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floriology | January/February December 2012 2017

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Out & About

Floriology Institute “Celebrating Life Everyday” course; Grand opening in Texas; Holiday cheer around the country

Recapping the 2016 Presidential election; Pantone color of the year; World floral map at Heathrow airport; Trendspotter





Proms 2017





International Trends

Donald Yim, AIFD, CPFD shares insights from his travels across Asia

DESIGN CENTER: On the Edge Owner’s Corner

Mom and daughter team grow their family business in Barnesville, Georgia

DESIGN CENTER: Back to Basics

Versatile metallics shine bright, providing many ways to enhance your sales


Expert tips and tricks that can expand your design possibilities


Industry Info

Thinking small is becoming big: a look at fairy gardens

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Create new opportunities via several online advertising options; Emphasizing the importance of redundancies

The latest trends, plus salesboosting marketing strategies

Karin’s Florist in Vienna, Virginia, celebrates its 60th anniversary

Earn higher rebates and the chance to win an incredible cruise vacation with our “Send Some Love” Sweepstakes

Neighborhood Corner

“Flower Empower” spreads joy throughout the community with floral bouquets and homemade greeting cards


Content is King


n our ever-changing world of human communication, the one constant we are seeing day by day is the use of the word “content.” Whether it is in the digital or print space or even the spoken word, the richness of content defines how valuable the communication is to us. In other words, a good story produces a large audience. Wikipedia defines content as follows: “Content itself is what the end-user derives value from. Thus, ‘content’ can refer to the information provided through the medium, the way in which the information was presented, as well as the added features included in the medium in which that information was delivered.” You will note with this issue, floriology magazine has moved to being published every two months. The magazine also contains more pages. As the richness of content continues to be a primary driver for publications, the editorial staff felt it was important to increase the size of floriology to include much more of what you have told us you want, i.e., Design, Education, Management, Technology, Finance, Personal Interest, and events from throughout the floral industry. We are very excited about expanding not only the size of the magazine, but also enhancing the information that we are delivering. Changing the magazine to an every-two-month schedule will provide the needed additional time for the editorial staff to properly investigate, interview contributors and prepare the articles for our industry leading floral educational magazine and still do so without the need for paid advertising. Floriology is also bringing more educational opportunities via expanded content to our BloomNet Professional Florists. The free digital issue of floriology contains additional video content centered on design and business, along with “tips and tricks,” as well as in-depth industry success stories and more pictures of industry events. One consistent request from florists and floral designers is that we expand our education reach. We are excited to announce that The Floriology Institute, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is also bringing education to various locations around the country. Currently, we are working with a number of major wholesalers to host educational events in their facilities. The response has been very positive and we will be announcing much more to follow regarding these events. Finally, we have been so fortunate to have Renato Sogueco join our management team. His experience in social technology and working within the industry with SAF uniquely qualifies him to spearhead our education efforts, as well as our foray into web-based education. His first SEO webinar had nearly 100 florists participate, and we expect future webinars to be much bigger. Please take advantage of these events, they contain a great deal of content.

WHAT’S ON TAP ● New Year’s Day January 1

● Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market January 10-17 Atlanta, Georgia

Presidential Inauguration January 20

● Fresh Forum 2017* January 20-22 Jacksonville, Florida

● Floriology Institute 5-Day Principles & Elements of Design* January 23-27 Jacksonville, Florida

● Texas State Florists’ Association Floral Showcase January 25 Corpus Christi, Texas

● Super Bowl 51 February 5 Houston, Texas

Valentine’s Day February 14

Mark Nance, AAF | President

● Best Friends Day February 19

● National Engineers Week February 19-25


● Floral Design Day February 28 ❋ For more info, go to fresh-forum and

January/February 2017 | floriology

“Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses” by Joe Pulizzi This issue’s good read is all about content. This well written book reveals a new model for business success. Very simply, it provides a roadmap to developing valuable and relevant content; building a consumer base around that content and then tying the content into product sales. Mr. Pulizzi’s six-step process to using the power of content is easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to implement.

● Floriology Institute 3-Day Prom & More* February 26-28 Jacksonville, Florida





CELEBRATING THE S Shops and floral designers across the nation expressed their celebratory sentiments in grand style this past holiday season. Bright, bold designs and colorful, attention-getting displays lit up floors, shelves, windows and social media— engaging and welcoming customers while creating extra opportunities for sales. Chase Holter of Holter Floral & Gifts in Roseau, Minnesota, crafted holiday scenes fi lled with wonder.

Joe Guggia, AIFD of Santa Maria, California, created this magnificent holiday design.

floriology | January/February 2017

1800Flowers | Flowerama in Waterloo, Iowa, “wowed” customers with festive holiday displays throughout the shop.


1800Flowers | Dallas in Dallas, Texas, put customers in the holiday spirit with some eye-catching displays. (Also see the story about this shop’s grand opening of its new banquet hall.)


This past Nov. 10, 1800Flowers | Dallas held a special grand opening for its new banquet hall located in their Farmers Branch design center. The new venue is called Cristi’s Banquet Hall and shop owners Jose and Cris Cuevas, together with representatives from the Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce, organized a ribbon cutting ceremony. Among those in attendance were many Farmers Branch Chamber members as well as: Mayor Bob Phelps; Eddy Ketchersid, Ambassador Chairman from The Branch Church; and BloomNet President Mark Nance, AAF. Jay-Anda Dargan, 1800Flowers | Dallas floral designer and recent participant in the Floral Design Council, created several beautiful centerpieces for the event, and the award-winning catering company Culinary Art Catering provided a taste of many of their delicious recipes and signature cocktails for attendees to enjoy.

FLORIDA Florists and floral designers from around the country came to Jacksonville, Oct. 23-27, 2016 for the Floriology Institute “Celebrating Life Everyday” course instructed by internationally renowned designer Jackie Lacey, AIFD, PFCI, CFD along with special instruction from sympathy design expert Frank Feysa, AIFD, CFD, PFCI. The course provides hands-on instruction in creating leading-edge floral designs for sympathy occasions as well as strategies for growing florists’ sympathy sales. In addition to insights from several of the world’s foremost design experts, Floriology Institute is an AIFD Floral Designers Education Partner offering the opportunity to earn coveted Certified Floral Designer (CFD) designation. For further information about the Floriology Institute including the 2017 course schedule, go to To register for courses, contact Ashley Ruiz at 1-800-3562726 Ext 258 or

Approved Pathway Provider

January/February 2017 | floriology

Providing their extensive knowledge at the recent “Celebrating Life Everyday” course were (from left): Renato Cruz Sogueco, BloomNet Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education; Frank Feysa, AIFD, CFD, PFCI; Jackie Lacey, AIFD, PFCI, CFD; and Kelly Mace of Smithers-Oasis.




RE-CAPPING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION As we embark on 2017, we have a new president, and hopefully the country is finally settling back into a sense of normalcy following an intensive election campaign that dominated the airwaves for many months. So, what do the next four years look like in the floral world? Shawn McBurney, Senior Director of Government Relations for the Society of American Florists, states that “overall, things look to be shaping up well for President Trump. He is a businessman, and understands the importance of issues facing businesses today. We (here at SAF) are hopeful and encouraged that his plans to grow the economy will take root quickly.” At the time this article was written, here are some key issues of importance to florists relating to the 2016 election and how the new administration can be expected to act on those issues. HEALTH CARE

A recent article written by SAF Chief Operating Officer Drew Gruenburg and Shawn McBurney states: “Donald Trump has promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Look for him to carry out that promise, although Congress will have a say in how to dismantle and reinvent a program that has become embedded in the nation’s health care system. Mr. Trump has called for individual deductions for health care expenses, tax-free treatment of health savings accounts (HSAs), modifying laws so that health insurance can be sold across state lines and other changes.” TAXES

Trump has promised to make tax reform a high priority in his first 100 days as president. Lowering corporate tax rates, reducing regulation, and increasing standard deductions plus eliminating federal estate and gift taxes will not only cut federal revenue, but could put more money in the pockets of working Americans—which all of us in the floral industry hope can stimulate the economy and prompt consumers to increase their purchases. LABOR

The new overtime rule has the potential to negatively impact small and medium businesses that rely on managers to keep their stores running smoothly. President Trump could undo this new labor law, or at the very least encourage Congress to make adjustments to it.

floriology | January/February 2017



Immigration was and continues to be a very controversial topic. While many Americans feel illegal immigration is a drain on our resources, our industry is often challenged with finding and keeping workers. SAF has supported legislation that would provide a path to citizenship. AGRICULTURE

SAF’s Drew Gruenburg and Shawn McBurney state: “The Trump administration will be involved in 2018 Farm Bill negotiations, which will be important to the floral industry, and there will likely be some new players on the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee that SAF will need to engage as we look to increase funding for the Floral and Nursery Research Initiative.”

