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d e l iveri n g smi l e s! Val e n t i n e’ s Day/E arly spri n g 2014

EXTRA! EXTRA! 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® & Bloomnet Recognize Top Performing Florists!

1-800-FLOWERS.COM® & BloomNet are delighted to recognize the top performing Florists for their talents, dedication, and excellence in fulfilling orders! ... See inside for Award Winners

Inside Exclusive:

ity Care ual

gram Pro

Florist Q

Award of Quality Achievement

Always in Season

• Flexible Delivery Allows You To Fulfill More Orders! ...p.2 • The BloomNet Timely Reply Program ...p.3 • 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Codified Autoship Program ...p.4 • Florist Communications ...p.5 • Quality Assurance Program Overview & Benefits ...p.6

Basket Case Gift, Gift Baskets Flowers & Balloons

Second Quarter 2013

In recognition of your commitment to the comprehensive standards of the BloomNet Florist Quality Care Program

• 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Top Performance Award Winners ...p.7 ity Care ual

gram Pro

Florist Q

• BloomNet Florist Quality Care Program Award Winners ...p.8

upcoming® valentine’s day products

1-800-FLOWERS® Fields of Europe™ Romance PC# 90950

1-800-FLOWERS® Valentine Passion™ PC# 105224

1-800-FLOWERS® What A Girl Wants™ PC# 105145

1-800-FLOWERS® Shining Love™ PC# 103475


v a l e n t i n e ’ s d a y / ear l y s p r i n g 2 0 1 4

Flexible Delivery Allows You To Fulfill More Orders! In preparation for the Valentine’s Day Holiday, please familiarize yourself with 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Flexible Delivery options and what they mean for you. In an effort to maximize your ability to receive and fulfill 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® orders and to profit from them, you will notice the two different Flexible Delivery options available to you in the Special Instructions section of the order.

Flexible Delivery Options When you receive an order with Delivery Dates of 2/13/14 or 2/14/14 please log into Bloomlink and refer to the Special Instructions section of the order to determine if it is a Flexible Delivery order. Many of the orders you receive will provide you with the ability to be “flexible”, thereby maximizing your fulfillment capacity.

2014 VALENTINE’S DAY • Thursday Preferred, Friday Acceptable: The customer would prefer that this order be delivered on Thursday 2/13 but you can deliver it on Friday 2/14 if necessary. • Friday Preferred, Thursday Acceptable: The customer would prefer that this order be delivered on Friday 2/14, but you can deliver it on Thursday 2/13 if necessary.

Special Instructions are also visible on orders when they are printed out to help you plan your deliveries.

Helpful Reminder... Please be especially careful to check if the order is a Flexible Delivery order if you are contemplating rejecting it. The ability to move the order to an earlier or later delivery date may allow you to keep and fulfill the order without rejecting it.

the bloomnet timely reply program

With the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction on all floral wire orders, we created the BloomNet Florist Quality Care Program...the floral industry’s first quality program built and managed by florist for florists. Now, as an extension of our Florist Quality Care Program, we’re continuing to raise the bar and elevate the customer experience to a higher level. The BloomNet Timely Reply Program is designed to enhance communication between florists and ensure seamless order processing by encouraging receiving florists to provide a timely reply when rejecting orders and also submit delivery notifications on a timely basis.


BloomNet Professional Florists are the industry’s best florists. To help increase their commitment to quality even further, many BloomNet Florists asked us to facilitate more stringent parameters regarding orders sent through our network. We listened carefully and The BloomNet Timely Reply Program is a direct result of those requests.


Perhaps more than ever before, consumers are insisting on perfect service. To keep gaining new consumers and just as importantly to increase loyalty and repeat business from existing customers, our industry needs to work together to provide service that is truly exceptional.


