any comments or requests email me on editor@frvtravel.com FRV CONTRIBUTORS

David Trauts This English correspondent started The Beat magazine many years ago and then the group’s flagship, FRV. This edition he has a taste of the new Metis Lounge, sits at the new chef at Warisan’s table and returned to Singapore after many years and stayed in a rather interesting accommodation with an equally intriguing name, Hotel Clover The Arts.

Erza S.T. The opera loving, winter traveler-cum-food critic was on the mission to try three of Jakarta’s latest dining and hang out places. See what he’s got to say on Akira Back, Prime Cuts and the latest whisky bar Artoz. He also shares about some quirky moments in Europe as well as some insight about Prague.

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Thomas Jones Thomas visits Bromo and finds a unique and beautiful hotel called Java Banana perched upon the hillside, from where an early morning sunrise over East Java’s Mt Bromo is on the menu. A couple of Bali villas also get a visit along the way.

Rachel Love Told by a fortune teller that her life would take a dramatic change in a move to the East, she arrived in Bali with a few hundred pounds and a vision to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a writer on a tropical island. FRV’s resident arts writer, Rachel writes extensively on all things lifestyle and travel related.

Nick Walton Nick has been writing on travel for over 10 years, including most recently as the travel editor for the South China Morning Post. From his home in Hong Kong he regularly travels throughout Asia and beyond, looking for new experiences, trends and destinations, both for his travel pieces in over 60 magazines globally, as well as his weekly radio show.

Ian Neubauer Ian is a Sydney-based freelance journalist specializing in adventure travel. He has reported extensively across East Asia and the South Pacific for many publications. He is also the author of two travel novels, Getafix (2004) and Maquis (2006), and an advocate for Topu Honis, an orphanage and women’s shelter in East Timor.

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FRV Travel 11.2  

Fashion Restaurant and Villas | Bali & Southeast Asian Style

FRV Travel 11.2  

Fashion Restaurant and Villas | Bali & Southeast Asian Style