NOW TRENDING: STENCILED FLORAL TATTOOS Are your customers looking for ways to keepsake their bridal flowers, or perhaps preserve the memories of the flowers they admired from their grandparents’ backyard? Or maybe they just want to be reminded of their favorite season? A new art style has emerged combining tattoos and blooms. Tattoo artists across America and Europe press real botanical flowers with ink on them to create a stencil on the body. The technique produces intricate details of the flowers on the skin. Besides the use of actual florals, what makes this different from other tattoo experiences is that the tattoo artist creates a 3D effect on the skin, making the flowers look very realistic. Why not mention this new technique to your customers... it’s a great way for them to show off their love of many floral varieties. For more trends, see pages 8-9.



WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON FLORAL MAP AT HEATHROW HIGHLIGHTS FRESH BLOOMS London’s Heathrow Airport is among the busiest transportation centers in the entire world, and recently it was also the site for an awe-inspiring presentation of fresh blooms. A terminal at the airport was adorned with a giant floral map featuring approximately 2,000 stems and studded to create a textured tapestry look.

The impressive “living artwork” measured 11-by-18 feet and boasted numerous floral varieties along with raw amber stones and sandalwood. The map was unveiled at Heathrow as part of a promotional effort to highlight fragrances...specifically, key scents for the autumn 2016/winter 2017 season, including jasmine, lavender, rose and vanilla.


P Pantone, a global authority on color, has named Greenery as its Color of the Year for 2017. “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Visit to see the many complementing color palettes Greenery is well suited for, including color-pairings relating to florals.

January/February 2017 | floriology





V floriology | January/February 2017

Donald Yim, AIFD, CPFD shares floral discoveries from travels across Asia


Vancouver-based floral designer and Floriology Institute instructor Donald Yim, AIFD, CPFD is constantly on the move. His latest travels brought him to China, India and South Korea. Florists need only follow Donald on social media to see where he’s been and where he’s headed next. Every six months, Donald goes to China for a buying trip, and also spends time visiting family and friends. To share his travel experiences, Donald has been creating short video blogs, or vlogs, and posting them on his YouTube channel. An avid photographer, he mixes still photos with video footage to make an engaging and inspiring post. “The culture is so interesting to learn—to see new ways of life, new people and new geography is such a neat experience,” Donald explains. While in India, Donald attended the IHGF Delhi, one of Asia’s largest gifts and handicrafts trade fairs. While there, he noticed how more natural resources such as metals and woods are used in India. “The craftsmanship is phenomenal!” he states. Some of the trends Donald saw along the way include the use of rose gold, turquoise, burgundy and gunmetal gray. “Gunmetal gray is paired with everything as an accent color—it’s acting like the new black,” he says. In Asia, trends are heavily influenced by the European style, he adds, noting that designs are clean looking with more detail. “The crisp, clean look is more popular than the country garden look.” When comparing floral design trends in India and China, Donald also noticed that tropical flowers are used in mass amounts in both countries. “Because there are tropical cities, these flowers are cheaper for them and are their ‘everyday’ flowers,” he describes. “In North America, flowers are often used as a ‘just because,’ whereas in India and China, flowers are more for a present, and often made big for a showstopper,” he adds. While in South Korea, Donald had the chance to meet with 2015 Fleurop-Interflora World Cup winner Alex Choi and renowned designer Jinny Park. Together, Alex and Jinny run the Floriat Flower & Design Company. Donald enjoyed the opportunity to brainstorm together and compare North American designs to Asian and European designs. (Note: see pages 12-13 of the October-November 2016 issue of floriology for inspiring design ideas from Alex Choi). “We had great discussions on structure, (ways to) make things more efficient, and (Alex) taught me about respecting the flowers,”


Donald says. “For example, you don’t need to cut flowers so short. Respect and use the full potential of the flower. Using the full length gives you the ability to show off the flower.”

To subscribe to Donald’s YouTube channel and learn more about his travels, and for further insights from him about international design trends, visit:

Designer: Donald Yim, AIFD, CPFD Location: Vancouver, Canada Exposure/Achievements: Participated in internationally renowned shows such as the 2005 and 2007 Philadelphia Flower Show and the 2005, 2007 and 2013 AIFD National Symposium; featured designer at NACRE magazine in France; featured designer in the Canadian Florist and Fusion Flower Magazine in U.K.; BloomNet Design Team, Floriology Institute instructor.

