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Industry Info Buying trends for Mom’s Day and the latest European hard good fashions.


By the Stats As social media is here to stay, why not use it for spring marketing?


Out and About Highlights from SAF’s Congressional Action Days.


DESIGN CENTER: On the Edge Enrika Karalius ‘constructs’ a special sympathy arrangement.


Owner’s Corner Lenny Kantz is using modern and traditional means of networking to reach customers.


DESIGN CENTER: Back to Basics Frank Brice, AIFD, PFCI, quickens design time, but gives maximum appeal to a Mom’s Day arrangement.


Tech Talk Mommy bloggers are a good group to get in the door to this market.


Apr 2010

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Annual Subscription Rate is $71.88 (plus applicable tax) in U.S. and Canada.


Innovator of the Month Mark Jordan frequently redesigns his window displays and keeps his community engaged and interested in his shop.


Neighborhood Corner Meet Michele Cuprowski—2010 winner of the BloomNet Romantic Hollywood Getaway Sweepstakes!



INSPIRED IDEAS We’ve taken a lot of ideas from what we’ve seen in floriology. We loved the Colorful Corsage story in the February issue and have since starting looking at the Fitz Creations products on their website. We’re always looking for new ideas and we’ve found we get a lot of inspiration by reading the publication. We take turns reading it and passing around the shop. JAN PYPE ~ Cha-Lor Flowers, Indian Head Park, IL

THINK LIKE ME I think floriology is great! There’s a little bit of everything and a lot of good material. I particularly like the Owners Corner and reading about each owner’s experience. I like that floriology focuses more on the small and medium size shops that we can all relate too. We operate on a completely different scale then the big shops and it’s interesting to see what other people are doing. It adds perspective to how you compare to other florists dealing with the same things I am. LISA FEDE ~ Fruits & Flowers, Bridgeport, CT

DIVINE DESIGN I like the design articles in floriology. I will look at the pictures in the prom section (February Issue—Corsage Connection) and use them in our shop to increase our prom sales this year. I also like that stories are focused on little shops; we can relate to that type of information much better.” KATHY NEWELL ~ The New Blossom Shop, Hillsdale, MI

The floriology team wants to hear from you! Send your opinions and comments to, we want to know if we’re doing a good job!

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Mark Nance, AAF President


Visit to find industry links and floral trade shows and event dates! You can also find us on Facebook at

A few weeks ago I experienced something that every American should be fortunate enough to witness…the thrill of democracy in action. I, along with nearly 100 other floral industry representatives, visited our nation’s capital to discuss a number of issues with members of Congress. On the agenda were topics relating to the overall floriculture and nursery industries along with specific issues including immigration reform, the permanent estate tax repeal and health care reform. The focus was on how these issues impact retail flower shops and small business. It was all part of SAF’s annual “Congressional Action Days,” and I left Washington, D.C. with a renewed appreciation of the ability we as citizens have to communicate and voice our opinions with our government representatives. My overall impression from my trip to Capitol Hill is that government consists of two parties divided by clearly different ideologies and objectives. Yet, speaking in a unified voice, our industry can be heard by all parties in Congress. Through our votes and writing our representatives, we can impact legislation and affect positive change. After all, politicians are elected by us and they’re in office to serve us. So go ahead, write to your representatives, contact your local city, state, and government agencies. Get involved and by all means—vote! On another important note, we all know that Mother’s Day is nearly here. In this issue of floriology, we’ve included insights on design and social media to enhance your sales potential. I invite you to read on, and have a very successful holiday!

Apr 2010

● SOUTHEAST GREENHOUSE IN GREENVILLE, SC . . . . . . . . . .June 16-18






BUYING FOR MOM AND SPRING SEASON >>> SAF Senior Director of Government Relations Lin Schmale pins a boutonniere on Gino Marotta director of national sales, BloomNet.




he 30th Annual Society of American Florists Congressional Action Days was held March 8-10. SAF members, including many retail florists, spoke with congressional representatives about issues affecting their businesses. “So many legislative issues can and do impact retail florists —from taxes to labor issues to regulatory issues to research on better products for the consumer,” says Jeanne Ramsay, SAF senior director of government relations. “Congressional Action Days gives muscle to our legislative program and advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.”