The BloomNet Timely Reply Program sets forth that during “standard business hours” receiving florists must reject orders within two hours of when the order is received. Receiving florists must also submit timely delivery notifications on all orders. Timely delivery notifications include both Delivery Confirmations (DLCs) and Delivery Attempt Notifications (DLAs). The cutoff time for delivery notifications is normally 7:00 pm on the day of delivery, however cutoff times may be extended during peak holiday periods. BloomNet will track all orders, and assess charges according to the tables below. BloomNet will not receive any portion of these assessments and any charges collected will be credited to the sending florist. All disagreements related to assessments incurred are to be discussed with the sending florist.

Responding to wire orders in a timely manner and providing delivery notifications can be instrumental in satisfying today’s demanding consumers and growing our industry overall.

With Valentine’s Day falling on Friday, pay close attention to business deliveries. Many business recipients won’t return to work until after President’s Day leaving no opportunity to make up for missed deliveries. LATE REJECTS

We hope that you’ll find these Flexible Delivery Options very useful during the peak days of upcoming Valentine’s Day season!


Order Reject sent longer than 2 standard business hours


Order Reject sent longer than 24 hours


Order Reject sent longer than 72 hours

Full Value of Order

Order Reject sent longer than 2 standard business hours and after cutoff time on the day of delivery



Delivery Notification is missing on the order


Delivery Notification is sent after cutoff time


2x Full Value of Order

Performance Criteria Goals

• Customer Service Inquiries (“CSI’s) -1.5% • Order Rejects made within 1 hour of receiving order- 100% • Delivery Notifications Received - prior to 7:00pm (of the day of delivery)- 100% • Orders Accepted without Price Change - 100% .

A detailed FAQ is located under the Utilities Tab/Important Notifications section in Bloomlink. For further info or to answer any questions you may have, please contact Bloomnet Customer Service at 1-800-BLOOMNET (1-800-256-6663). Thank you.



v a l e n t i n e ’ s d a y / ear l y s p r i n g 2 0 1 4

1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Codified Product - Autoship Program The 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Codified Product AUTOSHIP PROGRAM is designed to help top projected & fulfilling® Florists secure adequate inventory of the hard goods and accessories needed to fulfill top-projected and featured® Codified arrangements. Our 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Florist Operations & Planning Teams are dedicated to ensuring your success! A great deal of time and effort goes into planning projections for each Florist that’s selected to participate in the Autoship Program. The team carefully reviews the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® product line and determines which Codified Containers/Accessories and quantities should be shipped out. Florists that are selected to participate in the Autoship Program are automatically shipped sufficient quantities of specific Codified Products to support 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® order volume based on projections for the season. If the Florist already has sufficient inventory on-hand, they will not receive an Autoship delivery.

autoship benefits for top fulfilling® florists

• Secure inventory of key, featured Codified hard goods and

accessories before quantities run out of stock. Codified arrangements are emphasized and featured prominently by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® on its website and in national marketing campaigns every season. If a florist is unable to secure inventory of the Codified hard goods and accessories required to fulfill these arrangements, they become ineligible to receive orders or benefit from the volume generated by these sales and marketing efforts.

• Save time and effort by letting our Planning Team:

1) determine the estimated inventory needed by your shop to cover its order volume projections, and 2) place the order for you.

• Normally, Codified hard goods & accessories that are shipped as part

of an Autoship Program have deferred billing whereby payment is due at the end of the projected selling season.

Autoship HIghlights BloomNet Florists are selected to participate in the Autoship Program on the basis of their historical performance and order volume projections for the given selling season. Not every florist is selected to participate in this program. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® specifically targets top fulfilling florists to participate in this program prior to each major selling season. Please note that if a florist is selected to participate in the Autoship Program during one season it does not mean that they are automatically selected to participate in the Autoship Program for future seasons. Each season’s selection process is independent and exclusive of each other. Florists that are selected to participate in the Autoship Program are always notified via BloomLink General Message & Email* in advance of any orders being placed (*for select florists that have an updated and current email address on file). These notifications specify the Codified hard goods and accessories that are included in the program for the given season, and provide a timeframe for receipt of those hard goods. 1-800-FLOWERS® Franchise & Premier Florists are strongly encouraged to participate in all Autoship Programs. Other BloomNet Florists who are selected to participate in the program are provided with a 5-10 day period to opt-out of the current program. Codified & Non-Codified Containers Codified Containers are available for purchase on BloomNet Products by visiting Remember, all BloomNet Product purchases can be applied to your BloomNet ClearingHouse statement! Also many of the Non-Codified Containers and utility vases are now available from BloomNet. So, take advantage of our affordable prices! Containers not sold on BloomNet Products are widely available through your local wholesaler.

Stay tuned for upcoming Autoship Program communications & take advantage of this valuable service! Valentine’s Day 2014 – Main Autoship Communication (to all selected florists) is expected to go out in late January. Preliminary Autoship Communication (to 1-800-FLOWERS® Franchise & Premier Florists only) is expected to go out in December. Mother’s Day 2014 – Main Autoship Communication (to all selected florists) is expected to go out in late April. Preliminary Autoship Communication (to 1-800-FLOWERS® Franchise & Premier Florists only) is expected to go out in March.

v a l e n t i n e ’ s d a y / ear l y s p r i n g 2 0 1 4

Florist Communications GENERAL MESSAGES BloomLink General Messages are the primary means by which BloomNet and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® communicate with BloomNet Professional Florists. General Messages are used to provide BloomNet Florists with important Holiday Operations Updates such as Flexible Delivery Options during peak periods, New Product Launches and Marketing Promotions, Holiday Projections and Autoship Program details for top fulfilling® Florists. As a reminder, General Messages print out automatically on your BloomLink system, similar to how orders print. It is every BloomNet Florist’s responsibility to make sure that they are able to view General Messages and stay informed by reading all messages that are sent by BloomNet and®.

DELIVERY CONFIRMATION FEATURES To improve Customer satisfaction, for both Consumers & BloomNet Florists, reduce Customer complaints as well as costly order cancellations and redeliveries, the BloomLink Delivery Confirmation feature now provides Delivery Status fields to allow Florists to provide critical additional information surrounding the Delivery Status of an order. 1) More Delivery Details – Florists can specify with whom/where the order was delivered. 2) Attempted Deliveries Details – Florists can specify the reason why an order could not be delivered. What’s more, when “Need Additional Information” is selected, the system will automatically trigger an INQR-Inquiry Message to Customer Service. 3) Attempted Delivery – For certain responses, a Redelivery Calendar will be provided to specify the next date for redelivery. For your convenience, all Attempted Deliveries will be flagged with a yellow icon. Please note: If a delivery attempt is made on the requested delivery date, Florists will be paid for the delivery confirmation when the order is delivered the following day.


For detailed step-bystep instructions on how to use the BloomLink Delivery Confirmations Features, go to the Utilities Tab on BloomLink

Did you know that when your shop submits a Delivery Confirmation to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® that an email is immediately sent to the customer informing them that their recipient is enjoying their thoughtful gift. If you submit a Delivery Confirmation prior to the recipient receiving the gift, then we are erroneously notifying the customer of the delivery and this could lead to unnecessary cancellations or redeliveries. Similarly, late submissions or end of day batching of Delivery Confirmations may cause customers to wonder why their gift hasn’t arrived and can lead to cancellations. To avoid these costly cancellations and replacements, be sure to submit Delivery Confirmations as soon as the recipient receives their gift. While still out on the road, Drivers can use the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® toll-free mobile Confirmation Service. See below for details.

SEND DELIVERY CONFIRMATIONS (DLC’s) BY MOBILE PHONE - Just dial 1-877-569-0858 & Follow these Easy Steps!

STEP 1 - Eliminate as much background noise as possible

STEP 7 - The system will then update the status of that

STEP 2 - Dial into the Auto-Con Speech Activated

STEP 8 - At that time, you can either enter another

(this is very important).

Confirmation Service at 1-877-569-0858.

STEP 3 - The system will ask you for an order number. STEP 4 - Clearly and Slowly, speak or enter the first order number that needs to be updated (again, only those that have been successfully delivered should be confirmed).

STEP 5 - The system will repeat back the order number, and ask you to verify.

STEP 6 - You can either verify the order number, or make the correction by speaking the corrected order number.

order to “delivered” and ask for another order number. order number, or hang up.

STEP 9 - If the system doesn’t recognize or can’t find the order number, it will ask you to repeat the order number. Please check to ensure the order number is correct and repeat the order number slowly and clearly.

STEP 10 - If the order has already been confirmed, the system will state that the status on this order has already been updated to “delivered” and ask if you’d like to update another order.

Earn a $0.75 credit - submit DLC’s by 7:00pm! 4


De® Top Performance Award Like you, we embrace our “floristness” every day, and we always stress the importance of building relationships first and doing business second. We are completely obsessed with customer service, and we are thrilled to team with such a successful network of professional Florists who also shares our commitment to excellence and delivering smiles to our customers everyday!

The BloomNet Professional Florists selected for the® Top Performance Awards have strived for excellent performance during the last three months and are recognized for their outstanding efforts. Please take a moment to review our® Top Performance Award Winners (shown on page 7) and congratulate them on a job well done!



South Side Floral Shop, PA

Everyday Flowers And Balloons, CA

Quality Assurance Program Overview & Benefits

Always In Season, RI

Stulls Flowers, PA

Expressions Flowers, NY

Angels Flowers, CA

The Flower Shoppe, OH

Fashion Flowers, CA

Increase Profitability

Quality Assurance Coaching & Best Practice

Anthonys Floral, PA

The Gardeners Gate, VA

Fine Flowers, WA

West End Flower Shop, IN

Floral Array, PA

• We’re committed to ensuring your success! Our Quality Assurance Team is 100% dedicated to helping you improve your performance and Quality Performance metrics. • Our Quality Assurance Best Practice Guide details all the steps necessary to maintain the highest Quality performance metrics. Visit the Utilities tab on BloomLink to download this valuable training guide for you & your staff.

Any Blooming Thing, GA Broadway Florist P, IL

• Improved Quality = More Repeat Business! • Earn Out Incentive for Top Performers – Florists with no customer complaints or rejected orders will earn out of the monthly Quality Assurance fee. • Improving Quality Performance – Consistent top performers receive more orders, broaden coverage areas and boost their profits!

Awards & Recognition • Top-rated florists will be recognized each quarter by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM®. • Top performers deserve our praises! To celebrate your accomplishment, we’ll send you a plaque to display in your shop and reinforce to your retail customers your dedication to quality.

Rewards and Consequences • Florists who perform well receive many benefits, including more orders, new zip codes (if desired), and other awards and recognition, while florists who continually face quality challenges may see a reduction in orders.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM® SUBSTITUTION POLICY Meeting customers’ expectations is critical, so please take a moment to review our Substitution Policy listed below. 1. The 2014 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Valentine’s Day & Everyday Design Resource Guide (DRG) should be followed when filling orders. Overall shape, size and style of the arrangement should be maintained. 2. Shades and color combination of the arrangement should be consistent. Substituting flower varieties of equal value and similar appearance is acceptable, if necessary. 3. Substitution of floral content is permitted when necessary to ensure delivery in a timely manner. Substitutions should be of equal value and similar type flowers. (e.g., spike for spike, round for round). If a substitution is made the Florist must notify 1-800-FLOWERS® by sending an INFO message.



v a l e n t i n e ’ s d a y / ear l y s p r i n g 2 0 1 4

ring Sm il ve i

4. Variety should take preference over color on single variety arrangements. 5. We encourage you to buy specific components for our featured arrangements, so the arrangement closely resembles product images as advertised. Please match containers listed in the DRG and Workroom Manual whenever possible, particularly for color. For example, using a 7” H Purple Glass Vase to fulfill 1-800-FLOWERS® Lavender Dreams™. 6. Substitution of Codified Products is not acceptable, unless you’ve received the express consent of the sending florist (including 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® orders).

Floral Arts Of Flagstaff, AZ

Cecilias Rose Garden Fax, OH


Floral Fashions, VA

Corwin Florist And Ghse, NY

541 Avenue Florist, CT

Flowers And Friends, IL

Country Carriage Floral, MI

A Always Lous Flower Shop And Greenhouse, IL

Flowers And Stones, IL

Countryside Flowers, MO

A Lasting Impression Florist, NY

Flowers By Judy, TN

Emerald Gardens Northwest, OR

A New Creation Flowers, CA

Flowers By Lunelly, NY

Encore Florist Llc 2, NJ

Aaa Woodbine Florist, TN

Flowers By Mendez And Jackel, NJ

Eveleth Floral Company, MN

Abloom Florist, TN

Flowers Of Canterbury, IN

Family Florist, AR

All Saints Chapel Florist And Boutique, MI

Flowers On The Ridge, NJ

Floral Fashions, VA

All Seasons Florist, CA

Flowers On Vine, PA

Forever Friends Floral, IN

All Seasons Flowers Plants And Gifts, TN

Flowers With Imagination, PA

Forget Me Not Flowers, CA

Alora Donna Gifts And Flowers, PA

Folgers Four Seasons Florist, IN

Franks Flower Shop, MA

Always In Season, RI

Forever Friends Floral, IN

Gidas Flower, PA

B Cazwells Floral Dezines, OR

Franks Flower Shop, MA

Gigis Florist, CA

Bangs Flower And Gift Shop Fax, TX

Friendly Florist, FL

Heck Bros Florist And Gifts, PA

Becks Family Florist, IL

Gigis Florist, CA

Hometown Florist, GA

Bethanis Bouquets, WV

Green Thumb West Floral And Gifts, GA

House Of Flowers, NM

Bloomers Campbell, CA

Heck Bros Florist And Gifts, PA

Ivy League Flowers, NY

Boos Floral Design, NY

Holland Flowers, MA

Janets Floral Design, OH

Boulder Gardens Florist, CO

Jewel Box Florist Arnold, MO

Jindra Floral Design, OH

Brisas Flower Shop, CA

Jindra Floral Design, OH

Julies Artistic Rose Inc, IL

Bristol Florist, PA

Kimberlys Floral, PA

Karins Florist, VA

C I D Floral, IL

Kings Greenhouses And Florist, NY

Lake Kountry Inc Floral And Gifts, WI

Canyon Lake Flowers, CA

La International Floral, CA

Lamprecht Florist And Greenhouse, IN

Cedarwood Floral, MN

Lafayette Flower Shoppe And Gifts Inc, IN

Mayer Florist, IL

Coulter Florists, TN

Lake Country Gardens & Florist Ltd, NY

Occasions Of Naples, FL

Country Cousins Flower Shop, CA

Lanierland Florist, GA

Olive Branch Flowers, AL

Country Creations Flowers And Gifts, IL

Le Grues, CO

On Angels Wings Florist, PA

Cute Flowers, CA

Lee Annes Mastic Flower Shoppe, NY

Oregon Corners Florist, OH

De Santis Florists Inc, OH

Long Beach Florist Inc, NY

Petolino Florist, NJ

Dublin Floral Design, CA

Maple City Florist, IL

Plant World Greenhouse, OH

Dutch Valley Florist, NJ

Mary Poppins Balloons And Flowers, TX

Ridings Flowers And Gifts, IN

Edinboro Flower Shop, MA

May Flowers Oakland, CA

Rose Florist And Gift Shop, CA

Elegant Deesigns, PA

Mayer Florist, IL Mendon Greenhouse, MA

Snellville Florist Inc, GA

Winners continued on the next page 1-800-FLOWERS Franchise/Co-Branded Florist

1-800-FLOWERS Premier Florist

Multiple Quarterly Performances Awards


d e l iveri n g smi l e s! Val e n t i n e’ s Day/E arly spri n g 2014

Congratulations to our 2013 SPRING QUALITY achievEment award winners Basket Case Gift, Gift Baskets Flowers & Balloons Flower Fantasies Florist & Gifts Crocus Flowers & Gifts Fred’s Flowers Paula’s Family Florist Springs in Bloom Petals 2 Go Florist Schneider’s Floral Design Terri’s Flowers & Gifts Gortz Haus Gallery All Season Garden & Floral Country Creations Flowers & Antiques An Dee’s Floral Mulberry Florist & Gift Shop Adrians Florist Harvey’s Florist and Greenhouses Bancroft Flowers Petals to Pines101 Market Floral & Gifts Bloomers Florissant Doris Tanner’s Flowers New Look Floral & Plant Service

Anchorage AK Mobile AL Little Rock AR Tempe AZ Antioch CA Colorado Springs CO North Branford CT Ocala FL Columbus GA Grimes IA Sandpoint ID Marion IL Griffith IN Elizabethtown Ky New Orleans LA Frostburg MD Lansing MI Elk River MN Florissant MO Laurel MS Belgrade MT

April Showers Village Flower Shop Blooms of Elegance Carlsbad Floral Co. Flowers by Mario Laurel Grove Florist & Greenhouses Janet’s Floral Design Shaboo Flowers & Gifts Lolly Pops and Roses Something Special Flower Shop Flowers By Le Style 25 The Flower Cottage, Inc Fancie’s Flowers & Gifts Four Seasons Florist Marylu’s Flowers & Gifts Buds & Blooms Tulip Tree Floral Margeaux’s Florist Benton’s Twin Cedars Florist Avant Garden County Market Floral Brown Sack Florist Princese Petals & Gifts

Jacksonville NC Norfolk NE Newton NJ Carlsbad NM Fernly NV Port Jervis NY Mansfield OH Norman OK Salem OR Sunbury PA Kennett Square PA Charleston SC Rapid City SD Clarksville TN McAllen TX Garland TX Salt Lake City UT Quinton VA Puyallup WA Seattle WA Eau Claire WI Bluefield WV Lander WY

1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Top PERFORMANCE 2nd quarter AWARD WINNERS (continued)

Mrs D’S Flower Shop Inc, FL

Sandys Flowers And Gifts, CO

The Flower Market Ormond Beach, FL

Neffsville Flower Shoppe, PA

Schaaf Floral, MN

The Flower Mart And Special Events, TX

Olive Branch Flowers, AL

Shaboo Flowers And Gifts, OK

The Garden Path, PA

On Angels Wings Florist, PA

Sheilas Flowers And Gifts, OH

Twin Tower Florist, VA

Paradise Flower Shoppe, NY

Silver Springs Floral And Gift, NM

Village Flower Shoppe, NE

Parkway Florist, OH

Simply Elegant Flowers, RI

Visions Flowers And Bridal Design, ME

Paws Florist, MN

Southern Floral Shop, MO

Walter’S Flowers, NJ

Perfect Events Floral And Gifts, PA

Southern Gardens Florist, FL

Washington Park Florist, WA

Pernas Plant And Flower Shop, NJ

Southern Traditions Flowers, GA

Wildflowers Florist, NJ

Petal Pushers Flowers And Gifts, RI

Sweet Divas Florist, NC

Willowtree Gifts And Flower, PA

Plant World Greenhouse, OH

The Country Florist Of Yorktown, NY

Wunrows Greenhouse And Floral, WI

Poldermans Flower Shop, MI

The Enchanted Florist, IL

Youngs Florist, NY

Pugliese Flowers And Gifts, PA

The Flower Cart, WI

Zimmermans Flowers And Gifts, PA

Rogers Park Florist, IL

The Flower Gallery, NJ

Rose Florist And Gift Shop, CA

The Flower Garden Corvallis, OR

1-800-FLOWERS Franchise/Co-Branded Florist


1-800-FLOWERS Premier Florist

Multiple Quarterly Performances Awards

Valentine's Day EXTRA EXTRA Document  

helpful information for BloomNet florists and 1800F award winners as well as Florist Quality Care Program award winners.

Valentine's Day EXTRA EXTRA Document  

helpful information for BloomNet florists and 1800F award winners as well as Florist Quality Care Program award winners.