January/February 2017 | floriology





by Casey Gale



Beautiful things come in small packages




Small has become big lately...underscored by such trending developments as the tiny home movement that is taking the United States by storm. Florists and gardeners alike are now being asked to think even smaller with the growing popularity of fairy gardens. Not to be confused with a miniature garden, which is simply a small in-scale garden, fairy gardens are more loose and whimsical in feel—and yes, sometimes even include a fairy. These novel designs serve as an easy hook for new floral shop customers looking to experiment with gardening. “The best way to trigger impulse sales is to offer something new that piques the buyer’s interest,” notes Sharon McGukin, AIFD, AAF, PFCI and OASIS floral products design director. “Customers have a tendency to follow current trends, so offering items that they see online or in stores as a ‘new’ look or style more easily captures their notice.”

heights of planting material: a ground cover, a shrub, and a tree. Ground cover makes the scene feel complete with moss or tiny pavers, while shrubs create dimension. Trees placed in the back of a design establish height. Sharon suggests that customers speak with a plant expert at your shop or landscape specialist to determine which plants and basing materials will work best with particular fairy garden designs. Florists can monetize the creativity of fairy gardens by making the project personal to gardeners—offering accessories linked to common hobbies, sports teams, and local interests. Additionally, the OASIS Decorative and Naturals lines have an array of products for designing spaces for fairies to enjoy. “Natural bark wrap, etched wire, button wire, flat cane, midollino sticks, floral mesh, raw jute, and my favorite,

floriology | January/February 2017

“Fairy gardens offer an opportunity to present house plants to your customers in an exciting new way.” — Sharon McGukin, aifd, aaf, pfci


Fairy gardens are a simple project for novice gardeners to tackle, as they can be planted inside or outside. Fairy garden homes can be just about anything, from a large patio bowl to a recycled tin bucket to an old desk drawer. This project offers people the chance to let their imaginations run wild, repurposing broken and otherwise unusable pots, trays, and planters. Gardeners can also play with their backyard surroundings by leveraging old tree stumps, stones, and birdbaths. “Lots of previously loved household items can become new digs for your imaginary fairy friends,” suggests Sharon. Fairy garden designers can experiment with scale, as these creations have no rules. The size of accessories incorporated into the garden can help dictate how large the space should be. Just like almost all other gardens, gardeners should offer three

wire armatures, can be used to shape into decorative items or furnishings,” says Sharon. She suggests that florists offer sales vignettes that feature small grab-and-go items, or present them as gift delivery items to customers and corporate accounts. Most importantly, she emphasizes the value in selling what may seem old as something new again. “Florists have offered dish gardens, mum pots, and green plants for decades,” says Sharon. “Fairy gardens offer an opportunity to present house plants to your customers in an exciting new way.” Sharon writes a weekly blog containing valuable insights, tips, trends and techniques. If you are interested in contacting Sharon about the blog, you can email her at

January/February 2017 | floriology

Photos by Kenda at



Dynamic by Mike Pucci


floriology | January/February 2017

“N 12

“Not many people get to say they go to work with their mom, are successful at it, and have fun doing it,” says Angelyn Tipton, AIFD, CFD, GMF. Angelyn and her mother Maxine Gibson own Goggans Florist in Barnesville, Georgia—a thriving flower and gift shop with roots that go back to the 1950s. “Goggans Nursery was established in 1953 by my grandfather Max Goggans,” states Angelyn. “Among his customers was Callaway Gardens, a worldrenowned resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia, famous for its incredible displays of horticulture,” says Maxine. For many years, Max supplied Callaway with an extensive array of plants and other botanicals. In 1969, a 1,200-squarefoot flower shop was opened, joining the nursery on the original property the business occupied on the outskirts of Barnesville. Eventually, the nursery was closed down, and the flower shop was moved to a 3,000-square-foot location in downtown Barnesville. Approximately 16 years ago, while Angelyn was managing a shop in Alabama, her mom mentioned that she was interested in Owners: Angelyn Tipton, AIFD, CFD, GMF and Maxine Gibson selling Goggans Florist. However, Angelyn had other Location: Barnesville, Georgia plans. She convinced Maxine they should own and operEstablished: 1969 ate the shop together—and Employees: 7 continue to serve the many


Talented mom and daughter shop owners continue to grow their family business

loyal customers who rely on Goggans for the finest floral arrangements and other thoughtful gifts. Today, the shop remains a focal point of the Barnesville community. “We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Mom is a former President of the Chamber,” states Angelyn. The shop is also highly committed to the young people of Barnesville. For example, “every year during prom season, we are one of the sponsors of a program called ‘Pretty for Prom,’ helping to make sure that special needs children and children from financially challenged backgrounds have the opportunity to enjoy attending their high school prom,” explains Angelyn. Besides creating and donating the florals, Angelyn and Maxine help donate gowns and tuxedos, and they help engage local hairdressers and beauty professionals who provide hair and makeup services for the girls. In addition to her dedication to the Barnesville community, Angelyn has been very active in the Georgia State Florists Association. She was named Georgia State Designer of the Year in 2005, 2008 and 2015, and she has served as GSFA District III President as well as GSFA Secretary. Angelyn also won a scholarship to the Floriology Institute and enjoyed the “Certification & Competition” course so much, she has become Workroom Coordinator for the Institute—assisting instructors and students in preparing for courses and providing her expertise to help students optimize their learnings. Yet, with all she has accomplished, working with her mom is certainly at the top of her list in terms of rewarding experiences. “We enjoy what we do every day, satisfying our customers and bringing smiles to their faces with beautiful flowers and top quality gifts,” says Angelyn. Maxine adds: “We are truly a family business, carrying on a proud history of success started by my father more than a halfcentury ago.”

kFor further information, go to:

January/February 2017 | floriology




by Lesley Bolden, AIFD, CFD

ALL THAT SHINES Five highly versatile uses for everyday metallic containers in 2017


We’ve seen the headlines for a couple of years now...Metallics! Metallics! Metallics! Even now, they are still going strong. The popularity has moved from cooler to warmer metals but it’s all about the shine. Highlighted on these pages is a Napco collection of products that we introduced for the 2016 season and are carrying forward into 2017. The collection includes everyday metallic containers and planters for florists and event professionals. What excites me most about the metallic trend— and the line we have created—is the inherent versatility. If you stock up on copper, gold and silver for the holidays, the product doesn’t have to be packed up just because the season is over. The best part about metallic finishes is that they can be used all year long. Holiday centerpiece? Check. Event centerpiece? Check. Valentine’s arrangement? Check. Anniversary, engagement, birthday—check, check, check! With the holiday season behind us and a new year now in full swing, it seems like the perfect time to look at some exceptional products with highly versatile uses.

floriology | January/February 2017

THE ELECTROPLATED STONE COLLECTION is a great collection of silver, gold and bronzy copper with a contrast of stone texture. The florals are held


in place by creating an armature of curly willow. Fold and bend the curly willow into the desired shape by binding at connection points with Oasis bind wire. Make sure there are thicker branch pieces that can be inserted into all three containers for added stability and support. Insert stems into the grid that has been created. THE GOLD HANGING PLANTER is a fun piece for hanging throughout the home or securing to a base of foam for an interesting centerpiece. For a permanent hold the foam can be glued directly to the container without issues of leaking. For temporary use, Uglu a small, clear Lomey dish (with foam securely glued or taped in) to hold your florals. THE GOLD BOAT PLANTER is a beautiful product for use as a memorable centerpiece or an elegant accent for the mantel. THE HOBNAIL OVAL VASE is ideal for a structured amaryllis arrangement at Christmas but also great for parties and events all year. This would also be stunning for a red roses arrangement at Valentine’s. (Note: As you know, amaryllis can require special care and handling... as a suggestion, if designing in floral foam add some sort of support to the inside of the stem such as a plant stake. For vase designs wrap the ends in waterproof tape to help prevent the ends from splitting.) THE CHAMPAGNE BALL VASE boasts beautiful metallic texture that looks great paired with smooth and reflective metal finishes. It also resembles a light bulb shape, which is perfect for numerous decorating ideas. As you can see from the designs shown here, there’s no sense in wasting attractive, well-designed products simply because the holiday season is over. By selecting products that look great, are easy-to-market and versatile—and by adding your own artistic creativity and imagination—you can have a wider selection of products to offer your customers throughout the year.

Electroplated Stone Collection Item Numbers 21709, 21710, 21713

Gold Hanging Planter Item Number 65075

Gold Boat Planter Item Number 21738

Champagne Ball Vase Item Number 21753


Item Number 21740

Lesley Bolden, AIFD, CFD is a designer for Napco Imports and is among the nation’s leading experts in floral design. Her imaginative ideas and trend-forward creations have been featured in stage programs at such prestigious events as the AIFD National Symposium.

January/February 2017 | floriology

Hobnail Oval Vase

For further information, go to



Design Inspiration Inspir Six creative new designs with salesboosting potential

The design experts at the Floriology Institute have been hard at work, coming up with creative yet easy-to-make floral design ideas using Napco products. Shown here is the first in a series of Design Inspirations that will appear in floriology magazine in the coming months. Check out these tips, tricks and techniques that can enhance your sales possibilities.

Small Jar Rack with Test Tube Vase Item Number 65079 By creating a wire wreath structure that encircles the frame, this container takes on a new personality.

Metal Cross Item Number 11162

floriology | January/February 2017

The hollow pipe design of this wall cross allows for design versatility. Insert hyacinth sticks into the foam as a base support to hold the cross upright.


Twig Angel Wing Item Number 11377 The versatility of these angel wings is endless. Plant succulents through the negative spaces in the twigs to express love’s endless growth. Cut in half to create an interesting collar for a cascade bouquet. Zip tie the inside edges together to create a heart shape for limitless design possibilities.

Natural Rope Tree Cover Item Number 64673 Inverted hanging orchid plant: Create a grid by crisscrossing bark wire to hold the roots in the container. Using the same wire makes a hanging loop to suspend the design.

Rectangle Copper Vase Item Number 21731

Tall Silver Textured Vase Item Number 21681

Wrap floral foam in mesh wire before inserting into container for added support. Flip an identical vase and apply to the top to create a dynamic and unique design for event work.

Turn decorative vases into candlesticks by using floral foam to hold a candle with wooden sticks inserted into the bottom. Accent with wire swirls for a finished touch.

January/February 2017 | floriology


TECHNOLOGY by Renato Cruz Sogueco, BloomNet Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education

EXPLORE AND PRIORITIZE YOUR ONLINE ADVERTISING OPTIONS In the December issue of floriology magazine, this column discussed why it’s important to advertise online. In fact, it’s a must, due to the sheer volume of customers that rely on search when they shop online—and because if you don’t, competitors may bid on your business name as a pay-per-click keyword to steal business for searches, usually by your own customers, of your shop! For this edition of floriology, I would like to discuss the various online advertising options, in order of priority, you should consider regardless of whether you are new at the game or a veteran advertiser. GOOGLE IS STILL THE 800-LB. SEARCH GORILLA

floriology | January/February 2017

Google Adwords is our top recommendation to invest online advertising dollars. It was an easy choice. For the month of November 2016, Google dominated desktop search market share at more than 75 percent. So, three out of four people used Google for search and were exposed to Adwords ads. The nearest relevant competitors were Bing and Yahoo, which hovered around 8 percent of share each. If dominating desktop searches wasn’t enough, Google smashes the competition on the fastest growing search marketing platform: mobile devices. Google owns a whopping 94 percent of market share. It probably helps that Google is the creator for the most popular mobile operating system, Android, which of course uses Google for its default search. If you’re new to Adwords, you could get started quickly using Google Adwords Express at Be sure to bid on your own business name as a keyword, set geographic parameters as cities and zip to which you deliver, set a budget of at least $10 a day ($300 a month) and call the campaign “Brand Protection and Hyper Local.”



Although search marketing will remain your main focus, our next recommendation can serve as a complementary ad spend. With more than 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook is truly its own online ecosystem. What’s appealing to marketers is the quality data Facebook collects about its users, and we’re not talking basic demographic information such as age, gender and location. We’re talking detailed interests, their network of friends, their activity on a weekly, if not daily basis and so much more. What’s powerful about the Facebook Ads system is you can then precisely target ads on all (or some) of these dimensions, know exactly the potential reach as you drill down the demographics and know exactly how much you’ll be spending. However, the challenge with Facebook Ads are the many options it will present to you. Even if you just launched your Page and may be interested in building Likes, we suggest using Facebook to drive website clicks by choosing the option “Send people to your website” or “Increase conversions on your website.” Also, opt to make your ad campaign specific to mobile users as more than half the social media’s visitors are using their mobile devices. If you choose this option, select “Reach people near your business.” BEST OF THE REST

Beyond Google and Facebook, what other online avenues should you consider adding to the mix? Once you start building incoming web revenue through primarily Google, consider starting campaigns using Bing Ads. Yes, we did report Bing only had 8 percent of the market, but their advertising prices reflect this reach as well. Bing also provides a wonderful tool that allows you to import Google Adwords settings so it should take no time to replicate successful campaigns you have running on Adwords on Bing Ads. Our last two recommendations appeal to younger customers. When you were browsing through advertising options in Facebook, you probably saw the option to advertise within Instagram. Aside from having a massive reach of more than 400 million users, most of these users range from those attending prom to the upper reaches of the Millennial demographic. Also consider advertising using Pinterest, especially if you want to build wedding business with brides, who still use this social destination to capture ideas for their big day. Rather than ads, advertising through Pinterest is done through Promoted Pins. Pinterest provides great detail on how to advertise at sites/business/files/pinterest-ads-manager-guide.pdf.

Be sure to check back in future issues of floriology for more technology tips and insights from Renato Cruz Sogueco.

TECHNOLOGY by Marc Grzeskowiak, BloomNet Vice President of Technology

REDUNDANCY... YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN When it comes to technology, a vital question to ask is: How will the system operate if something fails? With that in mind, the need for redundancy is evident. I know what we do to ensure high availability of BloomNet’s systems, but what can you do in your business to ensure you’re prepared during critical periods such as the upcoming Valentine’s holiday? Below are several technology-related scenarios we have experienced with florists in the past along with suggestions that can perhaps better position you for the future. INTERNET OUTAGES

Among the primary issues affecting many small businesses are internet outages. With florists relying on a growing number of cloud-based applications, losing connectivity during a holiday is a show stopper. With that said, broadband availability and stability have come a long way. So while outages are unlikely, the timing of an outage could be disastrous. Backup solutions have a wide range of complexity and price points. Here are some suggestions: CREDIT CARD PROCESSORS

❋ At the high end, you could run redundant internet lines from different providers into your facility. ❋ A relatively cost effective solution is to purchase a wireless broadband card from a carrier that has good coverage in your area. This solution can be used in a pinch to connect your critical computer to the internet. Retrieving Orders During an Outage If your internet goes down, do you have an alternate way to retrieve your inbound orders and capture orders from walk-in customers? ❋ As a temporary solution you could go “old school” and capture orders on paper and plug in a fax machine to continue receiving orders.

Enhance Your Technology Capabilities

Offline Processing ❋ For POS users, determine whether your provider allows credit cards to be captured on faith and processed later. Capturing on faith means that when card processing is available, those cards that you captured will be processed at that time. However, keep in mind that your business is at risk to effectively cover the cost of any sales that are declined. Each business is different, so you will need to gauge what percentage of your total orders are typically declined and if you’re willing to take on that risk. Another option is to limit exposure by only capturing orders under a specified dollar amount using this method. Credit Card Swipes ❋ For florists that do leverage a POS for card processing, we strongly suggest that you also maintain credit card swipes from your card processor as a backup capability. These devices are relatively inexpensive. Think of it as low-cost insurance to capture orders. To sum it all up, be sure you have a plan—with redundancies in place—to continue operations if and when the unexpected technology scenario happens.

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If you would like a one-on-one consultation with an expert from BloomNet Technologies, please contact BloomNet Technology Consultant Jayla Love at 214-663-1937 or email (Note: Jayla will be at the Fresh Forum event in Jacksonville, Florida, Jan. 20-22 and she will offer one-on-one technology consultations throughout the event.)

Whether you use a point-of-sale or a traditional credit card terminal, there are many steps along the way to validate and approve a credit card. An issue at any one of these steps could prevent you from capturing credit card transactions. Here are a few suggestions:


PROMS 2017

PREPARING FOR PROM A look at this year’s design trends, and some business-boosting strategies

In describing what he sees as key trends for the 2017 prom season, Anthony Swick, AIFD, PFCI, CFD, owner of Bay Bouquet in Tampa, Florida, and Floriology Institute instructor states: “It’s important not to forget the classic ball gowns because it’s always a trend year after year, but in 2017 we can expect to see it as ‘classic elegance.’ Girls will choose a traditional dress, however their floral choices will include more natural elements, as well as pearls, and a lot of color and texture.” Loann Burke, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, design director for Smithers-Oasis and event specialist with Furst the Florist in Dayton, Ohio, adds: “Both wrist and handheld corsages, and flower jewelry need to be as unique as the girl’s dress. Look also for girls who want their dates’ boutonnieres to be more stylized with multiple blooms and unique flowers that have an architectural and structured design.” With regard to color, Floriology Institute instructor Jackie Lacey, AIFD, CFD, PFCI reports that shades of blue are expected to dominate the dress choices for prom 2017, with royal blue among the hottest dress selections hitting dance floors this year. In addition, the “bling” trend is still very much present. In terms of optimizing sales and profit potential for the 2017 prom season, Anthony suggests that florists provide an extensive array of options for prom-goers to choose from. “Create generic pieces at set pricing, but also allow customers to choose accessories for a more personalized piece. Selling corsages with the option of accessories, such as a nicer bracelet, rhinestones, lace, etc., can add between $15-$20 to the price.”

DANCE MOVES floriology | January/February 2017

Steps you can take to increase your prom sales


❋ Post your most unique corsage designs on social sites such as Instagram ❋ Create a drawing for a free corsage and boutonniere ❋ Offer to donate a percentage of each sale to the school’s prom committee ❋ Donate prizes and/or centerpieces to the school to show your support ❋ Ask the school if you can bring fliers, put up a display and/or host an afterschool ordering extravaganza where you bring your corsage/bout bar to them

❋ Encourage teen boys to buy a single rose to give to their girl’s mom ❋ Give a bounce back coupon to graduating seniors

Looking for More Prom Insights?

Floriology Institute will offer its 3-day “Prom & More” course Feb. 26-28 in Jacksonville, Florida. For further information, go to To register for the course, contact Ashley Ruiz at 1-800-356-2726 Ext 258 or Photos courtesy of Fitz Design

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Cinderella STORY Karin’s Florist celebrates its 60th anniversary in “fairy tale” style

O floriology | January/February 2017

On Oct. 26, 1956, Karin’s Florist was established in Vienna, Virginia, by Bill Dukas and his father-in-law George Raptis. This past October, the shop observed 60 years of success in a big way. The creative folks at Karin’s Florist decorated a reallife, horse-drawn Cinderella carriage with flowers—and the beautiful carriage carried Cinderella and her Prince Charming down Maple Avenue as part of the 70th Annual Vienna Halloween Parade. The carriage was draped in hundreds of lilies, roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, orchids and carnations. “It was unbelievable, and more beautiful than we ever expected,” says Karin’s Florist President and CEO Maris Angolia. “We got ooohs and aaahs from everyone.” Through six decades, Karin’s Florist has been a proud part of Vienna and generations of customers have looked to the shop for innovative floral arrangements and other cherished gifts. Maris, the daughter of Karin’s Florist founder Bill Dukas, states: “To be able to carry on my dad’s legacy, and be such an important part of this community, is just amazing.”


learn more about kTo Karin’s Florist, go to


LOVE Go to to enter today! Winner announced Friday June 30, 2017


“Send Some Love” Sweepstakes mixes increased revenue opportunities with a spectacular cruise vacation BloomNet offers the industry’s highest published rebate...and during our “Send Some Love” Sweepstakes the profit opportunities are even higher. Simply send more orders with BloomNet between 1/1/17-5/31/17 than you did between 1/1/16-5/31/16 and you’ll earn a $6 rebate on all incremental orders.* And that’s not all. For every $6 rebate earned, you also have the chance to win our “Love to Learn” Sweepstakes with great prizes including: a Free 3-day Floriology Institute course; a Free 1-day expert floral designer consultation; and Free airfare, hotel and transportation.


Royal Caribbean® Cruise Royal Crown Diamond Package 6-7 nights prize package including round trip airfare for 2, plus $1,000 Royal Cruise dollars

*BloomNet Florists must be in good standing. $6 Rebate applies to all monthly incremental orders greater than the total of the monthly orders sent with BloomNet between 1/1/16–5/31/16.

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The more orders you send, the more chances to WIN! k Send 1- 20 orders in a month and earn 3 chances to win k Send 21-45 orders in a month and earn 5 chances to win k Send 46+ orders in a month and earn 10 chances to win


PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Whittier, CA Permit No. 347

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7800 Bayberry Road Jacksonville, FL 32256



by Brenda Simmons


Flower Empower The Santa Barbara, California-based Dream Foundation, established in 1994, is the only national dream-granting organization for terminally ill adults. In addition to granting dreams, they have a local program called “Flower Empower” that provides bouquets of flowers to community members in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and personal residences. CEO Kisa Heyer says that since “1994, the program has gifted over 170,000 bouquets.” Kisa also mentions that Dream Foundation couldn’t support the Flower Empower efforts alone. “The flowers are 100 percent donated by several local California growers. Twice a week our volunteers collect the flowers, arrange the bouquets, and take them to patients, residents, and Dreamers. It is truly amazing how giving everyone is to this cause.” Kisa states too that the Flower Empower program does not just support the terminally ill. “Anyone can call us and have flowers delivered to someone who is lonely, needs a pick-me-up, or any other reason they feel flowers brighten someone’s day,” she says. Another unique element to the Flower Empower program is that school children make homemade greeting cards that are sent with the flowers. “We even have cookie-makers, long-time Dream Foundation supporters Robin and Roger Himovitz and a local chocolatier, Chocolats du Cali Bressan, who donate these sweet treats and their time to make a difference. These delicacies are also delivered with each bouquet. Our volunteers are simply amazing,” states Kisa. Dream Foundation has had such success with their program that they started a “Flower Empower Florist Network” so any florist across the country can be a part of the Flower Empower efforts. “We couldn’t keep this program contained to Santa Barbara any longer as it was too amazing not to share. So we opened it up to the nation,” Kisa says. Though the network currently only delivers flowers to Dreamers, the future is looking bright for anyone who needs a bit of cheer. To learn more about the program or to join the Flower Empower Florist Network, visit or email

>>> The “Flower Empower” program provides floral bouquets to hospital patients, nursing home residents and other members of the community. The bouquets are accompanied by greeting cards made by local school children.

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Floriology | January & February 2017  
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