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Spring and Garden Collection 2015 Trends By Jackie Lacey, AIFD, PFCI, CFD

Pantone color of the Year 2014 Spruce up interior spaces by incorporating this eye-catching hue in paint, accent pieces and accessories. As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows. The vibrant color is sure to liven up neutrals including gray, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid reenergizes almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.

2014-2015 American Floral Trends Forecast The American Floral Trends forecast emphasizes the natural world and its multiple variations-from organic materials to natural elements expressed in modern fabrications- as seen through the eye’s of today’s consumers- Florist Review

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Spring Trends 2015

PARC PLACE The ambience of a walk through a quaint Parisian Parc‌ Icons French Country DÊcor , Figurines of children Containers Ceramic & pottery, country pitchers, distressed wood and metals, vintage class containers Floral Blue, Yellow and White flowers such as Forsythia, Hyacinth and Tulips

Paris In Spring


2015 Napco Spring Containers & Statues

PC # 32693PP

PC # 18237 PC # 18439

GARDEN GALA Party Time! These colors establish a mood that is vibrant and fun. It’s perfect for a lighter whimsical feeling Icons Floral designs for stakes, windchimes, picks Containers Ceramics with floral embossments; ceramics with one color on outside & opposite color on the inside; etched glass vases Floral Colorful flowers etc. Tulips, Gerberas & Roses

2015 Napco Spring Containers

PC # 32667GG

PC # 18298

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BLISSFUL BREEZE A trio of bright spring colors!!! Hot pink tulips are popping against the green of their stems. The sky deep and full of dragonflies fluttering, “Blissfully in the Breeze� Icons Whimsical frogs, Dragonflies & Garden bugs in suncatchers, signs, stakes, wind chimes Containers Ceramic garden boots, containers with dots, stripes, diamonds, swirls and more Floral Pink and White Tulips and/or Gerberas

2015 Napco Spring Containers & Accents

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PC # 18392

PC # 32659BB

PASTEL SPRING A breathe of fresh air and a reminder that winter is over and everything is now blooming! Icons Vintage looking bunnies, butterflies, baby chicks & ducks Containers Ceramics in glossy, pearlized, white washed finishes; pearlized colors on baskets; woven looking ceramics Floral Garland; Small tree and hanging; felted balls or eggs

2015 Napco Spring Containers

PC # 32650ES

PC # 32663ES

PINK PASSION Elegant and contemporary garden style. Exquisite with shades of pink from the palest pink rose color to magenta, a deep dahlia color and all the shades in between. Icons The shades of Pink in different containers Containers Ceramics embossed contemporary looks; Ceramics in high gloss, Pearlized; Hammered shiny silver metals Floral Crystal garlands and other hanging items; Only orchids; Gems; Stones

2015 Napco Spring Containers

PC # 32695

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FLORAL ESCAPE Reflective of the Emotion‌To escape into a quiet sanctuary. The deep and various shades of purple, magenta & green frame and saturate the garden Icons Elegant deer; Statuary and other woodland creatures in bronze & patina. Containers Pottery, ceramics, woods and lots of mixed materials; Grey or dark washed metals Floral Hydrangeas in purples, magenta, creams and greens; Hyacinth; Lots of vines

2015 Napco Spring Containers

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ENCHANTED GARDEN A garden overflowing in wild vines and ivy, full of fairy sculptures and peacocks is both beautiful and mysterious. This is a garden palette that is intriguing with so many flower and plants. Icons Peacocks and fairies in different dĂŠcor Containers Ceramics with embossments and dark washed; wood with aged looks; Mercury glass Floral Vines of greenery & stems of willow; moss covered balls; gazing balls

2015 Napco Spring Containers

PC # 18242EG PC # 32674EG

PC # 18278

LILY PAD Every garden in spring should have a small lily pad pond. One to sit in the warm yellow sun and watch the frogs playing and swimming in the deep, dark almost purple water. Icons Lily pads & Frogs Containers Mix of finishes and textures; Moss green covered baskets; green and purple burlap covered containers Floral Floating lily flowers

2015 Napco Spring Containers

PC # 32769LP

PC # 32637LP

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SAGE LEAVES A warm, earthy garden story‌The warmth of wood frames the sprigs of greenery, moss, succulents & mushrooms one expects to find in a loved garden Icons Garden Figurines in many finishes; Sage; Rosemary Containers Pottery & Terra cotta look; Glazed ceramics; nature patterns Floral Succulents; Apricot and peach floral including orchids; Mushrooms, Moss balls

2015 Napco Spring Containers & Statues

PC # 21470SL

PC # 18394

PC # BF399-11KL PC # 18255

LUSTRE The growth in “Urban Garden Landscape” is profound. It’s sleek, contemporary style is perfect for all plants and inspiring to design unique flower arrangements in Icons Stylized birds in slick ceramics, owls, geometric shapes & uniquely shaped watering cans. Containers Organic and boat shapes Floral Succulents, Orchids, and Tropical Foliage; Sticks of different materials; items in Jute and burlap funky garlands

2015 Napco Spring Containers

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2015 spring & garden trend report  

Discovery the latest trends for 2015 in containers, baskets, garden, and accessories available from Napco.

2015 spring & garden trend report  

Discovery the latest trends for 2015 in containers, baskets, garden, and accessories available from Napco.