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Into The Sixth 2013

Politics Politics and Government Introduction Politics is a live subject, changing day by day and impacting on all our lives. The study of it involves both an investigation into the institutions of government, such as Parliament, the Prime Minister and the cabinet, and a look at more philosophical ideas that underpin the political parties, our constitution and the way we vote. In looking at these ideas you will learn much about the world around you, it’s constraints and freedoms and who makes the big decisions and how. You will consider the major issues of the day and come out of the course well equipped in decision making and analytical skills The AS is an entirely UK Government and Politics course. The A2 extends understanding through a comparative study of the Government and Politics of the USA. Entry requirements: GCSE English Language B Outline of AS Specification: Module 1 - People, Politics and Participation (50% of AS) This unit covers the following topic areas: The nature of participation in the political process and voting behaviour. The nature of representation and elections. The role of political parties & the importance of Pressure groups. You will be tested in short and long written answer data responses to show your ability to deliver mature thinking processes Module 2 - Governing Modern Britain (50% of AS) This unit covers the following topic areas: The British Constitution and Judiciary, Parliament and government relationship. The PM and Cabinet system, policy making and its implementation & Elected local and devolved government in the UK, and the European Union. The exam is the same style as paper 1and allows you to show you understand complex concepts and inter-relationships. Outline of A2 Specification: Module 3 - The Politics of the USA (25% of AL) This unit covers the following topic areas: US Electoral Process and Direct Democracy, Political Parties, Voting Behaviour & Pressure Groups. You will gain a broader understanding of a very different system to the UK. Module 4 - The Government of the USA (25% of AL) This unit covers the following topic areas: Constitutional Framework, The Legislative Branch, The Executive Branch & The Judicial Branch. This section allows you to investigate one of the world’s superpowers systems of Government The AS is examined in June of Lower Sixth and the A level in June of Upper Sixth.


Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth