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NEW SIGN IN PROCEDURES Sponsor and all guests report to the customer service window Sponsor and guests fill out and sign the USAG Bamberg Sponsor/Guest Sign-In Agreement Form Security Guard completes IACS sign-in, checks and files the agreement

At the end of the visit sponsor and guests return to customer service window and sign out Security Guard completes the sign out and returns the form to the sponsor After midnight the security guards will check all remaining agreements in the file and report violators of the 24 hour requirement to the MPs Violators will be charged with Art 92 (military) CMAA (civilian) and will lose their sign in privileges for 30 days (1st offense), 60 days (2nd offense) and permanently (3rd offense) Guests who fail to be signed out will be barred from all installations in the FMC. Effective date is 1 May 2012

Guest sign in  

gate sign-in procedures

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