is’ the season for florists as they begin thinking about Mother’s Day and spring overall. For wholesaler and importer Delaware Valley Wholesale Florists based in Sewell, N.J., they have an opportunity to work with florists from a large geographic area—New England down to northern Virginia—so they have their pulse on popular trends for this year. “The flowers that will continue to be popular for Mother’s Day will be hydrangea, roses, and orchids,” says John Richards, vice president of sales for Delaware Valley. Various color palates are going to be popular this year including greens, oranges, creams and whites for flowers, according to John. He also says that while there are not many flowers that come in blue, it will be popular in bridesmaid dresses and wedding decors. “Wedding business in general is continuing to make a rebound from 2009,” asserts John. While John says that awareness has not necessarily translated to consumers yet, there remains an opportunity for florists to differentiate themselves by talking up sustainability if they are getting their flowers from such companies. (See Gay Smith’s article in last month’s issue: “What’s the Story Behind Eco-Friendly Labels?”) John says there is a real awareness amongst flower farms to carry out “green” methods for growing. As part of another green trend, vine plants are popular. According to John, mossy branches, lichens, birch, kiwi vine, and even gloriosa lilies—a flower that is actually a type of vine—are being sought after. Interested florists, can go to Delaware Valley’s site at for more info.




Apr 2010

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ard goods and handcrafted gift items can help you complement an arrangement and create a truly unique gift that differentiates you from the competition. Items such as these often originate in Europe and have a tremendous influence on the states. Germany’s Ambiente Gift show which was held this past February is the largest consumer goods trade show in the world. It’s an excellent way to

gauge the upcoming fashions and trends that you will be seeing in the next year. Jim Gosdin, director of purchasing services/non-floral at attended Ambiente to see the new trends. “This year was all about texture and nature,” says Jim. He adds the spring and summer color palates had distinctive differences. For the spring colors, Jim saw more muted palates including dandelion, dusty lilac, granny smith apple green and

neutrals like taupe and gray. For summer items, there were electrified colors with a citrus theme like lemon, citron, orange and kiwi. The look of handcrafted items was everywhere, with the mixing of woven materials such as bamboo, and woven fabrics with the use of buttons, crochet and lace. Looking specifically at floral containers, materials consisted of a lot of galvanized metals, bamboo and recycled glass. Texture was a major ingredient of all materials with

the use of beading, cutouts, layering and crackling. To see more trends, go to: www.


BY THE STATS by Mike Pucci

SOCIAL Acceptance SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY SO GET ONBOARD FOR SPRING HOLIDAYS According to a survey conducted by Duke University, U.S. businesses will earmark nearly 20% of their marketing budgets toward online social networking in the next five years. Indeed, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are rapidly becoming focal points for savvy marketers who realize the potential to reach large numbers of customers instantly and cost-effectively.

By way of explanation for those who may still not be familiar with how social websites work, here’s a quick overview. Facebook and similar sites enable users, both individuals and businesses, to easily create their own online pages containing continually-updated information about themselves—and then share that information with virtually unlimited numbers of “friends” and “fans.” In most cases, creating a social media presence is free. Best of all, the opportunities to boost your sales are enormous because social networking sites like Facebook can increase visibility far beyond what you may have imagined. >> U.S. marketers now spend of their marketing “We put a Valentine’s Day budgets on social media* ad on Facebook and got 686,622 impressions, it >> In the next 12 months, social media is expected to was incredible,” says Jody account for of marketing budgets* Brown-Spivey, AIFD, OCF, >> Facebook ( currently has more Owner of Expressions Flothan users** ral Design Studio in Columbus, Ohio. >> Twitter ( now has users**

Among other 2009 holiday statistics from SpendingPulse are: 5.6% 9.9%

350 million

75 million

Sources: * Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business “The CMO Survey” **Econsultancy Digital Marketers United (


Obviously, computers and mobile smartphones are part of all our lives these days. However, for nearly all Generation-Y (ages 18-30) and most Generation-X (31-45) consumers, those technologies are life. And since those younger shoppers represent the future of retail purchasing, it makes good sense to target them now. “I asked my kids, who are 25 and 29 years old, how do I tap into your demographic?” says Tom Addalia, Owner of Flowers by Addalia in Toms River and Brick, N.J. “They said, ‘get on Facebook.’” Tom did just that, and for a few days leading up to Valentine’s Day, his Facebook page got 19,000-20,000 hits per day – and many of those also clicked through to the Flowers by Addalia website. It all means that florists need to adapt, to accept the fact that social networking is more than a fad and that it can mean big opportunity. “Social media is the new wave of the way we have to advertise our business, what we have to do to stay in business,” states Larry Novak, owner of Novak’s Flower Shop in Cleveland, Ohio.

