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Dear Parents As your child moves up from Year One to Year Two you will already be marveling at how quickly they are growing up! Having taught young children for many years I think Year Two is one of the most exciting. Children of this age are so receptive to every opportunity we offer them and enjoy all aspects of their learning. This year we welcome Mrs Hadley to the Year Two team. Mrs Hadley is an experienced teacher who joins us from Dodderhill School. As a parent she already knows RGS The Grange well! Mrs Sykes and Miss Willis continue to teach in Year Two and bring much experience and enthusiasm to the team. In Year Two we continue to teach through Topics as we believe that this is how children learn best. Over the course of the year we will encourage the children to become more independent and responsible. We will prepare them fully for the transition into Year Three and the greater demands of the Prep Curriculum. I will be working closely with the class teachers in Year Two to monitor your child’s progress. If you have any queries or concerns about your child’s education please contact the class teachers or me at any time. I always welcome your input or feedback in person or via email to If emailing teachers please be aware that you may not get an immediate response as their priority during the school day is the children in their care. Urgent messages should continue to go via the school office. I very much look forward to working with you and your children this year. I hope you find the information in this booklet useful. Sarah Atkinson Head of Pre-Prep

SCHOOL’S MISSION AND VISION Our Mission RGS The Grange strives to enable all children to achieve full potential in all their educational, social, physical and emotional needs, and to create an environment to foster a caring, sharing sense of community involving all members of the school: children, staff, parents and governors.

Our Vision -

Through excitement and challenge, children at RGS The Grange develop a joy of learning in an inspirational environment.


Children experience a sense of beauty, awe and wonder.


They are given opportunities to acquire a sense of responsibility within the community, and to nurture a compassionate and respectful attitude towards others.


Children develop their moral values by gaining attitudes of sensitivity, fairmindedness, and honesty.


There are opportunities to develop a sense of individuality, to increase their selfesteem and to take pride in themselves and their achievements.


Children learn both independently and co-operatively and acquire the lifelong skills of perseverance, communication and initiative.


They experience physical and mental well-being through leading a healthy lifestyle.

Y OUR CHILD IN YEAR TWO Who will teach my child? 2S – Mrs Sykes. 2W – Miss Willis. 2H – Mrs Hadley

TA support from Miss Lee, Miss Rose and Mrs Guest. The children will remain with their class teacher for most lessons. PE, Games, French and Music will be taught by specialist teachers. Phonics will continue to be taught in groups by the Year 2 teachers. What will my child learn in Year Two? The children will be taught Mathematics, Science and English as core subjects. History, Geography, RE, PSHE, Art, Design & Technology will be taught, mainly through topics. They will also learn ICT, French, Music, PE, Games and Swimming. Topics for Year Two Michaelmas One Homes and Habitats

Michaelmas Two Fire and Colour

Lent One Changes

Lent Two Journeys

Trinity One Ancient Greece

Trinity Two The Rainforest

We encourage the children to bring in any books or items of interest related to these topics. Please ensure all items are clearly named.

PE/Games and Swimming The PE programme will allow the children to experience a wide variety of activities, including Gymnastics and Dance, Ball Skills and Team Games. PE bags should be brought into school on a Monday morning and should remain in school until Friday afternoon. Please see the uniform list for details of kit required. The children will have swimming lessons in the teaching pool at Sansome Walk Swimming Baths in Worcester on Monday afternoons during the Michaelmas Term. Swimming hats are not compulsory, but we do ask that children with long hair wear it tied up. Please would you ensure that all items of clothing worn on days where uniform will be changed are named, especially socks, pants, vests and shorts!

What will my child need to bring into school? The children will have a homework diary and reading book, which they should bring to school in their book bag on a daily basis, unless informed otherwise. All children will need an ‘Allos’ recorder for their Music lessons in Year Two. These can be purchased from any music store. Fleeces are kept in school for break times. In wet weather or for Forest School Club your child will need waterproofs and named wellington boots. If your child has an item that they would like to bring to school to show the class, please ensure that it is relevant to the current topic. The children should not bring toys or games into school unless permission has been given by the class teacher.

Will my child have to do homework? In Year 2 Reading aloud continues to be very important. Please encourage your child to read to you on a daily basis at home and make an appropriate comment in their homework diary. Your child will continue to follow the Letters and Sounds Programme this year. Weekly spelling lists will be set on a Monday and tested in school on a Friday. Please help your child to learn these spellings and to investigate the spelling rule. Looking for other words to fit the spelling pattern is always fun. In addition Year Two are set Mathematics and English homework each week. As the year progresses additional Topic work activities may also be set. Homework is set on a Tuesday each week and should be handed in on the following Monday. Please ensure your child completes all written homework with a HB pencil and all colouring is done with coloured pencils only.

When does the school day start? School is open from 8am until 6pm, with Registration at 8.40am. From 8am Year Two children will be supervised in the Old Hall. Teachers will collect the children from the Old Hall at 8.35am. If you arrive after 8.50am please enter school through the front door and ask the school secretary to register your child.

When am I able to meet my child’s teacher? Should you wish to talk to your child’s class teacher or any other member of the teaching staff please email or write a note in the homework diary or ask the office to make you an appointment. Teachers are available each morning from 8.15am or after 3.35pm for urgent matters. There will be parents’ meetings in October and March. At these times you can discuss your child’s progress with their teacher.

What is the school’s policy on sickness? If you suspect that your child is ill please keep them at home and inform the school of their absence. On return to school please provide a note of absence for our records. Children should not attend school when suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea. They should remain at home for at least 48 hours following such an attack. Should your child require medical treatment at school, eg. antibiotics or asthma treatment, please give the named medicine to Mrs Weeks in the Medical Room at the start of each day.

When will my child have a break? The children will have a break in the morning. During this time they will be provided with a drink of either milk or water and fruit. Should you wish, your child may bring in a small, healthy snack as an alternative to the fruit provided. They will then go out to play where they will be able to make use of a variety of equipment whilst under the supervision of staff. The children will have a second playtime outside after lunch. Water is available at any time throughout the day and your child will be provided with their own named cup.

What will my child eat for lunch?

Pre-Prep children have an earlier family style lunch. This will be at 12.10pm. Teachers sit with the children when they eat in the Dining Hall. Everyone will have a served, balanced meal, special dietary requirements are catered for. The menus run on a three weekly rolling cycle and are displayed outside the Dining Hall. Children are encouraged to try a little bit of everything and to drink plenty of water.

Are there Trips in Year 2? We would like the children to experience a variety of trips relevant to the work covered in school. We plan trips each half term to enhance the topic work we are covering. You will receive a letter by email about these trips shortly before they take place, which will inform you of dates, times, cost and items required. Year 2 have the opportunity to attend a short residential trip at PGL in Ross-onWye during the Trinity Term. This is always a highlight of the year for the children.

Will clubs and activities be available? After school clubs will run Monday to Friday and you will receive a letter informing you of these clubs. Many are very popular and operate on a firstcome, first-served basis. If your child is unable to attend please inform the club leader as soon as possible. Clubs finish at 4.50pm and the children will be dismissed from the New Hall.

When does the school day end? School finishes officially at 3.35pm when your child will be dismissed from the brown door at the front of the Old Building. Those children who have been booked into After School Care will be taken to the Old Hall for their Little Tea. Any other children who have not been collected by 3.45pm will be taken to the Senior Teacher on duty in Key Stage 2 Homework Club. Please telephone school if you anticipate being late. If your child is to be collected by someone other than yourself, please inform the school to avoid any confusion.

What is Golden Time? We link our Discipline Policy to Golden Time. Each classroom has a wall display to monitor the children’s behaviour. If a child misbehaves or breaks a Golden Rule during the week they are moved onto a warning cloud. They then move down the chart in a series of 5 minute steps. Children can move back up the scale if they behave well. Each class has 30 minutes Golden Time built into the timetable on a Friday. During this time the children choose an activity to complete either in the classroom or outside.

When will I get written reports about my child’s progress? This year we are revising the way we report to parents. Our aim is to give you far more information about how your child is progressing as well as giving you an indication of the level of effort we feel your child is putting into their work. We will be sending out short reports at the end of the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. As well as teacher comments about your child’s overall progress these reports will contain effort and attainment grades in all subjects. In addition to this we will be monitoring the children’s attitude to learning. We will share this with you at the Michaelmas and Lent Parent Evening meetings.

Sun Care Policy (the following is a reminder from our Parent Handbook) At RGS The Grange we acknowledge the importance of sun protection and want staff and children to enjoy the sun safely. We will be encouraging children throughout the school to avoid sunburn and overexposure to the sun by: -

Discussing Sun safety with all children in an appropriate manner


Encouraging pupils to wear their regulation sun hats.


Ensuring children are wearing clothing that protects the skin, particularly for outdoor activities and school trips


Encouraging children to seek the shade, particularly in the middle of the day


Encouraging children to keep hydrated by sipping water during the day. Some children are at greater risk of sunburn than others, however overexposure to the sun can cause overheating, dehydration and of course sunburn. We would ask all parents to apply ‘once a day’ high factor sunscreen to their child before they come to school each day (at least Factor 15). These are very effective nowadays and protect children for up to twelve hours.

Year Two Handbook  
Year Two Handbook