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Frrresh visual arts magazine ninth issue

Howdy! Another month flew by and here we are, on the

pages of our ninth issue. This month we have some seriously awesome people which we know you’ll like. Enjoy :) Visit our website at and subscribe to our sweet mailing list so you get notified when a new issue comes out!

Artists featured in this issue J.A.W. Cooper momoko harada Jason Botkin Marta Monteiro Nancy Chiu LURK ART Thorsten Hasenkamm Isaac Cordal notAjewelry Kaspian Shore

J.A.W. Cooper

J.A.W. Cooper was born in England and grew up in Africa, Sweden, Ireland, various other locations throughout Europe, and California. Cooper’s love of drawing and curiosity toward the natural world evolved naturally while traveling around the globe. Inspired by forms found in nature, curio cabinets, fashion photography, the grotesque, alien, and flawed, Cooper makes a living as a freelance illustrator, gallery, and sketch artist and currently lives and works in downtown Los Angeles, California.

momoko harada

I have always loved to draw illustrations, Especially girls portraits. Through my illustration, I wanted to express girl’s natural facial expressions and behavior, with the essence of ennui and the mysterious look within them.


Heavily addicted to drawing, Jason Botkin is a convicted pusher of ink and paint across just about any surface that can be imagined. He is the cocreator and director of the EN MASSE Project and packs a fancy receipt for four years tuition from the Alberta College of Art and Design, where he was a drawing major. Camped out on the gentle slopes of Mount Real, he has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions internationally, along with the production of many walls in strange places.

Marta Monteiro Marta is a portuguese self-taught illustrator. Works at home in the company of her cats and loves to finish the day watching a film or reading. She’s quite happy because has recently published her first book “Sombras”, won a gold medal by the Society of Illustrators and is taking care of a small kitchen garden.

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Nancy Chiu

I draw inspiration from my daily observation of nature, human relationships and my personal experiences with both. I combine elements from different species to create visual metaphors that narrate the relationships and interactions one may experience throughout his or her life. I like to look up from under a tree and watch the light shine through the leaves – they look like nature’s stained glass. I feel soothed and deeply moved by nature, and am constantly trying to capture just a glimpse of that complex beauty in my work.

website: shop: instagram: nancychiu

Interview with


by Russ Morland

So LURK when were you created? I was born in your head, you had to make me to deal with all the bullshit in the world around us, You’re scared of the real world I can smell it. I don’t feel that I’m scared of anything. Keep telling yourself that. Why do you have so many fart clouds in your art? There really aren’t enough bodily functions and fluids in art. More farts fewer arts. As well as farts and blood you seem to use multiple boobs in your pieces, do you have some sort of mother complex or is it a messiah complex? Tits are funny; lots of tits are the funniest. The more the merrier. I wish I could grow tits all over your chest and make you fart cross bones all day. Why so immature? I was robbed of my adulthood. You stole it from me, all the responsible things are taken care of by you Mr. Goody two shoes, I get to be a child forever.

You have recently started to show us some landscapes of where you and your friends live, why now? The landscapes are a logical progression in my world, I wanted the audience to come play with me, I want them to get trapped in my world and never leave. Once they are there I will make em grow tits and fart in there mouths. You call this place Lurklandia, are you riding on the coat tails of that popular American TV show? Are you a biter? I love to bite, You should see my teeth, Lurklandia just sounds too perfect so I guess it was the way to go. Fair, Whats in store, any big projects coming up? Yeah I have some top secret projects I’m working on, Life is exciting when you LURK, I can foresee me doing more art shows, more interviews, more traveling, more murder, more farting. Satan has contacted me for our collective souls, Im super down with the dark prince, I love Purple Rain. I want to keep my soul if possible, thanks for doing this quick chat with me. I’m sure you have more to say. How can people contact you if they want to see more work? Email works best, or you can follow me on instagram @thelurk1 my website is

Thorsten Hasenkamm

Isaac C


Cement Eclipses is the name given to my interventions in public space, ephemeral or permanent, depending on the outcome will in the urban jungle. The project shifts between the fields of sculpture and photography: sculpture used as starting point to create the various scenes with characters and photography as a final process or documentary. With the simple act of miniaturization city becomes a kind of decoration for my sculptures. I usually start my projects in clay or plastiline.The pieces are small (15/20cm. Approx) normally made in painted cement and whose copies are reproduced by silicone molds. Use cement as a material has a value highly symbolic: it is the footprint that betrays us in front of nature par excellence, and unfortunately, in Spain have broken all records using it without sense (empty airports, culture buildings without activities and more. Men and women are suspended and isolated in a motion or pose that can take on multiple meanings.

The sympathetic figures are easy to relate to and to laugh with. They present fragments in which the nature, still present, maintains encouraging symptoms of survival. The precariousness of these anonymous statuettes, at the height of the sole of the passers, represents the nomadic remainders of an imperfect construction of our society. These small sculptures contemplate the demolition and reconstruction of everything around us. They catch the attention of the absurdity of our existence. Isaac Cordal is sympathetic toward his little people and you can empathize with their situations, their leisure time, their waiting for buses and even their more tragic moments such as accidental death, suicide or family funerals. The sculptures can be found in gutters, on top of buildings, on top of bus shelters; in many unusual and unlikely places in Barcelona (Spain), Nantes (France), Brussels (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Vienna (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia) and now, San Jose (US). Isaac Cordal was born in Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain) and

currently lives in Brussels (Belgium)

Behind “notAjewelry” stands Petra Podnarčuk, a graphic designer who recently extended creativity into jewelry making. As a contemporary jewelry artist she creates mostly with silver, copper, steel and brass and with less conventional materials such as wood, wool, plastic, colors

and fabric. Creations are inspired by daily experiences, sublimating moments and memories and therefore each peace has it’s story and name. Member of Croatian association of artist and applied arts, live and work in Zagreb, Croatia.



Kaspian Shore I am a 30 years old self-taught painter, working traditionally with acrylic washes on paper. I define my style as “electric folk�, a playful mixture of traditional and modern elements, heavily influenced by the restlessness of folk and electronic music. My characters are androgynous boys that sometimes appear almost genderless, concentrating on their mysterious beauty and opposing the more common admiration of the female form. I translate themes of loneliness, fragility, loss and longing through these boys, implementing subtle surreal elements that express how detached they are from the world. I am also the founder and head of an international artist collective named PRISMA that I curate shows and organise projects for.

Photos and text: courtesy of each author Editors: Rafael Milcic and pekmezmed Contact:

Frrresh ninth issue  

ninth issue of the online visual arts magazine, frrresh- visit us at

Frrresh ninth issue  

ninth issue of the online visual arts magazine, frrresh- visit us at