Is your florist business utilizing social media and how? Email us at


In the same way you use your creativity to market your business in traditional ways such as print advertising, you can get creative with social networking sites. “The number of fans we have on Facebook is growing every day, we now have 258 fans,” says Nancy Burton, Owner of In The Garden in Highlands, N.J. “We’re planning a promotion where the person who becomes our 500th fan will get a gift certificate for four seasons of flowers.”


Apr 2010

If you’re not marketing your retail florist business on the Internet through social media, what are you waiting for? Social networking is now a primary means of communication for millions of people, especially younger ones. And with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s a great time to put social media to work for you.


Combining social media technologies is a great idea as well. Expressions Floral Design Studio ran a Valentine’s Day special on a “Henry Bear” item with motion capabilities. Jody Brown-Spivey found an existing YouTube video of the item. “I placed a link to the video on my Facebook page so people could see the item in action,” says Jody.




BloomNet sponsored Jackie Lacey’s “The Budget Conscious Bride” at the Great Lakes Floral Expo held at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids, Mich.

From the Georgia State Florist Association show is freelance designer Andy Hopper, AAF, Jacob McCall of De La Flor Gardens in Cooper City, Fla.,, Monica Vaccari, regional vice president, BloomNet, Paula Crescimanno and Doug Crescimanno, market area consultant, BloomNet. The Georgia Convention was held March 12 – 14 at the Macon Georgia City Center in Macon, Ga.

New BloomNet Florists, Landrum’s Florist and Gifts in Landrum, Ga., at the Georgia State Convention. Pictured are owner, Charmagnee Landrum with her husband, Curtis.

David Book from BloomNet accepts a recognition award from Michigan Florist Association President Alice Waterous, AIFD, MCF.


Apr 2010

Mark Nance, AAF (left) pictured with (from left to right) Walter Goessi (Switzerland) Board Member of Fleurop-Interflora Association, Frank Buddels (the Netherlands) President of Fleurop-Interflora EBC AG, Beat Bärlocher (Switzerland) Managing Director of Fleurop-Interflora EBC AG, and Ted Marlowe, vice-president franchise stores.


Regional Vice President, Monica Vaccari and BloomNet Market Area Consultant David Book accept “best in show” the award for the best booth space.

Mark Nance, AAF, BloomNet president and Gino Marotta, BloomNet National Director of Sales met with representatives in Washington, D.C. during SAF Congressional Action Days.

YS ION DA T C A L A ESSION CONGR Mark with Adam Fullerton, legislative correspondent to Sen. Tom Udall, (D-NM).

Mark with Adam Newman legislative assistant to Representative Martin Heinrich (D-NM), first district of New Mexico.

Gino and Mark with Representative Ben Luján, (D-NM) representing New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional district.


Arthur Stone of Fort Lauderdale, FL died suddenly at his desk last month at the age of 89. Mr. Stone started selling flowers in the streets of New York during the great depression making $1 a day. He came to the Miami area in 1937 and bought Buning the Florist in 1944 for $3,000. The business grew to 11 locations with revenues of $6 million annually. He sold the business in 1999. Mr. Stone was also an avid collector of antique cars and opened the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum 11 years ago. He had a lifelong love for Packards and at the time of his death had 39 in his museum.

Merlin Olsen 1940-2010


Merlin Olsen was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer of the lung last year and passed away at a Los Angeles area Hospital on March 11th at the age of 69. Mr. Olsen was a Hallof-Fame defensive lineman with the Los Angeles Rams and parlayed his football career into broadcasting and acting. The floral industry knows his soft-side as being the FTD spokesman for several years.

Apr 2010

❋BloomNet honors this entrepreneur and industry spokesman and passes on condolences to their families.

Arthur Stone 1921-2010




by Fred Russell

SPECIAL Sympathy


Enrika Karalius ‘constructs’ a beautiful remembrance piece


Apr 2010

A 8

As every florist can attest, you never really know what to expect walking into the shop each morning. The great thing about working in this industry is that every day brings new challenges. Just ask Enrika Karalius of Flowers & Gifts by Michelle in South Holland, Ill. She recently received a phone call with a very unusual request. The caller was a 1-800-FLOWERS.COM gift advisor and the consumer wanted something very special for her close friend who just passed away after a battle with breast cancer. This friend and her “diva” frien knew the best way to celebrate and honor this woman’s life was to cre an oversized, pink, high heeled pump as a floral arrangement. They k the way she would want to be remembered: always wearing her pink pumps. Without hesitation, Enrika was up to the challenge and started sketching out the design in her head. She only had two days before the funeral, but never felt like she couldn’t do it. In fact, she was very excited. “It was fun to work on a new project and do something different,” says Enrika. The frame of the shoe is made primarily of styrofoam and held together with wood picks, and hot glue. In some ways, it was one part construction project and one part floral design. Once the frame was constructed, Enrika added the flowers and a pink breast cancer ribbon to commemorate her battle. While she loved doing this special project, Enrika acknowledges it was labor-intensive. Nonetheless, it was all worthwhile, she says because when the driver delivered the shoe to the church for visitation, there were several double takes as he walked in and the priest commented on how lovely the arrangement was and it almost brought him to tears. Enrika felt overjoyed she had made a lasting impression. Enrika worked at her Aunt’s flower shop while growing up in Lithuania and worked there through high school and college while getting a degree. She eventually immigrated to the U.S. and has been working at Flowers & Gifts by Michelle for six years. Enrika recently entered the Professional Florist 2010 Great Lakes Floral Expo Competition and took first place in the Professional Division, “Honor at Sea”! She wants to continue designing and her next goal is to get her AIFD accreditation.

Designer: Enrika Karalius Experience: 12 years Shop: Flowers and Gifts by Michelle, South Holland, Ill. Exposure: 1st Place in the Professional Division, “Honor at Sea” at the 2010 Great Lakes Floral Expo Competition

ARRANGEMENT NECESSITIES ❋ FRESH FLORAL Poms cushion white, football mum. ❋ FOLIAGE Salal leaf. ❋ HARD GOODS 2 sheets of styrofoam, wood picks, glue gun and glue sticks, straight pins, Design Master #124 pink petunia floral dye, Lomey Gems, diamante pins. ❋ DESIGN TIP She used cushion poms to create this Pink Pump Design. Of course, you could use a different flower or color to create a very different effect. Do not use a lot of hot glue, because the styrofoam will start melting.

DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS ❋ STEP 1 Draw the pattern on the piece of paper. Cut four pieces of styrofoam in shape of shoe. Glue styrofoam together by using wood picks and hot glue. Make sure that the wood picks are firmly wedged in position. ❋ STEP 2 Shape styrofoam to create pump look. To shape the pump base use a second piece of styrofoam to rub against the first piece. This technique allows you to sculpt the styrofoam into any different forms. Use floral knife to sculpt the inside of the pump. ❋ STEP 3 Cut salal leaf from the stem. Using straight pins, start to cover the inside of the pump with the salal leaves. Then use same technique to finish the heel and the bottom of the pump. Remember to use enough straight pins to create that smooth look. ❋ STEP 4 Cut cushion poms short. Pin the cushion poms blooms into center. Keep pinned the blooms onto the pump base. Remember to use the same size cushion poms blooms. ❋ STEP 5 Lightly spray finished pump with floral paint. Remember to take good care by not to spraying onto foliage. Lastly, to create a finished look add a football mum bloom into center of the shoe. Finish by adding a few diamante pins into center of the bloom, and pink ribbon breast cancer symbol.

Apr 2010





by Fred Russell



It didn’t take long for Lenny Kantz and his wife Marcy, owners of South Jersey Florist, in Galloway, N.J. to know they needed to get into the social networking arena. They learned from their two sons, ages 19 and 22, that if you wanted to reach generation “Y” it was going to be through MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. That’s one reason why floriology wanted to sit down with Lenny and find out a little bit more about what he’s up to. Lenny says this age group does not want to be bothered and doesn’t always have time to come into a retail location. So, if you want to

YOUR CUSTOMERS Lenny Kantz uses Facebook and traditional networking to reach customers. ● HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? When I was 15 I used to babysit two kids on my block whose father owned the local flower shop in the South Philly neighborhood where I grew up. One day he asked me if I would be interested making a little extra money helping him clean-up after school and do whatever needed to be done. I did this for about 6 months and just before Valentine’s Day, his designer quit and he needed help with arrangements. By the time I was 16, I was a designer and soon after I was managing full time. ● WHAT’S BEEN YOUR BIGGEST


Apr 2010



make them a customer you have to reach them through mobile applications and while they are on their computer. They make their purchases online and not at the cash register. The best part is right now, it’s all free. Lenny invites as many friends as he possibly can to attract new customers and keep top of mind with his regulars. His profile picture on Facebook is his South Jersey Florist logo. So every time he comments or updates his status his logo is seen by everyone he has befriended. It’s a great way to build brand and gain market recognition.

Trying to increase my business and running more efficiently. Getting aggressive in the social media world has helped and it really doesn’t take that much time. I usually spend 30 minutes a day uploading images and sending out promotions—it’s time well spent. I also make sure our websites are always kept up to date with specials and holiday items. Even though your doors are closed, your website is open 24-7 so you had better take advantage. ● DISCUSS BUSINESS STRATEGIES THAT HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL.

I got involved with my local Business Networking International (BNI) chapter

and it’s been a great way to increase business. The dues are not that much and it has a great ROI. They only take one person per professional specialty and it’s a great referral system. (For more info, visit ● WHAT GOALS HAVE YOU ACCOMPLISHED AND WHAT WOULD YOU STILL LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH?

Goal number one is not going bankrupt and putting my kids through school I say jokingly. My older son has one more year at Rutgers and is getting a bio-medical engineering degree and my younger son is at Stockton College and is in a Masters program there. After that the sky’s the limit! Relax for a little bit and maybe move down to Florida where it’s warm! ● WHAT MAKES YOUR BUSINESS UNIQUE?

It sounds cliché, but customer service is what it’s all about. The first thing we do when someone walks in the door is acknowledge them and let them know we’re here when they’re ready. Nothing aggressive, but if they have any questions or need help we’re ready to assist. Also, whenever there is a problem we fix it. Whether we made a mistake or not, it doesn’t matter the customer is always right!


Lenny and Marcy Kantz Shop:

South Jersey Florist Location:

Galloway, N.J. Year Established:


Interesting Tidbit:

❋in a casino in Atlantic City. However, his passion for

In his early 20’s, Lenny left the floral industry to work Apr 2010


flowers never left. One day he walked into a local florist to see if they needed any design help. After working there for a while, he decided to give up his job as a pit boss at the casino and buy a flower shop of his own.





by Fred Russell



❋ Shave the corner off a ¼ inch block

of wet foam, then cut a notch in the back of the foam to add water. Insert saturated foam into appropriate sized liner and drop into pot.


Frank Brice streamlines prep work, but gives full appeal considerations to a winning mom arrangement

F Designer: Frank Brice, AIFD , PFCI Experience: 50 years Exposure: Creative Director, Creative Distributors, Boston, MA Designed for the Tricia Nixon wedding


Apr 2010

Education from Floral Art Design School, and Sagetsu School,


Designs featured in Professional Floral Design, Modern Bride, Florist Magazine, Michigan State Florist and John Henry’s Hot Display and Weddings.

For this issue of floriology, we wanted to feature an arrangement that would be a great design that anyone would love to send to their mom for Mother’s Day. Without hesitation we called Frank Brice to put together an arrange ment that was easy to produce, had broad appeal, and something Mom would love! Frank has been in the retail floral industry for nearly 5 decades and owns two stores in Syracuse, N.Y.—Rao’s Mattydale Flower Shop and F.R. Brice Florist. He has also served on BloomNet’s Design Council two Frank wanted to create a unique design and thought to use a straw hat accessory as a “hats-off to mom” concept. He didn’t want to do a common “roundy-moundy” look, and wanted it to be designed quickly. Frank says a lot of the prep work can be done in advance. “You can add the flowers as you sell and even add them in the van before the delivery,” says Frank. He estimates you could design 25 to 30 of these arrangements an hour. This is not a complicated design asserts Frank. “The arrangement is one sided and is more vertical than horizontal, which gives it more perceived value. It has great visual appeal despite flowers that are not very expensive.” It’s also very scalable depending on the size and you could substitute in more expensive flowers. It’s good to stay with traditional Mother’s Day colors like pinks, peaches, and lavenders. This is also a design about comfort, meaning anyone can identify with the arrangement whether it’s a husband, son, or daughter or anyone else looking for something for all the moms in their lives.

❋ Cut a 1 ½ by 1 ½ block of green Sty-

rofoam from a standard sheet and cut corners off block. Glue in 2 4” wood picks.


❋ After placing hot glue on the

bottom of Styrofoam drop into straw hat, then make a hole thru the straw hat with a knife.


❋ Insert flower stem thru hole in the

hat, leaving an extended stem on the flower. Insert hat and flower stem first into the wet foam. Be sure to add Gerberas last to focal area.

Arrangement Necessities ❋ FRESH 2 pink snapdragons, 1 hot pink rose, 2 verigated carnations, 1 stem purple astrolmeria, 1.5 stem of lavender daisy poms, 5 stems white montecasino, and 2 stems myrtle. ❋ HARD GOODS A feet of Raffia, 4” French Clay pot—4” in diameter and saucer; ¼ block foam and plastic liner, 2 yards #3 pink organza ribbon, 2 4” wood pics, miniature straw hat and green styrofoam. ❋ SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $44.99

Apr 2010





by Mike Pucci

MOM Momentum Reaching out to mommy bloggers can help you gain more sales


ith Mother’s Day just ahead, you might want to add what could be a powerful punch to your holiday marketing efforts: connect your business with mommy bloggers. These mommy bloggers have loyal readers who trust their opinions and recommendations. By getting the attention of bloggers, and telling them about your shop and your floral design expertise, you can grow your business. “Mommy bloggers can be a wonderful advocate for a florist,” says Erin Maestas, associate manager, enterprise public relations for “By reaching out to mommy bloggers in a region, state, or particular area you can drive

traffic to a store Florists can e-m a blogger direc with informatio their brand or s about special offers—bloggers love deals! Florists can even invite them to a special demo or showcase, offering an exclusive inside look into the flower shop.” Last year for Mother’s Day, tapped into the “mommy blogosphere” with the launch of a highly successful promotional campaign called “Spot A Mom.” The campaign, which invited people across America to celebrate the holiday by submitting inspiring stories about moms, enabled 1-800-Flowers to build important relationships with mommy bloggers—who in turn spread the word about the company’s products. To get the bloggers excited about the latest products, they were offered the opportunity to review a product. What’s more, they were provided with giveaways for their readers and a pro-

tion code for product ts. Julie MulliFlowers so created unique designs specifically tailored for mommy bloggers who participated in the Spot A Mom campaign. Julie continues to host fun and interactive workshops for bloggers, and she also provides content for these blogs. There are several websites devoted to mommy blogging, including:;;; and These sites can help you locate mommy bloggers in your area. “Once you start, be sure to finish the process. Starting a Facebook and/or Twitter page is a great addition and bloggers find it easier to interact with you as a brand,” continues Erin. “Once you make a relationship with a blogger and they are happy with your services, it will likely turn into a lasting relationship.”


Apr 2010

A BEACH Could be in Your Future


Though we all talk about how nice it would be to get away from the ustle and bustle of the floral business, surprisingly many people don't vacations often enough. In fact, about half of us don't take annual ns and many never take them at all! And unfortunately, when we do take vacations we are forced to bring work along with us, never truly escaping the chaos of the flower shop. A good vacation can revitalize and help us get back to feeling our best and being more productive. So, if you are looking for a way to stop and smell the roses for a little while, keep this mind: The Caribbean has stunning beaches with white powdery sand that will make you forget all about the day-to-day pressures. One way to find yourself basking in the sun is to submit an idea for BloomNet's "Innovator of the Month" and win a Sandals Resorts Luxury Included® Vacation, or you can book your own trip at




Mark Jordan keeps local community interest by frequently ‘creating scenes’ with his window displays




very six weeks or so, Mark Jordan, CoOwner of Flowers Unlimited, treats his In novator of the store window as a blank art canvas and MONTH begins working on a new display master- April 2010 piece. “We bought our downtown Martinsburg, W.Va., location about seven years ago, and the first Christmas there we did a big kick-off,” says Mark. “Since then, we change for each holiday or season and try to keep it fresh throughout the year.” He gets his inspiration by taking trips up to New York City as well as consults with fellow owner Anthony Hess. A few years ago, he was able to find moving mechanic parts for his characters on e-Bay that were actually used by Saks Fifth Avenue. Now, he refurbishes characters with different paint and fabrics to create new ones. “Last Christmas, we did The Night before Christmas, and next year, we’re doing The Nutcracker Suite.” We do a huge open house and cover up the window and do an unveiling just like they do in New York,” says Mark. They draw 400 to 500 people, and onlookers line the street to get a glimpse. “A lot of our community can’t make it up to New York to see the holiday window displays, so we try to bring it to them,” explains Mark. Throughout the year, customers will come in to the store just to see what Mark is going to do next. By being selected “Innovator of the Month,” Mark will receive a floral design kit, a recognition plaque, and a $250 check on behalf of BloomNet!


Submit your ideas to If your submission is selected you are eligible for a grand prize to be awarded in January 2011 for a Luxury Included® Vacation for two to a Sandals Resort. For rules, visit

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hen you hear “direct marketing” what do you think of? If cheesy come-ons, junk mail, and homemade fliers pop into your mind stop right now, open a window and let those thoughts fly away. Professional direct marketing is one of the most affordable and effective tools a florist can use to attract and keep customers. When you hear “direct marketing” you should start thinking “professional marketing.” Direct marketing is so powerful because you can put your promotional message right in the hands of people you want coming through your door. New opportunities give you control and help you stand out. Using the latest in digital customization and printing, direct marketing saves you money and gives you more time to do what you really love. KEEP CUSTOMERS COMING BACK FOR MORE

Everyone knows getting new customers is important but keeping customers is just as important. Consumers have choices in every situation. The most familiar choice usually gets the business; marketers call this top of mind awareness, and it’s key to keeping your cash register ringing! Customers come back more if you remind them you’re there and can serve their needs. However, you have to do it in a way that stands out, makes a positive impression, and reflects your quality and professionalism.

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Apr 2010

Looking for marketing help in getting business to your shop? One possible solution is starting a Google Ad word campaign. This type of marketing campaign can give users a prominent spot on the first page of searches either at the top or on the side of the page, and it can be done on local, state, or national levels. Google Ad words can come in the form of pay-for-click service or site-targeted advertising for banners and text ads. With many people using it to search for flowers today, Google has become the virtual yellow pages of today. To find out more about it, you can go to



Apr 2010


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FROM TINY TOWN TO TINSELTOWN This past Valentine’s Day, partnered with Warner Bros. Studio as the official flowers of the blockbuster movie “Valentine’s Day,” and in coordination with our first ever local BloomNet Florist Sweepstakes—the 2010 BloomNet® Romantic Hollywood Getaway Sweepstakes. The contest generated over a thousand entries from over 700 BloomNet florists. Floriology is thrilled to announce that Michele Cuprowski from Adairsville Florist and Bridal Shop in Adairsville, Ga., as the lucky winner! BloomNet Market Area Consultant Doug Crescimanno ocated in the rural Northwest town of Adairsville, Ga., populapproximately 4,500. The store has been in business for six years has been a BloomNet florist since 2005. On hearing the news chele says, “I was totally surprised to win the Hollywood sweepakes because I’ve never won anything in my whole life. This is awesome! I guess it really does go to show that hard work really does payoff!” Michele says they pride themselves in providing great customer service and creating personal relationships with their customers, which they enuinely consider their ends. he grand prize is a 4night trip to Los Angecludes roundtrip air nights’ hotel accommodations. Michele and her guest will also receive a private tour of the Warner Bros. lot, two tickets to a Hollywood talk show, $1,000 worth of Warner Bros. DVDs and a Champagne and Truffles Package from 1-800-BASKETS.COM®. Our entire team at floriology would like to congratulate Michele and wish her a wonderful time on her trip!

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>>> Florist Michele Cuprowski is headed to Tinseltown thanks to BloomNet’s Hollywood Getaway contest.

2010 April Floliology  

2010 April Floliology

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