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Into The Sixth 2013

Mathematics and Further Mathematics Introduction Mathematics at A Level is very different from (and much more difficult than) GCSE in content, in style of examination and in the workload it places on students. In particular, you should be aware that every question will require Algebra on some level. However, many students find the subject both stimulating and rewarding: it is more interesting at A Level than it is at GCSE. Many courses and jobs require or prefer Mathematics A Level. Even where it is not a requirement, it is a highly respected qualification, and research shows it increases your earning power in the real world. Entry Requirements: Normally, at least a grade A at GCSE will be needed to cope successfully with A Level, A*for Further Mathematics. Structure: An AS Level consists of three modules and an A Level of six. All Mathematics modules are examined by a 90 minute examination. A description of the modules follows the section on structure. Each AS module is worth 33.3% of AS (and then 16.7% of AL); each A2 module 16.7% of AL. Students not considering Further Mathematics: • You should expect to spend a great deal of time on Mathematics outside class as well. • If also studying Physics or Design, you should opt for Mathematics with Mechanics (M1) ; otherwise, normally, Mathematics with Statistics (S1) • You will sit C1 and C2 and one of M1 or S1 in June of the Lower Sixth. • You will sit C3 and C4 in June of the Upper Sixth, plus one applied module. •

Students considering Further Mathematics: Lower Sixth: • An accelerated Mathematics Course, covering C1, C2 and FP1, plus at least three applied modules. • You will ‘cash in’ for an AS Level in Mathematics, keeping the other modules for your Further Mathematics A Level. Upper Sixth: The key to this stage is flexibility. You may re-sit some modules to gain a better A Level, but go no further; you may study sufficient new material to gain an AS Level in Further Mathematics; you may sit a full A Level in Further Mathematics. The options for Further Mathematics are: AS: Further Mathematics: FP1 and two other additional modules. A level: FP1 and five other additional modules, one of which must be an FP module.


Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth