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sixth issue


internet friends, and welcome to the sixth issue of Frrresh mag! A free online magazine that features talented visual artists from planet Earth. This month we’ve prepared a real treat for you, with 13 excellent international artists and heaps of great artwork. As always, you can contact us on email ( or on facebook if you have a question, a suggestion, or if you just want to say hi.

Artists featured in this issue Camilla Falsini Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés Leire Salaberia Cathy Cullis Crowded Teeth Scott Campbell Irene Moray Jeremy Hush Ricardo Cavolo Laura Castelló Mister Thoms Ivana Pipal Steve Simpson

Enjoy the magazine and stay frrresh!

Camilla Falsini

I live and work in Rome, in an old neighborhood where the streets are named after medieval knights known in italian as “cavalieri di ventura�. A lot of them are in my creations. I use digital media but I am a painter and sculptor too, and my favourite material is wood (the older the better).

Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés

Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes is a photographer born and raised in Madrid (1973) where he lived until completing his University studies. He is currently living in Barcelona where he has developed his photography career for several years now. His work has been exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, London, Mexico D.F. and New York among other cities, achieving several awards and mentions such as the Epson Photography Award 2009, Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2010 (finalist),International Photo Award 2009 and Fundación AENA 2012. His work is present in numerous public and private collections.

Leire Salaberia

Leire Salaberria lives and works in San Sebastián. She’s majored in fine Arts in Bilbao and studied a children illustration graduate in Barcelona. She has participated in various magazines and exhibitions from diferent countries in the world. She was selected to participate in the Bologna children’s book fair in 2012 and the Sharjah Exhibiton for children in 2013. Since 2011 when she published her first book, she’s illustrated several books in Italy, Mexico and Spain. At the moment she works on illustrating several books for children, wich is the work she likes the most.



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Crowded Teeth

Michelle Romo is a self-taught illustrator and designer fueled by cookies and naps. She has designed under the name “Crowded Teeth” since 2004! Crowded Teeth is a whimsical, sweet line of characters with a bold, graphic influence. Created with an eye pleasing color palette and a fun sense of humor, the designs appeal to all ages! Michelle has partnered with many wonderful folks for product design and illustration including Sanrio, Disney, Loungefly, Macy’s, The Land of Nod, The Flaming Lips, JapanLA Clothing Company, Comikaze Expo and HOW Publishing.

Scott Campbell

Scott C, sometimes known as Scott Campbell, is the creator of the online series called the GREAT SHOWDOWNS ( and Double Fine Action Comics ( He was Art Director at Double Fine Productions on such games as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. He recently began illustrating picture books with Zombie In Love and East Dragon West Dragon from Simon&Schuster. His paintings can be seen in galleries and magazines around the world. He lives in New York city in a house made of bricks.

Irene Moray

Interested in all kinds of artistic expression, Irene Moray focused on photography but kept working on cinema and performance. She likes to evoke intimate stories with her pictures, as if they were real memories. Models tend to look fragile and vulnerable in front of her camera.

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J e r e m y





I have been drawing since before I could talk. Today I prefer my drawings to do the talking for me. I hang out in my own little world with my ball point pens and paints. Here nature is far larger than people. Where nature has long conquered man. Animals go about their business over our heads ;while we hide beneath the weeds. Like house keys lost in the grass, every little rusty object is a lost treasure. Life should be an adventure. That life should be full of beauty and shadowed in danger. Every unexplored place has long been occupied by something else. The most insignificant of creature is a formidable foe when you are faced eye to eye(s). Always be curious about what lives under rocks. You never know...

“Jeremy Hush is a prolific artist who has been creating illustrations for the punk and heavy metal music scenes for many years. Mix this with his love for animals and attraction to storytelling, Hush’s work evinces a wonderful balance of masculine and feminine, his dark aesthetics setting off gentle linework and shading. His works are heavy with symbolism, but the meanings behind his symbols are personal. An extremely warm and generous man, he rarely shares these meanings with anyone. Hush’s work has started to gain attention from the Pop Surreal world. Hush is heavily influenced by Arthur Rackham and other 19th century illustrations. His spidery drawings are dark and mysterious, but, like Rackham’s drawings, evoke the fear, love and awe one might have for nature and her power. Hush prefers using ball point pen (many of which he’s found in hotels from around the world), and experiments with a plethora of other media such as coffee, for example. Also unique is his way of using his fingerprints to shade. The swirly patterns of his skin create a unique and expertly blended cross-hatch-like texture in the shadows of his art.” -Samantha Levin

Ricardo Cavolo

“I just try to speak about the wonderful things that happen on the B side of life.�

Laura Castelló is a Spanish illustrator who started her career working and drawing for Zara and Pull&Bear. She has a degree in Fine Arts by the University of Valencia, where she later did an illustration postgraduate. She thinks illustration is a medium that allows her to express and develop her naif style using it in different projects and media such as ceramic series, published fanzines, exhibitions, fashion and illustrations for children’s books.She loves drawing and doodling, she loves and hates cheesy things and she is an editor of “El fresquito fanzine” an independent publication about mundane things seen with sense of humour. She has recently published “Brackets” (Ultrarradio Ediciones), a comic about adolescence, different teenager styles and references . She has exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga and she is currently working on a children’s book for a French author.



THOMS! Is an onomatopoeic sound of something bouncing from one surface to another, in constant motion, a dynamic soft elasticity that allows it to move to many different places, while always maintaining a cadence, a gait that characterizes its style. A mark that follows a trajectory, always easily distinguishable, yet versatile, that adapts to the multiple contexts in which he finds himself, in a constant search of that “balance between state of mind and expressive concept�. First a writer, painter and sculptor, then a graphic designer, set designer, decorator, storyboarder, cartoonist, filmmaker and illustratore. A poet of images, a color fan, lover of the profession and free thought. Participates in events in Italy and abroad. His work in foreign press is expressed through irony and sarcasm. Currently, his gaze is directed upward, his head is in the clouds as he prepares to spread out his hands for yet another Pindaric flight.

Ivana Pipal

i am an illustrator, artist-book artist, comic book artist and animator, living and working in Zagreb, Croatia. i like to look at things, listen to sounds, and play with things i don’t understand. i do what i love.

Steve S


With over 30 years experience, Steve Simpson’s whimsical approach to his work has earned him top international awards for illustration, packaging design and his art for children’s books. Steve has regularly had work exhibited in London, LA & New York along with several publications all over the world. Steve is originally from the UK with a background in animation and comics but has made Ireland his home and Illustration his passion for the last 20 years. Steve also has a cat named Buddy but they’re really not very close...

Photos and text: courtesy of each author Editors: Rafael Milcic and pekmezmed Contact:

Frrresh sixth issue  

Sixth issue of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine