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Into The Sixth 2013

Who is there to help me? There are decisions to make in the Sixth Form that could affect your life well beyond school. These include: • • • •

Which university courses should I apply for? What about a ‘Gap Year’? How can I develop my interests that lie outside the classroom? Should I take a part-time job?

The key figure here is your Tutor. We hope you will develop a warm working relationship with your Tutor for he or she will offer guidance on issues that arise as you progress through the two years of the Sixth Form.

What happens if things start to go wrong despite all this? Do not panic! See the Assistant Head (Sixth Form) who may involve your parents and teachers in the search for solutions. The Deputy Head (Academic), Mrs C C Smee, and Assistant Heads (Academic), Mr M J Ridout and Miss S J Richards, are also there to advise on alternative courses of action. We may ask you to come and discuss your progress and seek solutions to problems via a monitoring process until these are resolved.

How do I get into the U6? This is a formality for the vast majority of students. However, to do so your AS results and Sixth Form Review should provide you with a suitable platform for success at A2. The Academic Team will meet with those whose L6 performance falls short of expectations. In order to carry a subject on to A2, an AS grade of at least C is required.


Into the Sixth  
Into the Sixth