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Into The Sixth 2013

Drama & Theatre Studies Outline of AS Specification: There is no written examination at AS level. All writing is assessed through coursework but the whole spirit of this course lies in the practical work. Entry Requirements B or better at GCSE English will allow you to score well at Drama at AS level Module 1 (40% of AS) Students explore two contrasting texts, one in the Autumn Term and one in the Spring Term. Exploration takes place through a wide range of practical lessons and students are assessed on their contribution to these practical lessons. Further marks are earned by writing Exploration Notes on each of the two plays and the notes are amassed throughout each term. Students also have to attend a Live Performance and write a piece about it. Module 2 (60% of AS) This module is wholly practical. Students must offer a monologue or a duologue from a play to a visiting examiner and then explain the choices they made in the way they performed it. Students also must take part in an extract from a play or a full play (depending on the size of the group) which is also shown to the visiting examiner. Examination day will probably be in the second week of the Trinity Term. Outline of A2 Specification: There are two more modules at this level. In brief, Module 3 asks the students to develop a piece rather than performing a play. The piece must be heavily influenced by a practitioner such as Artaud. The students have to decide on a particular kind of audience, for example prisoners or young children, and create their piece targeted at that audience. Students also have to write some coursework explaining the choices they made when creating the piece. (20% of AL) Module 4 is a written examination. Students answer on two texts. Sections A and B are on a set text and students answer from the perspective of a director. Section C is on a text chosen from a set period which students will study and go to see performed. Their examination question will be based on the performance conditions of the text in its original era as compared to the modern production. (30% of AL) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Is this an easy subject? It feels enjoyable if you like acting and have self-discipline, but it is as time consuming as all the other subjects with quite a lot of rehearsing outside lessons. By A2 level, you will need to show genuine depth of thought. What if I don’t like performing but like reading and writing about plays? Go and do English! What if I’ve not done Drama at GCSE? See the Head of Drama who will give you a small audition and an honest opinion! Can I be in other school productions? Yes, AS and A2 candidates are encouraged to be in as many productions as possible outside lesson time. What if I’m shy? Do another subject.


Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth