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Into The Sixth 2013

Physical Education Introduction Physical Education at Advanced Level has a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses the scientific, the socio-cultural and the practical. It requires much of its students, focusing on the performer and performance. All theoretical work is supported by practical experiment and demonstration, with the emphasis being very much ‘hands on’. Entry Requirements: · All students are considered on their individual merits. However, it would be fair to say that advantage will be gained by those students who have good GCSE passes in Biology/Physics, English and Mathematics. (B or above) · You must be literate, numerate and committed to the subject. · Physical ability is a necessity. Good skills in observation and analysis are required. · All students must be committed to representing the school at one sport and must train for a second sport either in school or outside of school regularly. Outline of AS Specification: Module 1: An introduction to Physical Education This includes the study of Anatomy and Physiology, Acquiring Movement Skills and SocioCultural Studies relating to participation in physical activity. (60% of AS) Module 2: Acquiring, developing and evaluating practical skills in Physical Education This module focuses o the student’s performance in two different activity areas and their ability to evaluate and plan for the improvement of performance. (40% of AS)

Outline of A2 Specification : Module 3: Principles and concepts across different areas of Physical Education This includes the history of sport, comparative studies, sports psychology, biomechanics and exercise and sport physiology. (35% of AL) Module 4: The improvement of effective performance and critical evaluation of practical activities in Physical education. This unit focuses on practical skills and students will be assessed in their ability to perform effectively in the authentic, contextual situation that the activity is normally performed. Students will also be assessed by observing a live performance and recommending an appropriate strategy to improve the observed performance. (15% of AL) In short, A Level Physical Education is academically stimulating, physically challenging, enjoyable and worthwhile. The multi-disciplinary nature of the subject allows you to combine PE with many different subjects.


Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth