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Into The Sixth 2013

What will my timetable look like? Your L6 timetable is likely to be: Subjects

Number of lessons per two week cycle

AS subject 1 AS subject 2 AS subject 3 AS subject 4 Private Study/ subject 5 Enrichment PSHE Games

9 9 9 9 9 2 2 1

In the U6 most students follow only three A2 courses and therefore have an extra nine lessons of private study. It is often possible to take up a new AS Level subject in the U6.

How will I know how I am doing? The Sixth Form Review This is a continuous process that takes place throughout the Sixth Form where we explore ways for you to develop your confidence and maximise your achievement.

Aims: • • • •

To encourage you to aim as high as possible. To monitor your progress carefully. To review your working methods. To give some shape to your aims, we will work with you to set target grades in each of your subjects

Feedback Grades for attainment and our perception of your effort at regular intervals. Written reports in the L6 and in the U6. There will be opportunities for Parents to meet formally with staff to discuss progress; you will be invited to join those meetings.

Self evaluation Together with your Tutor, you will review your work methods and progress on a regular basis. If you do this openly and honestly you should be able to fine-tune your approach to achieve the highest possible standards. Typical topics for discussion might include your: • • • • • • •

organisation of deadlines and time study skills needs aspirations attitude and attainment overall programme of study extra-curricular involvement 6

Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth