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Cowboy Poetry By Don Wynkoop

CAMPFIRE by Don Wynkoop Sparks flew as though to welcome the log that came to call. And flames beat back the darkness as the night began to fall. He hunkered round the coffee pot, a comfort at his age. And with a sigh and squinted eye, breathed in the smoke and sage. The bacon softly sizzled as the skillet did its part. And there’s nothing like a campfire to warm the hands and heart.

His hobbled pony nickered as it grazed beyond the light. Dusk ushered in new noises to serenade him through the night. The crickets chirped a melody, then the hooting of an owl. And somewhere from the darkness came a lonesome coyote’s howl. He thought of things that he should do and places he should go. But the flame’s warm dance embraced his glance, he basked in it’s soft glow. So he smiled into his coffee cup, fed the fire a chunk of wood.

For it’s the simple things that this life brings that make a cowboy’s life so good. LIFE by Don Wynkoop He works from dawn ‘til setting sun. The stage is set, he plays his part. And always tired, but never done, though muses gently tug his heart. With mouths to feed, he cannot play. The song unsung another day, the poem unwritten fades away.

Fruita Chamber of Commerce

Fruita Fall Festival 2010 • 27

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