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Into The Sixth 2013

History Introduction This course seeks to develop themes such as the limits of despotic power, religious and racial intolerance and the nature of dissent and political opposition. It also provides through the Historical Enquiry an opportunity to choose your own topic of study and to work one-toone with a teacher in a way that will prepare you for university life. The course will combine well with anything on the Arts and Social Sciences and can provide an opportunity for scientists/mathematicians to maintain their literacy skills. Entry Requirements: Good GCSEs in History and English, minimum grade B, will be required since this is predominantly an essay-writing subject. Outline of AS Specification: Module 1 Tsarist Russia 1855-1917 1 hour 15 minutes examination (50% of AS) Written paper. 2 questions to be answered from a choice of 3 two-part questions. Tests understanding of change over time. This module provides an overview of Russian history under the last three Tsars. Module 2 Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German People, 1919–1945 1 hour 30 minutes examination (50% of AS) 1 compulsory two-part, source-based question + 1 structured two-part question from choice of 2. Tests understanding of a significant period of history in depth. This module provides an opportunity to investigate Hitler’s impact on German attitudes and policies towards the Jews. Outline of A2 Specification: Module 3: The Triumph of Elizabeth: Britain 1547–1603 1 hour 30 minutes examination (30% of AL) Written paper chosen from HIS3A to HIS3N. Two essay questions to be answered from a choice of three. Tests understanding both in depth and breadth. This module promotes an understanding of change and continuity over a period of 60 years of British history, during which the power of the Tudor state was strengthened both at home and abroad. Module 4: Historical Enquiry : The Crusades 1095-1197 A piece of coursework of approximately 3500 words: (20% of AL) An analysis of an historical issue either chosen from the range of exemplars provided by AQA or from an equivalent course of study devised by the centre or an individual choice made by the candidate under the supervision of the teacher. The issue developed must show understanding of change over 100 years. Internally assessed by the centre. Moderated by AQA.


Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth