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FRUZSI FEKETE portfolio 2009-2014





1990, Budapest, Hungary 2013 -2014 Jewellery Course with Richárd Menyhárt

2012 - 2014 Craft and Vocational School Budapest - Goldsmithing 2012 „Ratio vs. Emotion” Workshop with Flóra Vági and Réka Lőrincz 2009 – 2012 Moholy- Nagy University Art and Design Budapest, Design and Art Department, Metalwork and Jewellery Design ( BA ) 2008 –2009 Budai Art Technical College – Goldsmith Department 2004–2008 II. Ferenc Rákóczi High School, Art Specialization


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Paper jewellery • 2010 •

task su perv isor m at eri a l

Making jewellery with paper. Vladimir PĂŠter paper

During the assignment, I was dealing with the fold of the paper. I invented a specific fold mode and due to the variation of this manner my jewelers were born. I designed mainly bracelets but I also folded jewel which can be worn on the neck.

Back jewellery • 2010 •

task Monolith jewellery supervisor András Bánfalvi material goldplated brass The examined body I choose as the subject of the design of monolith jewel was the back. I approached the assignment in different ways: there was a experimental part when I made compositions on the back with the help of ribbon in diverse color and thickness. In the other approach my aim was to emphasis the line of the back. The jeweler doesn’t cause any problem in wearing, it fits ergonomically to the shape of body make it more emphasized.

Ring with cone • 2011 • task su perv isor m at eri a ls

cone setting Vladimir PĂŠter anodized aluminum, plexiglass, aventurine quartz, peridot

The first part of the setting assignment was the setting of the cone. My aim was to be held the cone in the jeweler at as less point as possible. In the final object, the ring leans the cone at three points. I tried different materials during the assignment. Fundamentally the setting is made of anodized aluminum. The silver type of the ring got different shape. The aluminum rings are fixed with the help of screw. I made the cone too. Which made of plexi glass I was lathed, and the stone ones I polished in a glass workroom.

Mirror ring • 2011 •

task su perv isor m at eri a ls

favourite objects input in jewellery Vladimir PĂŠter silver, mirror In the second part of the setting assignment my chosen subject was the mirror. The first object I designed was a two-finger- ring, in which the mirror is able to spin, just like a mirror in the bathroom. The other object I set a mirror was a one-finger- ring, but as opposed to the previous one, this mirror stays stable.

Leather necklace • 2012 •


Make jewellery from natural material. Judit Bráda, Fanni Vékony

su perv isors m at eri a l

Leather, raffia The necklace was made within a one week workshop. The title of the course was the “Sarki Hentes” – the butcher on the corner- the theme of the inspiration was connected to the North and South poles and we had to design jewel using only natural materials. In the nenets culture the triangle is the symbol of the woman and they use sewing to fit different leathers.

signet rings • 2013 •

Richárd Menyhárt

su perv isors m at eri a l

ironwood, gold-platted copper In the school I currently attend there are lots of obligatory tasks. One of them was the old fashioned signet ring. This task was not my favorite since the rings are so old-fashioned, so Idesigned a newer one for the school’s 50th birthday. The wooden one is for males and the other one – the repousse in tar pitch- for females. The signet part is rolls as you use it.

wood • 2012 •

m at eri a l

different type of wood, modelling grass,

plastic rope I’ve always loved wood. I wanted to experiment with that material and make a collection from it. My intention was tohighlight the contrast of the organic and geometric forms. Moreover, I wanted to emphasize the contrast of natural and man-made materials with the plasticgrass. I used white paint because here in Hungary white paint is used to protect the wood from rabbits chewing on them.

plastic brooches • 2013 •

Flóra Vági, Réka Lőrincz

su perv isors m at eri a l


I was in a workshop with Flóra Vági and Réka Lőrincz. The workshop was called „Rationality vs. Emotion.” First we became familiar witheach other’s works and style. After that we gave each other descriptors that were not at all like the person’s style. I got the following descriptors: ugly, colourful, dirty, tacky. Our assignment was to make jewellery to match these descriptors. I melted plasticand painted the melted pieceswith an airbrush. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the assignment.I’ve always loved plastic but since that workshop it has become one of my favorite materials.

kaleidoscope • 2014 • Richárd Menyhárt

su perv isors m at eri a l

Silver, Plastic, rock-crystal

I’ve always been interested in Physics, especially refraction. I also love to play with kaleidoscopes, which of course use refraction. I made a kaleidoscope from silver. It includes a faceted lens, and the part of the toy that has the lens is negotiable.

That’s the lens

that breaks and multiplies the view. You can use it only if you open it. The rock-crystal ball moves on the cord and closes thetoy.

my teachers: andrás bánfalvi vladimir péter richárd menyhárt workshops with: fanni vékony flóra vági réka lőrincz portrait photo

: jónás mátyássy

jewellery photoes: juliann nyíri

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Fruzsina Fekete portfolio 2009-2014